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Lurking here since 1999. LUCKY ME, I am a member of nearly every group it is still socially acceptable to deride and discriminate against.

I am a Southern, fat, bald, tobacco smoking, (update: I finally quit the devil weed after a massive coronary) meat-eating, gun-owning, heterosexual Christian white man.
On the upside, I am 6'4" tall and weigh 290#, with a shaved head and a goatee. So generally, any derision and discrimination is not to my face.
I own an SUV, a luxury car AND a motorcycle (I donated my Gold Wing to a PGR member) and I vote Republican or libertarian.

I work for a living in a demanding technical field and I pay my bills. No mortgage bailouts for me. I also pay my taxes, taxes and more taxes...under duress.

I read in preference to obtaining filtered and adulterated information from the talking heads on the tube.

In short, I am today, what was an average American curmudgeon of 1955 (the year of my birth).

In late breaking news(Jan 7, 2005), I have broken my twenty two years of solitude since the collapse of my first marriage and have taken a wife. The love of my life is a brilliant, beautiful, erudite mother of three. I thank God daily that through his grace I have been brought back to faith in him and that He has seen fit to allow me a glimpse of heaven in the eyes of my soulmate. Update: Ten years after meeting my wife and nine years after marrying her, I love her more each day.
Mrs. Zippo44 and I will be residing in Belfast Northern Ireland for the next six months. Big change from Southeast Texas.
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