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Allen West: We Are Now Fully Embroiled in an Uncivil Ideological Civil War
CNS News ^ | 10-8-18 | Allen West

Posted on 10/08/2018 11:54:58 PM PDT by kingattax

Let me start by cautioning constitutional conservatives on being giddy, gloating, and excessively celebrating over the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

College football head coach emeritus Lou Holtz once admonished his players that when they end up in the end zone and score a touchdown, act like you have been there before.

Yes, a good man survived, withstood, the most vile, vicious, and vitriolic of assaults and character assassination from the progressive, socialist left. Already the left has evidenced that they are not done.

They now want to investigate and impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The question to be asked: why?

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Allen West (Screenshot)

1 posted on 10/08/2018 11:54:58 PM PDT by kingattax
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To: AdmSmith; AnonymousConservative; Arthur Wildfire! March; Berosus; Bockscar; cardinal4; ColdOne; ...
Thanks Iron Munro:

Clinton: Being a Capitalist Probably Hurt Me in 2016 Because So Many Democrats Are Socialists | freebeacon | Posted on 05/02/2018 2:55:43 PM PDT by Sub-Driver | 58 posted on 05/02/2018 4:18:34 PM PDT by Iron Munro

2 posted on 10/09/2018 12:09:42 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (and btw --
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To: kingattax

Caution and alertness is well advised

Get out the vote

3 posted on 10/09/2018 12:22:12 AM PDT by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds)
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To: kingattax

He’s right. They are going to go bigher.

4 posted on 10/09/2018 12:24:06 AM PDT by Jonty30 (What Islam and secularism have in common is that they are both death by cults.)
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To: Jonty30

Yep. Also some really wonderfully incisive comments below the article as well.

5 posted on 10/09/2018 12:55:24 AM PDT by GOP Poet
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To: GOP Poet

Good point. From the comments:

“We crossed that Rubicon a long time ago (1965), Trump just shook everyone into realizing that the bridges were already burned and there is no way back, only forward. Bannon said this is “March or Die” time, Washington called it “Victory or Death”, and quite frankly, that’s where we are now. There is no time for petty arguments, the other side wants us dead, wants our children destroyed and they will laugh as they do it.

If you are foolish enough to offer them an olive branch they will stab you in the neck with it and as you bleed out in the dirt they will defile everything you love with it as you are powerless to stop them.

That is where we are. There is no quarter given at this stage in the game. Destroy them and grind them into dust with your heels and show no mercy, as they will show none. We have spent 50 years playing nice, 50 years pandering, 50 years negotiating, 50 years compromising, and this is now where we are. Ask yourselves, is this what the heroes on the beaches at Normandy fought for? Because if they saw this vile reality they would have refused to take a single step on that beach.

The legacies of Great Men who forged this nation with little more than their will, are now being torn down and replaced with what exactly? Shame? Shame for what? For the first time in human history we are being taught to hate our ancestors rather than honor them, the ones who made us. This is sick and perverted and unsustainable, society will not survive this, civilization will not survive this.

Now is not the time to go limp, or offer truce. This war began a long time ago, the enemy is angry now because we dare to finally fight back rather than continue to dig our own grave. And there is not much time left for theatrics or nonsense. They are angry because they had almost had us finished without us realizing it. Just enough of us happened to wake up and fight back just enough at just the right time to buy us all some time. And now is the time to unite and Awaken.”

Media, Accademia, Courts. The triad of complete control the marxists ALMOST have. Ben Carson emphasized this not long ago. Said it started with the Fabians, and continues to today. No doubt John Dewey was involved.

Need more history, I do...

6 posted on 10/09/2018 1:31:25 AM PDT by Basket_of_Deplorables (Q: Believing Is Seeing!)
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To: kingattax

Good advice.

7 posted on 10/09/2018 1:52:43 AM PDT by Pajamajan ( Pray for our nation. Thank the Lord for everything you have. Don't waiting. Do it today.)
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To: Basket_of_Deplorables

Yep. That’s the one that really got me too. It’s right on!

8 posted on 10/09/2018 1:52:44 AM PDT by GOP Poet
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To: kingattax

I have always really liked Allen West, but I have trouble even getting through that first sentence. We have been At war for decades with the left, but have refused to acknowledge it and fight back.

The Left is evil, and we should celebrate and rejoice when evil is defeated.

And we need to ridicule the Left, because that is all they understand and respond to.

9 posted on 10/09/2018 2:48:55 AM PDT by rlmorel (Leftists: They believe in the "Invisible Hand" only when it is guided by government.)
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To: kingattax

They didn’t murder Antonin to have a conservative replace him. When Garland was denied they didn’t go full crazy because the left thought Hillary was a shoe in. The courts deliever proclamations like they are kings.

10 posted on 10/09/2018 2:52:46 AM PDT by Clean_Sweep
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To: Jonty30

Personally, I no longer see any need to be civil to these people. What they did to Brett Kavanaugh Is a microcosm of what they’ve been trying to do to us for the last several decades. Being “nice to them” isn’t going to bring them back to earth, make them act like human beings again, or make them like us and treat us civilly. They aren’t going to do it.

As Dan Bongino Has been saying lately, we need to figuratively (and he does mean figuratively, not literally) throat loss after humiliating loss on them, and rain them down “MMA style“ one after another, because that is all they understand on the left.

The bottom line is, if we left them to their methods, we would all, all of us, the eggs to be broken for their Leftist omelette.

11 posted on 10/09/2018 3:01:44 AM PDT by rlmorel (Leftists: They believe in the "Invisible Hand" only when it is guided by government.)
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To: kingattax

Love it. When you are in the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.

12 posted on 10/09/2018 3:21:56 AM PDT by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: rlmorel
This period may ultimately be known as The Pejorative Wars; a period where the vindictive were able re-examine lives and works of former heroes, scientists, and intellects. They can then be re-evaluated against the current standards based on "new-think" and the politics of personal destruction.

Re-defining history so our former idols can be re-categorized and re-buried marked for the evils they left behind is a pathological convenience where the world will only look like a cleaner place.

Recall "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." So let it be with the Thoughts of Mao and current American history.

13 posted on 10/09/2018 3:30:55 AM PDT by Rapscallion (Iran must get American justice...soon.)
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To: kingattax

Yes Communism or Freedom

14 posted on 10/09/2018 4:29:11 AM PDT by ballplayer
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To: kingattax
In the military, after a successful attack and achieving your objective, you must prepare for a counterattack

Money quote right there. If anyone thinks the Left isn't planning an onslaught after the November elections, win or lose, you're not paying attention.

I would go so far to say that if the Left loses, big or small, in November, they're going to become more desperate, and people are going to get hurt beyond someone being kicked in the face or hit with a bike lock.

15 posted on 10/09/2018 4:47:02 AM PDT by rarestia (Repeal the 17th Amendment and ratify Article the First to give the power back to the people!)
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To: rlmorel

“Personally, I no longer see any need to be civil to these people.”

I agree. And I am not speaking to most of the family I grew up in. They are all stupidly misguided. I find a few conservatives and speak with them. There must be more than a few, though. Some conservatives must be hiding.

16 posted on 10/09/2018 4:52:17 AM PDT by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: SunkenCiv


17 posted on 10/09/2018 4:52:40 AM PDT by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: Rapscallion

Good post-you hit on something that completely eats at me.

For example, I don’t have any admiration for the cause of the South as it relates to Slavery in the Civil War (though I do for State’s Rights...I even hesitate to use the Civil War as an example because it is such a flash point for so many people even today, but it applies perfectly)

But I am astonished and appalled that there are people on the Left who want to eradicate any symbols of that conflict (flags, statues) and even the discussion or memory of it from our history.

I have always felt that the bad things we do (both personally and nationally) are just as important to who we are as the good things we do. It makes us who we are. It is part of lessons learned. I am appalled to see this intentional eradication of these things, and doubly so, because even if I feel as General Grant did when talking about the defeated South which “had suffered so much for a cause, though that cause was, I believe, one of the worst for which a people ever fought, and one for which there was the least excuse”, I believe those men, though wrong in my opinion, had fought for what was right, and fought valiantly. I honor their memory, even if I do disagree with some basic tenets of their cause.

To erase them, any vestige of them, their memory, their cause, and their flag from our national consciousness, strikes at the very heart of what and who we are.

And that is what the Left lives and breathes. It is what we saw practiced in the Soviet Union where they made people “unpersons”, no matter their accomplishments.

And the Left doesn’t wait hundreds of years to do it. It begins on the day they take power, or if they cannot take power, through bullying and harassment.

18 posted on 10/09/2018 4:54:35 AM PDT by rlmorel (Leftists: They believe in the "Invisible Hand" only when it is guided by government.)
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To: yldstrk

Sigh. I have a similar problem. Part of my family are hard core Leftists, they had some kind of connection to the Clinton-Kane team on the Kane side. After the election, I somehow got an accidentally sent email distribution, started by my brother, that was looking for volunteers to contribute, in any way large and small, money or labor, to “The Resistance”.

I just have a very difficult time being around them now. They are careful not to discuss politics around me, but...the knowledge they have thrown in with that crowd causes me some significant emotional pain.

We are not estranged, but...I have that knowledge. A bell, once rung, cannot often be un-rung.

I am careful to note, that my disdain for the Left is not uniform and all consuming towards all who pull the lever for their candidates. I divide the Left into three general categories, The Power, The True Believers, and The Good Hearted Liberals.

“The Power” are the ones on the Left who understand their ideology is all about power and control. They don’t buy into the Social Justice crap except as a tool.

“The True Believers” are the ones we see clawing at the door of the Supreme Court, shrieking with bugged-eyes and spittled-lips inside the chambers and being arrested and dragged out. They wear pussy hats or the stupid Handmaiden Tale costumes. They believe all the Leftist tripe, top to bottom, and are tools/cannon fodder of “The Power” group.

“The Good Hearted Liberals” are people you work with, live next door to, and maybe go to church with. They are often emotionally driven on many issues, and they are generally not ideologically driven.

Of these three groups, I am at war with the first two, tooth and nail. I don’t speak to them, I don’t argue with them, I don’t try to convince them because it is a waste of time. I won’t give quarter to them (figuratively speaking) because it won’t be forthcoming from them. I am not surrendering.

I do speak to “The Good Hearted Liberals”...I have friends in that group, and find they will listen calmly, even if they don’t buy into what I say. But I do have dialogue with them. Some of these people can change and become conservative. I personally know some who have. But I don’t push them, because those people have to change on their own.

Sometimes they get mugged and change. Sometimes they leave home, buy a house, raise a family, and they change. Sometimes, they just grow up. But there is hope for some of them. When I say we need to ridicule, humiliate, defeat, and dominate the Left at every chance we get, I exclude this last group from that. I usually treat them with civility and respect where it is warranted.

19 posted on 10/09/2018 5:12:42 AM PDT by rlmorel (Leftists: They believe in the "Invisible Hand" only when it is guided by government.)
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To: rlmorel

I have an ex hooked in with that Kaine segment. Part of the reason he ditched me had to do with his Pied Piper reaction to Obama. He thought he was going to be connected to DC through HRC. But he bet on the wrong horse. Still, I cannot understand that politics and power won out over the kids and me. But that is the sad story. Power corrupts. The thought of power and riches can corrupt many men.

20 posted on 10/09/2018 5:18:06 AM PDT by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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