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Iraqi Army dents IED production

Leaders Honor Former POWs, Vow to Account for MIAs

New communications center set for Baghdad

"Battle of Baghdad" will decide future

"Fair Tax" Promotes Better Compliance, Smaller IRS

"The Ultimate John Kerry Ad!" (just in case he runs again)

'Lightning Strike' swoops down on insurgents

'The seeds are being sown for long-term success' throughout Iraq

'You will not have one roadside bomb': Iraqi’s promise highlights ambition of Ramadi ERU

(Senator Ted) Kennedy Offered to Help Soviets Thwart U.S. Policies, KGB Papers Show

06/15/06 FOX News Poll: Victories in Iraq, Bush Approval Up

100 Terrorists Killed, 50 Detained in Operation Turki Bowl

12 Detained in Iraq, Coalition Forces Seize Truck Loaded With Explosives

13 Terrorists Killed In Iraq, 14 Detained; Weapons Found

14 Enemy Fighters Killed, Dozens Nabbed in Recent Iraq Operations

14 High-Level Terrorists Processed Into Guantanamo

14 Insurgents Killed in Ramadi; More Insurgents Captured in Raids

15 Terrorists Killed in Iraq, Dozens Detained

16 Insurgents Killed in Iraq, 18 Detained; Weapons Caches Found

16 Iraqi militia leaders detained, US says (Sadrites)

172nd Stryker Soldiers discover huge cache

172nd Stryker Soldiers discover huge weapons cache

18 killed as Sunnis battle Iraqi forces


2 U.S. Soldiers Missing in Iraq (Freepers, it's time to pray!)

20 Terrorists Killed, Weapons Caches Destroyed

22 terror suspects taken off streets of Baghdad

25 Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan: police

26 Marine Heroes Presented With Medal of Honor Flags

2nd Thoughts (Murtha & Hanoi Jane)

3 appear over plot to kill Bush (Zarqawi goons)

30 Terrorists Killed in Iraq; Weapons Caches Found, Insurgents Captured

33 Detained in Iraq; Insurgent Training Site Destroyed

40 Detained in Iraq; Weapons Caches Discovered

43 Insurgents Detained, Weapons Found, Captives Freed

4ID begins second deployment to Iraq

4th BCT engineers rebuild Baghdad’s infrastructure

4th ID mechanics restore abandoned vehicles for Iraqi army

4th Iraqi Army to take the lead (WOO-HOO!!!!)

70-year-old ex-SAS soldier dares to tackle four muggers and wins

86th Signal Battalion deploys to Iraq

9/11 hero still doing his part in Iraq

9th IAD, 1st BCT Soldiers conduct combined community health outreach program

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....07-10-06....Military Monday ~ Tribute to LadyX

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....10-28,29,30-05....Halloween 2005

A FReeper Christmas card thread to Jim Robinson

A General Fed Up With The MSM - Jed Babbin(Great Read! What the MSM is not reporting about Iraq.)

A Mystery Man Who Keeps the FBI Up at Night

A Nighttime Raid with the Iraqi Army (Fallujah raid photo journal)

A Pic I have been waiting on..President Bush and the World Champion Little League team

A Pic I have been waiting on..President Bush and the World Champion Little League team

A soldiers Christmas (Vanity) Pass along

A special message from the Department of Troll Control, come and get it!

A-10s set to soar in Al Anbar province

ABC News says Pakistanis arrest al Qaeda commander

Abizaid to Senate Committee: Peace in Iraq Possible

Adult Stem Cell Research Advance Could Help Treat Lung Diseases

Advising Iraqis: Building the Iraqi Army (Professional Reading)

Afghan Engineers Sharpen Skills at U.S. Army Workshop

Afghan National Police, Coalition forces nab IED cell leaders

Afghan Police Thwart Attack; Coalition Collects Weapons

Afghan, Coalition Forces Capture Terrorist

Afghan, Coalition Forces Destroy Terrorist Compound

Afghan, Coalition Forces Find Multiple Bombs; Two Afghans Rescued

Afghan, Coalition Troops Detain Suspects, Seize Weapons

Afghan, coalition troops kill 45 insurgents

Afghanistan Prepares to Install New National Assembly

Afghans Launch Security System; Raids Nab Suspects, Weapons

Agenda-Driven Media Responsible For Giving Soldier False Impression Nation Does Not Support Troops

AIEDD Course Improves Explosives Disposal Training

Air Force Hero To Defend Accused Marines

Air Force women help save convoy

Air Strike Kills Terrorist; Iraqi Soldiers Respond to Baghdad Bombings

Air Strike Targets al Qaeda Leaders; Insurgents Captured

Airman Recovers from Bomb Blast, Hopes to Continue to Serve

Airmen continue filling Army billets

Airmen prepare base for return to Iraqi control

Airmen to pay tribute to hospitalized veterans

Airmen, Soldiers thwart terrorists emplacing IED

Al Gore Accused of Inciting Arab Violence Against US

Al Qaeda in Iraq Severely Disrupted, General Says

Al Qaeda Terrorist Killed in Afghanistan; Extremists Die in Thwarted Attack

Al Qaeda's Chlorine Attacks: The Dirty War in Anbar

Al Qaeda's outrages swing Sunnis to U.S.

Al-Anbar rejection of al-Qaeda creates economic, political opportunities

Al-Qaeda 'coming to end in Iraq'

Al-Qaeda has no presence in Ramadi anymore -US Commander

Al-Qaida leader reportedly killed in Iraq (72 Virgin Supply Being Further Taxed)

America Supports You: Aberdeen IronBirds to Honor Servicemembers

America Supports You: Bikers Demonstrate Nation’s Patriotism, Compassion (VROOM! VROOM!)

America Supports You: Golfers Benefit Troop-Support Groups

America Supports You: Kentucky City, School Honor Troops

America Supports You: Louisville Dedicates Holiday Tree to Troops (It's a CHRISTMAS Tree!)

America Supports You: NASCAR Honors Wounded Troops at Dinner Event (Grab the Tissues)

America Supports You: Performers S.T.A.N.D. for Troops

America Supports You: S.A.M. Shows Troops U.S. Support

America Supports You: Servicemembers Shine During NFL Game in Houston

America Supports You: Teen to Ship Mile-Long Yellow Ribbon to Troops

America's Finest Return to DFW Airport from Iraq on Christmas Eve

American soldiers bound for Iraq equipped with laptop translators

Analysis: Al-Zarqawi death offers clues / Al-Zarqawi death offers insights into al-Qaida

Anbar Tribesmen Defeat Al-Qaeda Cell

Another View Of The Meaning Of Natural Born: Obama Fails The Requirement

Anti-Insurgent Raids Reduce Baghdad Violence, U.S. Officer Says

Apaches Blast Terrorists’ Vehicles in Western Baghdad

April 5th D-Day for Iran Leaked by Russia?

Army Brigade Begins Work With Baghdad Zoo

Army celebrates 231st birthday

Army Continues Changing, Improving Body Armor

Army Destroys Insurgent Stronghold in Diyala

Army engineers improving Iraqi ports

Army father, Air Force son reunite in Iraq for Christmas

Army meets recruiting goal again (Air Force, Navy and Marines also met their May recruiting goals)

Army mother, Air Force son spend Christmas in Baghdad

Army officer in Iraq tells Boot Murtha: "Keep up the fight and go for the throat!"

Army Says It Found Iranian C-4

Army sons come home (WOO-HOO!)

Army Unit Prepares to Snag Insurgents Fleeing Baghdad

Army, Marines Release New Counterinsurgency Manual

Arrest in Natalee Holloway case

As insurgents flee, joint forces strike gold

As violence drops in Baghdad, national reconciliation makes gains

Attacks backfire on terrorists [Another work accident]

Awakening Ramadi: Troops, tribes find common ground and success

Baghdad Operations Continue; Several Weapons Caches Found

Baghdad security plan pushes forward; leaders agree violence on downswing

Baghdad Vigilantes and the Dark Side of Civil Society

Bagram C-130s Use High-Tech Cargo Delivery System

Base to test laser-shooting planes: Modified aircraft to track, destroy missiles

Battalion Clears Routes, Saves Lives

Battalion Doesn?t Lack Experienced Soldiers

Battle was won by 27 Marines vs 200 Abus (PI)

Beam weapons almost ready for battle

Behind the Scenes of a ZOT!

Behind the Scenes of a ZOT!

Bigelow shoots for the Moon (Interview: Plans for privately funded moon base)

Blackwater: Inside America's Private Army

Bloodiest battle since Vietnam

BMD Watch: Boeing laser beam hits target

Boeing-led Team Fires Surrogate Lasers from Airborne Laser Aircraft

Bomb Kills Five Iraqis; Iraqi Troops Detain Suspects, Seize Weapons

Bomb-making Sites Raided; 10 Suspects Nabbed in Separate Operation

Border Patrol under Siege

BREAKING: Abu Omar al-Baghdadi Captured


Breaking? WMD report?

British Capture Iraqi Bombs Mastermind

British troops find large cache in Basrah

Bush administration considering shooting down NKorean missile, officials say

Bush Arrives in Iraq on Surprise Visit

Bush Asserts U.S. Is Winning Iraq War

Bush Authorizes New Cuts in Troops in Iraq

Bush Calls on Public to Support Troops

Bush Calls Saddam Verdict ‘Milestone,’ Thanks U.S. Servicemembers

Bush Dedicates Tree Lighting to Troops

Bush Expresses Pride in Servicemembers, Families

Bush Issues Progress Report in Terror War

Bush jogs with wounded soldier

Bush's Efforts in Iraq Succeeding, Israeli Analysts Say

Bush: Terror Plot to Bomb Planes Reminder U.S. at War

Bush: Terrorists View Iraq as Lynchpin in Global Battle

Bush: U.S. to Send More Military Police to Baghdad

Busy day for Iraqi, Coalition Forces

C-130s hit Jackpot over Baghdad

Caldwell: Iraqi Government Will Control Its Ground Forces by Year's End

Call for Shiite autonomy as Iraqi tribes demand peace

Calls to Retreat From Iraq 'Wrong Strategy,' President Says

Captured Documents Confirm Iran Backing for All Sides Against US (Iraq Intel Raid)

Captured Documents Confirm Iran Backing for All Sides Against US (Iraq Intel Raid)

Car Bomb in Iran Destroys a Bus Carrying Revolutionary Guards

Car Bomb in Iran Destroys a Bus Carrying Revolutionary Guards

CCCI convicts 22 insurgents

Cdn troops show off modern armoured vehicles

Cell Leader Killed in Iraq, Weapons Cache Found

Chairman Presents Awards for Heroism in Iraq

Chaplain heading back into harm's way

Cheney: Strategy for Success in Iraq Is Working

China obtains U.S. stealth bomber technology

Chinese Malaysian Blogger's Poke at American PC Backfires

Chlorine Gas, Child-Borne Bombs Show Enemy’s Barbarity

Christmas tree brings Marines in Iraq closer to home

CIA: 5,000 Terrorists Captured or Killed

Citizens' Tips Help Foil Baghdad Attack, Lead Soldiers to Weapons

City's residents find relief, security as operations expand through Baghdad

Coalition captures numerous terrorists

Coalition Forces Capture 19 Terrorists; Attacks on Iraqi Civilians Continue

Coalition Forces Capture 38 Suspects During Raids in Iraq

Coalition Forces Capture Terrorists, Seize Weapons (27 July 06)

Coalition forces capture wanted terrorist leader

Coalition Forces Conduct Raids, Seize Weapons, Detain Terrorists

Coalition Forces Defeat Complex Attack in Ramadi

Coalition Forces Deliver Cement to Remote Afghan Village

Coalition Forces Detain 26 in Three Incidents, Find Munitions

Coalition Forces detain senior al-Qaida in Iraq terrorist [with video]

Coalition Forces Detain Terrorists; Iraqi, Coalition Troops Restore Order

Coalition forces detain two senior al-Qaida in Iraq leaders

Coalition Forces in Iraq Free Kidnap Victim

Coalition Forces in Iraq Seize Several Weapons Caches, Detain Eight Suspects

Coalition forces kill 1 terrorist, detain 5 others

Coalition Forces Kill Extremists in Afghanistan

Coalition Forces Kill Four Terrorists, Detain Dozens

Coalition forces kill known Taliban commander (And 15 more Terror-scum too)

Coalition forces kill one terrorist, capture six others

Coalition Forces Kill Senior Taliban Leader

Coalition Forces Kill Seven Terrorists, Disrupt Car-Bomb Cell

Coalition Forces Kill Seven, Nab 21; Car Bomb, Weapons Destroyed

Coalition Forces Kill Terrorists, Find Weapons; Insurgents Kill 4 Iraqis

Coalition Forces Kill Terrorists, Strike Taliban Commander

Coalition Forces Kill, Capture Terrorists; Car Bomb Kills Iraqis

Coalition Forces Kill, Detain Terrorists in Iraq

Coalition Forces Quell Rocket Attacks in Afghanistan, Destroy Mortar

Coalition forces share small-arms skills

Coalition forces turn over al-Qaida in Iraq leader


Coalition Forces visit orphanage to lift spirits

Coalition Officials See Positive Trend in Baghdad

Coalition Operation Frees Hostages Held Since November

Coalition Recovers Weapons Caches in Afghanistan; Makeshift Bomb Found

Coalition Soldiers Detain, Kill Terrorists, Seize Weapons

Coalition Soldiers Kill Six Insurgents, Seize Weapons

Coalition Troops Kill 4 Terrorists; Iraqis Detain 21 in Recent Raids

Coalition troops rescue Iraqis, discover weapons cache

Coalition works to dismantle al-Qaida

Coalition, Iraqi Forces Detain 39 Suspects, Discover Weapons Caches

Coalition, Iraqi Forces Detain Suspected Terrorists, Seize Weapons

Coalition, Iraqi Forces Detain Terrorists; Iraqis Killed in IED Attack

Coalition, Iraqi Forces Kill, Detain Terrorists

Coalition, Iraqi forces set stage for safe, secure election

Coalition, Iraqis Launch Massive Search for Missing Soldiers

Coaltion thwarts attack, confirms support

Colorado Army National Guard Soldiers receive combat action badges

Combat Commander: Morale High for Troops Around Baghdad

Combined Forces Capture 60 Insurgents, Kill Cell Leader

Combined Forces Kill One, Detain 13; Car Bombs Damage Clinic, Mosques

Combined Operation Nets Insurgents, Weapons in Baghdad

Combined Operation Yields Weapons Cache, Detainees

Commando Brigade and Iraqi Army Render Aid in Car Bombing (IED detonates in auto shop, killing 17)


Congress and the Media Violating the US Constitution

Controlling security in Baghdad key to security throughout Iraq

Corpsmen, Marines save lives in Anbar

Cougar on prowl for IEDs

Crackdown 'nets 600 Sadr forces,' Surge already working.

Danger couldn't deter local soldier

Darkhorse Marines find, destroy stacks of buried munitions

Death Squad Leaders Seized in Baghdad

Defense Department Becoming Stronger, More Capable, Rumsfeld Says

Democrats Trying to Prevent Soldiers From Casting Ballots

Deployed Soldiers test Body Ventilation System

Dictator Who Ruled Iraq With Violence Is Hanged for Crimes Against Humanity

Do You Know That...? - More good news from Iraq.

DoD Report: 50 Trucks Carried Iraqi WMD To Syria

Does the MSM ignore positive stories about Iraq?

Donald Rumsfeld: My Salute to the Troops

Dozens Detained In Iraq; Many Weapons Caches Discovered

Dream comes true in form of tank (OK bring tissues)

Drudge Gets Death Threats for Publishing Report That Surge Has Cut US Military Deaths in Iraq By 60%

Ehrlich, O'Malley Internet Saga Continues (MD4Bush)

Ehrlich: MD4BUSH Identity Known "Shortly"

Eight Terrorists Killed, Six Detained in Iraq Raids Today (Story from 2/28/07)


Eight Terrorists Killed; Six Weapons Caches Destroyed

Electronic Voting Disaster

Enemy Fire Caused Hard Landings of Two U.S. Helicopters

ESA Accelerates Towards A New Space Thruster (better than the Ion engine)

Establishing Democracy in Iraq Worthy Cause, Cheney Says

Estonians partner with U.S. troops to patrol Iraq streets

Ex-Marine receives Navy Cross at Camp Pendleton for Iraq heroism - Fallujah

Father and son reunited in Iraq (NICE STORY)

FBI and Justice Department finally investigate a real leak

February begins with cache discoveries

Female Search Teams Aid Battalion’s Mission

Fighting back: the city determined not to become al-Qaeda's capital

Fighting Terrorists Prevents Attacks on U.S., General Says

First Bush-Obama Meeting: Hard Feelings and Hand Sanitizer

Five Insurgents Killed, 12 Suspects Caught in Iraq Operations

Five Iranians Detained in Recent Baghdad Raids

Five terrorists killed, explosives factory destroyed

FLASH - Quarterly Iraq Progress Report Shows Prodigious Achievements!

For Baghdad residents, quality of life improves one operation at a time

For Whom to Vote? Iraqi Culture Adjusts to Free Elections

Forces Capture 39 Suspected Terrorists in Iraq

Forces Kill 13 Insurgent, Detain 26, Discover Weapons Caches

Forces Kill, Capture Terrorists During Operations in Iraq

Forces Shut Down Known Terrorist Group

Former NFL Players Join Troops in Iraq for Super Bowl XL

Fort Carson Soldiers bring hope to Iraqis

Fort soldiers wear uniforms home for holidays (that's Christmas and Chanukhua!)


Four Insurgents Killed, 26 Detained in Iraq

Four Terrorists Killed, Tied to IED Production

Four Terrorists Killed,Six Suspects Detained


Fourth Iraqi Province Transfers to Local Control

Fox News to Report on Ties Between Bin Laden Family & JIMMY CARTER!

Fratricide in Iraq‘s Anbar may escalate

Free Republic Dictionary-Help For Newcomers


Free Republic TV?

Freeing free speech

FReeper Canteen ~ A Day In The Life Of Old Sarge ~ Jan 2nd, 2006

FReeper Canteen ~ Christmas Music Festival For Our Troops ~ Come Join The Fun ~ 24 Dec 2005

FReeper Canteen ~ Christmas/Holiday Music Festival For Our Troops ~ 17 DEC 2005

FReeper Canteen ~ Guest Military Chaplain ~ 10 Health Commandments for the New Year ~ Jan 01 2006

FReeper Canteen ~ It's The Soldier ~ August 28, 2006

FReeper Canteen ~ Send Off Party For CMS ~ Post Your Farewells and Well Wishes ~ 17 Nov 2005

Freeper Canteen-The History of Harley Davidson-June 15, 2006

FReeper Canteen~FReepers:Please post a Christmas message to our troops~Troops: for you~20Dec05

FREEPER EXPOSES FRAUD DEM IN MASS::Delahunt's status as veteran on ballot is questioned

FREEPER scoop on the Pendleton 8: Radio interview on the 29th online

Freepers, other citizens storm Sen. Specter's Office on Porkulus

French hostage freed by military (in Iraq)

From new recruits, courage and honor

Gen. Caldwell argues we are winning (great read from an NPR guy, no less)

General Discusses Milestones for Stability in Iraq’s Anbar Province

General Urges Vigilance, Resolve in Terror War Fight

General: Iraq’s Army, National Police striding towards independence

GIs, Iraqi Troops Nab Terrorists, Weapons in Multiple Raids

Going soft in Ramadi

Gold Star Dad Says Anti-War Dems 'Too Busy' To Meet With Him

Good News from Iraq

Gulf states to counter Iran with largest exercise ever

Gunfight At Baghdad's Deserted Shopping Mall

Gunfight ends with release of hostages, two insurgents dead

Happy reunions at the fort as soldiers return from Iraq (WELCOME HOME HEROES)

Has the "New York Times" Violated the Espionage Act?

Hawaii students send cheer to Iraq (Awwww that's so sweet!)

Helicopters Attack Insurgents Placing Roadside Bomb in Iraq

Helping Iraqis help themselves

Helping the next generation

HEY DEMOCRATS! Ask these Americans what they think about wire taps on Al Qaeda?

His armor kept soldiers safe in Iraq

Holloway Not Only American Missing In Aruba

Hostages freed, 3 weapon caches seized in northern Iraq

How "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Came to Pass -- The unlikely beginnings of a holiday classic

How aggressive interrogations have stopped

How Bill Clinton Compromised America's National Security

How They Got Zarqawi:The Manhunt That Snared Him

How to save youtube videos (and upload them elsewhere)

How Troops in Iraq View Reporters

Hundreds of Ramadi Residents Join Iraqi Police

I Used My Norton but the Virus is still Here! Help!!

I-Team Uncovers MD4Bush E-Mail Addresses

IA Captures Al Qaeda In Iraq Cell Leader, Recovers Weapons Cache


IED searches ongoing for Marines of 'Joker'

Imagine if Al Gore won the 2000 election.

In Ramadi, the Battle is Ever Changing

In the Triangle of Death: Buena grad gives insight into a soldier's life in Iraq

Infantry Company’s Efforts Breathe Life into Small Town

Infantry Soldiers Root Out Insurgents in Sayifiyah

Infrastructure Projects Changing Minds in East Baghdad

Insurgent Mortar Attack Kills Iraqis; U.S. Soldiers Kill Two Terrorists

Insurgents captured after attack on Coalition

Insurgents Captured, Iraqi Forces Shut Down Financial Operation

Internet gives Marines and families a holiday reunion

Iran 'using British banks to channel money to terrorists'

Iran makes progress in heavy-water atomic plant

Iran Transfers Millions To The Madhi Armyh


Iranian Alert - February 13, 2006 - U.S. to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities backed by subs

Iraq - U.S. air raid and artillery strikes terrorists in southeast Baghdad

Iraq Anti-Terror Ops Kill Scores of Insurgents, Nab Weapons

Iraq arrests head of insurgent group - state TV

Iraq Experiencing Sectarian Violence, But Not Civil War, British General Says

Iraq Taking Significant Steps Forward, Spokesman Says

Iraq to take control of armed forces

Iraq to take control of its troops

Iraq WMD's found in Three Syria Sites

Iraq's al-Qaeda number two captured

Iraq's Sunni Sheiks Join Americans To Fight Insurgency

Iraq's Talabani warns neighbors to stop interfering (Threatens Syria, Iran, and Turkey)

Iraq, Coalition Forces Crack Down on Insurgents, Uncover Caches

Iraqi Ambassador Says Early U.S. Troop Withdrawal Would Be Mistake

Iraqi and Coalition forces strike at terrorist cells

Iraqi Army Assumes Control of Forces Near Fallujah

Iraqi Army Captures Bomb Makers; New Security Station Opens in Ramadi

Iraqi Army Captures Bomb-Maker in Sadr City

Iraqi Army conducts air assault

Iraqi Army conducts operations, captures suspected terrorists

Iraqi Army Detains 16 Suspects; Insurgents Kill 15 Civilians

Iraqi Army Soldiers Get Behind the Wheel

Iraqi Army Soldiers Rescue Kidnapped Women, Arrest Kidnappers

Iraqi Army Soldiers Taking Fight to Enemy

Iraqi Army takes reins in Fallujah

Iraqi Army taking lead (sssssh! Don't tell the Dems.)

Iraqi Army, Coalition Soldiers Destroy Suspected Training Site

Iraqi Army, U.S. Forces Detain 106, Discover Weapons Caches

Iraqi Boy Scouts Prepare for their 1st Jamboree since Saddam toolk Power (WE ARE WINNING!!!)

Iraqi citizen leads MND-B Soldiers to terrorist weapons, cash

Iraqi citizen leads MND-B Soldiers to terrorists; 2 terrorists killed emplacing roadside bomb

Iraqi Citizens Turn In Al-Qaida Member (increasing signs of Iraqi's fighting terrorists)

Iraqi citizens, Coalition force can move Iraq toward peaceful future

Iraqi extremists trained in Iran: US intelligence

Iraqi firefighters turn in ordnance to U.S. troops

Iraqi Forces Capture Bomb Maker, Repel Attack

Iraqi Forces Capture Insurgent Leader, Kill Another

Iraqi Forces Capture Terrorist Cell Leader, Seize Weapons

Iraqi Forces Capture Terrorist, Conduct Raid for Murder Suspect

Iraqi Forces Capture Three Death Squad Leaders; Kidnap Victims Rescued

Iraqi Forces Capture Wanted Terrorists in Separate Baghdad Raids

Iraqi Forces Conduct Raid in Baghdad, Seize Weapons, Detain Terrorists

Iraqi Forces Continue to Build on Successes

Iraqi Forces Deliver Food to Ramadi, Detain Terrorists

Iraqi Forces Divert Mission To Aid Citizen

Iraqi Forces Net Multiple Insurgents, Weapons

Iraqi Forces on track to take the lead

Iraqi Forces Rescue Hostages, Detain Suspects, Capture Weapons

Iraqi Forces Take Security Lead in Nineveh Province

Iraqi Government Fights Back Against Insurgent Violence

Iraqi government takes over Mosul base

Iraqi Hostage Recovered; Terrorist Cell Leader Captured

Iraqi Insurgents Shoot It Out With Troops

Iraqi insurgents use 2nd 'dirty' bomb

Iraqi Kurd Prime Minister Slams Media Coverage of Iraq War

Iraqi Police Capture Terrorists; Bodies Found in Vehicle

Iraqi Police eager to learn

Iraqi Police Having Positive Impact, Official Says

Iraqi Police Improving Greatly, U.S. Officials Say

Iraqi Police in Ramadi Discover Large Weapons Cache

Iraqi Police kills bomber, arrests four gunmen in Mosul

Iraqi Police meet needs in Ramadi

Iraqi Police Nab Insurgents; Soldiers Find Weapons

Iraqi police rolling with new trucks

Iraqi Police take reins in SE Baghdad

Iraqi Police, Army Capture Several Insurgents

Iraqi Police-led operation finds torture house and weapon caches, detains 21

Iraqi Police-led operation finds torture house and weapon caches, detains 21

Iraqi President Says Country’s Forces Ready, Willing to Help Secure Baghdad

Iraqi rebels learn from US sniper guru

Iraqi Security Forces Catch Insurgent Killers, Kidnappers

Iraqi Security Forces Continue Security in Fallujah, Nab Insurgents

Iraqi Security Forces net alleged terrorist

Iraqi Soldiers Capture Terrorists in Two Baghdad Operations

Iraqi Soldiers Capture Terrorists, Find Weapons Caches

Iraqi Soldiers Rescue Torture Victim; Insurgents Captured; Weapons Found

Iraqi Soldiers Take the Lead

Iraqi soldiers thankful for Coalition support

Iraqi Special Ops Forces Conduct Baghdad Raid

Iraqi Sunnis Flee, Saying U.S.'s Enemy Is Iran

Iraqi Sunnis Flee, Saying U.S.'s Enemy Is Iran

Iraqi Tips Lead to Bomb Factory Discovery

Iraqi training on fort wants to be role model

Iraqi Tribes Battle al-Qaeda. 39 Terrorists Killed

Iraqi troops bring toys, supplies to children

Iraqi Troops More Effective Every Day, General Says

Iraqi, Coalition Forces Capture 48 Suspected Terrorists in Two Days

Iraqi, Coalition Forces Detain Insurgents, Find Weapons

Iraqi, Coalition forces gain support

Iraqi, Coalition forces squelch violence in Baghdad

Iraqi, Coalition Forces Wrap Up Operation Rams in Ramadi

Iraqi, Coalition leaders discuss progress of Operation Together Forward

Iraqi, Coalition Officials Put Election Plan in Place

Iraqi, Coalition Troops Begin Clearing Operation in Ramadi

Iraqi, Coalition Troops Detain Suspects, Find Weapons

Iraqi, Coalition Troops Treat Civilians Wounded in Attack

Iraqi, U.S. Forces Detain Insurgents, Other Suspects

Iraqi, U.S. Forces Foil Attack, Capture Terrorists, Disarm Explosives

Iraqi, U.S. forces launch raid against terrorist ring

Iraqi, U.S. Soldiers Detain Terror Suspects, Secure Weapons Caches

Iraqi, U.S. Soldiers Find Weapons, Capture Terrorists

Iraqi, U.S. Troops Find, Destroy Large Weapons Caches

Iraqi, US Forces seize weapons

Iraqis 'get answers' from civil affairs Marines in Al Anbar

Iraqis Capture Murder Cell Leader, Coalition Troops Find Weapons

Iraqis Draw Closer to Self-Sufficiency(More Good News)

Iraqis Fed Up With Insurgency, General Says

Iraqis flock to polls, take part in democracy

Iraqis Helping Troops Find Weapons Caches, General Says

Iraqis In Former Rebel Stronghold Now Cheer American Soldiers

Iraqis leading in training (More Good News)

Iraqis to Command Four Northern Divisions by February, U.S. General Says

Iraqis, GIs Find Bombs, Big Weapons Cache In Western Ramadi

Iraqis, U.S. Soldiers work together to stop corruption at oil refinery

Iraq’s transformation is subtle


Iron Gunners Lend Firepower


It's Game On In Ramadi: Long Awaited Operation Underway, Fierce Fighting in Center of City

Italy reports seizing US-bound arms shipment

Jesus: Tales From The Crypt

JimRob's Big Adventure (April Roadtrip) (vanity)

John F. Kerry a Big Hit in Tehran

Joint operation nets insurgents, weapons

Joint operation strengthens bonds between U.S., Iraqi troops

Joint Statement by the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Iraq

Joseph Williams: My son died for a good cause

Judge: Okla. 10 Commandments monument OK

Just a reminder: Free Republic is a conservative site

Karzai Expresses Gratitude to U.S. Troops

Kerry should resign after latest troop insult

Kerry: I Learned Much From Troops Visit

Kerry’s Logan Act(Published 1/20/2005. Kerry & others violate the Logan Act this week. AGAIN!)

Key Battleground in Iraq War is the U.S. Media; Troops Attack Media Misreporting

Key Terror Leader Captured in Iraq; Security Focus in Baghdad Expands

Keyes: President 'has something to hide'

Kidnap Victim, Weapons Discovered; Terrorists Detained

Kids Build Soybean-Fueled Car

Kuwait-based Navy SEAL (Rs)building armored vehicles for Iraqi combat -

L.A.Times: Repeats Terrorist's Propaganda as News... Again!

Lab Disaster May Lead to New Cancer Drug

Land once scarred, now blossoms

Lawmaker wants feds to probe NY Times - Rep. Peter King, R-NY, Homeland Security Comm. chairman

Leaders Highlight Successes of Baghdad Operation

Let's help with the lawsuits against Obama

Lightning strikes as 25th ID takes charge

Live, from Hyannis, Teddy talks

Local citizens turn in extremists

Local soldiers changed by experience in Iraq [Disagree with Jack Murtha]

Lone Gitmo Judge Says Hell No To Obama Order To Suspend Hearing For The Mastermind USS Cole Attack

Mahdi Army's Deadly Housecleaning?

Main aide of Muqtada al-Sadr arrested

Main Yemeni al-Qaida operative re-captured (Cole Bomber)

Major Taliban Leader Arrested; Cheney Pakistan Trip Credited

Major U.S.-Iraqi Military Strike Scores Big Against Terrorists

Major Weapons Cache Seized in Iraq

Making martial law easier

March 2003 Iraqi Document: Orders to Hide Weapons In Underground Shelters (Pentagon Translation)

Marine braved bullets to rescue fellow troops

Marine Earns Silver Star for Courage Under Fire

Marine Names Murtha in Defamation Suit

Marine sniper metes out swift death in Iraq's most dangerous neighborhood

Marines Available

Marines capture Jill Carroll kidnappers

Marines come to aid of Iraqi girl

Marines deliver toys to Iraqi tots

Marines develop strong bonds in Anbar

Marines dig ‘Talons’ into insurgency

Marines Rescue Hostage, Uncover Caches

Marines rescue three hostages, uncover weapons caches in Operation Spotlight

Marines to trade in vulnerable Humvees

Marines working to build effective force

Mass Slaughter in Our Public Schools:The Terrorists' Chilling Plan

Massive Intelligence Raids Follow Zarqawi’s Death

MD4BUSH Asked To Come Forward

MD4Bush Computer Location Revealed

Media has gone too far! (Vanity)

Medic Springs into Action, After Attack

Men on a Mission: U.S. Special Forces are retooling for the war on terror.

Merry Christmas from Baghdad (Taking the Left to Task)

Michael Savage: Left-Winger

Military Continues Investigation to Find Killers of U.S. Soldiers

Military Working Dogs Keeping Troops Safe (WOOF! - WOOF!!)

Military Working to Ensure Best Body Armor Possible

Minnesota Guardsmen to be honored for bravery in Iraq

Missing World War II Airmen are Identified

Mobile Helicopter Killers Found and Destroyed in Iraq

Mohammed Rashed, another anti-American terrorist who received safe haven in Iraq

More on Obama’s Kenyan birth

More Provincial Reconstruction Teams to Stand Up in Iraq

More young Christian women abducted, raped in Iraq

MSSG-22 improves the roadways in Hit, Iraq

Much Progress Made in Fallujah, Marine Commander Says

My Farewell From my Squadron [Vanity]

My letter to my U.S. Senators (WRITE THE ENTIRE U.S. SENATE)

NASA losing hope of finding Mars probe

NASA to Crash Space Probe Into Moon

National POW/MIA Recognition Day, 2006

NATO says it killed more than 60 suspected rebels

NATO says may have killed senior Taliban leader

Navy Super Hornets Get Revolutionary New Radar

NE Hurricane Could Cripple Economy


New generation of weapons launched in ongoing Iran wargames

New Hospital Wing Brings Hope to Iraqi Citizens

New Mission for U.S. Division: To Put Iraqi Forces to the Test

New Orleans native gives up basketball, stays Marine

New Parliamentary Group Being Formed in Iraq

New Support Troops License Plates

New Yorkers Send Christmas Trees to Troops in the Middle East (This will warm your heart)

Newsletter #33 (from 4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry, Baghdad)

Newsletter #36-Election coverage from the 4th Brigade in Baghdad

Newsweek Declares John Kerry Unfit For Command

Nine Insurgents Killed in Iraq, 21 Detained; Weapons Caches Discovered

Nine Terrorists Killed in Iraq, 12 Detained; Weapons Cache Found


No Silver Bullet to Counter Explosive Devices, Head of Anti-IED Office Says

North America’s 'Loch Ness Monster' Spotted Again

North Korea launches two missiles: reports

Obama Appoints Speechwriting and Intergovernmental Affairs Heads(Obama Taps La Raza VP)

Obama Birth Certificate: The Electoral College Takes a Dive

Obama Presidency Challenged By New Jersey Voter re:"natural born citizen" - Before US Supreme Court

Obama Presidency Challenged By New Jersey Voter re:"natural born citizen" - Before US Supreme Court

Oconomowoc, Wis., native sweeps for IEDs in Haqlaniyah

Offense Vital Part of National Strategy to Combat Terrorism

Oh, no!! NEWSFLASH: Failing ocean current raises fears of mini ice age!! ZOT!!

One terrorist killed, 15 detained in early morning raid

Operation Liberty ‘Success’

Operation nets 49 suspects,uncovers three roadside bombs

Operational Missile Defense Test a Total Success

Operations in Iraq Net 26 Suspects, Weapons Caches

Organization Delivers Supplies to Iraqi Families

orget About Civil War In Iraq-One Is Coming To America

Osama bin Laden has died, according to the L'Est republicain

Pace: Iran Complicit in IED Attacks on Coalition

Pakistan destroys al-Qaida-linked site (Faqir Mohammed and 80 terrorists blown to bits?)

Papers Show 'Gloomy' State of Insurgency(We're winning the WOT!)

Paratroopers' Missions Yield Mixed Results

Patriot Act extension filibustered (Harry Reid Boasts at Rally: "We killed the Patriot Act")

Patrol Uncovers Weapons, Bomb Materials

Pentagon Reaches out to Bloggers

People of Baghdad Seeing Results from U.S.-Iraqi Operation

Perfect Killing Method, but Clear Targets Are Few for Marines in Iraq

Performers Salute Troops, Vets at American Freedom Festival

Petition to Investigate and Indict John F. Kerry for acts of treason

Petraeus Condemns al Qaeda’s ‘Barbaric’ Acts

Phase maintenance Marines check under F/A-18 hoods

Picking up Iraq

Police Capture Suspected Al Qaeda Leader In Iraq

Police Chief Survives Attack; Soldiers Capture High-Value Terrorists

Police: Taliban Commander arrested in foiled kidnap attempt

Post-Invasion Intel Showed WMD Went To Syria

Post-Zarqawi security sweep continues

Postal Marines deliver holiday joy to troops

Prayer Requested for 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Update at #3168)

Premature Iraq Pullout ‘Would Be A Huge Mistake,’ Bush Says

Pres. Bush was just on LIVE - he's mad (vanity)

President Bush Goes on Run with Staff Sergeant Christian Bagge

Proof of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program Demanded in US Congress [Ron Paul asks Condi]

Protesters see income tax as scam

PSI captures nuke goods to Iran

Purple Heart received after 55 years

Quo Warranto filed in California (against Obama)

Raids in Iraq Yield Terrorists, Terror Leaders, Weapons

Ramadi has ‘Tipped’ to Iraqi Government, Coalition

Ramadi mayor solving problems

Ramadi’s new mayor takes the lead on city’s reconstruction

Reconstruction Proceeding in Iraq Despite Challenges

Redeploying Forces Now Would Embolden Terrorists, Rumsfeld Says

Rep. calls Obama Marxist, warns of dictatorship

Repost of my kid in Iraq

Researchers Describe How Natural Nuclear Reactor Worked In Gabon (Two Billion Years Ago)

Return to Ramadi

Reuters Emailing the Terrorists

Rice: New Iraq Will Help Stabilize Middle East

Roadside Bomb Kills Soldier; Ops Nab Fighters, Weapons (Sadness and Joy)

Robot-driven cars on roads by 2030: scientist

Ronald Reagan Nomination Acceptance Speech July 17,1980


Rounding up insurgents with local help

Rumsfeld: Iraqi prime minister doing impressive work, making progress

Rumsfeld: New Iraq Government Will Have Say in Troop Levels

Rumsfeld: War Can Be Lost Only in U.S.

Russia Recognizes Two U.S. Officers for Help in Sub Rescue


Saddam allied with al-Qaeda (Boston Herald)

Saddam lieutenant calls for Baath Party insurgents to stop fighting

Saddam lieutenant calls for Baath Party insurgents to stop fighting

Saddam Sent WMD to Syria, Former General Alleges

Saddam's former deputy hanged in Iraq

Saddam's secrets (WMD's)

Sailor helps improve Iraq


Saving Iraqi baby a new mission for U.S. troops

Saying Thank You to Those Who Answered the Call of Duty

Score One for Iraqi Army: Soldiers Shoot Suicide Car Bomber Before Detonation

Sectarian violence drops, attacks on Coalition, Iraqi forces rise in Diyalah

Security Council condemns terrorist attacks in Iraq, including recent chlorine gas bombings

Semi-retirement: How one American policeman may change the future of Iraq

Sen. Gregg's floor statement on Iraq Resolution 2/7/07 (Excellent Speech supporting our Troops)

Sen. John Kerry 1997 vs Sen. John Kerry 2004 on Iraq's WMD


Senator John Kerry Admits He's a Dummy

Send your best wishes to President Bush here!

Senior Official at Iraq Ministry of Health Detained; 13 Terrorists Killed

Senior Taliban Commander Dead In Airstrike

Sent to me by a retired Marine whose son is over there.

Servicemembers Unite to Save Iraqi Girl's Life (Get the Tissues)

Seven hostages rescued in Baqubah

Seven Suspected Terrorists Killed in Afghanistan

Seven Terrorists Killed in Iraq, 10 Detained; Weapons Caches Found

Seven terrorists killed, 13 detained in VBIED, foreign fighter raids

Seven Terrorists Killed, One Captured in Separate Incidents

Several Terrorists Killed, Captured in Iraq; Weapons Caches Found

SF Soldiers honored for combat valor

Shhhh... The Surge is Working

Shiites Worry U.S. Support Is Shifting


Shooting Pain: The future of heat-beaming weapons.

Signs of improved security, quality of life witnessed in Baghdad

Signs of Progress Seen in Anbar Reconstruction

Six Insurgents Captured, Weapons Cache Discovered

Six terrorists killed in raid

Six Terrorists Killed, 32 Captured; Insurgents Kill Iraqi Civilian

Sky Soldiers Honored for Actions in Combat

Small-Arms Fire Claims Marine's Life; Iraqi Soldiers Disrupting Enemy

Solar system '10th planet' is bigger than Pluto

Soldier breathes life into Iraqi child

Soldier Earns Silver Star For Combat Actions

Soldier Hit by Anti-Tank Mine Praises Up-Armor

Soldier Uses Personal Time to Grow Garden in Iraq

Soldiers Build and Deliver School Desks

Soldiers build lasting relationships with Iraqi school-aged kids

Soldiers clear village, find weapons

Soldiers Detain Suspected Terrorists, Seize Weapons

Soldiers Discover Weapons Caches in Iraq

Soldiers find block of gold worth $110K

Soldiers Find Bodies, Kill Insurgents, Discover Weapons

Soldiers Find Three Weapons Caches in Baghdad

Soldiers find, save baby (MEGA TISSUE WARNING)

Soldiers from Bloomington unit save Iraqi boy

Soldiers Help Bomb Victims; 29 People Injured in Attack

Soldiers Help Citizens of Southwest Baghdad

Soldiers Help Iraqis Provide Humanitarian Aid to Zafaraniya

Soldiers keep extremists at bay along Afghanistan’s eastern border

Soldiers Like FCS Test Systems So Much, They Don’t Want to Return Them

Soldiers Patrol the Liquid Highways of Iraq

Soldiers Rescue Kidnapped Iraqis from Insurgents

Soldiers say media miss Iraq story

Soldiers seize, destroy weapons caches [Including 22 Surface-to-Air Missiles]

Soldiers Surprise Iraqi Troops With Goodwill Visit

Soldiers Thank Students For Writing Letters

Soldiers training Iraqi medics in Combat Lifesaving

Soldiers Training Iraqi Troops Pays Off

Soldiers Travel Iraq's Dangerous Routes to Deliver Goods

Soldiers Work to Eliminate Terrorist Threats

Soldiers' Angels Reach Out to Troops

Some 103 terrorists killed or arrested in, around Baghdad

Special Iraqi Forces Conduct Raid in Sadr City (WOO-HOO! About Time)

Special Operations Forces 'Play a Leading Role' in Terror Fight

Special Report: Maj. Gen. McCoy responds to Washington Post

Spinning black hole pushes the speed limit

Starve The Beast (A FR Actvism Thread to Combat the Rape of the American Taxpayer)

Staying on Offense Key to Defeating Terrorism, Bush Says

Stolen Valor Act of 2005

Suicide bomber captured in Ar Ramadi

Suicide bombers Killed In Failed Attack On US Convoy

Sunnis try to blast Al-Qaeda out of Iraq (A Must Read Article)

Surge tactics to tame Ramadi, city of anarchy

Survey: Troops Believe in Iraq Mission, Morale Generally High

Suspected al Qaeda Leader, Others Captured; Weapons Cache Found

Suspected Bombers Captured; Insurgent Attack Kills 3 Iraqi Children

Suspected Terrorist Killed, 25 Detained During Operations

Suspected Terrorists Detained In Coalition Raids

Swift Boat Leader Responds to Kerry

Take Heed, King Advises Iran

Taliban Commander, 15 Other Militants Killed

Taliban Extremist Targets Funeral; Afghan, Coalition Forces Capture Terrorists

Taliban suffers heavy losses

Tampons in Iraq ( Vanity, sort of)

Tanks bring the thunder to Camp Fallujah

Task Force Grizzly Soldiers Eliminate Insurgents

Team provides airpower at right place, time

Ted Koppel Tells Shocking Truth About Iraq and War on Terror (Updated w-videos)

Ten Suspected Taliban Insurgents Killed In Afghanistan (more dead jihadis)


Terror Suspects Killed, Captured in Iraq

Terrorist Bomb Expert Captured in Afghanistan; 10 Taliban Rebels Killed

Terrorist carrying bomb killed in blast [Bangladesh - ROP]

Terrorist cells targeted by Iraqi, Coalition Forces

Terrorists Destined to Lose if U.S. Keeps Resolve, Cheney Says

Terrorists Detained in Afghanistan; Extremists Attack Girls School

Terrorists Killed in Iraq, 35 Detained; Bomb Damages Tank

Terrorists Killed in Thwarted Attack on Afghan Soldiers

Terrorists Killed, Captured in Iraq; Weapons Caches Found

Terrorists Killed, Detained in Iraq; Weapons Discovered

The Afghan guard who stops suicide bombers (Amazing story of the devoted guard nicknamed of Rambo)

The Dangerous Consequences of Cutting and Running in Iraq

The Good News About Nuclear Destruction

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq has been wounded and his top aide killed in a clash with police.

The New Band of Brothers

The REAL story from Ramadi, Iraq (AUDIO, Mike Fumento's excellent interview on the Mike Rosen show)

The search for nukes in Washington, D.C.

The Threat We Face...and the Path Ahead

These Pictures tell it all!

Thieves Winning Online War, Maybe in Your PC

This is just a drill: Thanks to John McCain, Free Republic will shut down tomorrow at high noon for

THIS WILL MAKE YOU PROUD: The Story of one American Soldier in Iraq

Thousands Of Iraqi Protesters Shout: "Death To Al Qaeda"

Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat - August 2006

Three Bragg soldiers awarded Silver Star medals

Three Coalition Force Soldiers Injured, Insurgents Detained

Three Insurgents Killed, 10 Detained in Iraq

Three Iranian factories 'mass-produce bombs to kill British in Iraq'

Three Terrorists Captured; 26 Detainees Released

Three-day Operation Leads to 15 Terrorists Killed, IED Factory Destroyed

Thwarting the threat of IEDs


To Our Americans Serving in Iraq

Tony Snow: Are War Critics in Congress Aiding Al-Qaeda?

Top Priority Behind War Funding: Ensure U.S. Troops Succeed

Top secret (British) army cell breaks terrorists (in Iraq)

Training Teams Making Difference in Iraqi Forces

Troops Appreciate U.S. Support for Families, Themselves

Troops Capture 12 Terror Suspects; Bombers Target Iraqis

Troops capture 13 terror suspects

Troops capture 61 terror suspects

Troops Capture Seven Suspects, Find Weapons

Troops Capture Terror Suspects in Meat-Packing Plant

Troops Capture Terrorists in Afghanistan; Rocket Misses Coalition Base

Troops Detain 14 Suspects in Iraq; Car Bomb Kills 17, Injures 26

Troops Detain Scores of Suspects, Discover Bomb Factory

Troops Find Car Bombs, Detain Suspects

Troops Find Several Weapons Caches in Iraq

Troops Honed in '03 Fighting a Different War in Iraq-(dont read if you have heart problems)

Troops in Iraq Honor Victims of Sept. 11 Attacks

Troops leaving Ramadi see fruits of their work

Troops long out-of-uniform sent to Iraq

Troops make surprise stop at Pease (A good story about troops on the way to Iraq)

Troops renovate neighborhood

Troops Search for Kidnap Victims; Baghdad Security Operations Continue

Troops, Tribal Leaders Tamp Down Violence in Southern Baghdad

Twin Sisters Embrace Deployment in Iraq

Twin star explosions fascinate astronomers

Twisting the Al-Qaida Connection [Iraq]

Two Al Qaeda Leaders, Three Terrorists Killed; 39 Detained in Iraq

Two Insurgents Killed; Rockets Discovered in Kirkuk

Two SEALs Receive Posthumous Navy Cross Awards

Two Terrorist Leaders Captured in Iraq; Insurgent Killed


U.S. Army Digs Up Weapons Cache in Iraq

U.S. Army Doctor Delivers Iraqi Election-Day Baby

U.S. Army research lab using particles to stop bullets

U.S. Army Task Force Foils Terrorist Bombings

U.S. Brings Back the .45

U.S. Colonel Says Troop Morale 'Absolutely Tremendous'

U.S. Embassy bombings suspect confirmed killed (Another one bites the dust)

U.S. forces block roads in insurgent-held city (Ramadi)

U.S. Forces in Iraq Gain 'Momentum'

U.S. forces in strategic shift in Iraq

U.S. General Sees Cause for Optimism in Anbar Province

U.S. Identifies al-Masri as New Al Qaeda in Iraq Leader

U.S. launches air assault on Sunni haven

U.S. military encircles Iraqi city (Iraqi and U.S. troops surround Ramadi)

U.S. Military to Boost Trainers for Iraqi Army, Police, General Says

U.S. moves to stop Zarqawi network in Iraq

U.S. Not Fighting Alone Against Global Terrorists

U.S. Officer Sees ‘Very Positive Progress’ In Baghdad

U.S. Officer: Reports 18 Killed 'False'

U.S. Reinforcements Taking Up Positions In Baghdad

U.S. Reports Airstrikes on Qaeda Insurgents in Iraq ~ NY TIMES ...Al-Queda takes a beating...

U.S. Restoring Iraqi Factories

U.S. says killed 93 Qaeda-linked fighters in Iraq (and 57 captured)

U.S. Should Use Counterinsurgency Methods in War on Terror, General Says

U.S. Soldiers Capture Members of Iraqi 'Death Squad'

U.S. Soldiers Nab 43 Suspects South of Baghdad (Rounding Up the Terrs. Yee-Haw!!!!!)

U.S. Soldiers Stop Baghdad Bomber; Iraqi Police Catch Two Killers

U.S. Soldiers Work With Iraqis To Stop Corruption

U.S. strikes insurgents targeting helicopters

U.S. troops clash with Ramadi insurgents (at least 12 killed in 6-hours of fierce fighting)

U.S. Troops Deliver Wheelchair to Disabled Iraqi Girl

U.S. Troops Nab Al Qaeda Killer, ‘Mouthpiece’ in Iraq Raids (HOO! RAY!)

U.S. Will Continue to Go After Bomb Makers in Iraq, Pace Says

U.S., Coalition Forces Kill, Capture Terrorists in Iraq

U.S., Iraq near handover

U.S., Iraqi Forces Capture 50 Insurgents, Seize Numerous Weapons

U.S., Iraqi forces kill 250 militants in Najaf

U.S., Iraqi Forces Thwart Prison Escape, Seize Weapons

U.S., Iraqi Forces Thwart Terrorist Attacks In Mosul

U.S., Iraqi Troops Detain 66 Suspects, Seize Weapons

U.S., Iraqi troops detain 84 in raids (destroy bomb-making facility)

U.S., Iraqi Troops Detain Suspects, Find Weapons

U.S., Iraqi Troops Kill, Detain Terrorists, Nab Weapons

U.S., Pakistan Partners in Hunt for Osama Bin Laden, Countries’ Leaders Say

U.S.-Iraqi Raids Net Terrorists, Unexploded IEDs

U.S.-led forces kill 30 battling Shiite forces

U.S.: Iraq chlorine bomb factory was al-Qaida’s

U.S.: Massive Weapons Find Exposes Iran's Meddling

UAV's protect Marines on the road

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

US air strike kills Al Qaeda kingpin: military

US Army: AP Photographer Captured with Al Qaeda Leader

US Establishes Base in Bin Laden’s Backyard: 21 killed

US forces arrest top Kurdish Al-Qaeda 'bomb-maker' ~ near the oil hub of Kirkuk,

US House again rejects quick withdrawal from Iraq

US sets conditions for shooting down N. Korea missile

US troop presence keeps neighbors from invading Iraq: Talabani

US Troops Roll into Baghdad to Stem Sectarian Bloodshed

USAFE Airmen collect gifts for Afghan children

USMC Sniper Metes Out Swift Death in Iraq

V A N I T Y - Interesting facts about Iraq and past wars

Vanity killed master of evil al-Zarqawi

Vanity:What Photo Editing Software 2 Buy ?

Violence Decreases in Iraq, Reconciliation Progresses

Violence Down in Baghdad, U.S. General Says

Voices of the Fallen (The War In The Words Of The Dead)

War on terror is also war against liberal media and politicians

Weapons cache uncovered, 14 suspects caught

Weapons Caches Found in Iraq; 27 Suspected Insurgents Detained

Weapons Company, Iraqi Army conduct block party

Web Site Operator Sounds Off On MD4Bush

Web site works with Airmen to deliver care packages

What is a soldier (vanity)

What on Earth Did Schumer Say to Kerry? (Schumer Makes Kerry Get Out of Leadership Photo)

What the Democrats Said About Saddam Hussein: Part 1 - YouTube exposes their own words

When John Kerry's Courage Went M.I.A. (Senator covered up evidence of P.O.W.'s left behind)

Why Terrorism Must Win

Will Congress Ditch John McCain's Internet Regulations?-- Vote coming soon...

Young Marines Promote Healthy, Drug-Free Lifestyles

Zarqawi Survived Air Strike, Died Shortly After

‘Black Hawk’ Troops Persist in Bringing Peace to Haifa Street (Attacks drop more than 50 percent)

‘Gators’ Prowl Highways Surrounding Fallujah

‘Operation Commando Hunter’ Team Finds 75 Weapons Caches