Since Sep 22, 2010

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I’m getting worried the Jewish elite are getting noticed and the direction their agenda is leading the US.They have a ccomplete monopoly on Hollywood and world media,as well as the,so called,federal reserve.
Afghasistan was invaded by the US under the guise of Muslim terroristism that had to be stopped.It’s been proven that 9/11 was a farse.
Iraq was invaded under the pretence that they had weapons of mass destruction.None were found.
It seems now,that the media is preping us for an invasion of Iran,because of the nuclear threat.
Since WW1,most political decisions made,haven’t been in US’s best interest,but seem to be for Israel.
Israel has it’s own adgenda and if it’s not the same as the US’s,some things better change.Enough Americans have died fighting wars for Israel.I’m not anti-semetic,but we must wake up and smell the coffee.