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The Elite Never Takes Your Side ^ | June 14, 2018 | Kurt Schlichter

Posted on 06/14/2018 5:58:59 AM PDT by Kaslin

I guess I should just be quiet and let the liberal establishment continue to attack President Trump for refusing to submit to the demands of a bunch of foreigners. As Napoleon warned, perhaps apocryphally but accurately, never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. And it is crazy to think that the American people are going to punish a president who sides with them over that schnitzel-snarfing frau, Monsieur les Eyebrows, and the rest of the globalist twits.

Oh, and let’s not even get started on how they can’t help but manufacture reasons why Trump shouldn’t take a chance on avoiding a war that would lead to thousands of Normal American families burying sons and daughters. Yeah, shaking Rocket Man’s hand is pretty much Munich 2: The EnNorkening.

But I shouldn’t complain. It’s getting so the elite needs to register their activities as in-kind contributions to the Trump 2020 campaign.

Who thinks Normal Americans will be mad about Trump fulminating over how we are putting our cash and our blood on the line against Putin for the Europeans and they won’t even meet the piddly 2% defense spending level they promised? One of the elite’s favorite fallbacks is that demanding our allies carry their own rucksacks for once is totally playing into Vlad’s hands. How? Reasons. And because.

Putin is the all-purpose boogie man now, though the transnational liberal elite was perfectly happy to suck up to him until he became more useful as a pumped-up threat than as a cash cow. A half mil for a speech? Seems legit. Uranium One, anybody? Cool. Weird how the fussbudgets who were AWOL during the real Cold War don't seem upset about that stuff, only about stuff that involves taking America’s side.

Who does the elite side with?

Not America.

Never America.

I say we should side with ourselves. So does the president.

I keep asking the establishment shills why America has some moral obligation to tolerate foreign countries imposing higher tariffs upon us than we impose upon them. Seems facially unfair, right? So, there’s got to be a really good reason because how can you support our working people facing a higher obstacle to trade than the foreigners do? I’m just wondering what’s wrong with a level playing field. Fair is fair, right? But I never get a good answer.

Oh, I do get responses. Most of them are weakly snarky tweets informing me that I don't know anything about economics. The rest are a smorgasbord of puny personal attacks. But no one can seem to tell me why we have some sort of moral duty to engage in trade relationships with other countries that are not precisely equal. Maybe I am an idiot like they say, but calling me one doesn’t answer the question.

I don't like tariffs. I like free trade. But in what world is free trade free when we are only free to face higher tariffs than our competitor countries? Apparently, in the world of the liberal transnational globalist elite. They are citizens of the world, you know.

I’m a citizen of the United States. How about you?

And I thought collusion with foreign leaders to influence American policy was wrong. Yet all I see are liberals, their Fredocon travelers, and their media minions commiserating with outsiders, with foreigners, against the guy who Normal Americans elected as the president. Collusion, if you will, to change American policy to what foreigners want. Gosh, it's almost as if all this talk about collusion was a bunch of baloney from the word go.

No wonder the Normals are getting militant.

Actually, the elite doesn’t think they are really colluding with outsiders. They are colluding with insiders, their real constituency, the like-minded elites across the globe. They don't represent the United States. They don't care about the United States. And they don't care about the people of the United States. That is not whose interests they are seeking to protect.

When your job gets shipped to Oaxaca so somebody who looks like Mitt Romney can import the products you used to make back into the USA, don’t look to the elite to care. Care? They’ll applaud.

They are seeking to ensure their own gravy train doesn't get derailed. This is why they tell you, in between informing you how stupid you are, that there are only a few tariffs out there and they don't matter. Well, they sure as heck don't matter to these think tank jockeys and media scribblers. They are not the guys getting up at 4 a.m. to milk the cows or to harvest the soybeans the tariffs target. They've never worked on a vehicle assembly line in their lives, so what’s it matter to them if Germany’s tariff on US cars is four times ours to theirs? Of course, the tariffs on US products don't matter to the elite. They aren’t the guys who lose their jobs when their company picks up and moves to Vietnam.

I don’t like tariffs. I’d tear them all down, everywhere, just like Trump proposed. But the elite isn’t for that. It’s only against tariffs we impose to retaliate for the tariffs the foreigners impose.

And the elite are now apparently against peace talks, but they aren’t the ones who would fight the war Donald Trump is trying to prevent in North Korea. Turns out peace talks have been terrible since January 2017. Who knew?

Donald Trump is a disruptor. He is disrupting the fat, arrogant, and corrupt elite and the web of self-dealing it has spun over the last seven decades. Is Trump putting at risk everything that's been built in the last 70 years? I sure hope so. Because the system that was built over the last 70 years is no longer working for all of us. It's working really well for a few of us, but that's just not enough anymore.

We’re woke. We’re militant. And the tan, tweeting reckoning that is Donald Trump is at hand.

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1 posted on 06/14/2018 5:58:59 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

As usual, Kurt Schlichter is spot on.

2 posted on 06/14/2018 6:02:07 AM PDT by ohioman
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To: Kaslin

Look at that picture, with Tusk on one end and Juncker on the other. Makes me sick. It’s like globalists think we all exist to serve them.

3 posted on 06/14/2018 6:12:33 AM PDT by KyCats
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To: Kaslin

This is the best article I’ve read in a long. Thanks for sharing it :)

4 posted on 06/14/2018 6:15:45 AM PDT by BlackAdderess (It's morning in America)
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To: Kaslin

Trump is draining the swamp and the Washington insiders don’t like it.

Americans do and that frustrates the nattering nabobs of elite negativism.

America is being MGA without their help.

5 posted on 06/14/2018 6:19:31 AM PDT by goldstategop (In Memory Of A Dearly Beloved Friend Who Lives In My Heart Forever)
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To: Kaslin

Brilliant article by someone who brings some originality to the table. I love the passion and anger he allows to come through. It’s about time our side gets angry and really fights back.

6 posted on 06/14/2018 6:19:54 AM PDT by Avalon Memories ( Proud Deplorable. Proud born-in-the-USA American Dreamer.)
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To: Kaslin
...that schnitzel-snarfing frau, Monsieur les Eyebrows, and the rest of the globalist twits.


7 posted on 06/14/2018 6:41:33 AM PDT by Rummyfan (In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel.)
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It seems to me BMW and Volkswagen and Mercedes could shield themselves from tariffs if they made more vehicles in America.

I had not realized the EU tariff on cars was 10% while the US rate was only 2.5%. What a chitty deal. That never should have been agreed to.....AND we provide for those deadbeats’ defense too? Sheesh what a ripoff. I could see it in 1950 when they were picking through the rubble but such indulgence should have ended a LONG time ago.

8 posted on 06/14/2018 6:45:18 AM PDT by FLT-bird (..)
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To: KyCats

For the last several decades, we have.

Here’s to changing that!

9 posted on 06/14/2018 7:39:52 AM PDT by generally ( Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: Kaslin

As a Trump deplorable and cult member, I applaud everything author Kurt Schlichter wrote in this article. We who voted for Mr. Trump are against the inside the beltway, lobbyist money and Deep State control of our government. President Trump has made some good inroads on the problem and we have to support him in the 11/18 midterms to keep the reforms coming to MAGA

10 posted on 06/14/2018 7:58:33 AM PDT by RicocheT (Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.)
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To: ohioman
It is worth remembering that when much of the world was in ruins postwar, America allowed their manufactured goods into this country at much lower tariffs than they imposed on ours. This was a courtesy to grow their economies and help them rebuild. We also stationed our armed forces around the world to protect and defend them with a small commitment on their part to contribute more toward that cost as their economies grew.

For years, we have tried to wean them off the gravy train with mixed success. Japan and the United Kingdom, in particular, have stepped up to the plate to provide the cost of their own defense and our cost of maintaining troops there to the extent that is is cheaper to station an air force wing in Scotland or Okinawa at a lower cost than keeping them stateside. Germany and South Korea make some contributions as well. The rest of the world, not so much.

Just about all of them have manufacturing bases which are subsidized (or at least not kneecapped) by their governments. While that is happening less since Trump came to town and pushed through the corporate tax cuts, we also need to keep in mind that even with those tax cuts all we really did was put our rates in the same range as the rest of the world.

Disclosure: I work for a multinational and hear the whining about retaliatory tariffs raising our prices. Yeah, they do. But not as much as we've increased sales and gained from lower tax rates.

11 posted on 06/14/2018 8:15:02 AM PDT by Vigilanteman (ObaMao: Fake America, Fake Messiah, Fake Black man. How many fakes can you fit into one Zer0?)
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To: KyCats
"It’s like globalists think we all exist to serve them."

That's exactly what they believe.

12 posted on 06/14/2018 8:18:25 AM PDT by semaj (U\)
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To: Kaslin
Kurt, the reason the elites don't tell you why tariffs are bad is because they don't want to reveal the global magic trick. As long as people continue to be uninformed about international banking, finance and trade, then that ignorance provides yet another power layer and extra cushion in their command and control network.

Remember when Cheney said "Deficits don't matter"? That was one of the few (if ever) times an insider let the truth slip out. Now, why would he make that claim? After all, don't governments, like people and businesses have to live within a (somewhat) limited budget constrained by revenue (taxes) and expenditures (military, medical, welfare, etc)? And the answer is ... no.

In reality, the Federal reserve creates money from US and other debt issuance. Debt is issued to purchase goods and services, including foreign imports. So, who would you rather be: Saudi Arabia, Germany, China and Japan all taking in $trillions of IOUs from the USA, or the USA loading up our national debt in order to purchase practically anything we desire without restraint? The answer is: everyone wins under the Bretton Woods system (that made the US dollar the reserve currency). Price doesn't matter, because it's all just electronic bits stored in a ledger, that at the end of the day, will never be paid.

By introducing tariffs, trade agreements, unrestrained production and international competitiveness, it threatens to undermine the entire system of "don't ask, don't tell" perpetual financial motion game. So, since Trump obviously knows exactly what I just wrote above, the really big BIG question is why is he pursuing a course of action that threatens to endanger global peace & prosperity?

And the answer is, Trump - along with his advisers - has probably been able to detect incipient cracks in the system that could bring it all crashing down. So, in that case, the smart thing to do if you think a flood may be coming is to stock up on sandbags. I think Trump is signalling - to anyone paying attention - that the circus act is in danger of ending. In that case, if we revert back to the traditional equation of production = wealth, then the USA better get on its horse and begin preparing for the time where we can once again stand alone - if need be - and crank out production.

If you get what I wrote above, then it's pretty clear why anyone who knows what's going on and is part of the system would never want to tell an outsider ie normal civilian. For one, how many people could even understand? It probably takes an IQ of between 115 just get the gist of it, and 125 to become fully conversant. Secondly, why let anyone in on an extremely lucrative game? That's why they're elites - their family connections, business relationships, etc have crafted this extremely cozy and comfortable life style.

13 posted on 06/14/2018 8:48:21 AM PDT by semantic
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To: semaj

Hell, 90% of Congress believes that within two years of first setting foot in the Hallowed Halls.

14 posted on 06/14/2018 9:00:41 AM PDT by ProtectOurFreedom
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To: Kaslin

Donald Trump is a disruptor. He is disrupting the fat, arrogant, and corrupt elite.
It’s why the media Hollywood and the good old boys in D.C. hate him their gravy train wheels are falling off.

15 posted on 06/14/2018 9:04:01 AM PDT by Vaduz (women and children to be impacIQ of chimpsted the most.)
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To: FLT-bird
How do people not know how much the USA is ripped off on tariffs? Do you not know the annual trade deficit is $850 BILLION per year?
16 posted on 06/14/2018 9:04:33 AM PDT by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn)
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To: semantic

Evil is as evil does.

17 posted on 06/14/2018 9:07:16 AM PDT by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn)
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To: Kaslin

bump for later

18 posted on 06/14/2018 9:09:06 AM PDT by GOPJ (Obama called me clinger. Hillary called me deplorable. Trump calls me an American. -unknown)
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To: central_va
Evil is an invented human centric term. Are lions evil for hunting & eating zebra?

There are many moral rules inculcated among the commoners to keep them in line. Concepts like law, fairness, equality are reinforced by religious maxims that promise a final accounting.

But the elites are atheists; they know they will never be punished. So, they act like the predators they are, taking what they want & forcing losers to eat the sh!t sandwich.

Every couple of generations, the elites push a little too far and the commoners rebel. This cycle is endless - it appears Trump is the recent populist twist in the US. The situation in UK makes one wonder if history will repeat there as well.

My message is to not get caught up in the emotion, but to figure out where one stands. If you can see how the game is played, then it becomes easier to recognize the pieces.

19 posted on 06/14/2018 9:36:35 AM PDT by semantic
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To: Kaslin

20 posted on 06/14/2018 9:39:00 AM PDT by dfwgator (Endut! Hoch Hech!)
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