Since Jul 16, 2008

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My hope in posting at FreeRepublic is to bring awareness to what's really GOING on in the world.

What's your background? I'm a former political consultant for one of the largest Christian organizations based in Washington D.C.. Currently I'm a journalist based in Israel. My hope is to explain what is going on between the lines. Often it's not what is said, but rather what is left unspoken -- this is often the bigger story! I hope to bring some of that insight to the FreeRepublic.

What am I doing now? Currently I live in Israel along with my wife and two kids. I'm the founder and director of Worthy Network, as well as the managing editor of Worthy Christian News.. I write a daily devotion that is sent out to over 120 countries throughout the world.

We host over a dozen Christian sites online. Some of the services we provide include: Worthy Christian Forums,Worthy Christian Chat, Worthy Christian Bookstore as well as the Worthy Prayer Team.

May the Lord richly bless you and your families!