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Who is Bill Burkett? ^ | February 17, 2004 | Michael Friedman

Posted on 09/16/2004 10:44:51 PM PDT by Bommer


Who is Bill Burkett?

Former Lt. Colonel Bill Burkett is the man who claims that Bush and the Texas National Guard cleaned out any damaging information in Bush's National Guard files in 1997.

As Kevin Drum explains in an exhaustively researched post, Burkett has a major axe to grind - he blames Bush for the military denying him medical care during an illness in 1998.

However, there is another reason to be skeptical about Burkett. Burkett has strongly held loony left political views. He has written numerous articles espousing his positions and clearly wishes to sway the electorate. This gives him another obvious motive to lie about Bush's National Guard files.

Here are some quotes from articles Burkett has written for far left news outlets. From "What do you say?":

I've sat in total grief for the past three years, watching the institutions of America being spent as if they were lottery winnings.


As I said, a UN vote would not stop GW Bush from attacking Iraq. Nor will anything else. And weapons of mass destruction will be discovered in great quantities; but the entire affair will stink to high heavens because it will be as staged as the White House press conference you just viewed.

The human death toll will publicly not be mentioned, yet in truth, it will far exceed 120,000. Our vast size and force will quickly break the back of any Iraqi resistance, yet we will not break their spirit. This is a society which has learned to live in troubled politics. They will go about their business while seething inside. There will be small uprisings, but they will quickly be crushed. The emotion and anger that we will have built will spill over into other countries and meld like an alloy with other problem areas of the Middle East, becoming a deeper seated problem. We will have insured that America's dynasty is nearing an end.

While GW Bush will be cast as a conquering hero by his political team and accepted by the population as such, history will treat him as Napoleonic. Bush will reach a new lofty level of acceptance by first fear and then staged triumph. Those who waited too long to gain their voice will lose their voice again.

America will over pledge economically in order to establish this new footprint; but the economic worth will not go to offset our fiscal investment, or to the Iraqi people. Iraq will be stripped by the vanquishers; the major corporations, who will then control not only the assets, but the cash flow. Their names will be Mobil, Exxon, Halliburton and the likes.


Lost within a short time will be the name Saddam; for like Osama, he was never the purpose of this campaign. Never in the history of the world has a great society survived whenever its focus was allowed to magnetize to its most powerful. And here we will clearly have in view that there is little value accorded to the innocent 3-year-old Iraqi girl who will today be playing in the streets, or the 19-year-old soldier who will launch the missile that will kill her.

What do you do? Watching the sunrise on a beautiful morning, I used to feel hope. Before my illness, I felt exhilaration at the prospects of the day. After my illness, I felt hope that I might work hard to live. Now I feel sickness that today another massive group of people, held worthless by this anointed king, will be trampled upon like grapes. But their blood will not be rendered into wine. It will be spilled into the sands of this desert or another, or on the streets of Washington, or in the halls of the US Congress, or in the courts.

But there is a difference from any phenomenon previously faced by a spoiled American populace. With Teddy Roosevelt, we badgered and dented him into listening; with Franklin Roosevelt, we tenaciously talked until he listened; with William Jefferson Clinton, we crippled him through deceit and his own frailties. But none were anointed as king.

We must now revert to the history of Europe to discern what to do. We must study the nemesis of France and how Napoleon was felled before understanding the damage a tyrant does to a nation and society. We must examine the ruthless and dictatorial rise of yet another of the three small men - one whose name is not spoken out of fear of reprisal, but his name was Adolf. We must examine history, in order to not repeat it, and to understand the mesmerism of a public to a murderous scheme. Three small men who wanted to conquer . . . and vanquish. Each created a need for a balancing throng; history then recorded the damage from a far better perspective.

More than one French or German household now sits watching the US expending her virtue through the tools of greed, anger and vengeance. And they caution us. They caution that out of this strong arm tactic will bring about the rise of a United Europe or Asia to counterbalance an arrogant superpower.

I do not believe that this world can, or will, stand idly by. While many will rally to the side of this conqueror, there must be a steadfast collective group who hold their ground, their principles and the Constitution of this land. For there is never found the word "King" within that great architecture of Democracy, or as the Republicans like to say this "Republic". There is only the structure of an equally shared and responsible government "of, by and for the people" anchored within the principles of defense rather than attack.

From "Snippets about life and politics":

That's right, [the Texas redistricting is] the same concept that was tried in South Africa within the past 30 years. It's also the root of the Tulsa massacres in which "black districts" were eventually attacked by the Oklahoma National Guard and the police.

From Bush's Iraq Attack Risks Reaction:

I have argued with the senior members of the Bush team since 1996, insisting that preventive war was not an option for the United States. The Preventive War concept is a WARHAWK product which, in my opinion, is totally foreign to the principles the Founding Fathers established for the USA.


The debate about Iraq is really not about Saddam Hussein. It is a debate about countering the threat of the US challenges to the rest of the World.


The collapse of the Soviet 'bear' significantly contributed to Bush I's scheme to encourage Iraq to invade Kuwait.


But Bush's abrupt withdrawal from the Kyoto process signaled that the US crossed the line from legitimate national interest into imperialism...

There are more articles but they are apparently no longer available online.

The issue here is not that Bill Burkett is a liberal. It isn't even that he is left wing. The issue is that he is loony left. We are in "precious bodily fluids" territory. I'm not calling Burkett a Democrat because I think he is too far left to be a Democrat. This is the left wing version of the John Birch Society.

Not only are Bill Burkett's politics loony left but he is trying to be a political player, writing editorials and trying to sway the American people against George Bush and the Republican Party.

Burkett's politics are certainly not common among members of any military service. Given this, isn't it a pretty amazing coincidence that someone with his political views just happened to be in the right place to overhear people talking about cleansing Bush's files?

Did Burkett get lucky or is he lying to promote his political agenda?

Some of the other relevant posts on this issue are:

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Sounds like he is seriously unhinged!
1 posted on 09/16/2004 10:44:51 PM PDT by Bommer
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To: Bommer

2 posted on 09/16/2004 10:45:20 PM PDT by rocklobster11
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To: Bommer
3 posted on 09/16/2004 10:45:49 PM PDT by nopardons
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To: rocklobster11

Looks like it's time to fry some bacon!

4 posted on 09/16/2004 10:52:35 PM PDT by big bad easter bunny
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To: Bommer
Given this, isn't it a pretty amazing coincidence that someone with his political views just happened to be in the right place to overhear people talking about cleansing Bush's files?

It's my opinion that he overhears people talking about him.

5 posted on 09/16/2004 11:07:27 PM PDT by Mr Ramsbotham ("This house is sho' gone crazy!")
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To: Bommer

Savage mentions Soviets used to forge documents to discredit political enemies

The Plot Thickens -- Bill Burkett's Lawyer Supported by Communist Party USA
Texas judicial candidate cites right-wing danger
About Us
The People’s Weekly World is the newspaper of the Communist Party, USA reporting on and analyzing the pressing issues of the day: peace, social and economic justice, workers’ rights, civil liberties, reproductive rights, protection of the environment, and more.
The PWW is the direct descendant of the Daily Worker and has been in the battles of the U.S. working class and people’s - Texas Democratic Women's group meets in Kinkos where forged memos faxed from.

Rachel van Os is a supporter of the Texas Democratic Women's group:

Rachel van Os is David van Os's wife:
Texas Democratic Women's group meets in Kinkos where forged memos faxed from.

Who is David Van Os? A well connected Democrat Kerry organizer!

Letter from Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Bill Burkett
Former Client of David Van Os

I have a 30 plus year experience of working within and around litigators in one fashion or another. I would guess that I have worked with over 100 attorneys and on and with about 40 cases; a small number if you're a lawyer, but a rather large exposure if you are a citizen.

When I needed an attorney for a case of pure retaliatory abuse that denied me medical care that I had both earned and paid for, I studied the resumes and reputations of attorneys throughout Texas. David Van Os had and has the highest rating and reputation for ethics of any attorney in Texas. And after dealing with him, I would certainly confirm that he has been the most principled and honest man in the legal profession that I have ever dealt with; and my experience has been that lawyers are notoriously dishonest and lack credibility.

Mr. Van Os has met every commitment within my case, which worked itself through the State court system and ended up at the US Supreme Court.

But he was also realistic, honest and fair concerning the law and what it means and also what it does not mean. He stood by the law and the intent of the law throughout our case.

Yes, David will be a People's Judge. I think that's good. On the Texas Supreme Court, I wouldn't believe that the corporations would be too disappointed that the People of Texas would be represented by one of nine seats.

And how would just one judge make any difference?

There is no one in the entire field of law that I would select to represent me over David Van Os. Therefore, I have faith that he can be more influential in returning the beginning of balance and equity to this important court. Certainly, by the responses given by Mr. Brister to the Senate confirmation committee, his responses will be far more honest, dignified and legally correct than what Mr. Brister told that committee.

Bill Burkett

6 posted on 09/16/2004 11:10:18 PM PDT by DaveTesla
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To: rocklobster11

Hey, I saw that chart in the NYT.

Before I didn't.

7 posted on 09/16/2004 11:10:51 PM PDT by martin_fierro (_____oooo_( )_oooo_____)
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To: Bommer

There are very few people I respect as much as Milton Friedman.

Great find.

8 posted on 09/16/2004 11:13:58 PM PDT by RWR8189 (Its Morning in America Again!)
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To: Bommer

Oops, Wrong Friedman....

9 posted on 09/16/2004 11:14:26 PM PDT by RWR8189 (Its Morning in America Again!)
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To: Bommer

Bill Burkett caught meningoencephalitis, while in Panama. Meningoencephalitis effects the frontal and temporal lobes. Among the symptoms of this type of brain damage are paranoia, impaired judgement and memory loss.

10 posted on 09/21/2004 7:06:44 AM PDT by commtroop
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