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Government hurting you just to heal you? Why?
Mainestategop ^ | Brian Ball & Michael O'sullivan

Posted on 10/17/2016 5:50:07 AM PDT by mainestategop

Retired businessman, activist, Free stater and Catholic layman Michael O'sullivan of the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets from Lebannon NH responds to Roger Bauer's family over remarks made in favor of abusing their son Roger Bauer.

 Well just when we thought we heard the last of the commie family Bauer, they wont acknowledge that they are the problem not Roger Bauer. Roger's brother and peer-to-peer therapist had this to say...

You say hurting never helps anyone, well Roger, sometimes you we have to be hurt so we can be made well. 

Jeff Gilman had to be hurt too. Like he told me and what he said to you at group, you have to be cruel sometimes in order to be kind, you have to injure in order to heal. A man cannot be revived until he is first slain, a man has to be hurt before he can he helped.

You see where this is following? Hurt to be healed? Why? He's not hurt so he doesn't need healing so why is it that you want to hurt him?

Most parents like these right wingers and Others who watch Fox News, listen to Infowars believe in live and let live, that people like Jeff should be left to their own devices when they can't even pick up after themselves.

Hmmmm.... Why don't we nitpick about the government when they fail to pick up after themselves? Matter of fact when have liberals and the government they worshiped ever been responsible??

You know when my kids were young they sometimes forgot to pick up to. My son also did the same thing as an adult. He doesn't always do it but it shouldn't matter so much. he has a life, a job a family, its no big deal??

I don't watch Fox News but I do believe in live and let live. Yes Jeff should've been left to his own devices instead of being forced into treatment and forced to live in one of the worst regions in America for jobs.

Jeff's parents like your parents aren't like those people. 

No wonder they were messed up. takes a village to raise a child, it takes group thinking and collective responsibility to make civilization work. Individual rights and civil liberties are fine but we have to think about your interests and the community's interets.[sic] It was not in Jeff's interest or your interest then to be let out on your own.

And here we see the communism apparent in the Bauer family and in Rhode Island's mental health system. The community's interests 9 times out of ten are not going to be in your interests because usually the community in this case Rhode Island's interest is to shame and abuse victims of economic collapse like Roger Bauer. Roger can't find work, the people cannot respect him so they blame him and abuse him further to cover up their failure and socialism's failure.

The government also is interested in keeping him enslaved on the welfare state so they can get taxes.

the government and the family has to intervene and interupt your life and put your life on hold so you can learn to take care of yourself and take responsibility for your illness. 

TRANSLATION: You do not agree with us, you are disliked by a community that is liberal and intolerant (By the way, I am from New England and know for a fact that the majority of Rhode Islanders are the dregs of society. If you think Massachusetts and Brooklyn New York are a mess, you'll never guess how bad it is in Providence town.)hence because we are intolerant and biased we are going to punish you to avoid responsibility for our being dregs of society and for liberalism failing you by making you live in captivity in said liberal wasteland for the rest of your life.

Jeffs parents were forced to bring him down into a lower state that he was in and deliberately make him worse and put him on Rock bottom just so they could get him into programs, get him into treatment, get him into healthcare, get him into treatment and so he can be eligible

Just tell him that its for the good of the party comrade!!

You were the third most difficult patient I have had out of several.

Only third? Could it be because roger is a conservative?????????

Oh my... I need to rest.... All that communism. All that liberal hypocrisy!

What the remarks illustrate is the failure of liberals and the failure of Democracy. Roger Bauer was forced to live against his will in a state that has one of the worst job markets in the country. The people of Rhode Island are liberals and are also among the most uncouth and barbaric people (so called) in the nation. Most New Englanders are of a negative demeanor as well.

Roger's family demonstrate the typical mindset found amongst New Englanders that illustrate their hatred for America, capitalism, all things sacred and decency. This family is restrictive and abusive and blames Roger for their failure to raise him up as a responsible adult and the failure of Rhode Island to give him a job and a place to live not to mention enforcing these unjust restrictions that prevent Roger from being a normal adult.

Roger's problem wasn't Roger but those around him. To hold Roger responsible for society's failure to respect him and for Roger's family and government to abuse him is not only unfair, its counter-productive.

People in authority in Rhode Island like his parents and doctors are unable to respect Roger for who he is. In addition the community as a whole failed to respect Roger by picking on him as a child and blaming him. They also disrespect him by supporting the very government that keeps poor innocent victims like Roger downtrodden.

Rather than bring out the positive traits and potentials he had in him by removing walls and barriers and encouraging and supporting him to be independent and self-reliant, his family and doctors attempt to destroy any sense of self-reliance, branding them symptoms of a mental illness. Roger does not want to go along with what his doctors and parents demand because it involves a high risk that would lead to more misery as a consequence.

Liberals like Doctor Keitner and his parents however do not believe in consequences, they don't care. They care only about themselves and the collective good. That's all.

I really liked the explanaitions Roger's brother and doctor gave. Here's where the abusiveness of Roger's family really came out after Roger made a comment of how he spent 3 years all alone with no job, no mate and no independence while the government wasted his time...

Yeah I know it was tough for you Roger but you needed to stay in Rhode Island, you needed to go seek help, you needed to be in treatment! Roger sometimes we gotta go through things like this for our own good. I know its hard but you have to make that sacrifice and cope with the side effects. Your not mature Roger, your not stable. Your mentally ill.

Why be in treatment when Roger didn't need to? Why is it hard? Why make it hard? Well take a look at what one commentator, probably Roger's parents or relatives had to say...

It was necessary and for your own good to remain with your parents so they could keep an eye on you and so you could be safe! You had to give things up so we could help you and build you better than ever! Look, it was like that with lots of people in history! The native Americans for instance, yes there were attrocities yes things could've been done better but look at how much improvement they have! From a backward stone age culture that ate each other to becoming modern people! Yes there's room to improve, yes some of them live in poverty but those that moved on, adapted and learned and applied themselves got better! In China they tore down entire communities displacing thousands from their jobs and homes but it was for the best Look Roger, they now have better jobs, work less get paid more and live better lives!

Ah! So Native American genocide by the fed is good and also communist eminent domain and the displacement of tens of thousands of Chinese peasants and the destruction of what little they had was good! The latter was particularly devastating since they have not fully recovered.

When China uprooted over a million and a half to make way for olympic village liberals like the Bauers cheered! Many of these peasants have never recovered. Many of them have been killed by the Chinese government but liberals see no problem with this. Liberals support it. Its for the greater good they say!

So it is with poor people like Roger Bauer, condemned to a life of misery and hardship all because their parents do not want to let them be independent for the greater good!

Roger despite suffering hardship at school was all ready to go but his parents held him back. They hurt him to make him suffer so they could heal them.

The result of this was that Roger was forced on a regimentation of forced drugging that made him sick and weak and made him misbehave, this coupled with being deprived of the ability to work, to grow, to seek companionship and a mate made his behavior far far worse.

Roger was forced to run away twice, the first time he was forced against his will to go back to an unstable environment, the second time he succeeded and was removed from an unstable controlling environment to an environment of peace, freedom and liberty. This is bad to the liberals because now they can't control and make money off his suffering.

Why Fix what isn't broken? Why heal what isn't hurt?

So why hurt Roger just to put him in a situation where he needs to be healed? Why break something good to try and fix it?

Because the welfare state and mental health services is a profitable enterprise that makes liberals and their government profit off the tears and suffering of the innocent. By keeping poor miserable people like Roger in misery, by keeping them from working and independent and keep them dependent on the government they can get more money. The bigger the welfare rolls, the more taxes they can raise and pocket at our expense.

Thanks to liberal fascists like the Bauer family who worship the government and hate freedom they are willing to sacrifice their children to Baal so they and the government can get rich.

The government is paid far more from our hard earned salary the more unemployed and homeless there are. The government is paid far more to keep them homeless, poor and unemployed and to keep them miserable and dependent on food stamps, welfare, Social security and other government entitlements and aspects than it is to liberate them from poverty misery. 

Mental Health services are factored in this by inventing and creating disorders and sicknesses of the mind that cannot be proved and who's diagnosis is based on the word of what are essentially state sanctioned gurus who are not to be questioned and who's word must be taken as proof against any other piece of evidence no matter what. By labeling dissidents, critics, watchdogs and free thinkers as mentally ill, demented and portraying them as insane dangerous criminals, the people accept a police state and a state of tyranny that deprives people of full citizenship based on distinctions and traits.

This mental health welfare state of socialism and rigid control is essentially a form of enslavement and exploitation of innocents established by the Democrats and an ignorant and immoral segment of society that robs human beings of independence and their soul and brings them to rock bottom and keeps them there, only lifting them one notch above that level so as to keep them loyal and obedient as slaves to farm and herd by our government!

The Democratic party supported Slavery of blacks during the 18th and 19th century and supported Jim Crow discrimination and oppression of blacks. All those things were also subsidized by we taxpaying yankees if you didn't know. They have changed little. Today slavery is done by employees in city hall and state capitols through an army of case workers, food stamp workers, mental health "professionals" and an army of other public servants and it is done to these people who have been conditioned to not realize they are enslaved.

The government is the slave master. We the people are not the government, the government is a mighty independent edifice that has infallibility and possesses the power to take care of us. The state picks and chooses winners and losers, the state forbids freedom, independence, free thought and self reliance. The state is to take care of you and help you whether you want to or not.

The Democrats who support this are themselves slaves and collaborators, most are slaves who believes they are being helped by being herded into housing projects full of cockroaches and bed bugs in dangerous dirty neighborhoods with no economic opportunities and no hope. Their minds damaged and neutered by a public school system that indoctrinates and subjegates rather than educates.

Others are collaborators who hate America and want to benefit off our backs so they can enjoy alcohol, drugs and not have to work. Most are employed by the state. Jeff Gilman, Roger's doctor is just that. So are the others who have worked with Roger and have done nothing or even said nothing in his favor.

Roger Pays, the government plays and the parents and government escape responsibility for how they have failed to bring up their son Roger in an appropriate manner.

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1 posted on 10/17/2016 5:50:07 AM PDT by mainestategop
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To: mainestategop

It all leads to dependency.


2 posted on 10/17/2016 6:23:23 AM PDT by Redwood71 (uad.)
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To: mainestategop
Government hurting you just to heal you? Why?

So they can take their cut each step of the way. Nothing more than that, really.

3 posted on 10/17/2016 7:08:28 AM PDT by Dr.Deth
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