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Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 17 March 2019
Various driveby media television networks ^ | 17 March 2019 | Various Self-Serving Politicians and Big Media Screaming Faces

Posted on 03/17/2019 4:39:27 AM PDT by Alas Babylon!

The Talk Shows

March 17th, 2019

Guests to be interviewed today on major television talk shows:

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff; Democratic presidential (Just LOL, everybody!) candidate Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Ind. The panel will be Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff (Turd Blossom of George W. Bush administration); Gerald Seib of The Wall Street Journal; conservative commentator Katie Pavlich; and Democratic strategist Mo Elleithee. The program salutes Thomas Denny Sanford, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Presidential candidate (who will never even win the deomcRat primary, let alone BE President) Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.; Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa. The panel will be Yamiche Alcindor of “People’s Soviet Broadcasting System NewsHour”; Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute and author of “Love Your Enemies”; Jose Diaz-Balart, anchor of “NBC Nightly News Saturday” and host of Telemundo’s “Noticiero” and “Enfoque”; and Susan Page of USA Today.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Mulvaney; Sen. Tim Kaine, 2016 VP Loser, D-Va.; Preet Bharara, FIRED former U.S. attorney, Trump Hater and author of “Dong Justice.” The panel will be Mark Landler of The New York Slimes; Ramesh Ponnuru of National (What, India?) Review & Bloomberg Opinion; Jamal Simmons of Hill.TV; and Amy Walter, field commissar of The Cook Political Report and host of “The Takeaway.”

THIS WEEK (ABC): Tom Bossert, former Trump homeland security and counterterrorism adviser; Meh Johnson, former Obama homeland security secretary and Intelligence Community Scandal Handler; Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del.; investigative journalist Vicky Ward, Anti-Semite, propagandist author of “Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.” The panel will be ABC’s Matthew Dowd; former Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J.; Caitlin Dickerson of The New York Slimes; former Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Corrupt D-New Orleans; and Republican strategist and CNN commentator Alice Stewart.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Klobuchar; Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Anti-Semite (D)-Mich. The panel will be Congressman Jim Banks, R-Ind.; Karen Finney, former senior spokesperson, 2016 LOSER Hillary for America; former Congresswoman Mia Love (But Not for Trump), R-Utah; and Waleed Shahid, communications director for Just-us DemocRats.

SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES (FNC): Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.; Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga.; Rep. Harley Rouda, D-Calif.

TOPICS: Breaking News; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: buttigieg; guests; klobuchar; lineup; sunday; talkshows
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As always, soliciting FReeper comments, observations, and opinions on the shows.
1 posted on 03/17/2019 4:39:27 AM PDT by Alas Babylon!
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To: acapesket; A.Hun; aligncare; altura; bagster; Bernard; bray; BreezyDog; Calpublican; cajungirl; ...
This is the Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread Ping List! If you want to be on it, reply to this post or FReepmail me (in case I miss it). If you want to be taken off, simply send me a FReepmail.

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day! I’m part Irish, but for today I am 100% green (not an Eco-green, but Green of Eire!

Today is a good day for funny Irish Jokes! Keep your Irish eyes smiling like a pot of gold at the end o' the rainbow (with or without an assist from Guinness.)!

2 posted on 03/17/2019 4:40:06 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (The media is after us. Trump's just in the way.)
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To: All
C-SPAN Radio, available on the net also, click here, broadcasts all five Sunday talk shows starting at 12:00 noon Eastern, as follows:

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM NBC's "Meet the Press"

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ABC's "This Week"

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM "Fox News Sunday"

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM CNN's "State of the Union"

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM CBS's "Face The Nation"

Listen at the link above WHILE you FReep! Also, Sharyl Attkinson’s Full Measure: Watch live at 9:30 EST.

3 posted on 03/17/2019 4:40:37 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (The media is after us. Trump's just in the way.)
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To: All
Here are the email addresses or web pages--and now Twitter pages--for commenting to the weekend talk shows:

Meet the Press Meet the Press mailbox (web page for comments) @MeetThePress @ChuckTodd

Face the Nation @FaceTheNation

Fox News Sunday @foxnewssunday

ABC This Week @ThisWeekABC @GStephanopoulos

CNN State of the Union CNN State of the Union (web page for comments) @CNNSotu @JakeTapper

4 posted on 03/17/2019 4:41:03 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (The media is after us. Trump's just in the way.)
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To: Alas Babylon!

Thanks for thread A.B. Also a salute to Judicial Watch and Project Veritas for their continuing sorties to expose the truth. We would be groping in the dark without their diligent efforts.

5 posted on 03/17/2019 4:45:44 AM PDT by shalom aleichem (Fire Rod and Mueller and any other rat or snake. Shutter the press room.)
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To: Alas Babylon!
• Morning AB, All. As always, thank you AB for doing this thread so reliably and keeping the peace with gentle thread policing. Thank you Bray for weekly written wisdom, Thank all yon contributors for excellent commentary to flesh it all out.

• Below are the words from my daily political diary. It is quite long so scroll on by if not interested. But do stay around and add your commentary and point of view to the thread.

Tuesday date-3/12/19

“I Am Jazz” read in House of Representatives.

Sponsored by a homosexual lobby group, HRC, AND, get this, the NEA….National Education Association.

Jazz is a boy, subject of some TV series or another and now, evidently, an author. But Jazz says he was born a girl and the TV show and book tell the tale of how this brave child, begging since kindergarten to be a female, adjusts to a change in sexual definition.

Since kindergarten? Think about that. How much does a child really know about anything when in kindergarten?

But if crazy parents accept that this 5 year old boy who likes to play with dolls is really a girl, then raises “him” as a girl….eventually Jazz will think he’s a girl. Never mind what really is going on in his head.

Shouldn’t such life-altering decisions be left to an individual once they become an adult?

Finally, really, should our congress and National Education Association be encouraging such a thing?


WASHINGTON, D.C., March 5, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – To commemorate a day set aside by pro-LGBT lobbyists and the nation’s largest teacher union to promote gender fluidity, two Democrat congresswomen read the infamous “transgender” children’s book I Am Jazz on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives last Thursday.

Sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation and the National Education Association (NEA), the fourth annual “Jazz and Friends National Day of School and Community Readings” is supposedly meant to help “foster safe and welcoming schools and communities for young people who still rarely hear affirming stories of LGBTQ people,” according to HRC’s website.

HRC, a homosexual lobby group, claims the day saw more than 200 events spanning multiple countries, states, schools, and community gatherings, but perhaps the most notable came in the Democrat-controlled house, where Democrat Reps. Jackie Speier of California and Angie Craig of Minnesota read I Am Jazz during a legislative session.


And Still They Defend Him

Jussie Smollett has been found guilty of 16 charges.

Jussie is the very honest actor who set up an elaborate attack hoax alleged to be done by MAGA lovers.

Only it was all fake, arranged and choreographed by Smollett himself, all to make Trump lovers look like hoodlums.

Yeah, I know it is said he was unhappy with his salary.



Each of the 16 charges carries with it a possible sentence of probation to four years in prison. According to ABC7, experts predict Smollett—who turned himself in and pleaded not guilty to the original charge before posting $100,000 bond—will strike a plea deal to avoid spending time in prison.3 days ago


And so many still go on CNN and release anger at those of us who didn’t believe that liar, including the Chicago police, the Illinois DA and we must suppose Fox network, who fired the asshole.

The left will defend the liars and crooks.

It’s what they do.


Wednesday date-3/13/19

Quick discussion of recent events not formerly mentioned.

Plane crashes are always big news. A few days ago, a plane crashed right after take-off in Ethiopia. Over 150 were on board. All were killed.

Intriguingly there’s been little coverage of this accident but now some details emerge.

This is the second deadly crash of this type of plane in five months. That is a statistic to raise eyebrows. The type of plane is a Boeing 737 Max. As of this writing, several countries have banned the usage of this plane, both as a fly-over or to land.

So far the U.S. has remained silent on the matter. Boeing is an American company after all.

Situation in Venezuela

President Maduro ain’t about to relinquish his position as head of Venezuela.

He’s doing such a good job in this country rich with oil but with citizens forced to eat their pets.

No I don’t think America should march in there and get involved in another war. As I am to understand the USA is trying to send relief. As I am also to understand, sweet and noble friends of Maduro are keeping the aid away from the Venezuelans who need it.


This Utah teacher and Ash Wednesday

It was on Ash Wednesday that a young kid showed up in his fourth grade class with, ahem, ashes on his forehead.

His teacher handed him a face wipe and told him to clean it off. The kid told his teacher that it was ashes, that it was part of his religion’s heritage.

That was the story last week.

At first us silly public were not told that the kid kept telling his teacher what it was on his head. Then the fake news faded away and we discover that the kid did keep protesting that it was ashes because it was, AHEM, ASH WEDNESDAY!!!

This morning I see this dumbbell teacher on TV apologizing all over her lying self, said she didn’t know about Ash Wednesday and ashes on the forehead.


But we all know it’s not true. For whatever reason, the woman thought it inappropriate for anyone to wear “religious emblems” to school.

Or something.

But she lied. She is currently on unpaid leave but by me, she should never be allowed to teach children again. She is mean, hateful and a liar.


Big story of the day, fair and honest Hollywood celebrities bribe and cheat their childrens’ way into college.


Actresses and chief executives are among 50 people arrested in a nationwide college admissions cheating scam, authorities announced Tuesday.

According to charging documents, actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among those involved facing charges.

The suspects allegedly paid bribes of up to $6 million to get their kids into elite colleges, including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and USC.

In most cases, the students did not know their admission was contingent on a bribe. University athletic coaches and administrators of college entrance exams were also among those arrested.

The alleged scam centered around a man in California who ran a business helping students get into the college of their choice.

Authorities say parents would pay him a predetermined amount, with full knowledge of what they were doing. He would then steer the money to one of two places: either an SAT or ACT administrator, or a college athletic coach.


These are the people who hate President Trump. The honest and decent Felicity Huffman participated in a hate-Trump rally just a few weeks ago.

Yet they cheat and lie and think their children are better than our children. The daughters of that Loughlin woman said they would work on a crew to help row on the college rowboat.

Yeah right.

Oh, and get this….they paid their college bribes to a charity. SO THEY GO TO DEDUCT THEIR BRIBE ON THEIR INCOME TAXES WHILE YOU AND I MUST PAY OUR TAXES!!!

Congratulations to the FBI to finally be arresting REAL criminals.


Thursday Date-3/14/19



New York mayor Bill DiBlasio has determined that effective this coming Fall, NY Public schools will serve meatless meals on Mondays.

Now of course we can all survive just fine with a meal without meat. Dag, we could probably survive several meals in a week without meat. Well dag again, we probably could live, with the help of a few vitamins, without consuming any kind of meat.

Indeed if that Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent has her way with that green thing, there will soon be no cows from which to get meat.

Still and so, human beings are meat-eating mammals and that’s a fact. Just like you are born a female or a male and that’s a fact.


It’s no big deal, as I ponder, one meal without meat. It’s just the idea of government now wades into the process of dictating what we eat.

When can we get them out of our life?


What is Brexit?

Well I sort of know what it is.

Seems the countries of Europe wanted to create a quasi-United States but the people in the United Kingdom didn’t want such a thing.

Beyond that I don’t know many details except Britain has until the end of this month to pull out of what the silly peasants don’t want.

This week Brexit was once again turned down (or accepted as the name means Britain exiting from the EU).

Because people are just more comfortable being part of a country rather than being part of a continent or planet.

The Ruling Class doesn’t get this.

It’s on the Common people to save the day.


No Death Penalty in California

The death penalty has not been legislatively eliminated in California, but it has been put “on hold”.

One of the dumbest things any local or state gubmint can do is ban the death penalty. Because sure enough some nut job will cold-bloodedly kill his entire family. Or a serial killer will be on the loose and the citizens will want to know what idiot banned the death penalty so we can kill this murderer?

But it’s California.

The most beautiful, and most poorly governed, state in our union.


Trump bans Boeing Jets With tendency to Crash

As of this writing, not much more is known. Except that the two black boxes of the crashed planes were found.

Best to be safe than sorry I suppose.


Friday date--3/15/19

Beto O’Rourke announce intent to run for Dem nomination for President

The talking points are that O’Rourke damn near beat Ted Cruz in the 2016 election.


Beto O’Rourke is a white male, from Texas no less. He’s hardly the model for a Democrat presidential nominee.

But it should be interesting.


Former Speaker Ryan blocked subpoenas of people needing investigating.

President Donald Trump is not happy that former House Speaker Paul Ryan blocked subpoenas of people and entities Trump thinks the House GOP should have been investigating during the first two years of his administration.

Trump told Breitbart News in an exclusive lengthy Oval Office interview that Ryan blocked issuance of subpoenas to people he thinks should have been investigated on the political left, and now that the Republicans no longer have the majority in the House, people Trump says Ryan protected may have gotten away with whatever they did that warranted investigation.

Trump said that House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and his predecessor and fellow conservative Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wanted to be tougher with the left, but that Ryan would not let them.

“Paul Ryan wouldn’t give the right to have any subpoenas,” Trump told Breitbart News. “Okay? Now in all fairness, Meadows and Jordan and all these guys, they wanted to go tougher, but they weren’t allowed to by leadership.”


I know that Ryan had a bit of RINO in him but had no idea he was so blatant about it.

Why do they let the opposition party get away with what they did but send aging, crippled Manafort to jail for the crime of working with Donald Trump?


Senate votes 59-41 against Trump emergency border funds

They are supposed to be part of the Republican party. Yet seven of those Republican turd senators voted AGAINST Trump declaring emergency to use funds to build a border wall.

Right now I know the votes against include Rand Paul, Mike Lee, the usual Alaskan Murkowski, and traitor Collins from Maine. Alexander Blunt Collins Lee Moran Murkowski Paul Portman Romney Rubio Toomey Wicker complete list.


Saturday date-3/16/19

Mass shooting in New Zealand

President Trump tweeted:


My warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of New Zealand after the horrible massacre in the Mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died, with so many more seriously injured. The U.S. stands by New Zealand for anything we can do. God bless all!


Seems like a most ordinary yet heartfelt sentiment. Still the lying press says Trump’s wishes for New Zealand was lukewarm because the victims were Muslims.

Say what?

As of this writing 49 people were reported dead by some nutjob shooter who, again the lying press lies, is portrayed as a right-winger bent on killing Muslims.

The most horrible thing about this tragedy is that sweet shooter, who describes himself as an “extremely eco” and says he does align with Trump politically, recorded the whole thing and showed it live on the Internet.

The coverage is so horrible that Fox news refuses to show it.

That won’t last long. Such things generally go viral in this age of the Internet.

This guy is no right-winger wanted dead Muslims all around.

He’s a nutjob liberal, way I see it.


When Chuck Schumer sings your praises Republicans, you shouldn’t be proud.

Twelve traitorous Senate Republicans, . Alexander Blunt Collins Lee Moran Murkowski Paul Portman Romney Rubio Toomey Wicker, were praised embarrassingly by NY Senator Chuck Schumer.


When Chuck Schumer praises you or gives you a big “atta boy”….we are not pleased. Of all the above “Dirty Dozen”, only one is up for re-election.

Like I said, good thing, cause we don’t like Republicans whom Chuck Schumer praises.


On a personal note…..

……My take on college.

It’s been over 40 years since I graduated from college. This was after 13 years of night school, going to class at night after a full day of work.

My college payment arrangement was odd in that it was my employer who paid for my entire college education.

I worked for AT&T, a company, I must smile, still in existence. Western Electric was a subsidiary of AT&T at the time, the manufacturing arm of that huge company which ran the American phone system with wires rather than cell towers.

AT&T felt that an employee had more to offer with a college degree, and since my lifelong dream was to have a college degree, I had WE pay until I eventually graduated from the University of Maryland, night school.

During those 13 years I divorced one husband, married another, became a widow, and had a baby. But I persevered because my thought always was that stupider people than me got a college degree, damn it, and it was important to me.

I was 33 years old when my diploma arrived in my mail box. I stood out in the road on Riverside drive, holding my college degree in my hand. Not another human was around. No one cheered. No one cared, tell the truth.

In a bit of irony, I turned in my two week’s notice the very next day after receiving that degree.

I worked for about 25 years after that and in all my years of various this job and that job, mostly Accounting, bookkeeping, higher level type jobs to be sure….never once did I need that college degree to get the job I had.

But I am not telling full truth. My resume, naturally, included that bit about a college degree and it’s likely I would not have gotten that job without it. Still and so, I could have worked my way up to my position because not a thing I learned in college helped me meet a payroll in the middle of Baltimore, in the middle of the night. Payroll is what I did, payroll is what I knew. Never once did I take a payroll course in college.

I listen to these cheaters who bribed their way into college for their kids. And, further, does anybody really think those kids all took their own tests, all did their own homework, all wrote their own essays.

College degrees today are a joke, except maybe for engineering, business….that type of thing.

And now they can buy their degrees.

Our cultural pride rapidly goes down the drain.

6 posted on 03/17/2019 4:48:55 AM PDT by Fishtalk
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To: Fishtalk

I was born Patricia McLaughlin and, ahem, am Irish.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, Irish or not.

7 posted on 03/17/2019 4:58:29 AM PDT by Fishtalk
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To: Alas Babylon!
Thanks for everything you do bud it's much appreciated! This week we will undoubtedly hear abou the dozen or so Republican traitors who sold out Trump on his border bid and how wonderful thay are in liberal circles.

Also, we may hear about some of the Justice Dems like mullah Omar, ABC, Tlaib, or any of the number of those who passed their hollywood style tv audition for candidacy in the justice dem BS circle. Unfortunatley they have a good track record of trying to take over the dem party since its not liberal or radical enough for the Tides funded Justice dems.

Much, much more as the day unfolds.

No Clarice Feldman today so AT will be a passover. Time to look at various other sites see what is transpiring.

8 posted on 03/17/2019 4:58:53 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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To: rodguy911

So this Irishman walks out of a bar...
Ha! Like that’s gonna happen!

9 posted on 03/17/2019 5:07:59 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (The media is after us. Trump's just in the way.)
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To: Fishtalk
This guy is sucha lowlife buying a college degree for his daughter will only add to his resume:
10 posted on 03/17/2019 5:08:32 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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To: Alas Babylon!
OT, but I've not seen this story on FR....

"Secret Service Agent Todd Madison, a.k.a. “Hillary's handler,” died at a Wisconsin hospital, age 49, from an alleged seizure. His body was cremated.

Recently, journalist Jen Moore aka "Taskforce" died after contacting the FBI with allegations about frmr Pres. Bill Clinton. Wasn't that also a seizure?"

h/t @realJeffreyP

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To: Alas Babylon!

Don’t make me get out me Kennedyesque stick...

12 posted on 03/17/2019 5:10:49 AM PDT by mylife (The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts)
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To: Alas Babylon!

I never watch this trash. But I love reading your synopsis and comments. They tell it all.

13 posted on 03/17/2019 5:11:41 AM PDT by Savage Beast (The Trump Revolution is the Resistance to the Decadence of Western Civilization.)
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To: Fishtalk
New York mayor Bill DiBlasio has determined that effective this coming Fall, NY Public schools will serve meatless meals on Mondays.

Well, it is Lent, even if the Commie chooses to honor it on Mondays

14 posted on 03/17/2019 5:14:31 AM PDT by DanZ
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To: Fishtalk
being a liberal is not always as glamorous as it seems.....
15 posted on 03/17/2019 5:17:15 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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To Late.... Here comes Beto.. LOL

16 posted on 03/17/2019 5:18:26 AM PDT by mylife (The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts)
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To: Fishtalk
Just too good!!
17 posted on 03/17/2019 5:19:17 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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To: Alas Babylon!


18 posted on 03/17/2019 5:19:44 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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To: newfreep
Jen Moore was working with George Webb on child porn which is directly related to the Illuminati its likley she got waaay too close.

As for the black guy with hillary he knew way too much about just how sick she really was so he was given a clinton retirment plan whether he liked it or not....

19 posted on 03/17/2019 5:22:17 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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To: rodguy911

Are all Lib women devolving into Babs Striesand? YARK!

20 posted on 03/17/2019 5:22:58 AM PDT by mylife (The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts)
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