Since Aug 20, 2001

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VRWC_Member428 is a concealed carrying gun owner. You do not know how many classes he has taken on self-defense. You do not know how often he really practices at the gun range. You do not know at what point he may open fire. And you do NOT know who he really is. If you are a criminal, be warned that although VRWC_Member428 has no face in Free Republic, he is a real person, and therefore can be anybody. You may see him one day walking down the street, and not even know it was him. You may see him wearing black. You may see him wearing white. You might even see him wearing green. You may try to harm him one day, and learn what it feels like to have several hollow point masses of lead enter your body at 1,300 feet per second. You might try to do harm to some woman just as he happens to come by and save the day. But you do not know who he is. Think about that the next time you decide to break the law.

VRWC_Member428's Platform

I believe in God, and am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Although not a member of the Constitution Party, I do strongly believe in the Constitution, and despise any attempt to limit it.

I believe that people should be reasonably prepared for emergency survival in case of natural disasters (likely), civil unrest (not very likely), or homeland invasion (small, but non-zero chance).

I believe that children should be raised by their parents, not by day-care. Along the same lines, I believe that we should not give children mood-altering drugs. I think it's a cop-out to being a good parent.

I believe in hunting, motorized recreation, and all those other fun things that environmentalists say will destroy the Earth.

I believe I will shoot and kill any unauthorized persons who enter my house. And remember - you don't know who I am. My address is AnyStreet USA.