Since Feb 12, 2006

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Hi to my new friends on the the political consideration website caused "freerepublick"! My name will be Vladimir Yuschenko, and from Kiev, the Ukraine (former Soviet republic). I raised here, and now my of parents (deceased) was Russian, but I speak the Russian with the accent of the Ukraine, there will so there not be many possibilities for me in Russia (they do not love people whom they have an accent); therefore I remain here, I think.

We have a democracy now, but young, and I is interested in entirely near democracy. I work delayushch unimportant things on Magazine (newspaper?)(http://uamedia.visti.net/kp/) in Kiev. We make much article on the policy, and someday I will be journalist here. I made military service, and after this 4 years of university. I is very glad to make new friends, and I read here much about the political life of the United States of America. People here seem such good informed about political questions (and by all still too). They do contradict alot, I do see, but that road, it is which democracy must work, yes? If then, after this the Ukraine works valid penalty, we has much a discord!

I thanks new friends!!!