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Americans' distrust of Obama birth story rises
WorldNetDaily ^ | Oct 5, 2012 | Jerome R. Corsi

Posted on 10/05/2012 5:42:34 AM PDT by wesagain

“The birthers aren’t going anywhere!”

So concludes MIT political science professor Adam J. Berinsky, who published Monday results from a YouGov survey of 1,000 Americans who were asked whether they believed Barack Obama was born in the United States.

According to the scientific poll, 73 percent of self-identified Republicans and 40 percent overall are either don’t believe Obama was born in the U.S. or are not sure.

For both Republicans and Americans overall, belief that Obama is foreign-born was at a high point in September, just 37 days before the Nov. 6 presidential election.

Dr. Jerome Corsi’s “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?” shows why so many Americans don’t believe Barack Obama

As seen in Table 1 for the full sample and in Table 2 for Republicans only, Berinsky’s conclusions were clear: The percentage of people who think Obama was not born in the United States has held steady throughout the year and perhaps even increased slightly.

“Birtherism is especially pronounced....

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Conspiracy; History
KEYWORDS: birftards; harvardfraud; kagan; naturalborncitizen; nodocumentation; resumefraud

1 posted on 10/05/2012 5:42:41 AM PDT by wesagain
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To: wesagain

Obama and his crew are masters of misdirection.

I think the question is not “Where?” but “Who?”, as in “Who’s that boy’s daddy?” Is it Frank Marshall Davis, or even Malcolm?

“Where” matters also, but I want to know about “Who?” because if that’s been even more covered up than “Where?” there, it’s huge.

2 posted on 10/05/2012 5:50:59 AM PDT by Pearls Before Swine
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To: wesagain
Birtherism is especially pronounced among Republicans,

Most Republicans are concerned with upholding The Constitution; most dims are afraid their boy will be exposed and thrown out and they won't get their free cell phone.

3 posted on 10/05/2012 5:54:33 AM PDT by The Sons of Liberty ("Get that evil, foreign, muslim, usurping, gay bastard out of MY White House!" FUBO!)
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To: Pearls Before Swine
but I want to know about “Who?”

He told us it was a communist foreigner, but it may be a domestic communist. Either's a global hoax.

4 posted on 10/05/2012 5:55:38 AM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Celebrate "Republicans Freed the Slaves" Month)
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When Obama’s birth comes up, I keep remembering the scene in Damien Omen II, where the doctor looks at the slide and says, “Jackal?”

5 posted on 10/05/2012 6:04:28 AM PDT by Pearls Before Swine
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To: The Sons of Liberty
Let's EXPOSE him!!! Here is the info you need......

The Obama Co-incedences!

6 posted on 10/05/2012 6:06:21 AM PDT by wesagain (The God (Elohim) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the One True GOD.)
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To: butterdezillion


7 posted on 10/05/2012 6:11:45 AM PDT by Graewoulf ((Traitor John Roberts' Obama"care" violates Sherman Anti-Trust Law, AND the U.S. Constitution.))
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To: wesagain

The guy who did this study doesn’t understand what really happened. He says that Fukino verified that Obama was born in Hawaii. Fukino never said that. She said she had seen the vital records verifying that Obama was born in Hawaii and is a NBC. All she herself is saying is that she saw the records. The records have sworn statements saying he was born in Hawaii.

At the time, WND asked follow-up questions to see what Fukino really meant and Fukino’s spokeswoman, Janice Okubo, said that she couldn’t say anything else. Those words were all anybody was going to get; they couldn’t stray from those words AT ALL.

Now we know that her statement did not verify the truth of the records’ claim of a Hawaii birth, because AZ SOS Ken Bennett, in a legal request for verification, asked Hawaii point-blank to verify that Obama was born in Hawaii on Aug 4, 1961 to Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama - and the HI registrar would not verify ANY of those claims as being true. If those claims are made on a legally-valid record, the registrar HAS to verify them as true upon request. The registrar did verify that those are the claims that are made on the record they have; therefore the only reason allowable for him to not verify those facts is if the record they have is not legally valid.

IOW, the OFFICIAL AND LEGAL word from the person who truly CAN verfy Obama’s birth facts is that they don’t have a legally valid record so there are no actual birth facts that he can certify as having really happened that way.

Because the media was too lazy, too crooked, or both, they either didn’t ask for Bennett’s request or didn’t look up the law to see what rules Onaka had to follow when he responded. As a result, they reported Onaka as having verified the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he actually verified.

But the Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee understood full well what Onaka had verified - because after they saw what Onaka had done with Bennett’s request they crafted a verification request that would work for a legally non-valid record and got back a verification that not only had Onaka’s initials next to the signature stamp, but also had the HDOH raised seal on it.

The Kansas SOS, Kris Kobach, had his office fashion a similar request, but one change could have been problematic for a non-valid BC and so Onaka did not verify what Kobach requested. Kobach requested that Onaka verify that the information contained in the image on a particular WH web page “is identical to” the information on the actual HDOH birth certificate. Instead, Onaka verified that information from a DIFFERENT White House web page “matches” the information on the actual birth certificate.

IOW, Onaka won’t say the information is identical but will say it “matches” - showing that the MDEC verification does NOT mean the information is identical. What is the difference between “identical” and “matches”? Identical means that if the item is left blank on one it is also left blank on the other. The only 2 items left blank on the WH image are mother’s mailing address and evidence submitted to support a late filing and/or alteration.

The HDOH has previously disclosed that Obama’s BC was amended sometime in late 2006 or early 2007. And former OIP Director, Paul Tsukiyama, has previously disclosed that there are affidavits filed in support of the claims on Obama’s BC - something not necessary for a Kapiolani birth as claimed on the BC.

And as I’ve documented on my blog, what is presented to the public as the 1960-64 birth index contains the names for Norman and Nathan Asing even though there are no legally valid birth certificates using those names, since Norman and Nathan were adopted by Albert Roloos in the early 70’s and their VALID BC’s are under the names of Norman Roloos and Nathan Roloos - the same names used in the legal records listed in the Hawaii judiciary site. So the 1960-64 birth index is known to contain names from legally non-valid records. Obama’s name appearing in that index says nothing about the legal validity of his record.

The only legal disclosures which say anything about the legal validity of Obama’s record, then, all show that the record is non-valid.

8 posted on 10/05/2012 6:23:36 AM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: wesagain
People see smoke (grandma's testimony, his own claims up to 2007, faked Hawaii documents) and they believe or suspect fire.

The ignorant and not too awfully bright to start with cipher on display in Wednesday's debate did not, until somebody told him, understand that foreign birth and non-citizenship was an impediment to being US President. That factoid, whenever it was conveyed, removed the exotic allure of claiming to be born in a grass hut on the Serengeti (cue the music from the Lion King).

The damage this bastard (in the most literal sense) and his co-conspirators have done and continue to do must be stopped and reversed. If proving Obama was never legitimate in the first place can offer a short cut to that end, great. But the chances are it won't and so the normal means of an election is our current best chance. But the answer to howling mockery of the "Birthers" is to just say "Of course we think he may have been born in Kenya. Up to 2000-whatever he said so himself. But hey, everything else about your boy is a lie so why not that too?".

9 posted on 10/05/2012 6:28:56 AM PDT by katana (Just my opinions)
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To: Pearls Before Swine

Obozo claims that his father is BHO sr. That is what counts. It does not matter who his ‘real’ father is. It is insane to try to uncover who his real father is. We can only take the words of the guy in the oval office. He says he is bho jr then he is son of bho sr. As such, he is a dual citizen not eligible to be the president of USA - even if he can prove beyond doubts that he was born in Hawaii. He fails the 2-prong test for ‘natural born citizen’ - i.e. is he born on USA soil to 2 USA citizen parentS at time of his birth?
The answer is : NO!
1. no genuine proof that he was born in USA;
2. born to a foreigner father (his own claim.)

10 posted on 10/05/2012 6:37:39 AM PDT by chrisnj
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To: wesagain; All

After Sheriff Arpaio and his Posse proved that the 2011 Birth Cert released was a phony...if you are not by now and Obama are pretty much an Obama Supporter

I am so tired of PhonyCon GOP Media attacking “Birthers”. Had GOP PhonyCons took Obama Eligibility serious early on, we would not be worrying about Obama getting a second term.

11 posted on 10/05/2012 7:33:55 AM PDT by SeminoleCounty (Political maturity is realizing that the "R" next to someone's name does not mean "conservative")
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To: Graewoulf


12 posted on 10/05/2012 11:17:33 AM PDT by Bshaw (A nefarious deceit is upon us all!)
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To: wesagain
And yet...several attempts to hold moderate size birther events with all-star casts were cancelled due to lack of interest. Could this survey be another case of the WND/Corsi tail wagging the birther dog?
13 posted on 10/07/2012 8:22:10 AM PDT by Tex-Con-Man (Muppet season now open - no bag limit)
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To: wesagain

Lib Media plans to use “Birther” issue to
move voters away from Romney/Ryan ticket

A summary of the article below (which I absolutely agree with): The Liberal TPM Media folks know that most Tea Party and conservatives are birthers... so they sifted through a ton of old articles to find a Ryan quote that will make conservatives angry with Ryan.

I’m sure Libs are nervous about the pending debate results between Ryan and Biden (the intellect of the Democratic party) after Romney exposed the empty chair that Obama is at the last debate. So TPM found this standard memo letter on the birther topic to a constituent.

And combined with the fact that a recent poll revealed 73% of Republicans and 40 % of ALL Americans doubt Obama’s birhtplace, TPM has decided to marginalize the vote away from Ryan/Romney using the birther issue as a wedge.

As much as I would love every Representative to take on the eligibility issue instead of fearing it... the MOST IMPORTANT GOAL is to get Obama out of Office... and Ryan is CLEARLY INFINITELY more conservative and a far more awesome alternative than any Liberal candidate. To quote the article below: DON’T FALL FOR IT... IGNORE THIS LATEST TRICK... the actual TPM article is titled: Paul Ryan has news for the birthers: He’s not one of them...

14 posted on 10/07/2012 10:26:14 AM PDT by Smokeyblue
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