Western Tradition Partnership
Since Oct 4, 2010

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Western Tradition Partnership is a 501(c)(4) grassroots lobbying organization dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources in the Rocky Mountain West and across the United States. Dozens of radical eco-organizations whose stated purpose is to dismantle the free enterprise system – and our Constitutionally protected rights – through so-called environmental protection have set their sights on robbing Americans of the right to exist, achieve and produce. From single-family homeowners to larger employers, outdoor recreation to manufacturing, no worthwhile pursuit is safe from those who would use bureaucratic, legal, or legislative means to regulate it out of existence.

WTP is the only single-purpose membership organization of its kind, though we’re one of many free-market oriented pro-freedom groups fighting for common-sense policy, and against the use of heavy-handed government coercion by environmentalists whose policies lack broad support and violate the Constitution. Founded by committed activists, and supported by a broad membership of small donors, we enjoy the kind of credibility on these issues that only an independent grassroots group can earn.

Our goals are achieved through hard-hitting issue advocacy including legislative lobbying, electioneering, grassroots mobilization, and public education campaigns.

Western Tradition Partnership is committed to advancing a voluntary, free-market approach to partnering with the business community to promote beneficial environmental stewardship. This is the only economically sustainable way to protect and preserve our environment. We put the lie to the fallacy that free people will choose to poison their own water, air, and land.

Americans overwhelmingly support responsible energy exploration and development, proper forest management (e.g., harvesting the pine bark beetle kill), wisely extracting other precious resources, while protecting private property and water rights and our environment.

That’s why it should be no surprise that balanced, free-market solutions continue to gather support from the grassroots – because they will help, not hurt, families, jobs and the American economy – and they must be advanced in the face of anti-human, anti-access, environmentalist hysteria.