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St. Ambrose College’s Segregated Muslim Prayer Room Reveals Chilling Reality
The Revolutionary Act ^ | 05/17/18

Posted on 05/17/2018 12:17:08 PM PDT by Liberty7732

That St. Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa has opened a sex-segregated prayer room for Muslim students requires an explanation. On the surface, it seems totally bizarre. Why exactly do Muslims want to go to an explicitly Catholic college and why is that now-progressive Catholic college proudly violating normative standards of equal treatment for men and women?

The answer is found in why feminists have turned into crickets on select overt sexism when they howl outrages over only perceived slights against women. Muslims, feminists and most American progressives have a common enemy: America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, which they have been working to dismantle for generations.

This is the only way to make sense of the otherwise head-scratching alliance of religiously antagonistic progressives, feminists and devout Muslims. Their stated beliefs and goals should make them natural foes — and they are in Muslim run countries. But they are not in America. However, if you identify a common enemy, the reason for their alliance comes into focus. It also explains why these groups are so disdainful of American exceptionalism, of America’s heritage and specifically of the founding fathers and the Constitution they produced.

The hrumphing at this proposition will be loud. But it is undeniably a part of today’s Islam around the world. It is pretty easily a part of modern feminism that focuses on the demon of the patriarchy, denies differences in the genders and celebrates whatever the Bible decries. And it is patently manifest in pretty much all of the actions of modern progressives.

Judeo-Christian America is what modern feminism and progressives find to be an archaic, backward, gun-toting, Bible-clinging threat to the march of civilization — as they perceive it. And the Muslim march of civilization is basically all Muslim.

And what this decision by St. Ambrose College shows is that the college makes policy based on being progressive before being Catholic. That, it would seem, is unarguable.

Just listen to the very-pleased-with-himself college senior who designed the prayer room, in conjunction with the Saudi Student Association — because every Catholic college needs to have an association of the women-crushing, hand-cleaving, civil-rights-denying ruling House of Saud.

“It’s uniquely Ambrosian, and it just sort of shows our commitment to all different faiths,” Matt Mahoney said of the sex-segregated worship room he designed. “It is really outstanding.”

What might the early church father St. Ambrose think of this “commitment to all different faiths” — which rather sounds like a commitment to no faiths? Let’s look at who Ambrose was.

“A zealous preacher and valiant defender of the Christian Faith, Saint Ambrose received particular renown as a Church writer. In dogmatic compositions he set forth the Orthodox teaching about the Holy Trinity, the Sacraments, and Repentance,” according to Orthodox Church in America. “Saint Ambrose, defending the unity of the Church, energetically opposed the spread of heresy.” [Emphasis added.]

Ambrose converted many pagans to Christianity, from Germany to Persia (he lived before Mohammed founded Islam) and most famously, he showed a wayward young man named Augustine the way to God through Christ. Ambrose would most certainly have considered Muslims as pagans in need of conversion — not celebration.

It’s safe to say that Ambrose would be aghast at what was being done at a college named after him. And it’s further safe to say that when the young man said the sex-segregated Muslim prayer room is “uniquely Ambrosian” he was not referring to Ambrose the man, but the culture of the progressive college that appears to have turned its back on the legacy of St. Ambrose — and made alliance with those who actively seek to destroy the actual legacy of Ambrose.

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1 posted on 05/17/2018 12:17:08 PM PDT by Liberty7732
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To: Liberty7732

St. Ambrose is a cheap diploma mill, and also probably a student visa scam.

2 posted on 05/17/2018 12:21:56 PM PDT by jjotto ("Ya could look it up!")
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To: Liberty7732
Why exactly do Muslims want to go to an explicitly Catholic college....

That's a joke, right?

Everything is to be islamized.

3 posted on 05/17/2018 12:32:18 PM PDT by onedoug
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To: Liberty7732
Well - all the muslim schools have seperate prayer rooms for Chritians and Jews, don't they?

Islamic Schools League of America (ISLA)

The Islamic Schools League of America (ISLA) supports full-time Islamic schools in the US,
providing networking, resources, and professional development.

4 posted on 05/17/2018 12:45:34 PM PDT by Iron Munro (If Illegals Voted Republican 66 Million Democrats Would Be Screaming "Build The Wall !")
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To: Liberty7732

The muzzies are turning the “catholic” college into a nothing college.
*slam is not a religion. It is a world-domination ideology cleverly disguised as a religion. End of discussion.

5 posted on 05/17/2018 12:52:46 PM PDT by I want the USA back (In any war between the civilized world and the savage support the civilized man. -Geller.)
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To: jjotto

What about Baal worship ?

Do the devotees of Baal have their own “sacred space” at St Ambrose or are they being “marginalized” and “excluded” ?

And, I think the adherents of Molech should be provided with a college funded slaughter/sacrifice room.

Anything less would be unconscionable discrimination !

6 posted on 05/17/2018 1:06:51 PM PDT by Reverend Wright (I am a Putin bot and I approve this message.)
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To: Liberty7732

OK, they have separate prayer rooms for males and females. But what about for the other 60 genders.

7 posted on 05/17/2018 1:11:31 PM PDT by jalisco555 ("In a Time of Universal Deceit Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act" - George Orwell)
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To: Liberty7732

So I take it cultural suicide is ok in Catholicism?

8 posted on 05/17/2018 1:18:01 PM PDT by cgbg (Hidden behind the social justice warrior mask is corruption and sexual deviance.)
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To: Liberty7732


9 posted on 05/17/2018 1:20:28 PM PDT by Sergio (An object at rest cannot be stopped! - The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight)
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To: onedoug


10 posted on 05/17/2018 1:28:23 PM PDT by Old Yeller (Auto-correct has become my worst enema.)
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To: Liberty7732
Muslims infiltrate organizations, make demands of weak-minded people, gain concessions, grow in numbers, and eventually take over, turning the organization into a Muslim institution. St. Ambrose is dead as a Catholic institution.

The administrators may not know it, but Muslims already regard the institution as their own; once a mosque is installed on a property, that property becomes irrevocably Muslim. This why they are so adamant about controlling Jerusalem, eliminating Israel, and recapturing Spain.
11 posted on 05/17/2018 2:04:43 PM PDT by Steve_Seattle
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To: jalisco555
"OK, they have separate prayer rooms for males and females. But what about for the other 60 genders."

C'mon, there are only 36 other genders; everybody knows that.
12 posted on 05/17/2018 2:05:58 PM PDT by Steve_Seattle
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To: All

Islamics detest Catholicism-——and all it stands for.

In Rome, Islamics have setup so-called “prayer rooms.” They surround the Vatican to keep tabs on the Pope.

The Muslim plan is to hang the Pope from the Vatican balcony where he greets Catholics.

Islam hates all Christian faiths.

One pastor recounted how Islamics pretended to be interested in his church.... attending baptisms, services, and so on.

He later found they feigned interest to keep tabs on the pastor, and became familiar with the family’s goings and comings.

They intended to kill the pastor and his family .

13 posted on 05/17/2018 2:27:52 PM PDT by Liz
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To: Iron Munro

I’m guessing those would be called dungeons or prison cells.

14 posted on 05/17/2018 5:43:23 PM PDT by This I Wonder32460 (I'd rather be a Trump deplorable then a Hillary corruptible.)
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To: Liberty7732

I read that Saudi dollars pumped into the area are behind this.

15 posted on 05/18/2018 2:23:55 PM PDT by YogicCowboy ("I am not entirely on anyone's side, because no one is entirely on mine." - J. R. R. Tolkien)
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