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Three Essential Firearms For Civil Unrest ^ | November 8, 2019 | Mike Adams

Posted on 11/08/2019 4:30:49 AM PST by Kaslin

Back in August of 2001, I made a trip to Walmart to pick up some items for the house. In those days, I always picked up one box of ammunition whenever I went to a store that sold it. I did this until both of my gun safes were completely full of guns and ammo. That day, as I was putting my ammo away, my girlfriend got a look inside one of my gun safes. Thus, she discovered for the first time that I had thousands of rounds stored away. She was appalled and asked why I owned so many guns and stored so much ammunition. I calmly told her that I wanted to be prepared when we were hit with the first large-scale terrorist attack on American soil.

Much to my disappointment, this revelation caused my girlfriend to scoff at me and accuse me of being “paranoid.”  She even told family and friends that I was crazy. But just eleven days later, 9/11 happened. She later apologized for questioning my judgment. She realized what I already knew: It could have been much worse.

Make no mistake about it, folks. Terrorists will hit America again. There is also a serious prospect of either civil war or a Soviet-style breakup of America into nation-states in my lifetime. Indeed, it is exceedingly unlikely that America as we know it will exist when our children reach our age. If you think I am crazy, quit reading this column and return to playing your video games. The rest of the column is for those of us who live and operate in the world as it is but also prepare for drastic changes in our circumstances.

As we think specifically about which three firearms are best for dealing with large-scale civil unrest, it helps to imagine hypothetical situations. Imagine, for example, that a mob of Antifa “anti-fascists” decided to converge upon your town. In other words, imagine a typical weekend in Portland. Imagine further that the mob moved into your neighborhood and that they crossed your property line. Finally, imagine they were holding Molotov cocktails.  Now entertain a question:

If you were to come walking out on your front porch to defend your home and family holding one firearm with another strapped to your shoulder and a sidearm, what would those three weapons be? 

I’ve given this a little thought. Here are my choices:

Springfield Armory M1A .308. Many readers have been contacting me throughout this series to ask when I will recommend some sort of an “assault rifle.” I put scare quotes around “assault rifle” the same way a “progressive” puts scare quotes around religious liberty. There is no such thing as an “assault rifle.” Any rifle can be used to assault someone. And leftists cannot differentiate between an “assault rifle” and a normal one. So let us stop legitimizing their terminology.

In addition to those who are recommending “assault rifles,” many are urging me to recommend the AR-15. I am sorry but I do not own one. The closest thing I own to one is a Ruger mini-14. But I will not be recommending that firearm. It is the least accurate rifle I own by a long shot (pardon the pun).

Instead, if visited upon by a violent mob, my semi-auto rifle of choice is Springfield’s civilian version of the M14. It can be fed with a 10 or 20-round magazine. I prefer 10-round magazines. This keeps the weapon light and maneuverable. Plus, it is all I need. I also prefer the 18-inch compensated barrel version of this rifle rather than the 16-inch version. It is loud and it kicks. Be forewarned: This is a man’s weapon.

Benelli M4 Tactical 12 gauge semi-auto. Please do not assume that I am going to go for the M1A first in a crisis situation. I am likely to reach for a semi-automatic 12-gauge tactical shotgun in order to create my own little safe space. If I do, it won’t be a Mossberg 930. I am sparing no expense and instead going for the more reliable Benelli M4. I cannot say enough good things about this shotgun. If you ever shoot one, you will understand why the price tag is so high. It is worth every penny.

Glock Model 20 10mm. Many readers were expecting that this slot would be filled by the Browning hi-power chambered in .40 caliber. Indeed, that would have been an excellent choice. However, that weapon is no longer in production. So I am defaulting to a favorite of mine. It has enough power to drop a black bear. It can even be used to hunt wild hog. Indeed, its knockdown power is similar to that of the .41 mag revolver. Best of all, it has a 15-round magazine capacity and is offered in a compensated barrel version, which helps to manage recoil. Some will say that this selection, like my first one, is overkill. But you won’t see me taking any chances if I have to reach for any of these weapons.

Hopefully, this column series has provided a useful example of using the First Amendment to preserve the Second. We must do that in order to delay as long as possible the necessity of using the Second Amendment to preserve the First.

KEYWORDS: arrogance; banglist; civilwar2; guns; mentalmasturbation; secondamendment; shtf; vanity
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To: SteveH
I'm thinking...would you not want firearms with the MOST plentiful / common rounds?

9mm, .223/5.56, 7.62x39, .45

I dunno. If things were protracted, ammo ran a bit low, wouldn't these calibers serve you well?

81 posted on 11/08/2019 6:59:55 AM PST by servantboy777
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To: mad_as_he$$

I’ve always read mil/nato stuff is best because of availability post shtf. 5.56 - 12ga - 9mm

82 posted on 11/08/2019 7:02:06 AM PST by Pollard (If you don't understand what I typed, you haven't read the classics.)
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To: Kaslin

Shotgun / Rifle / Handgun.

Just so.

Pick what you like and works well for you.

Buckshot / Ball / Hollow Points of your preference.

83 posted on 11/08/2019 7:03:45 AM PST by Uncle Miltie (Epstein proves it's all a charade.)
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To: Kaslin

First off, going out on your front porch — no matter what you are armed with — is not very bright.

If it is at all possible, always fight defensively from some kind of concealment or barricade.

An M1A is a great weapon, but not very practical for urban or suburban defense (but fine if you are in a rural environment). For urban or suburban defense an AR (5.56) or a Ruger Mini-14 will do the job. The shotgun (in either 12 or 20 gauge) is good, and I prefer a pump over a semi-auto. For a handgun, I’d go with a Glock 19, but that is a personal choice. Also, you can never go wrong with a good revolver, preferably one that can shoot .38 SPL and its slightly bigger brother .38 SPL +P (I don’t think a .357 magnum is necessary, but if it floats your boat....).

The common element for my choices is the availability of ammunition. 5.56 and .223 ammo are ubiquitous, as is 9mm. And .38 SPL is found pretty much everywhere, as well. Same for the the shotgun ammo.

If I ever had to engage in any kind of long-range fight I’d use the good old reliable Remington 700 chambered in .30-06. .308 would be fine, as well; but, I’m just partial to the .30-06 (can you tell by my screen name?).

Also, ALWAYS have a .22LR handy, and the Ruger 10/22 and the Marlin 60 are both very good; also, a good option is the Marlin 25.

Finally, for those last stand times, when up close and personal is what remains, a Ka-Bar battle knife or a good tactical tomahawk are just dandy.

Anyway, just my $0.02.

84 posted on 11/08/2019 7:18:44 AM PST by ought-six (Multiculturalism is national suicide, and political correctness is the cyanide capsule.)
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To: Betty Jane

Also, know that there are rifles in 357/38 specialso that if you have to go on foot mobile, 0ne size ammunition for two guns.

85 posted on 11/08/2019 7:20:26 AM PST by exnavy (american by birth and choice, I love this country!)
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To: yarddog

There has to be a .22LR, either an automatic rifle or an automatic pistol or a nice revolver, both with a 6 inch barrel.
Subsonic .22lr ammo makes them especially valuable.

86 posted on 11/08/2019 7:24:18 AM PST by Neidermeyer (There's a Tesla owner born every minute.)
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To: Lurker
"As always my opinions are worth exactly what you paid for them." Well then I want a refund!

Just kidding.

What you say makes sense. And many people can't afford Mike Adam's choices in weapons. You gotta have a gun, any gun when it comes down to self defense issues. Youtube has a number of videos showing people how to be armed on a budget. Some of the choices are quite decent and functional even if they are not my first choice.

87 posted on 11/08/2019 7:24:31 AM PST by Redcitizen (Tagline not secure.)
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To: real saxophonist
"I bet he drives a big ol' huge pickup truck that has never been off the pavement."

Yep - that's him. We all know this guy.

88 posted on 11/08/2019 7:28:14 AM PST by Psalm 73 ("I will now proceed to entangle the entire area".)
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To: Betty Jane

Buy a Hi point 9mm carbine for longer range work than a pistol. The recoil is a lot less than a shotgun and the price is right for people on a budget. 9mm ammo costs less than other pistol calibers. It’s American made and they have a warranty. Ask around, maybe someone will let you try one before you buy.
my 2 cents.

89 posted on 11/08/2019 7:31:15 AM PST by Redcitizen (Tagline not secure.)
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To: rockrr

I personally want a 10mm M1a pulse rifle. :)

90 posted on 11/08/2019 7:34:21 AM PST by Redcitizen (Tagline not secure.)
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To: Kaslin

I like Mike Adams but I dont read his column for info on weapons or tactics. He is hardly an authority in these areas.

91 posted on 11/08/2019 7:36:15 AM PST by Brooklyn Attitude (Civil War II has begun, but only one side is fighting.)
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To: Jim Noble

M-1 Garand is a rifle you can bet your life on to work. No weapon is of any use if it doesn’t work. The M-1 has proved operable in the worst conditions - from the “Frozen Chosin” to the Pacific mud of Pacific Islands. In fact, during evaluation tests, it was buried in mud and STILL operated.

I know it only holds 8 rounds and the clip makes a noise, but it does the job. My opinion, like everybody else, will work for me. Isn’t that what’s important?

“This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine.” Marine Rifleman’s Creed.

Semper fi

92 posted on 11/08/2019 7:39:04 AM PST by NTHockey (Rules of engagement #1: Take no prisoners. And to the NSA trolls, FU)
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To: ought-six

“First off, going out on your front porch — no matter what you are armed with — is not very bright.

If it is at all possible, always fight defensively from some kind of concealment or barricade.”

Myself, the first move would be to grab and get out the back as fast as possible to not get caught in my own box trap. Get mobile and hit the remote ammo stash and then become their nightmare from behind.

History speaks for it’s self. There are very very few Castles that ever successfully resisted a siege. Get out and get mobile immediately if you can.

93 posted on 11/08/2019 7:47:39 AM PST by Openurmind (The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves to its children. ~ D. Bonhoeffer)
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To: Kaslin
SKS complete strip down in less than 10 seconds. SKS, 600 yards with open sights.

SKS, Detailed explanation of design.

94 posted on 11/08/2019 8:05:17 AM PST by Openurmind (The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves to its children. ~ D. Bonhoeffer)
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To: Betty Jane; Lurker

I’m not going to argue with what Lurker told you earlier, that’s some solid advice.

I have a tiny 70 year old Aunt who expressed some security issues, and her son thoughtfully bought her one of the nice S&W .38 revolvers. They’re great. Other companies make less expensive versions, you might want to look into (I think) the Rock Island M200 - if you google/youtube it, Hickok45 has a nice video review of it.

The 20 ga pump shotgun (especially youth model if you’re small), and 10-22 are also great.

The only thing I would add to those suggestions is that you might want to look into 9mm, and Ruger makes a very nice range of semi-auto 9mm pistols (LCP), and even a revolver (LCR). They also make a 9mm rifle (PC Carbine). So, if you’re looking to save money on ammo and use them commonly between a rifle and pistol, you might want to look into them.

Good luck :)

95 posted on 11/08/2019 8:32:39 AM PST by Kommodor (Terrorist, Journalist or Democrat? I can't tell the difference.)
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To: Disambiguator

“If you are looking for a centerfire rifle, the Ruger American line is very affordable and comes in lots of calibers.”

Ditto the Savage line with the Accu-Trigger. I’ve got a 110 in .308 that was a Cabelas special. Topped with a factory fitted Nikon BDC scope. Right around $400 out the door IIRC. Best shooting rifle I own.

I can score every time at 400 yards with handloads. Can’t beat that with a stick. Best value on the market IMO.


96 posted on 11/08/2019 8:52:33 AM PST by Lurker (Peaceful coexistence with the Left is not possible. Stop pretending that it is.)
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To: Kaslin

Having been in that situation with multiple malicious intruders on my property, where I had called 9-1-1, I see this differently from Mike Adams. Note: The police got there perhaps 20 minutes later, and I never had to pull the trigger, but I sure did think everything through.

I live in the People’s Republic of Maryland, and I know our self-defense laws word for word, along with how they are interpreted where I live. Even if I can legally shoot, I want to make sure that I can win in court, because I will be prosecuted if I shoot a reliable democrat-voting criminal (plus I want to make sure that I can live with the decision I make):

- Centerfire rifle? Not happening unless/until the rule of law has collapsed.
- My decision came down to two defensive handguns (Glock 17 with 30 rounds of 9 mm, or my top-quality .45 Auto 1911 with 7 + 1 rounds), or
- a 12 gauge Remington 870 with five rounds.

Twenty minutes is a long time to think through those options when you know it could actually happen at any moment. It’s a good idea to do that thinking in advance. I am adequate with the shotgun (and it has a red dot), great with the Glock and it will not run out of ammo, and amazing with the 1911. I was not going outside my house, obviously, but I was going to respond appropriately if they crossed the threshold. If there had been a threat of arson, my response would have been different. All you can really do is think through a broad range of scenarios, make sure you have the tools and training, and stay alert (and, of course, move farther away from bad areas if you can convince your family).

97 posted on 11/08/2019 8:52:59 AM PST by Pollster1 ("Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed")
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To: Kaslin

Desert Tech MDR in .308 - takes PMAG 5,10,20 or 30 rd.

there will be a .223/5.56 conversion kit shipping in early 2020. Handier than any wood stock traditional rifle and more resistant to dirt/mud than the M1A.

MAS 49/59 in 7.5 French - also nice but ammo is harder to source.

98 posted on 11/08/2019 8:58:07 AM PST by RitchieAprile (available monkeys looking for the change..)
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To: Kaslin

I love That Holster
From The Article ,,,
Who Makes It?

99 posted on 11/08/2019 9:13:49 AM PST by Big Red Badger (Despised by the Despicable!)
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To: marktwain

In this scenario nobody is going to be hiding in their homes and patrolling property armed with rifles.

Those buffoons will be the first ones to be killed.

100 posted on 11/08/2019 10:04:02 AM PST by Roman_War_Criminal (Like Enoch, Noah, & Lot, the True Church will soon be removed & then destruction comes forth.)
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