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To: Alas Babylon!

  Morning AB, All.

As always, thank you AB for doing this thread so reliably and keeping the peace with gentle thread policing. Thank you Bray for weekly written wisdom, Thank you Rodguy for fishing tales and political perspectives from all angles, Thank all yon contributors for excellent commentary to flesh it all out.


Below are the words from my daily political diary. It is quite long so scroll on by if not interested. But do stay around and add your commentary and point of view to the thread.

  Tues 8/13/19



I have been paying attention to this story of Jeffrey Epstein for several weeks now and my eyebrows raised just as soon as he was picked up in New York.

The first thing I learned was Epstein’s strange confinement in Florida. This fellow, a procurer of many young females for politicians and people of great celebrity. Jeffrey himself was quite fond of youth.

He was jailed in the state of Florida for engaging in prostitution. But goodness, unlike you and I, good ole Jeffrey was allowed to go home every day and only was in jail on weekends.

Then he was picked up on federal charges in New York about three weeks ago. Almost immediately it was reported that Epstein tried to hang himself.

That time he lived.

This past Friday night, Epstein somehow managed to kill himself. There is nothing stranger than how this pedophile, he who would seduce our female offspring to service the wealthy and famous, managed to commit suicide when he was, allegedly, under close watch.

First, how did Epstein earn a living? Cause nobody seems to know. He has no job that anyone has seen him working at. He did not come from great wealth, wealth estimated to be close to a net worth of $600 million.

Next, although Epstein tried to kill himself once, normal protocol is to put those folks under suicide watch. Epstein was on suicide watch for one week. Why only one week?

The night he died his cell mate was removed from the cell un-expectantly.

There were no video cameras pointing INTO the cell. Instead the cameras pointed to areas outside the cell.

As of this writing, although this is a high profile criminal, there has not yet been an autopsy.

A few days before Epstein’s suicide a report was released with some high profile names included as probably customers of Epstein and his young female products. Some names included Bill Clinton, George Mitchell, the former Governor of New Mexico, Prince Andrew of Britain.

As scuttlebutt goes, it is rumored that there were many clients who joined Epstein on what is called Lolita island.

There was a picture released of allegedly a deceased Jeffrey Epstein being wheeled into a hospital emergency room. There are many odd things about that picture. Arms of different sizes. An Epstein head way bigger than its body. A very dirty and un-hospital like entry into the ER.

And so it ain’t rocket science to figure out something is very wrong with this picture.

Are we, the American public, suppose to just sit back and nod our heads with reluctant acceptance? “Ah, that’s how it goes. When you have a lot of elite wealthy people on your side, you can use young women to sell their bodies,” we are to say?

Rush Limbaugh spoke on this topic this Monday 8/12/19 for almost his entire show. Most of my conclusions proposed above were used by Rush.

Rumors are that Epstein was possibly extorting money from the fine men who were using young females like they were blow-up dolls. Or he could be working for the CIA, the same organization believed to be either covering for a very much ALIVE Epstein, or the organization that got out cell mates, turned video cameras away from the cell, took him off of suicide watch, got him out of that jail very much alive. Another organization suggested to have accomplished the same actions is Israel’s Mossad.

When are we the people going to arise and demand equal justice? No we don’t have CNN or MSNBC but we have a media presence and goodness, us deplorables. Isn’t it time we demand these politicians go to jail for what they did to young girls and for sure Jeffrey Epstein needed to be jailed.

I believe in fairness.

The Deep State thinks such a concept is bullshit.



I am not at all sure what this guy had to do with the Dayton shooter Connor Betts. His name is Connor Betts and he has a criminal history involving for lying on federal firearms forms. The inference is that this guy supplied Betts with some items to go out and do his killing. There’s some kind of connection between Ethan Kollie and Connor Betts but for now it’s very unclear.



According to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice, released on August 12, 2019, “Today the government is unsealing charges against a friend of Connor Betts for allegedly lying on federal firearms forms.” The press release did not name Ethan Kollie, but he’s named in Montgomery County jail records. Kollie is 24-years-old and is in custody, according to jail records reviewed by Heavy.

The arrest warrant and complaint accuse Kollie of possession of a firearm by an unlawful user/addict of a controlled substance and making a false statement regarding firearms.



I was only in my early teens in the sixties but my stepfather came from Germany with his parents. I experienced, if only by listening and learning, what it was like to become an American citizen during that era.

First of all, there was the infamous Berlin wall up and big during that period. A big wall that did work, keeping East from West Berlin , put up by the Russians and eventually torn down via international mockery from America’s President Reagan.

But my stepfather was hidden under a blanket with his brother and sister and driven through the gate of the Berlin wall successfully. They had a visa to America but there were lots of rules during that era.

First, you had to know English in order to take the citizenship test. This looms big in my memory because my stepfather was reading a lot of books in English that he learn. One was a compilation of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. After my stepfather was finished with it I spent many hours reading and enjoying the writing of this Baltimore writer.

One major need for a European to become an American citizen was a sponsor in America. Which my stepfather and his parents had through a fellow former citizen of Germany who too had escaped through the Berlin wall and achieved American citizenry.

Now anybody can walk into our country, get free medicine and food, never learn the language and never fully integrate.

President Trump is going to adhere to the already existing law that Green cards will not be extended if the holder is going to be a burden on the country.

I am not sure how that will be determined but bear in mind, my stepfather’s family would not be here in America had they not an American sponsor and proof of gainful employment before entering the country.

What’s wrong with a country choosing people to come live in their land if they will not place unfair burdens on the citizens within? Why on earth would anyone object to that?



Immigrants legally in the U.S. will be ineligible for green cards if they use any of an array of social programs, and prospective immigrants will be barred from entry if they can’t convince a consular officer that they will never use such programs, as part of a final rule published by the Trump administration.

The rule, issued by the Department of Homeland Security, is one of the most ambitious and sweeping elements of the Trump administration’s immigration policy, according to administration officials as well as immigrant-rights advocates opposed to the change.



I think he was head of White House media relations for about ten days before Scaramucci was fired.

He then made the political pundit rounds and he was pretty good at it. He had that week and half experience in the White House after all.

Now Scaramucci says President Trump is bad for the country and, indeed, that he, the wonderful Anthony Scaramucci, would run against him.

I always said how handsome this guy is. But he sure is ugly in personality. President Trump commented on how Scaramucci was always calling him, that he desperately wanted to work in the White House.

He’s evidently ambitious but with no loyalty and character no matter how handsome he is.





So the two guards, one of whom was an administrative employee and NOT a guard, fell asleep during the few hours BEFORE Epstein was found dead from “suicide”.

Folks, nobody in America save the very naïve, believes a single thing is true about this story.

-the cameras were not pointing inside the cell but the aisle beside the cell

-Epstein had been taken off of suicide watch within a week after his last “suicide attempt”

-one of his “guards” was an administrative employee, NOT a trained guard.

-as of this writing no autopsy report has yet been released.

As I asked before and I ask again, when are we going to demand this lying and circumspect justice stop? Epstein has the names of many of our great heroes of the time in his book of pedophiles, to include Bill Clinton, Several Senators, Prince Albert, Alan Dershowitz…on an on.

And we all know that if the Clintons get mad at you you are very likely to end up dead by suicide.

Okay, let’s wait a while. Let us read the autopsy. Let us find out what AG Barr is going to do. Let us keep an ear out for President Trump’s plans. Let us pay close attention to the named suspects, especially Bill Clinton.

Because at some point America is going to turn into Hong Kong. HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT WANT TO BE CONTROLLED BY OTHER HUMANS!!! I don’t know if we’ll invade the streets. Perhaps we will all participate in a nationwide work stoppage. Maybe we’ll march on streets and Boulevards across the country, carrying flags of the wonderful Bill Clinton, Prince Albert…the perverts.

But we WILL fight back against this attempt to steal our children and grandchildren for their perversions as they deserve. We WILL fight back against this one getting life in jail and this one getting ice cream and out of jail on weekends. Both for the same crime

But for now, some time.

If they don’t put our country back on the right footing, we will fight back.

Bank on it.



Right now, as the stock market falls like it does when someone breathes too heavily, as I understand Trump is putting off the charging of tariffs to China for six months.

Scuttlebutt has it that Trump is doing this to avoid problems in the 2020 election.

I don’t believe that.

For now, I trust in the President.

But I am watching with close eyeball.



NOT politics by pat




I have my house hard-wired for smoke detectors. It all works fine. The one in my living room will scream and shout when the too much smoke comes out of the oven.

But they all have 9V batteries meant, as I am to understand, to make the things go off should there be an electrical outage at the same time there is a fire.

Lord but I hate those things. First, they give this little beep thing when the battery inside of it gets low and needs to be replaced. Second, they are a real pain to change. I have to climb a step stool to get the smoke detector down. Then I have to untwine the wires inside the smoke detector tucked inside that the detector sits snugly against the wall. Then I have to work that battery off of the thing, a real pain in that I am down way lower than it and have to stand on tiptoes to see, Then I have to put a new battery in and for whatever reason I find it very difficult to get plugged in. Finally I have to get back on the step ladder and struggle to re-coil the wires back inside, then tuck in the battery, and with all this stuff about to fall out, I must take the entire smoke detector and screw it back on the wall.

I hate that stupid chirp the battery makes when it’s low on voltage. I hate having to get on a chair when at times I get dizzy and am prone to falling.

Here’s my question then I shall shut up. What are the odds that a fire will suddenly flare up at the same time the electricity would go out? Because as I said earlier, all of my smoke detectors are hard-wired so as long as there is electricity and a fire should start, the alarm would go off.

I estimate my electricity goes off maybe, one, two times a year tops. Then, at least round this way, it comes back on with 15 minutes.

And for this I should have to change the battery on all four smoke detectors about once a year?

I am in more danger of falling and breaking a leg changing smoke detector batteries to insure they go off in the event of an electricity outage.

Okay, I’m done. I’ve got to get rid of that obnoxious chirp before I scream.



I watched the scene several time of Chris Cuomo shouting at a bystander after they both were at an event. The bystander called out to Cuomo by using the name “Fredo”. Now I didn’t know who Fredo was or how Chris Cuomo got the name. Turns out Fredo was some dopey little brother in the “Godfather” movies. Also turns out that Rush Limbaugh was the one who gave Chris Cuomo the name Fredo. Rush probably gave Cuomo the appellation because…well Chris Cuomo is very dopey. He is brother of New York’s former mayor and a pundit on CNN.

So Cuomo begins carrying on when that bystander called him by the name of Fredo. He threatens to push the guy down some kind of hole, and Cuomo cusses by golly, using the “F” word many times. To add to this politically gossipy story, Conservative pundit Sean Hannity defends Cuomo, says the bystander was wrong to call Cuomo by that derogatory name. Meanwhile the bystander defends himself by saying he really thought Fredo was Chris Cuomo.

I suppose it’s more funny than anything but Sean Hannity went down a whole bunch in my book. First, it’s entirely possible the bystander didn’t know that Cuomo’s first name was not Fredo. The bystander was difficult to understand on the video but out here in la-la land he didn’t sound like he was mocking. Second, hey Sean…..Chris Cuomo is a big boy. He should learn that life in the limelight makes people subject to mockery from strangers. Cuomo for sure didn’t have to say the word “F***” a million times.

Sean Hannity…..way down on my list today.


Every day it’s a new fact not believable in the “suicide” death of Jeffery Epstein. I’ve lamented before and I lament now that my country I so love has become an unfair place where justice is defined by your class in life.

Now we learn that Epstein had broken bones in his neck very unlikely by one who killed himself by hanging himself with toilet paper.

I jest but there has been speculation to that effect.





Deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly suffered injuries to his neck that are more common in homicides than suicides, according to the autopsy.

A report Wednesday evening in The Washington Post, citing “two people familiar with the [autopsy] findings,” said Epstein suffered multiple broken bones in his neck, including a break in the hyoid bone.

Citing “forensics experts and studies on the subject” of fatal neck injuries, The Post reported that breaks in the hyoid bone, which is near the Adam’s apple in men, do occur in suicides but occur more often in strangulation murders.



I have a nephew who is spending much time this summer out and about and looking at various colleges. His parents are my Facebook friends so let me not say anything untoward.

And it’s not that I wouldn’t be doing the same thing were I 16 and going to my senior year in high school and my parents were good enough to drive me all about to check out the colleges I might attend.

One such college, as an aside, was Johns Hopkins, a college not far from me but did either parent stop by to see me after an eight hour drive from Massachusetts to get there?

Again I jest.

Hey, I went to 13 years of night school to get my college degree. My employer paid for the whole thing but I had to take Business Admin or some course that would benefit them. Not that I’m complaining. I was determined not to go to my grave without a college degree. Way stupider people than me had one but folks, this was almost 40 years ago.

Today a college degree is more prestige based on the college attending than, say, the grades the student might ear. I was in Phi Beta Kappa, this after doing payroll all day, driving down to College Park University of Maryland, doing homework, studying for tests.

I went to the Anne Arundel Community College to get in my first two years of basic courses. Then to the University of Maryland from which I have my degree.

My very own granddaughter told me one day as we discussed her and college that she will NEVER GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE!

Why not?

Today people it’s about prestige of the college. If I graduated from Harvard I am considered way smarter than the dopey woman who drove to school after a hard day’s work, still make the honor society, never got a grade before a B….made mostly A’s.

It’s not that I am bragging. There are lots of people who went to night school to get their degree. They worked hard, raised families, continued on to their dream. And there are the children of Hollywood actors who had parents that bribed them into college and God knows how they did academically. Pay somebody something and you can get most anything. Even a college degree.

My nephew, as I ponder, seems to be very serious about choosing a college. And God bless nobody’s bribing anybody to get him in and he is very smart so he’ll probably get good grades.

I am not sure if there is a moral to this editorial except a degree should be about what you learn, not what famous college you were able to attend.



All night this past Tuesday night I listened to the ongoing drama of the Pennsylvania shooter. Seems the guy was involved with drugs and as soon as police showed up he began shooting. SIX cops were shot, so I heard. All of them not only survived but were released from the hospital that night.

Further, two cops were unable to get out of the house where the shooter was downstairs and the cops, along with some other criminals, were unable to get out. The shooter even shot upwards through the floor. That is going to be an amazing story. Give them time, they’ll be on television regaling us all with their story.

At the time of this writing we learn that this guy had a history of crime to include robbery, murder, violence, domestic abuse and drug dealing.

He was out of jail because….well no one seems to know why. If I recall correctly, the guy was 36 years old.

Now does anybody believe that this guy would obey gun laws? “NO,” he would shout to his fellow drug dealers, “ I CAN’T SHOOT A GUN. THEY DENIED MY PERMIT!”

And while the whole drama is ongoing, with cops being shot and/or held hostage, we get the very, very intelligent Kamala Harris out demanding stricter gun laws. Oh and Corey Booker.

Why do these liberals think that more gun control will stop the criminal?




It was a confusing story. They are Representative Omar and Tlaib and all they do is lambaste Israel and, in general, act like assholes.

So at the suggestion of President Trump, as I understand it, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu denied both them entrance to Israel. Seems there is a large group on a mission to demand boycotts of Israel and other national injuries.

The Palestinians….dumbest group of people on the planet. First there was never a country called Palestine. Nor is there now, write this down. Second, the people living in Palestine now have yet to form any kind of decent, mature national community. They like to build secret tunnels and lob bombs at Israel. Most of them don’t work but leach off of Israel.

So the Tlaib woman asks to only be allowed entry to see her grandmother in Palestine. Grandmother is 95 years old and soon Tlaib will not be able to visit.

So Netanyahu gives Tlaib permission to visit her grandmother in Palestine.

Everybody was happy and danced a little dance.

Then Tlaib refuses the permission. Her grandmother would not approve of her kowtowing to Israel, as she put it, so she will not enter Israel.

What a bunch of children these Muslims. They make loud pronouncements that Israel does not exist. One of these two fine, mature ladies even cut the country of Israel off of her map.

Then when Israel does the fair thing….well hell, what did Mohammad know about FAIR. All the Muslims know is hatred and taking over the world, one country at a time.



I coped the following from my favorite web site, FreeRepublic. A user compiled it and posted it on the message board. So I thought I’d share.

Thank you FreeRepublic. Come join us. No advertising, great people. Yeah we fight and argue but we all love our country and don’t want hoards of whoever or whatever taking it over.


  Nbr Name Occupation Dropped Notes

1. Michael Bennet CO senator    

2. Joe Biden fmr VP    

3. Cory Booker NJ senator    

4. Steve Bullock MT governor    

5. Pete Buttigieg South Bend IN mayor    

6. Julián Castro fmr HUD Secretary    

7. Bill de Blasio New York City mayor    

8. John Delaney fmr MD rep    

9. Tulsi Gabbard HI rep    

10. Kirsten Gillibrand NY senator    

11. Mike Gravel fmr AK senator 08/06/19  

12. Kamala Harris CA senator    

13. John Hickenlooper fmr CO governor 08/15/19  

14. Jay Inslee WA governor    

15. Amy Klobuchar MN senator    

16. Seth Moulton MA representative    

17. Wayne Messam Miramar FL mayor    

18. Robert O'Rourke fmr TX rep    

19. Tim Ryan> OH rep    

20. Bernie Sanders VT senator    

21. Joe Sestak fmr PA rep    

22. Tom Steyer businessman    

23. Eric Swalwell CA rep 07/08/19  

24. Elizabeth Warren MA senator    

25. Marianne Williamson author    

26. Andrew Yang entrepreneur    

6 posted on 08/18/2019 4:17:26 AM PDT by Fishtalk
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To: Fishtalk

Re smoke detectors.

Last a very very very long time in smoke detectors. Built for shelf life which essentially is the condition those batteries are in while AC is on. They last about 7 to 8 years in my experience. I would guess there is a tiny bit of discharge measuring battery voltage taking down the 10 year rating in practice.

14 posted on 08/18/2019 4:55:05 AM PDT by LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget (TRUMP TRAIN !!! Get the hell out of the way if you are not on yet because we don't stop for idiots)
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To: Fishtalk
BEHIND ENEMY LINES [Pulling back the curtain]:

24 posted on 08/18/2019 5:17:45 AM PDT by Diogenesis ( WWG1WGA)
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To: Fishtalk

Pat, Thanks for highlighting my “Who’s Running” thread. This, since the pols are on ‘vacation.’ is prime ‘give me some money’ season. Thus I don’t expect anymore dropouts until mid Sept. when the next round of ‘debates’ take place. We’ll see.

25 posted on 08/18/2019 5:24:40 AM PDT by upchuck (If democrats would stop shooting people gun violence would drop by 90% ~ h/t Mr K.)
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To: Fishtalk
"Give them time, [the heroes of the Pittsburgh shooting] will be on television regaling us all with their story."

Sorry Fish, but given the race of the shooter, and the fact that he attended a mosque, the story has already died a premature death. It will not ever be seen again.

29 posted on 08/18/2019 5:31:12 AM PDT by norwaypinesavage (Calm down and enjoy the ride, great things are happening for our country)
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To: Fishtalk
Great stuff as usual FIsh. On the Epstein "suicide", which few on-liners think was actually suicide,you have to ask your self a few easy to come up with questions.

We know that Epstein compromised one of his supposed buddies Alan Dooshowitz the famed lawyer/Harvard professor,miss Lolita traveler--full of shi__er legal guy.

He got Epstein off the first time in Florida by basically telling the prosecution that Epstein was intel stay away and they did.

More recently, we are asked to believe that Epstein's new legal team which I am assuming is second to none(and i cant find their name after searching for half an hour) has infinite investigators who had to have known that Jeffery would have been arrested the minute his plane (not the Miss Lolita he sold that one)hit the ground.Knowing this they then advised him to come back to the US anyway and rely on the double jeopardy clause in the law to get him off and not to worry about being in a NYC jail!!

Somehow none of this passes the smell test for me.

I begin to wonder who really got off the plane in Teterboro,NJ? Was it Jeff or a look alike ala Hillary when she had her stumble episode in NYC a few years ago. Did the intel guys play fast and loose with who got off the plane in Teterboro? Inquiring minds.

30 posted on 08/18/2019 5:32:55 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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To: Fishtalk

Rumors are that Epstein was possibly extorting money from the fine men who were using young females like they were blow-up dolls...

You are on the right track.
I think it is a far more simple operation.
Epstein targeted Oil Sheiks and Business tycoons who have plenty of cash but must keep up appearances and demand privacy in pursuit of their twisted preverted needs.
These folks have hundreds of billions. They can loan/lend Epstein expensive mansions in New York. They can purchase Carribean islands and apartments in France. They can pay for upkeep via annual fees of millions of dollars.

In return, they have unlimited access to Club Epstein.
Jeffery co-ordinates booking and supplies fresh Children.
Perverts do whatever they desire in complete privacy

134 posted on 08/18/2019 8:15:13 AM PDT by Steven Tyler
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To: Fishtalk
"Right now, as the stock market falls like it does when someone breathes too heavily, as I understand Trump is putting off the charging of tariffs to China for six months.

Scuttlebutt has it that Trump is doing this to avoid problems in the 2020 election."

Trump is exactly right on tariffs. This is not hard to understand. There's no scuttlebutt.

If Trump laid the last set of tariffs, Christmas buying power is reduced 20-25% BUT as his advisors pleaded, Americans buy anyway because we spoil our kids.

So whether it's Elmo or XBox, those last round of tariffs would have been demonstrably a working-class/middle-class pocketbook bite.

Picture a 3-page NYT spread showing before/after 'tariff pricing' for Christmas giftery right before Black Friday in an obvious attempt to ruin 4Q. [The irony of (NYT) posting a story about Christmas gift prices is only double-downed by (who) actually jobs/middlemans/distributes much of the Chinese junk, er, Christmas gifts) and thus who might just be hurt the worst had those those tariffs been implemented ho ho f*^&!#@ ho...]

The later timing makes no difference, tariffs are a long-horizon game meant to produce short-term capitulations. The amount of hurt to China is the same on a 4-year horizon ie, a hard-bargaining Trump with an eye on bringing China to heel shortly after re-election, looking for something to hand Pence as a winning issue in 2024, any Christmas tariffs yes/no in 2019 will be long-forgotten by then.

206 posted on 08/18/2019 1:43:58 PM PDT by StAnDeliver (CNN's Dana B: "Show of hands: Coverage for undocumented immigrants?" ***all Democrat hands raised***)
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To: Fishtalk
...Conservative pundit Sean Hannity defends Cuomo, says the bystander was wrong to call Cuomo by that derogatory name. ....
I suppose it’s more funny than anything but Sean Hannity went down a whole bunch in my book.

When I heard Mr. Repeat say that, I immediately shut him off! Actually, it doesn't take a whole lot for me to change stations when listening to Mr. Repeat. Especially when he interrupts a guest, just as the guest is getting to his/her main point/punch line!

241 posted on 08/19/2019 4:25:34 AM PDT by Road Warrior 04 (Boycott The NFL! Molon Labe! Oathkeeper)
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