Since Mar 10, 2003

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I am a refugee from California, I left early in 1998, before the Hippies started cursing the darkness they created by protesting any new nuclear power plants. I believe Liberalism (Socialism, Communism) is a disease.
I am now happy to be living in TENNESSEE, I am in Communications/Networks, and my lovely wife is an Attorney, she is in that 1% group that the other 99% give a bad name. I Thank God for my wife, she is a great blessing to me. She does deserve your sympathy, though, as a Freeper widow.
A VRWC Charter Member, I had the original handle "TNPatriot" at Townhall.com chatroom many years ago, while FreeRepublic was just getting started, that would be during the dark years of Bill and Hitlery Clinton.
I thank God for George W. Bush, especially in light of September 11, 2001.
I still support him, but I really wish he would fix the border problem.
I don't comment with words very much here, but rather use pictures to express my thoughts and feelings. A picture is worth one thousand words, pictures can be stronger and have much greater impact than words. Even a troll can understand you sometimes if you draw them a picture. Freepmail me if you are interested in joining the Tennessee chapter of the Free Republic Network.

God is really in charge.

Remember, there's supposedly no connection between Saddam and 9-11...