Since Mar 6, 2006

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*TED NUGENT at The Alamo Tea Party--Star Spangled Banner! (U Tube)

Accusations of 'sedition' are an attack on freedom

Anti Islam movie by Dutch Politician

Austin woman strives to prevent sexual abuse in church

Baptist Seminary Head Highlights Mormons' Self-Contradictory Church Claims (open)

Catholic priest preaches at Obama's church

CBS Finally Runs the Bosnia Story; Hillary Forced To Admit She Lied Once Again

Divine Mercy Novena Begins on Good Friday

Easter, Passover and the KJV

Examination of Conscience

Former Marine's Actions Called Into Question

G. G. Liddy and Joseph Farah spar on "None of the Above". (Audio)

Home Brew for the Car, Not the Beer Cup

I Voted for Obama. Will I Go Straight to. . . ? (Yes)(barf alert)

Jesus and the Democrat

Joys of Muslim Women

MALL Shame - Spencer Gifts and General Growth Properties Marketing sex to pre-teen girls.

Okay - I'm a 5'3" girl and I WANT ONE!!!

Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Principal quits job over 'gay' alliance

Ronald Reagan - Funniest SNL Skit ever behind "Cow Bell" - must see ...

Smacking Down YouTube Terrorists Thread #4 - Please help!

The Federalist Papers:The Key to Restoring Our Constitutional Republic

Throw Grandma Under The Bus (Ann Coulter: Let's Move On From Race Talk Alert)


Twenty One Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura

Voting(or not) May Determine Excommunication

Woman sues church over gay marriage (Wants her tithes back after 37 years)