Since Nov 23, 2002

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I am a 50 something woman, USAF veteran (1969-1973), mother to an 18 year old son, wife to a 18+ year US Navy (MMCSS) fast attack submariner. We strongly believe in the Providence guided US Constitution, and that it was written by inspired, god-fearing, moral men.
I home educated my son, because of the terrible secular influences in our public schools.
I believe every human being is a child of God, and tolerance and respect is due to everyone.... even if I don't agree with them.
I believe Americans have the right to self-preservation, and that equal justice under the law includes the death penalty.
I have faith that no matter what difficult times ahead may bring to us, that "He who fights for us is greater that they who fight against us." With faith, courage and obedience to the commandments of Our Heavenly Father, truth will eventually prevail.
I believe in doing right ... especially when it is easier to abstain.... Life is essentially very good, difficult, and worth living. It's also worth standing up tall, and speaking out for liberty, freedom and morality.
It is very important to teach our youth history, so that they don't end up repeating it.
God Bless America, and our Troops.