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Republican Ag Commissioner Candidate Explains Lawsuit Against Broward Supervisor
wlrn ^ | November 13, 2018 | Alejandra Martinez & Chris Remington

Posted on 11/14/2018 5:07:46 AM PST by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies

The race for Florida Agricultural Commissioner is currently undergoing a manual recount.

Last Tuesday, Republican state Rep. Matt Caldwell was deemed the winner and claimed victory at an election watch party in North Fort Myers. But the vote differential between Caldwell and Democrat Nicole “Nikki” Fried was so small, at just 0.16 percent, that the race went to an automatic recount.

The Miami Herald reported that at least 113,600 votes will be counted by hand for the race. Caldwell has filed a lawsuit against the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes. He joined Sundial to talk about the lawsuit and what he hopes it will accomplish.

CALDWELL: The first step is just to get basic answers. Any supervisor in the state is able to tell you what kind of votes they had cast -- whether it is vote by-mail, early votes or Election Day votes -- and when those were tagged into the system in order to prove ... that they were cast before 7:00 on Tuesday night. And the Broward supervisor has been unable to answer that question. On Wednesday we asked, Thursday we asked, and Friday we asked ... so we ultimately filed a lawsuit just to produce all the records to see what that situation is.

How do you verify whether or not those were received on time or simply backlogged by the supervisor?

It depends on the kind of vote. Early voting ends on Sunday, so that's the easiest one to see. There's a situation here because two days later or 48 hours later [Snipes is] still not able to produce the results of the early vote. That raises some really interesting questions.

Your lawsuit references absentee ballots specifically.

Absentee ballots are another question. They are supposed to timestamp those to be able to demonstrate that they received them before 7:00. That's going to require you oftentimes to keep the envelope and the ballot so that you can prove it. It's really a pretty basic question.

Brenda Snipes has been in the spotlight numerous times for other issues and other elections. And in the lawsuit you bring some of that up. Why bring up the past? What do you feel you're trying to show?

Our case to the court is that there are some very serious concerns. When somebody can't answer basic questions that are fundamental responsibilities of the supervisor's office, it raises red flags. When you look at history ... of either failing to follow the law or breaking the law outright, which is what seems to have been found in several cases, then you have a scenario where you've got 80,000 votes roughly that are unaccounted for in terms of their origin, in terms of their time cast and an inability to even give an explanation why... We're still tabulating votes days after the election is closed then you put those together and it very much puts us in a place of concern, what is actually going on and whether or not these are valid votes.

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Caldwell supports 2nd A and his office issues all FL permits.

His opponent currently stealing the race is an Anti 2nd A.

1 posted on 11/14/2018 5:07:46 AM PST by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies
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To: Beautiful_Gracious_Skies

Florida Freeper

2 posted on 11/14/2018 5:11:33 AM PST by Joe Brower ("Might we not live in a nobler dream than this?" -- John Ruskin)
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To: Beautiful_Gracious_Skies


Matt is on FOX right now. Where did the 77,000 votes come from, after the close of the election????

He served her with a lawsuit regarding the origin of the new ballots added to the count.

Caldwell states that Snipes dodged the processor service for this lawsuit 2 times, they finally tracked her down. [Snipe Hunt!]

3 posted on 11/14/2018 5:22:12 AM PST by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies
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To: Beautiful_Gracious_Skies

Once the shady election board was able to commingle the questionable ballots with the legitimate ones, the ability to scrutinize the election vanished. It’s like pouring bleach in a punch bowl, you cannot remove the offending ingredient. This one remains stolen.

4 posted on 11/14/2018 5:23:28 AM PST by Sgt_Schultze (When your business model depends on slave labor, you're always going to need more slaves.)
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To: All
2016 candidate Hillary got busted meeting w/ Broward election supervisor Brenda Snipes on the QT before the election.

Dollars to donuts Snipes tutored Democrats nationwide-——would explain how the Dems took back the House at midterms using her criminal MO.

THE FLORIDA MODUS OPERANDI A Circuit Judge ruled that Snipes had (cough) “violated” Florida’s public records laws by not publicly reporting the number of votes that had been cast.

REALITY CHECK: To the more astute observer, the reason that Snipes didn’t report this number on time is because she didn’t yet know how many new votes she would need to manufacture in order to get Democrats to win.

By not reporting the number of votes that had been cast, Snipes could later “mysteriously find” enough votes to get Democrats to win.

After the election, Broward County cunningly put ballots that had been declared “illegal” into the container with the legal votes. Now that they are mixed together, there is no way to distinguish the legitimate ballots from the illegal ones.


Former Democratic official----a master of collusion---says Brenda Snipes is "too incompetent" to commit election fraud (cue hysterical laugh machine here).

It is a b-i-g mistake to think Brenda Snipes is incompetent or foolish. Snipes is a sly fox, and knows more about the election laws, loopholes and ways to circumvent the law than all of those people put together.

She doesn’t do anything by accident - she just does the "shuck and jive" routine to play the role.

Snipes calculatedly designed ballots to generate under-votes (blank votes) for the senate election.

That way Snipes and her cohorts can fill in the blank and change it to a vote for the democrat.

This isn’t her first rodeo - she has been in this job scamming elections for 15 years. Check out her history of election wrongdoing.

And those are just the times she has been caught.

Snipes has figured out more ways to scam an election than one can imagine; she has more crooked lives than a black cat.

5 posted on 11/14/2018 5:30:54 AM PST by Liz (Our side has 8 trillion bullets; the other side doesn't know which bathroom to use.)
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To: All
When a shady character like Gillum, whines about "counting every vote" know dam well he's been colluding and
conspiring with Snipes. There's a stash of forged fraudulent votes planted somewhere..... just enough to put him over the top.

REALITY CHECK What’s really evident here-——dumb-a** Snipes was caught flat-footed. She didnt do her usual shuck and jive routine
didnt have enough fake and forged ballots stashed away to overcome the actual voting. After all, the (cough) adored eternal president came in
to campaign for the Dummies. That meant a "sure win" didnt it? (smirk)

Stupid Dems were unprepared for the high vote counts Republicans got. Still living the "close-call" Gore days, I guess (smirk).

So if Snipes is shown the door, it will be disgruntled Democrats slamming the door on her fat behind as she exits.

6 posted on 11/14/2018 5:33:41 AM PST by Liz (Our side has 8 trillion bullets; the other side doesn't know which bathroom to use.)
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To: Liz

Thank you.

7 posted on 11/14/2018 6:21:11 AM PST by Robert A Cook PE (The democrats' national goal: One world social-communism under one world religion: Atheistic Islam.)
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To: Sgt_Schultze; Liz; Joe Brower

Once the shady election board.... That’s basically the entire inner circle of the SOE.

Once Snipes has been outed, fresh blood needs to be infused or the same game continues.

Despite of her well know gross malfeasance and poorly run elections, she has been overwhelming re-elected because it is assumed that she will guarantee democrat wins.

8 posted on 11/14/2018 6:28:01 AM PST by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies
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To: Robert A Cook PE

CBS4 News
Matt Caldwell On Recount: “Anyone Who Voted By 7PM Tuesday, Their Vote Should Count”

That’s the way elections always had been until rats learned how to steal them.

9 posted on 11/14/2018 6:32:29 AM PST by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies
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To: Joe Brower

Snipes’ disregard for voters is shameful

November 10, 2018 | by Matt Caldwell Campaign

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today, Caldwell Campaign spokeswoman Danielle Alvarez released the following statement:

“Brenda Snipes continues to believe she is above the law. Our process server has tried to deliver our lawsuit both last night and again this morning, a period of more than 14 hours, but Snipes refuses to be served. Her disregard for Florida voters and the integrity of this election is illegal and shameful.”

“How can we trust the integrity and accuracy of the electoral process in Broward County?”

On Friday, November 9, the Matt Caldwell Campaign filed suit against the Broward County Supervisor of Elections court to determine if Brenda Snipes illegally included ballots after polls closed on Tuesday, November 6, and if so, to ensure legally cast votes are counted.

The campaign also filed a public records request for all vote counts and any communications between Snipes, her executive team, her staff, and any third parties talking to the county about counting ballots.

10 posted on 11/14/2018 6:36:17 AM PST by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies
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To: Beautiful_Gracious_Skies
Snipes is a consummate crook...... but she has been overwhelming re-elected because.....up to now.....she guarantees Democrats win.

Isnt it a kick to know that Obama unwittingly screwed-up their plans?

Because THEY see the narcissistic Halfrican as he sees THEIR anointed savior......they stupidly figured voters would, too.

So they didnt mfg enough forged and fraudulent votes to overcome Gillum and Nelson's election deficits.......
.....deficits most definitely a reflection of voters' aversion to Obama.

11 posted on 11/14/2018 7:41:01 AM PST by Liz (Our side has 8 trillion bullets; the other side doesn't know which bathroom to use.)
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To: Liz

Apparently they only had time to count 80,000 manufactured ballots; it was insufficient to ensure democrat ‘wins.’

There’s likely a stash of emergency rat-ballot boxes in a warehouse that remain undelivered and uncounted because of the ‘spotlight’ shining on the SOE office.... OO ... OO .... OO .... OO ....OO...

Like when Rep. Gaetz started filming the mysterious delivery and removal of numerous boxes in/out of the SOE office. Rep. was asked to stop filming, “for his safety,” by the sheriff’s office.

WTH is that supposed to mean, a veiled threat? .... They will harm him if he continues?

Make no doubt about it, their entire perimeter is being ‘taped’ 24/7...OO ... OO .... OO .... OO ....OO

Poor Brenda can not ‘save the day’ for the Rats.

It’s rumored that she’s bribed the corrupt Sheriff Israel to utilize a BSO chopper to drop those stashed ‘Emergency Rat-ballot boxes’ onto the SOE roof top -later tonight.

We’ll be watching...OO ... OO .... OO .... OO ....OO...,OO ... OO .... OO .... OO ....OO.... OO ... OO .... OO .... OO ....OO

12 posted on 11/14/2018 8:24:18 AM PST by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies
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