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HAPPENING NOW: Senate Hearing on Restoring War Powers to Congress
Gateway Pundit ^ | June 6, 2018 | Cassandra Fairbanks

Posted on 06/06/2018 2:42:11 PM PDT by Bratch

Senator Rand Paul held a hearing on Wednesday afternoon exploring the financial and constitutional implications of open-ended war under the existing Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and the potential ramifications if Congress adopts the revised authorization proposed by Senators Bob Corker and Tim Kaine.

The hearing was entitled, “War Powers and the Effects of Unauthorized Military Engagements on Federal Spending” and featured testimonies from Judge Andrew Napolitano, Deputy Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office Christopher Anders, and Georgetown Professor Jonathan Turley. The line to get into the hearing was so long that wrapped around the corner of the hall.

Senator Paul explained in his opening remarks that the debate before Senate comes down to “does it matter who wields the power to initiate war” and “when and where should we be at war”?

“After the attacks of 9/11, President Bush did his Constitutional duty.  He asked Congress to authorize war against the people who attacked us on 9/11 or anyone who harbored or aided and abetted those who attacked us,” Senator Paul explained.

The Kentucky Senator told the Senate that if you read the authorization, it’s actually very specific.  “Bush originally asked for more expansive language but Congress insisted on narrowing the mandate to use force against only those who either attacked us or planned the attack or harbored the attackers.”

Senator Paul repeatedly asserted that the authorization was specific and meant to be directed at those who attacked us on 9/11, not for a worldwide war on “terrorism” that would go on for decades. So, basically the expansion of the “war on terrorism” really has occurred without the required Constitutional authorization.

“Senators Corker, Kaine and others wish to rectify the lapse in Constitutional declaration of war by passing a new authorization for force,” Senator Paul said of the proposed AUMF. He explained that “the Corker/Kaine Authorization does not limit the scope of war it merely codifies the status quo and I would argue actually expands the current theaters of war.”

The Corker/Kaine proposal authorizes war against at least eight groups that are known to operate, all- together, in over 20 countries.

Appearing on Fox News on Tuesday, Senator Paul had asserted that he believes President Trump agrees with him. He said, “I do think the president is with me on this — on the Constitution. Our founding fathers are with me on this too.”

“The constitution is flipped on its head.  This authorization fundamentally transfers the delegated power of war declaration from Congress to the President,” Senator Paul declared during the hearing.

Turley has testified before Congress many times, but believed this hearing was so important that he pulled both of his children out of school to attend it.

During his testimony, Turley argued that the new AUMF amounts to a statutory revision of one of the most defining elements of the United States Constitution.

“Putting aside the constitutionality of such a change absent a formal amendment, the proposed legislation completes a long history of this body abdicating its core responsibilities over the declaration of war,” Turley stated.

He said in conclusion that “the new AUMF would codify the long-sought desire of Congress to be a mere pedestrian to the prosecution of wars by the United States. Rather than seek to amend the Constitution to affirmatively surrender its institutional authority, members are constructively rewriting Article I, Section 8 in a more user-friendly form that does not require express declarations or even reauthorizations. It would combine this abdication of authority with its long-standing failure to limit the use of appropriated funds. This blank check therefore will have not only an unstated purpose but an unstated amount. Under those conditions, we have already had roughly 17 years of war and could just as well have 170 more.”

Anders began his testimony by asserting that no decision by government is graver or more consequential than the decision to go to war.

To be clear, Anders said that under the new AUMF the president would have full control to declare war on any group or nation — including America itself.

“Historically, the most certain route to Congress claiming its constitutional authority and asserting its will is to use its power of the purse. Eliminating funds for unauthorized military engagements, and prohibiting any rebudgeting of existing funds, cuts off the activity. If done consistently, defunding should dissuade a president from taking similar action, and helps restore the role of Congress in deciding whether to take the country to war. Congress should use the power of the purse to defund unauthorized military engagements,” Anders testified.

"To apply a medical term 'do no harm,' the first responsibility of this Congress is to make sure that the Corker-Kaine #AUMF does not pass." - @ChrisAndersDC

  — Win Without War (@WinWithoutWar) June 6, 2018


Napolitano, during his testimony, gave a mini history lesson on the Constitution and separation of powers. He also testified that he believes President Trump’s attacks on Syria were unconstitutional.

“The Constitution is clear that only Congress can declare war and only the president can wage it. Federal law and international treaties provide that — short of defending the country against an actual attack — without a congressional declaration of war, the president can only constitutionally use military force to repel an enemy whose attack on America is imminent or to defend U.S. citizens and property in foreign lands from foreign attack or in aid of an ally pursuant to a treaty with that ally,” Napolitano stated.

He added that, “in the case of the President’s bombing of Syria in April, none of those conditions was met.”

“The Constitution, written in war’s aftermath, strictly limits war’s offensive use only to when the people’s representatives in Congress have recognized a broad national consensus behind it. John Quincy Adams, in his July 4, 1821 address, cautioned that America ‘goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.’” Napolitano testified.

Napolitano argued that “the legislation under scrutiny today would give the president far more powers than he has now, would directly violate Congress’ war-making powers by ceding them away to the president, would defy the Supreme Court on the unconstitutionality of giving away core governmental functions, would commit the U.S. to foreign wars without congressional and thus popular support, and would invite dangerous mischief by any president wanting to attack any enemy — real or imagined, old or new — for foreign or domestic political purposes, whether American interests are at stake or not.”

All #AUMF witnesses agree: there is no constitutional legal basis for US involvement in Syria.

  — HRF Natl Security (@HRFNatlSecurity) June 6, 2018


Senator Bernie Sanders also spoke at the hearing, declaring that Congress must reassert their authority and ask tough questions about the wars that we are currently in.

“Let me assure every person here that the abdication of Congress on the responsibility of war has had horrific ramifications,” Senator Sanders said.

Senator Sanders passionately listed wars and conflicts that were engaged without Congressional approval, including the intervention in Vietnam. Speaking on Iraq, he asserted that the Bush administration lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction leading to the deaths of thousands of soldiers. He stated that this happened because Congress was not asking the hard questions and the White House had a blank check to go to war.

“I think it is very clear that the time is long overdue for the US Congress to respect the constitution of this country,” Senator Sanders said.

Senator Sanders as well as Senator Mike Lee are not on the committees, but Senator Paul allowed them to come speak as they are passionate about the issue.

Senator Paul is the chairman of the Federal Spending Oversight and Emergency Management (FSO) Subcommittee for the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC).


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It's amazing that the RINO's have managed to retrieve their genitals from the lock-box they were in for the last 8 years.
1 posted on 06/06/2018 2:42:12 PM PDT by Bratch
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To: Bratch

Napolitano is bent. I’m convinced of that, and I don’t know why he’s taking a position against what Trump is trying to clean up.

I remember his closing rant, when his show was cancelled. Sounded very much like all of the things Q has been trumpeting.

2 posted on 06/06/2018 2:44:40 PM PDT by RinaseaofDs
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To: Bratch

From the very mention of Trump’s name in 2015, both parties went into a total melt-down.

Obama brought Muslim Brotherhood advisors into the White House. I believe I read about a month to six weeks ago, that he appointed some members of that organization to certain working groups.

Despite this, they are worried about Trump, and never were worried about Obama.

The Democrats have the audacity to make pre North Korean summit demands from Trump, they never made at all from Obama during the US/Iran negotiations.

These people are oblivious to the fact we know what they are doing. Either that or even worse, they are convinced they have the power to do whatever they like, the good Citizens be damned.

3 posted on 06/06/2018 2:52:02 PM PDT by DoughtyOne (01/26/18 DJIA 30 stocks $26,616.71 48.794% > open 11/07/16 215.71 from 50% increase 1.2183 yrs..)
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To: RinaseaofDs
Napolitano is bent.........

....I remember his closing rant, when his show was cancelled. Sounded very much like all of the things Q has been trumpeting.

O, Rly?

How so? Please detail the parallels.


4 posted on 06/06/2018 2:53:09 PM PDT by Jane Long (Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow.)
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To: Bratch

Where were they during Mr. Obama’s six or seven wars?

5 posted on 06/06/2018 2:53:10 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (You cannot invade the mainland US. There'd be a rifle behind every blade of grass.)
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To: Bratch
Congress needs to reassert its authority here. The President may be C in C and under the Constitution, it is his decision how we wage war. However, it is Congress' decision whether we wage war.

My opinion, the open-ended AUMF is folly. The administration needs to provide periodic reports on "the state of the war," and be asked the questions "What constitutes victory?" and "what is the progress toward acheiving same?"

These never-ending "wars" only cost the blood of our best young men and the treasure of our nation.

6 posted on 06/06/2018 2:56:46 PM PDT by henkster (Monsters from the Id.)
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To: Bratch

“I think it is very clear that the time is long overdue for the US Congress to respect the constitution of this country,” Senator Sanders said.”

That’s rich.


7 posted on 06/06/2018 2:57:40 PM PDT by Lurker (President Trump isn't our last chance. President Trump is THEIR last chance.)
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To: RinaseaofDs

Are you saying Napolitano is the real Queer Anon? That would explain some things...;)

8 posted on 06/06/2018 2:58:43 PM PDT by Electric Graffiti (Jeff Sessions IS the insurance policy)
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To: RinaseaofDs

I’m convinced that the Deep State sends ringers into the media, to pretend they are conservative, then to turn at a given crucial moment.

9 posted on 06/06/2018 2:59:24 PM PDT by Lazamataz (What America needs is more Hogg control.)
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To: Lazamataz

Not sure if you ever watch The Americans, but there is just that character in the plot of that show.

I agree completely. Gowdy is the lastest example of that sort of cat.

10 posted on 06/06/2018 3:01:31 PM PDT by RinaseaofDs
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To: Bratch

“It’s amazing that the RINO’s have managed to retrieve their genitals from the lock-box they were in for the last 8 years. “

They had to beg Nancy Pelosi for the key.

11 posted on 06/06/2018 3:16:21 PM PDT by dljordan (WhoVoltaire: "To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.")
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To: Electric Graffiti

The stuff he’s talking about lately in terms of the Trump investigation is hard to reconcile.

He seems to believe Trump is guilty of something, but he’s not talking much about why he believes that.

I think BOTH parties were running a spyop against candidates on both sides. McConnell just shut down recess appointments, and Ryan is indicating FBI was doing its job when it spied on candidates.

12 posted on 06/06/2018 3:19:35 PM PDT by RinaseaofDs
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To: Bratch

Yes, it was always a mystery what Obama was doing with the military in Libya. That could never be explained satisfactorily.

But although this hearing may have a lot of subscribers, the unintended consequences are that Congress will take responsibility for their actions

13 posted on 06/06/2018 3:29:01 PM PDT by Hostage (Article V)
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To: Lazamataz

What the h-e-double-hockey sticks does the Anti Christian Lunacy Union have to do with congressional powers on waging war?

(Moniker courtesy of the late great William Buckley.)

14 posted on 06/06/2018 4:36:49 PM PDT by Ban Draoi Marbh Draoi ( Gen. 12:3: a warning to all anti-semites.)
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To: Lazamataz

The CIA has been doing it for a long, long time. Look up Project Mockingbird.

15 posted on 06/06/2018 4:38:57 PM PDT by jazminerose (Adorable Deplorableu)
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To: Lazamataz

Agree with you completely!
Just seems very obvious!

16 posted on 06/06/2018 4:52:22 PM PDT by Guenevere (The wrath of God has come upon them at last.....)
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To: Bratch

Why don’t we list the combat actions that our presidents since Jefferson engaged our troops/Navy in since then? Did they all violate the War Powers clauses?

No, the CinC has the authority to protect US interests w/o a declaration of war....

Now, a full blown war ( which we have not been involved in since WW2, BTW) is another story. War means mobilization, everything since WW2 has been of almost no impact to US society in general.

What is the point of this act? To muzzle Trump? Has he started something or has he rather taken a bad Obamamistakefarcefailure (named ISIS-Syria) and fixed it, pretty much? NK? Paleese.

Fix immigration laws and policies, leave War Powers alone.

17 posted on 06/06/2018 6:28:58 PM PDT by Manly Warrior (US ARMY (Ret), "No Free Lunches for the Dogs of War")
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To: Bratch

Check this closely for things designed to prevent the President from warring with the Gobal and Domestic Deep State.

Bound to be there, considering what they are REALLY worried about.

18 posted on 06/06/2018 8:54:29 PM PDT by EasySt
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