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"Character" by Clarence Thomas

'Twasn't Ever Thus -- Britain is the world leader in very little, except for crime.

1997 SEC gave Enron an exception ... lead to corruption??

6000 yrs ago - no El Nino ... what caused the global warming THEN

A chronology 1998-2002 (Bush opponents on WMDs)


After Enron - how markets self-correct

Against Selected Enemies - Miniter vs Clarke

Air Force Hero To Defend Accused Marines

Amateur Hour?A judge’s first-year failing-grade opinion.

Americans Are Losing the Victory in Europe ("We have swept away Hitlerism, but ...")

Among the Bourgeoisophobes

Antidotes to the ignorant media, Volume 1

Audubon Wildcatters: Environmental Duplicity

Baghdad, with Victims-To those with eyes to see, Saddam Hussein’s butchery was reason enough for war

Big Labor Republicans - What's wrong with unions disclosing where their money goes? ~ WSJ.

Bill Bradley Fouls the Civil Rights Act (Dems filibustered 1964 Act)

blocking mining - and impacts Sierra Times

BOOK SUMMARYHOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE:Global Warming’s Unfinished Debate

Brookings beware: Strobe's light is dim

Bush and I in the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron from 1970 to 1971. (my title)

Bush and I were Lieutenants (Fellow Pilot Comes to Bush's Defense)

Bush Drives Adversaries Crazy

Climate change is natural

Clinton-Era Reports Cited Saddam-bin Laden Ties

Cord Cutters: What is your recommended streaming service?

Cross vs. Swastika

Dan Rather's Attack on President Bush's Military Service Rested on Left-Wing Media's Contrived Myths

Democrats for Regime Change *[Article Rush is talking about today]*


Disaster Up North (Canada's gun-control laws run amuck)

Disturbing Discrepancies (Truths about Kerry)

Don't Quit as We Did in Vietnam


Effects of Climate Warming Already in Evidence - interesting B.S.

Enron & Democraps

Enviro-fraud and land grabs

fathers - :American Taliban, Stalin, and church comments

FLASHBACK: Clinton first linked al Qaeda to Saddam

Forward Observer: A Russia to Love - Russia becomes capitalistic!!

Frontline Concedes [lying about Iraq]


Global climate has always fluctuated: Rusher discredits 'alarmists' who ignore earth's history

Global Warming Models Labeled 'Fairy Tale' By Team of Scientists

Global Warming Nay-Sayers Research Smeared

God, Stephen Wolfram, and Everything Else

GORE LIES YET AGAIN - misc including MTBE

GWB: HBS MBA (as read on Rush)

Hillary Rodham's 1974 Watergate "Procedures were Ethically Flawed"

How North Vietnam Won The War (and Kerry helped)

Investigator or obstructionist? (Gorelick)

Is a New Ice Age Under Way? [Anti Global Warming Alert]

It's not your Money:The truth about Social Security

Jacoby's take on Johnny Walker Bin Laden - parent's fault

John Kerry: Vietnam Propagandist for President?

Kerry Flashback: REMARKS BY SENATOR JOHN KERRY (on Iraq, 12/16/98) - Strike Now!

KERRY FOR PRESIDENT? fiedor - good article

Left Wing Allegations and Fraudulent Documents - by USAF Col

Let Them Eat Yellowcake - Reflections On A Failed Political Smear

Man-made adjustments transform cooling to warming in Paraguay, South America

Mark Steyn - PM of Hoogivesadamnastan

Mark Steyn: Who s ugly now?

Media-Ready Crib Sheet: Twenty questions for John Kerry.

Middle Ages Were Warmer Than Today, Say Scientists

more Enron!!

Mud-Covered Presidents (excellent article) - Orson Scott Card

My Iraq Crystal Ball

NASA Kills of Global Warming ... finally (Globaloney exposed)

New Studies Erode Confidence in Climate Model Predictions

Nixon Thought John Kerry Was a "Phony" = Kerry is slimey and doesn't deserve any military votes

NTBMD Test 01/25/02

Oil for Scandal - WSJ

Pius XII urged Jews to be Proud

Politics in the pulpit - what can the church do and not do!

Rockwell on ENRON

Sen Inhofe on Hot & Cold Media Spin: A Challenge To Journalists Who Cover Global Warming-

Sen. Corzine and Goldman Sachs

Senior U.S. intelligence analyst defends prewar findings on Iraq

Sleeping with the Enemy - Webb on Viet era protestors - applicable today

Some Now in Congress Joined Reserve or Guard-From 1988

Spam Slayer: Bringing Spammers to Their Knees

Swede and Sour - the Swedish (not) Miracle!!

The Cooling World (Blast From The Past Archived Newsweek Article Warning About "Global Cooling")

The Evil of Dating (Dating vs.Courtship)

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The Green Lie

The Idiot's Guide to Chinagate

THE IRAQ--AL QAEDA CONNECTIONS (Or, Why Do Kennedy, Boxer and Byrd Defend Saddam on this Point?)

The Kosovo Cover-Up(Origin of the Wesley Clark Character Issue)

The Myth of a Stolen Election

The Oil-for-Food Scam Claudia Rosette

The REAL Clinton Record

The Return of the Dreadnought

The Terror Ahead A nuclear attack? Be very afraid.

The Truth About the Mideast: Fourteen fundamental facts about Israel and Palestine

The unequal costs of Kyoto

Tremendous Surge in UK Crime Rate; Gov. Gives up, Discourages Victims from Resisting

Troublesome Facts [Global Warming]

Uncertain Uncertainty ("Postmodernism on its way tothe ashheap of history")

Vetting the Vet Record (More exposure of Kerry's lies)

Victor Davis Hanson: More Iraqi Ironies. Our short memories. Consider the paradoxes

Vietnam Vets Speak Out on John Kerry

Vietnam...Facts vs. Fiction - CAPT Marshal Hanson, USNR (ret)

Was Rachel Carson a fraud and is DDT actually safe for humans?

Watergate Anniversary Doesn't Measure Up - vs Clinton record

West Point Generals: Brains Are Not Issued With Rank

What Iraqis Really Think

When John Kerry's Courage Went MIA - coverup of the POW issue by Kerry

Where Do We Go From Here? Financial Letter

Where the WMDs Went

Why Abortion Isn’t Important - excellent essay

Words from a Father to a Son Entering Into Service of His Country - (worth pondering for Americans)