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No Social Security $$ increase until 2012; Obama double crosses his base, media smothers the story
The Collins Report ^ | August 21, 2009 | Kevin "Coach" Collins

Posted on 08/21/2009 6:07:46 AM PDT by jmaroneps37

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To: jmaroneps37

Who didn’t see this coming? Last year there was a pretty substantial increase, plus that $250/recipient one-time bonus this year.

With the babyboomer generation coming on board, life expectancy expanding for those who’ve been on SS for decades now, etc., I don’t know how this thing stays aloat, short of some serious ‘end of life’ counseling.

61 posted on 08/21/2009 10:36:11 AM PDT by EDINVA (A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul -- G. B. Shaw)
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To: mountainfolk

And why save money for children who start to regard parents as a drain on their resources.

I think this group, I am in the war baby group just prior to the boomers, has been generous with children, saved money and as you say have been determined to not burden our children.

I don’t know about the boomers but my group has given and given to the younger ones and paid taxes at higher levels than now and has contripbuted.

I have always said we should have an account,,medicare plus social security, and at the end balance it with reasonable credits for what you have paid in plus interest over the years. And at death, if you owe more, pay them out of any estate. If you don’t, you get paid back to your estate.

Maybe that would make this damn thing work.

62 posted on 08/21/2009 1:21:58 PM PDT by cajungirl (no)
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To: kabar

I think the Seniors should be aware of this . Some are living , just barely, on this fixed income. Plus the BBoomers are notorious for our lack of savings etc.
Just think of the absolute terror in the minds of seniors say 70 + that couldn’t work even as greeters at Walmart. This is NOT good, in fact this whole administration is Evil (as Sarah would say)
Destroying the jobs of the 20- to 60+ age group. Taxing business into oblivion, attacking Seniors on Health Care and The Cola issue shows the precarious nature of their fixed incomes. Unthinkable National Debt..on and on and on.

No offense taken, that’s why I ask questions I like to learn. Thank You.

63 posted on 08/21/2009 1:33:08 PM PDT by Marty62 (former Marty60)
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To: cajungirl

The increase lat year was 2.9 I believe. It has been between2-3 for years.

64 posted on 08/21/2009 1:51:53 PM PDT by Marty62 (former Marty60)
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To: rbg81
and do you not think you will grow old and collect Social Security???

for many this is all they have to survive on and costs for EVERYTHING continues to rise, gas is back to almost $3.00 a gallon.

I better not see Congress give themselves a raise before 2012 or all HELL will break loose..mostly everyone in CONGRESS who make these decisions are millionaires, so they don't really care if those on S.S. are hurting...they don't pay into to it and they have their own Congressional pensions waiting on them.


65 posted on 08/21/2009 1:52:02 PM PDT by haircutter
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To: cajungirl

I’m sorry ..on another post I said the Cola increase was 7%, it was actually 5.8%.

Also I agree with the assestment re Children. Most of the soon to be retired, gave up evrything for the children. Most parents working two jobs to make them as comfortable as possible. Nice to know that now their parents are considered a burden and should just get out of the way.

66 posted on 08/21/2009 2:11:16 PM PDT by Marty62 (former Marty60)
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To: haircutter

Yo, Haircutter:

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re broke and getting broker. The only way to stem that is to restrain the growth of health will just accelerate this process. We have to restrain the growth programs like SS, Medicare, and other entitlements. If we don’t, they’ll be no $$ left for legimate functions of Government, like defense and law enforcement. And passing national health care will just accelerate this process.

I’m about 10 years away from retirement myself, but I’ve been careful to save and invest so that I’m not dependent on Social Security for everything. That occasionally meant not spending on things I wanted in order to save. I’m sorry that you didn’t have the good judgement to do the same, but that’s your fault—not mine. I think SS will be there, but just don’t expect COLAs every year. And if I had my way, I’d repeal prescription drugs for seniors and send the illegals packing too. Color me heartless.

And one last thing: I have never asked for anyone’s sympathy and I certainly don’t need yours. Good day.

67 posted on 08/21/2009 2:26:38 PM PDT by rbg81 (DRAIN THE SWAMP!!)
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To: Marty62
Obama doesn't need to waste valuable hospital beds on the elderly. Just send the “the van” to the old folks homes to go for "a ride".

A typical gasvan which had originally been a conventional bus but which was subsequently retro-fitted with a gas-generator and a Saurer engine.
The German SS invented new device for murdering civilians, by gassing them in specially altered vans, called gas vans. The Nazis used poison gas to murder millions of human beings whom they deemed undesirable.

One of several methods used was the gas van. Such vans were first deployed in 1940 in “Euthanasia” operations. The targets (AT FIRST) were several German population groups: the mentally ill or retarded, the chronically ill, and criminals. At first, the murders were carried out in fixed, sealed chambers, into which carbon monoxide gas was pumped from metal canisters. In addition, some were killed by lethal injections and by shooting. Gas vans were first used in 1940, when Polish mentally ill children were locked in a sealed van and killed by carbon monoxide.

Prior to gassing, the victims were ordered to hand over all of their valuables. They then had to undress themselves and finally entered the gas vans. The two doors at the back of the wagons were closed, the tube then locked to the exhaust. To calm down the naked victims a lamp was switched on for some minutes. The driver then started the motor, which ran in neutral gear for about ten minutes. During this time the motor produced enough carbon monoxide to suffocate the victims. As they were so crowded together there was lack of air anyway. When the screaming and pounding had stopped, the driver started the drive to the cremation site. There, Jewish men who would not be permitted to remain alive, were forced to unload the corpses and cremate them.

About 500,000 - 600,000 persons had been killed in gas vans.

68 posted on 08/21/2009 2:47:48 PM PDT by BP2 (I think, therefore I'm a conservative)
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To: rbg81
I hope you make it to retirement...

I worked as a hairdresser for 42 years, husband worked in manufacturing for 38 plus served his country in the Military, 19 months in Berlin Germany...we also educated and raised two adult children one with a Masters Degree, and one with a Bachelor Degree... we did save and invest as well as own realestate that had alot of timber on that made us a nice piece of change...we do not depend only on S.S. so just maybe we did have good judgment...

and you do sound HEARTLESS and You do not have my sympathy, but many many who do depend on S.S. do have my sympathy, as a child both of us lived through very difficult times, but through faith and HARD work we bettered ourselves.

You have a good day also, HEARTLESS.


69 posted on 08/21/2009 2:52:19 PM PDT by haircutter
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To: Marty62

I was wrong about the 7.8,,knew it was big but your number sounds right. It sort of shocked me.

70 posted on 08/21/2009 3:06:14 PM PDT by cajungirl (no)
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To: jmaroneps37

"No soup for you, Grandma!"

71 posted on 08/21/2009 3:14:44 PM PDT by Gritty (Liberals want total control. How else will they get you to pay for their sex-changes?-Ann Coulter)
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To: BP2

Thank You for posting this. I remembered this as starting with the WWI Vets in blacked out windows earlier.
My files are in storage. Never thought I would need them, this importantly right now.

Some people think that when you tell them (or provide the photos) of the lengths the National Socialist went to killing and maiming, that your making it up. People NEED to understand just what kind of evil you invite on this slippery slope.

72 posted on 08/21/2009 4:12:03 PM PDT by Marty62 (former Marty60)
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To: jmaroneps37

Living on SS under Obama in a nightmare of lies . I shop once a month for all my needs and pay more for everything every month . I will be homeless in 2010 without an increase in SS . My savings are gone and can no longer live month to month .
I was told a year ago that Obama had no idea what being poor or elderly in all about .
Your right he will cause people to die in this country in 2010 . I’m one of them .
We will never seen a president like JFK again . Obama is what he said he was not . 8 More years of Bush .
Everyone wanted to say “ I elected the 1st black man . Nice ! That’s the wrong reason to elect a president .
We needed a true leader . A man or woman of the people and the environment . We had or chance with Al Gore who would have made saving the planet possible and at the same time that would have saved the economy by creating tens of thousands of new companies . By the way any historian would tell you you can not win a war in Afghanistan . It’s been tried many times .
Then we could of had Hillary Clinton .
The Voters have spoken and we all suffer for their ignorance .
I’ll leave you with one thought . “ Why are we trying so hard to find water on the Moon and Mars “ .
The End .

73 posted on 10/13/2009 4:00:25 AM PDT by billsshomeless (Bill)
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