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God-fearing, family-loving, 60 yr old country boy. 36 yrs of blissful marriage to my wonderful wife. Two fine sons w/good jobs, both have served in the defense of the nation. One is still looking for a Godly wife (help!). Self-styled quote about myself: I can do a lot of things, but am not good at any of them. I guess that makes me good-for-nuthin.

Some here on FR have wondered about the name ‘Zuriel’.
I was looking for a biblical one that is hardly remembered by even regular readers of the ‘good book’. It means ‘God is the Rock’.
Zuriel was chief of the families of Merari (who was one of Levi’s three sons), and was in charge of the boards, bars, pillars, sockets, vessels thereof of the tabernacle in the wilderness. It was pitched like a tent, with a courtyard curtain 'wall' around it, and was reliant on the various fixtures to stand. In other words, Zuriel and his tribe were responsible for the foundation and framework of it all.