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Feral Frenzy

Calif. ruling called gun-control landmark

$20 for CD purchasers

'The Wall' honors Vietnam vets for 20 years

101st terror attack misleading say FOX

25 Years Later: Statistics about the Vietnam War

5 rules for (CCW) Concealed Carry Weapon

A good time to be armed

A Railroader’s Plan for Amtrak (Mine: Privatization with a difference)

Actor Mel Gibson has been getting closer to God.

Adding Up the Costs of Cyberdemocracy (FR Prominent)

Aging Population study

Airman who shot burglar: 'Him or me'

Al Qaeda nukes are reality, intelligence says

America Unmade

America's 80 Million Potential Snipers

American Backyard Feeders May Do Harm to Wild Birds

An American in Africa (Do yourself a

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Served In Vietnam


Anti-Noise Group Honked-Off At Noisy Hot Rods

Are we the canary in the mine shaft now?

Are you getting your money's worth from school taxes?

Armed Society is Polite

BATF harrasses "Unintended Consequences" author - His Lawyer's response

BATF Moves to Block Importation of 'Obsolete' US Military Guns

Best Places To Go To Prison

Bible revisionists

Biggest winner of all is Rumsfeld

Billions Served (Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution)

Boomers Readied for Littoral, Special Warfare (ballistic missile subs go after terrorists)

Bowling Green (KY) plant to build new Cadillacs

Buck Knives is moving on to Idaho; costs cited (Energy, Work Comp & Politics)

Bush foreign policy

Bush-Rice 2004? | The rise and rise of Condi

By way of Syria

Bye Ford, we'll miss you

Bye Ford, we'll miss you

Can You Help America?

cats remember

CDC: U.S. senior-citizen population to double by 2030

Changing Everything - World Summit on Sustainable Development - Ronald Bailey

Chavez bio-weapons lab in Venezuela for Saddam and Castro

China's "Tsushima" Anticarrier Strategy

China's Rising Forces

classy gig last

College Seniors No More Knowledgeable Than 1950s High School Grads

collisions not speed kills

Communitarians, Neorepublicans, and Guns: Assessing the Case for Firearms Prohibition

concealed carry & women

Conservative Christian billionaire gets into movie biz big time.(my title)

Conservative values collide in feud over firearms bill

Could NASA Be Hiding Catastrophic Earth Changes That Are Just Months Away?

Cox, Wyden Introduce Bills To Make Internet Moratorium Permanent

Cypress Gardens to close (Florida's First Theme Part Osama Victim)

DAD GETS 5 YEARS FOR BB SHOOTINGPhillipsburg Army Sargeant shot girl on mischief night.

Damage Control [Commentary on needed tort reform]

De-Policing in America's Cities: Erasing the Thin Blue Line

Dead Sea Scrolls: Mary not a Virgin

Department of Defense reply to Disabled Military Retiree on VA Benefits

Detective shot man handcuffed behind back

Device Can Help Parents Keep Track Of Teen Drivers (Teen Trak)

Did The Resurrection Really Happen?

Different Face for Cover of Popular Mechanics - Jesus!

Disarming Women

Discover's ice age talk is chilling

Divine Design

DNA Makes Sweet Music!

Egyptian M1A1 Production Line Starts Again

Expert: Concern over material, Clintonite "battle managers

Experts Find Glocks Prone To Accidents

Families combat violence -FBI est. 50% of women in US will be involved in a violent relationship

Farmer-bashing all the new rage

Fatal shooting of man by police raises some troubling questions

Feinstein to introduce "Assault Weapon Ban" renewal today.

Firearms ban threatens civil liberties

Five people arrested accused of running illegal gas dumping ring


For all warriors (be warned, combat stuff from Vietnam)

Free Republic losing its impact

French Products and Companies to Boycott

From inspired 10-year-old to pilot in war (San Jose A10 WartHawg Lady Pilot)

Gibson's religious beliefs come under scrutiny

Global Warming Natural, May End Within 20 years

GM s car guy is betting Americans want to feel proud of their vehicles

Got a TiVo? "Digital Video Recorders Give Advertisers Pause"

Gulf shootout [U.S. ship fires on Iranian gunboats]

Gun Control Group Warns of 'Sniper Subculture'

Gun Control Makes Cities Dangerous Places to Live

gun grab revival


Gun Training Class Offered to Abused Women

Gun used to kill prosecutor is focus of massive search

Gun-Toting Students Show More Risky Behaviors

Gunbuying process

Has the Garden of Eden been located at last?

Hawking: God may play dice after all

Heavier Vehicles Not Always Safer

History of FR

Hog wild: Parks, native plants, animals victims of increasing pig population

House green lights major enviro bill

House, Senate at odds over vets' disability pay

How Environmentalists Intend to Rule the World

How fast is too fast?

I Want My Nero Wolfe

Inmates Go Free to Help States Reduce Deficits By

Iraq war 'unjustifiable', says Bush's church head (liberals in the Church alert!)

Iraq War's Impact Spreads in Arab World

Iraq, Dejihadification and Oil - Miss Mannerstein answers a readers question...

Iraq: In all but name, the war's on

Is America ready for child enemy soldiers? They're on the way

Is Bush deaf to church doubts on Iraq war?

Is It Possible, Could America Have Won the Vietnam War In '1968?

Is it time to cry wolf? (Wolves in Vermont?)


Is there a sucker punch coming from the North? [Complete Vanity]

It's a God thing: Jon Dougherty defends the Divine in human genome blueprint

Jihadis in the Hood: Race, Urban Islam and the War on Terror

Junkyard blues: Fresh talk that Ford might go bust

Jury finds Gulf War vet guilty in BB gun shooting

Kentucky GOP Front-runner Ernie Fletcher Termed "Risk-taker"

Kentucky Seminary Removes American Flags from Cafeteria


Lay Off Mel Gibson (Jesus as God – and they believe in that )

Left-handers more flexible

Lexington, KY, Mayor Urges Tax Hike or Reduction in Force

Liberal Methodist Leaders Call Bush to Repentance

License to kill: Hospitals reserve the right to pull your plug

Loony 'chosen people' vow revenge (South Africa)

Loving Death

Maine: Groups rally AGAINST smoking ban

Marines hold nuclear site

Methodist Bishop On Terrorism and "Jesus Will NOT Come Again" (It's hard to go to Church...)

Mexican Anti-Americanism In America


Most Downloaded Woman on the Net becomes mascot for US troops.

NAFTA could trump water regulation (Does NAFTA superseed State Rights and laws? YES)

NASA aims to launch system of 'micro jets' to supplant big jetliners

National push to restrict pistols

NBC News: Regular Army in No. Iraq Already Beginning to Surrender; Little Food, Equipment Broken

New Jersey Assembly Passes Landmark Childproof Handgun Bill <Hold Muh Bullets, Alert!)

NEW ZEALAND ELECTIONS: The southseas circus thread


NRA Representation

NYPD “Phase Three” Malfunctions (Glock Problems)

One Solitary Life

Only war will bring Mideast stability

Or Is It All Just Smoke & Mirrors?

Owners of environmentally friendly cars protest at Los Angeles Auto Show

Part III - Will the Real Vietnam Vet Stand Up?

Participant Proposal for CREF Annual Meeting (No Investment in gun control advocates)

Peggy Noonan: The Other Shoe

Petition To Save Bushmaster- Freep This Petition

photo copyrights on the net

Physicist Warns Humans About A.I. (Steven Hawking)

Poison Ivy

Powder River Showdown

Powerball: It's all in the numbers

Protect home base first

Puff-Snuff Huff (Pataki signs statewide public smoking ban)

Raging Against Self Defense


Report: Endangered Species Act Critical to Grizzly Bear Populations

Requiem for a Sniper

Return of the Gun Grabbers

Return to Babel: English quickly becoming global language

Road Warriors

Rural Cleansing By Endangered Species - HR 488

Satan Bug within reach: (Genetic engineers say)

SCALES OF JUSTICE Two sentences show how unbalanced our criminal justice system has become.

Seven Myths About the Vietnam War

Shop grounded (Looks like R/C Airplanes to be banned?)

Shots fired into home of Edmonson prosecutor

Should the US have become involved in the Vietnam conflict?

Signals from the Predator robot hit

Signatures of the Gun Culture

Small Arms Industry Essential

Small company offers copying software for DVDs

Smith & Wesson Retools Image as Lawsuits Falter

Sorenstam's Placement May Hinge More on Marketing Than Talent

Speculation: New Zealand - A change in no nukes policy?

State Coalition Approves Internet Sales Tax Plan (The Greedy Hand At Work!)

State Constitutions and Gun Rights

State Farm And Prudential Don't Like Guns

State GPS Tracking Your Mileage and Your Movements

Staying Anonymous Online

Stopping the Next Sept. 11

Stress of shooting can overwhelm officers

Student Group Wants Campus Gun Ban Lifted

Supreme Court Justice Pursues Radical Feminist Agenda Ginsburg Seeks 'Gender-Neutral Society'

SUV: Our Savior

Syria's military machine may be hollow—but it isn't harmless

Talk radio: Voice of the combative man

The 1930s, Again: A hard rain is going to fall.

The best chili ever

The Case Against Human Extinction

The Clarence Thomas You Don't Know

The Dark Side Of The Illegal Alien Invasion - View from the right

The Democrats Refight Vietnam

The gun owner next door

The Hog That Saves the Grunts ...... A-10 Warthogs to be retired.


The Internet is raising havoc with the corporate media's message


The Jewish Blessing

The Nuclear Threat That Doesn't Exist – or Does It?

The outsider view of FR?

The Secret of Bush’s Appeal Amongst Americans


The truth about Viet Nam, and life there today.

The U.S. is not an appeasement power

The UN is on the verge of destroying itself

The Weight of the World, the Responsibility of a Generation


Thrown to the Wolves - Wolves are being reintroduced to wildlands to drive people out

Too Late to Stop National ID

Tough Task Ahead in Gun-Industry Immunity Fight

Toward sound immigration policy

Traces of Vietnam

Tribute to an old soldier

Truth about Vietnam

U.S. didn't lose war in Vietnam

U.S. flags removed at Asbury Theological Seminary

Upgrades To Bring A-10 Into 21st Century

Vanity Opinion: Free Republic to Maintain Present Course - Call for More Turns on the Screws.

Veterans Groups Say Vets Face Long Waits for Care

Victims making hardest choice (Split-second decision to shoot back changes, ends lives)

Vietnam - What They Carried

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement by John Kerry

violation of 2nd ammendment rights

Vision a victim of own success


Walking in faith: Condoleezza Rice tells what inspires her [Repost]

When Doctors Say Don't and the Patient Says Do

Who goes to church

Why men don't like church: testosterone

Why They Should Not Have CCW Permits

With Apple Stalling, Steve Jobs Looks to Digital Entertainment

Wolf recovery has farmers howling

Wolves and Snakes is there a Connection?

Women & guns on campus

Woods sounds off on the majors, Augusta flap

“Nelson Mandela’s Legacy” [Africa Ping]