Willmoore Kendall
Since Sep 27, 2008

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I am an American and I am a Conservative; have been my whole life. I cannot separate the two. I remember the dark years of Carter, when Conservatism and Americanism were at their lowest ebb. I remember Morning in America, when my country and my movement were reborn under Ronald Reagan, and Soviet Union and its Marxist backers and beneficiaries were defeated by people of goodwill, faith, and strong conviction. I remember 1994, when we almost took the next step; and I remember 2000, when, after a decade of squandered opportunities, it seemed as though what we had started in the Reagan Revolution would, finally, achieve fruition. I have been betrayed. Ronald Reagan has been betrayed. Morning, with her promise, has past. The day is done.

I have taken up my “virtual quill” because I have to say what too few have had the courage to say: Conservatism has been failed. Notice I do not say that Conservatism has failed, because it has not - it has been abandoned and betrayed. Conservatism defeated International Communism, defeated the radical Counter-Culture of the 1960’s, defeated the atheistic and socialistic Welfare Statists of “Western” Europe, and could defeat the menace of Islamofascism, were it set free to do so. The only force capable of thwarting Conservatism is Conservatism itself, and that is just what has happened. We are at a key moment in history, in disarray.

This prognosis sounds gloomy, and is certainly not the “rah-rah” boosterism one usually hears from the decadent dreamers who make up too much of today’s “Conservative” establishment. And it is gloomy, like the evening, or the early dawn. For I believe that Conservatism, and Americanism, will rise again. I remember; I have seen it dawn before. I believe that a Conservatism which is solid in Faith, strong in Principle, and committed to connecting with the American People, will lead our Nation into a glorious, victorious new day. I believe that this is not merely possible, but necessary, and therefore inevitable, that we do this. I believe it will be hard, and it will require speaking some hard truths. I believe that the gloom of this gloaming will be tempered by this shining idea, and I hope that we can fix to it, “as to a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.” I hope we can join together in this good work.

“Conservatism” is dead. Long live Conservatism.