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To #NeverTrump-sters, RINOs, Democrats, Leftists: Trump is PoTUS, and Here is Why
Facebook ^ | 01/13/2018 | walford

Posted on 01/13/2018 5:10:57 PM PST by walford

I have been trying to find whom Reince Priebus was originally endorsing during the primaries, but, as noted earlier, the Republican National Committee was bankrolling Jeb Bush -- a guaranteed loser against Hillary. It was obvious that their plan and the plan of the #RINO leadership in Congress was to lose to Hillary and then cave to her as they were doing with Barack Obama.

The only choices in the 2016 Presidential election was Donald J. Trump or Hillary Clinton.
Casting a protest vote for a Third Party candidate was a vote for Hillary. The #NeverTrump-sters stuck to their fantasy of this perfect conservative candidate who had this guy's body, another guy's head, some other person's limbs. That person doesn't exist.

In the real world, you choose from what's available.

But there were some who were saying that having Trump as President would be the same as Hillary, so we might as well go with her, because she is comfortably part of the #Establishment and #NWO.

Others were saying that Trump might be marginally more conservative than Hillary, but America would not suffer enough under Trump as they would with Hillary. That would, in turn rally the Republican base to nominate a 'better' candidate in 2020.

The problem with that idea would be that 4-8 more years of young people coming of age with a Democrat in the White House. #Obamanation was about getting the American people accustomed to being less self-sufficient and more dependent upon government.

We were being torn apart on class and ethnic levels. People were turning on the police and embracing criminals. America was being ground down on all levels under Obama and it would have continued under Hillary. The conservative movement did not rally under Obama; it has only divided upon itself further -- hence, NeverTrump.
This momentum is still ongoing. The only thing that will slow it down is people enjoying the new well-paying jobs that are being created as taxes are lowered and regulations are reduced.

The NeverTrump-sters know America is better off under Trump and that infuriates them further. Like their ideological cousins, the #HardLeft, they don't want this to be true, so they are still undermining the President's legitimacy to govern, hoping that America will suffer for choosing a candidate rather than having the Establishment choose one for us.
Herman Cain said that if the GOP leadership ignored the clearly expressed will of their base and installed a #RINO like John Kasich as the nominee, that would have been the "end of the Republican Party."

When they floated that trial balloon, the "threat" was that long-time Republican voters like myself would have stayed home, voted Third Party or spoiled our ballots with "None of the Above."

The Republican Party is, ultimately a private organization and was free to select any candidate they wanted. And the voting base of that Party is not obligated to vote for that candidate if he/she does not suit their wishes or interests.

The most recent Presidential election was not a struggle between the two major Parties. It was a struggle between the elites of both Parties, the media, entertainment industry, academia -- and the general population.

Fortunately for America, the elites lost and the people won.

TOPICS: Government; History; Society
KEYWORDS: hillary; nevertrump; rino
Still getting into arguments with Never-Trumpsters who still want to bring down the President -- with no regard to what this would do to America.
1 posted on 01/13/2018 5:10:57 PM PST by walford
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To: walford

They are stupid and pointless....

2 posted on 01/13/2018 5:14:19 PM PST by Vendome (I've Gotta Be Me -
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To: walford

It’s all about the illegal alien inundation.

There has been a 30 year bipartisan plan to steal the country from the citizens by importing foreigners.
They are trying to make sure we are not allowed to elect anyone else who sides with the citizens and the rule of law again.
We stunned them throwing out their Majority Leader, Eric Cantor.
Trump had the wealth and fame to punch through the Bush blockade at the RNC.
They will make sure that “mistake” does not happen again.

It’s all about cementing the George HW Bush Plan for North Mexico (aka USA) in place.
They desperately do not want US to be able to restore the rule of law and reverse the demographic changes they have instituted through non-enforcement of laws and borders.
They invited 30 million people here to change the country against the will of the citizens and they do not want US sending them home.
They will do whatever it takes to keep US from electing anyone who sides with the citizens and the rule of law.

What they really don’t want is for US to keep our country.

The final amnesty that would cement the Bush Plan for North Mexico (aka USA) into place has been sought repeatedly since 2006. They sold us Rubio to get the last one in 2013.
We have been prevented from electing anyone who would side with US and the rule of law by their control of the RNC and state parties.

The most important thing to the Uniparty is protecting the demographic changes they have made to the country against the will of the citizens.
That’s what drives the NeverTrump, the media and the Democrats hatred of Trump, it is an extension of their hatred of US.

Trump was elected to help US keep our country.
He really is our last hope.

3 posted on 01/13/2018 5:28:04 PM PST by Lurkinanloomin (Natural Born Citizen Means Born Here of Citizen Parents-Know Islam, No Peace-No Islam, Know Peace)
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To: walford

“People were turning on the police and embracing criminals.”

‘Rats are still intent on making personal liberty loving individuals criminals.

Of course the ‘Rat Popos are going to be in trouble.

4 posted on 01/13/2018 5:28:49 PM PST by Paladin2
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To: Lurkinanloomin

Indeed, the Hard Left, Party of Jim Crow — and their RINO appeasers — want to replace those accustomed to freedom and prosperity with those who will accept less and hail from places where corruption is the norm and questioning authority is hazardous to one’s health.

The Latinos are mostly Roman Catholic and hostile to abortion and homosexuality. The Muslims are even more so. The Left thinks they can become addicted to social programs and thus become more controllable.

With the Latinos, they seem to have succeeded; they seem to be more willing to betray their values for taxpayer-funded benes.

They couldn’t be more wrong with respect to the Muslims. They will take our money and continue to rape and slaughter us wholesale. They expect us to assimilate to them in our own homelands.

Ultimately, the Left is buggering and aborting themselves to extinction while both of the other groups are breeding like cockroaches.

How can they expect to resurrect the Antebellum South [with them holding the whip] if they have been bred out by the Third World?

5 posted on 01/13/2018 5:43:48 PM PST by walford (
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To: walford
The GOP would always rather lose graciously than win ugly.
6 posted on 01/13/2018 5:49:20 PM PST by bray (Pray for President Trump)
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To: Lurkinanloomin


You are correct...they hate US, and want us exterminated. Which is what all the anti-white talk is about. Were they to become a majority, they will begin exterminating us.

Substitute Jew for white in the latest anti-white crap and it reads like the stuff the Nazi’s published in the 1930’s.

We built the world around them and they can’t stand it.

7 posted on 01/13/2018 5:51:11 PM PST by Ouderkirk (Life is about ass, you're either covering, hauling, laughing, kicking, kissing, or behaving like one)
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To: bray

“The GOP would always rather lose graciously than win ugly.”

Correction: RINOs, not all of the GOP. Obviously, hence Trump is PoTUS.

The RINO leadership lost gracefully to the Party of Jim Crow in 2008 and 2012. The result was 8 years of America being degraded at all levels under Obamanation. They were prepared to betray the GOP voting base in 2016, but fortunately for America, they failed.

Romney exemplified the wrong-headed nontion that Republican candidates must appeal to the squishy middle and try appease the illegal alien constituency more than the Democrat did.

If Romney had gotten the majority of that vote, it still would not have been enough. If he got 2-3% more of the Caucasian vote, he would have won.

The direction of this country was saved from the abyss in 2016. Period.

8 posted on 01/13/2018 6:00:51 PM PST by walford (
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To: walford

It is my opinion that many of the never-Trumpers are actually communist moles.

9 posted on 01/13/2018 6:01:11 PM PST by Lopeover ( The 2016 Election is about allegiance to the United States!)
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To: Ouderkirk

Indeed, Caucasians are the scapegoated demographic — more specifically white males. White women are more tolerable, according to some statements, because they can have black and brown babies.

It is more than fashionable to call for and perpetrate violence against Caucasians — much as it was against Jews in NAZI Germany.

Also similar is that violence is an acceptable means to silence opposing views. Leftist journalism is propaganda. Leftist education is indoctrination. Leftists tolerate private property so long as it serves the State.

Conclusion: today’s Hard Left is fascist, pure and simple.

10 posted on 01/13/2018 6:05:50 PM PST by walford (
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To: Lopeover

The Never-Trumpsters and RINOs are part of the Establishment and/or NWO. They fear and despise the general population, whom they believe should be brought under heel in a medieval system wherein leadership is established by political blood-sport rather than birth.

11 posted on 01/13/2018 6:08:29 PM PST by walford (
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To: Lurkinanloomin

Our leadership in the DNC and GOPe are like ancient Israel before the kings. “ We want what the other 180 tyrannical govs in the UN have, a dictatorial ruling class ( with us at the top).

Their problem is those peeking freedom loving, Constitution defending, Patriotic Americans clinging to their Bibles and Guns.

“We must outnumber them with an imported class of peons that are used to collectivist Tyranny. This new citizen will be so much better off on US welfare than the .......hole they came from they won’t care if they are not free. They never know the difference.”

12 posted on 01/13/2018 7:54:20 PM PST by Billyv (Freedom isn't Free! Get off the sidelines!)
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To: walford
Fortunately for America, the elites lost and the people won.

Amen! As to the rest? Let not your heart be troubled.

Even now, after a year of President Trump's Great American Rescue and Revival, it's still too early yet, and our general understanding has lots of catching up to do.

To paraphrase Agent K in the first MIB movie, "Americans, for the most part, don't have a clue. Don't want or need one. We're happy. We watch the news on cable and think we have a good bead on things."

Well, we had a good bead on things, prior to Trump, that is, and long before that smiling group picture noting "the calm before the storm."

Fortunately, it all began to change for us/US when Trump accurately and incessantly began calling out our fake news and we officially began to learn how our general understanding is fake, too.

It's been an accelerated education ever since, that's about to jump to light speed, if the rumors are even close to being true.

As Agent K might say, "Imagine what we'll know tomorrow." And imagine what our general understanding will be after the storm is over and we're all watching together as the swamp is being drained right before our very eyes.

Pass the popcorn and enjoy the show!

13 posted on 01/13/2018 8:58:19 PM PST by GBA (A = 432)
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To: GBA; walford

I like the reality check of these comments and a fine analysis of where we’re at. We’re going to keep on winning with Trump as our leader.

14 posted on 01/14/2018 5:58:08 AM PST by poconopundit (MAGA... Get the Spirit. Grow your community. Focus on your Life's Work. Empower the Young.)
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