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>I am a Mom, a Wife and a purebred dog breeder. I have a small kennel (my home) of AKC registered Beagles that I show in conformation. I breed several litters a year and always have a long waiting list for my puppies. I am completely involved in every aspect of properly breeding, raising, training and showing my Beagles. It is a full-time 24/7 365 day a year job. It is my passion and it is a labor of love.
I gave up a good drinking habit when I got into dogs. There is no room for two such expensive hobbies :)
I am a supporting member of the National Beagle Club of America and I am also on their legislative board which was developed in 2008 as it became increasingly clear that we were goiing to have to fight to retain our rights in this new America that wants to legislate away every freedom we have.
I also belong to my local Kennel Club and I am on the BOD there as well. In 2008 we held two AKC dog shows where we made some decent profit. At Christmas we decided to donate a large chunk of our profit to the K9 troops in Iraq. We recieved a letter of thanks from Lt. Col. Joel Cross. This letter was also published in our local paper. Nashua Telegraph, Nashua NH.
Soldiers thankful for kennel club support Published: Monday, January 26, 2009
To the editor: I wanted to extend my greatest appreciation for the Souhegan Kennel Clubs efforts to support our specialty search dogs here in Iraq. Your donations to support the canines on ground here have had a profound impact on their morale and quality of life. Often this element of the military has specific needs that can be easily overlooked. Because of your efforts, the soldiers responsible for these animals have been able to provide them regular checks between missions. These needs may seem minute to an organization of your caliber, but your support has been critical to ensuring the happiness and good health of our animals. The collapsible bowls, toys and grooming supplies provided were met with great anticipation and excitement by both our canines and their handlers. These animals provide a vital mission and often are responsible for saving the lives of many American sons and daughters. Your organization has improved the quality of life for our animals. I appreciate your efforts and thank you for all that you do. Without organizations such as yours contributing to our efforts here in Iraq, our military would certainly have faced a more difficult time.
Lt. Col. Joel Cross, Commander, 5th Engineer Battalion, Iraq
This donation would not have been possible without purebred dogs and AKC dog shows and our kennel club. If you would like to see my dogs please visit my website at www.HoneyPotHounds.com
I voted for Romney in the primaries and then for McCain/Palin. I'm really sad that the looney left got in. Cindy