Since Feb 18, 2004

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I retired after 24 years active duty USMC. I remember once all my family was Democrats and very liberal for those days!
I was fortunate enough to have Liberal Parents so I was allowed to listen to Elvis wear my hair in a DA and do the twist. Of course there were members of my family and several neighbors who was convinced that I had become possessed of Satan and was damned to hell. Left wingers of that era would make today's right wingers seem liberal. In those days we were all Democrats & believed in marriage, family, God country and boundries. We might still be democrats but for the fact that Truman made grandma mad when he fired MacArthur and she made Republicans of the entire family and most the neighborhood. If Truman made it through those pearly gates I bet he is dodging grandma right now. After our conversion grandma told us to go and sin no more. I guess we were the upperclass poor and grandma & ma didn't do public work (as they called having a job in those day) so we were (IMO then) overly supervised. I revolted against this matriarchal society and joined the Marines. 'GULP' Today some say it takes a village to raise a child...I look at society and say it takes some grandmas to raise a village.