Since May 27, 2000

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Great to be back in Texas!
After spending 15 years in Texas, 10 in Houston and 5 in Austin, I moved to the midwest for my job. A few years in exile in Omaha, Nebraska, and 4 years in St. Louis, I'm back in my adopted home state of TX! YeeHa!

I'm in the news business...radio news, thus my Freeper name. I work with a lot of liberals. Most are very nice, though not too bright. Some are as dumb as a stump and they're all too willing to prove it everyday by opening their mouths.

That's why I like to hang around here, when I have a few minutes. I don't post much, due to lack of time. But I scan the feeds.

The rest of my time is taken up with these two guys:

Shadow (l) and Gonzo (r)

They like the Viking Kitties!