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Anti-war agenda hits the classroom
Boston Herald ^ | Tuesday, April 1, 2003 | Rachelle Cohen

Posted on 04/03/2003 5:05:28 AM PST by ROCKLOBSTER

They were the usual chatty bunch of teens, catching the last train back to the western 'burbs that would get them home in time for dinner with the family.

On any other Saturday in springtime they might have been coming from the mall. But on this day their Abercrombie and Fitch outfits were adorned with buttons and peace stickers. A couple of them had cameras slung around their necks.

``I mean it was a little disappointing,'' chirped one young woman. ``You know in the middle of this die-in, people were on their cell phones. It just didn't seem right, you know?''

Ah, they're not making protesters like they used to. But then we didn't have cell phones in the '60s. Nor $200 Oakley sunglasses to shield your eyes during a ``die-in'' nor $400 digital cameras to capture the moment.

Oh, and another thing we didn't have during the '60s . . .

Extra credit. Yep, one young protester was quite the envy of his high school colleagues because not only did he get some good photos and a day in the big city and, no doubt much to the relief of his parents, didn't get arrested but he gets extra credit just for being there. No doubt this little gift comes courtesy of some teacher who thinks it's just nifty to use the classroom as just another part of the anti-war propaganda machine.

Do you suppose some kid with a brother in the Marines who might want to join the ``support our troops'' rally would get extra credit too?

Don't hold your breath.

The really ugly thing about this war on the homefront is that it has freed many in academia from any pretense of fairness or objectivity in the classroom. Where once teachers committed to the liberal agenda at least exhibited a certain subtlety when it came to classroom indoctrination, today all bets are off.

Exhibit No. 1, of course, it that genius at Columbia University who at a teach-in last week at the university said he would like to see ``a million Mogadishus'' - referring to the 1993 ambush in Somalia in which 13 American soldiers were killed. Professor Nicholas De Genova also said, ``The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military'' in Iraq.

At least by the time they reach college, students should be capable of some critical thinking.

But what happens when this kind of insanity reaches down into the public schools? And what did Concord - the very birthplace of American patriotism and sacrifice - ever do to deserve two obvious propagandists in its school system?

First there was Concord-Carlisle High School history teacher Andrei Joseph, virtually beatified in a Boston Sunday Globe feature for his penchant for civil disobedience. It seems to matter little what the lefty cause of the moment is - welfare cutbacks, janitors' pay, the war in Iraq - he's there sitting in, dying-in, whatever.

At least once last month, the story noted, Joseph had to get someone to ``cover'' his classes so that he could be in Boston for an anti-war protest. Well, thank heavens the guy has his priorities straight.

Then there's Heidi Kaiter, who identified herself as a teacher of U.S. history in the Concord Public Schools in a letter in last Thursday's Concord Journal.

``The American flag displayed in the front of my home wears a veil of dysfunctional democracy,'' she writes. (Perhaps the good people of Concord should at least be grateful she doesn't teach creative writing.)

``Every single, unnatural death depletes this world of its collective conscience. It's time we tame testosterone and bury war in the landfill of history. Although it would be naive to think that the time has arrived, we humans need a global paradigm shift toward peace and tolerance.''

Ah, yes, peace and tolerance toward a regime that thinks nothing of using its women and children as human shields.

This woman teaches U.S. history? And in a town that celebrates its role in that history, the town where ``once the embattled farmers stood and fired the shot heard round the world'' to create this nation.

That shot echoes still as it once did throughout Europe. Today it echoes close to Baghdad as brave young Americans risk their own lives to free another people oppressed by a level of tyranny we can't even imagine. Somehow we doubt that part of the story will ever reach Ms. Kaiter's classroom and the students who are entitled to a clearer view of why this war is being fought.

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If you want to find these left-wing propagandists, ASK ANY PROTESTOR!

Just don a long haired wig, some John Lennon sunglasses, beads and a Greatful Dead tie-dyed t-shirt, dirty jeans, sandals and skip shaving and showering for a couple of days.

These kids will think you're GOD-LIKE and tell you any thing you want to know.

1 posted on 04/03/2003 5:05:28 AM PST by ROCKLOBSTER
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We've cockroaches like this embedded throughout our public miseducation system.
2 posted on 04/03/2003 5:09:14 AM PST by goldstategop
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To: 8mmMauser; Acela; AniGrrl; arepublicifyoucankeepit; Atomic Vomit; BM.Maine; bobzeetwin; bogeybob; ..
ME Freeper Bump!!!!!!!!!!!
3 posted on 04/03/2003 5:11:21 AM PST by ROCKLOBSTER (It wasn't a rock)
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While I have nothing against Gandhi, I think it unfortunate that he didn't go to Nazi Germany and use his civil disobedience technique to bring down the Hitler Regime. Perhaps if he (the Master) had tried, and then been tortured to death along with all his followers, the world might understand that the worst tyrants can only be countered through military might.
4 posted on 04/03/2003 5:14:50 AM PST by ClearCase_guy
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This is similar to the million mom march crap...although local Public High schools gave credit for going to either the pro gun or anti gun rally. I think they should offer extra credit for just staying home....the kids could claim neutrality.
5 posted on 04/03/2003 5:17:15 AM PST by Katya
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To: ROCKLOBSTER; goldstategop
One of the best aspects of the Bush Administration is, IMO, the way he has brought the Rat's agenda out of the closet and into the light for all to see.

The left is doing nothing that they didn't do during the Vietnam era (will they ever get over their days of "greatness"?), but modern communications will defeat them this time around. In the sixties the media made us feel isolated and alone if we supported an American agenda, now people from coast to coast know what's what and disgust with the fellow traveling eggheads is growing exponentially.

One day these kids will be angry and ashamed of how their educrat masters manipulated them.

6 posted on 04/03/2003 5:23:58 AM PST by metesky (My retirement fund is holding steady @ $.05 a can)
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"Do you suppose some kid with a brother in the Marines who might want to join the ``support our troops'' rally would get extra credit too?

Don't hold your breath.

The really ugly thing about this war on the homefront is that it has freed many in academia from any pretense of fairness or objectivity in the classroom. Where once teachers committed to the liberal agenda at least exhibited a certain subtlety when it came to classroom indoctrination, today all bets are off."

My brother's public high school is now giving an excused absence for students to attend anti-war rallies. The other acceptable excuses: a family death, serious illness (requires a doctor's note), or college visits (must be documented). Now, my brother asked the vice principal if he'd be excused to attend a pro-war rally, and the guy glared and said that would be unacceptable.

Only one of his teachers has banned discussion of the war in class, saying that his personal feelings are not appropriate in a school setting. The others openly welcome discussion of the war - as long as the students are against it. He has heard one teacher call troops "murderous" and other perjorative terms. Most of his teachers regularly proclaim their anti-war views. One of his friends got verbally and physically attacked by the "Peace Club" for wearing a Marine Corps shirt (this young man is leaving for Paris Island the day after he graduates in June). My brother is a Sea Cadet (will be enlisting in the Coast Guard) and is afraid to wear any of his Sea Cadet, Navy, or Coast Guard shirts to school. If he were to be assaulted, the liberal administration would blame it on him for "inciting" the peace wackos. Many of the little wannabe peace activist kids are the coddled children of professors and staff at the extremely liberal university here in town.

It's sick that in a public high school, patriotic young people cannot express their views without having libral teachers telling them they're wrong. It's also sad that a young man wearing a military T-shirt is attacked, with no action taken by the administration because the "Peace Club" is a school-sponsored activity.

7 posted on 04/03/2003 5:54:03 AM PST by Rubber_Duckie_27
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My boys don't put up with that crap - not for a second. They know they have an attack-dog father who loves nothing more than smashing full-speed into the Reds, guns blazing, and will stop at nothing to preserve their right to speak their minds.

Besides, the school is smack-dab in the middle of a county that has two parties on the ballot on election day - Republican and Libertarian. Demoratic red devils need not apply here.

8 posted on 04/03/2003 8:58:36 AM PST by FierceDraka (Semper Fi, Do or Die, Gung Ho Gung Ho!)
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To: Rubber_Duckie_27
Grrrr.... this makes me soooo mad, that I'd better just shut up.

And I would, too, if I had the sense God gave a goose...

These are probably the same schrools where kids get bladder infections because they're afraid to use the rest rooms as they will be beaten or sexually assaulted should they inturrupt a drug deal or orgy going down in there.

Isn't it interesting how these "Peace" types are so quick to resort to terror, intimidation, and brutality against anyone with the audacity to resist or even question them... whenever the dissident lacks the tactical or logistic means to effectively defend themselves, that is.

Here's my suggestion, and it will bring howls of indignation from the public indoctrination industry.

I should probably care.

The only hope for the inellectual and ideological LIBERATION of AMERICAN SCHOOLS may not come from our political efforts alone, although we need to keep up the pressure on that front.

It's time for our Young Citizens, particularly those inclined to accept thier patriotic duty in Military Service after graduation, to do something our Enemies on the Left have been doing for decades;




This must be supported by the Pro-American parents and Community, but the courage, creativity, and activism must be shouldered by the direct victims of this insiduous treachery themselves; Our Children - particularly in the High Scools.


Pro American organizations will not likely be tolerated within the institution.
It would be good to attempt to organize one in the way of exhasuting "legitimate" options, but no great expectations of fair treatment need be expected. I suppose that this will come as no great revelation to most FReepers in here.

Couragous and resourceful student activist leaders have to emerge and engage in intelligence gathering and recruitment, building a chain of command and deligation of missions.

COMMUNICATIONS are critical. Most students carry cell phones these days, and leaders and activists should know who to contact and when in appropriate circumstances.
Given all the technical genius and creativity we regularly see among High-School Students, some pretty sophisticated networking should be achievable.

Activist Students need to be trained and equippped to collect and develop intelligence which may be helpful in identifying and documenting liberal propaganda or indoctrination within the school environment, as well as identifying perperTRAITORS.

Coordination between student operatives and adult support systems could then exploit this intel in political or judicial remediation efforts.

Methods might involve covert audio recording, photography, data acquistition or other documentation.
Sure; there may be a rather thin line of legality involved in such operations. Underground resistance of terrorism usually does involve an occasional nudge of the indigionous envelope of "law", we suppose.

For example, patriotic sentiments, as in any Police State (as public schools seem to be, in the main - especially here in New England) should be kept under wraps.
If a Marine Corps T-shirt is worn, it should be under a shirt or at least inside-out.
There may come a time to "show Colors", but it should be coordinated.
The more secretive, covert, and underground operations and operatives remain, however, the better.


Resisting tyranny is seldom safe, easy, or pretty. The only more catastrophic course lies in yeilding to it.

If ONE activist "comes out" (as he or she might if under duress from the enemy - and yes, i do use that term quite intentionally here, dear hearts) - they might ALL come out simultaniously, and if at all possible, back up the attacked individual. There may be other options to consider, and contingiency plans need to be in place.

Prevention is always preferable to confrontation, of course, and Members need to look out for one another in the Classrooms, hallways and locker rooms as they will learn to do in the Army or Marine Corps. Some of the other Services are rumored to do so on occasion as well.

There may come a point where tactical resistance becomes neccessary; the enemy surely has resorted to violence and probably will continue as long as they can do so with impunity.

Activists need to be trained in both the Law and techniques of legitimate self-defense, preferably of the more "passive" disciplines such as Aikido or Judo, in which an attacker can be thwarted without or with a minimum of injury.
Or at least without any wounds or marks that can be used as evidence for the Persecution in Court.

Schrool Adminsitrators will and typically do expect a Student victim of emotional or physical intimidation, particularly if that victim happens to be overly resistant to socialist indoctrination or is the Dependant of a politically opposed Parent, to passively submit to whatever beating, violation, or abuse might be inflicted upon them. Any gesture of resistance, we have observed (and I'll bet many of you have as well) will be severely punished with at least a significant suspension and subsequent damage to the dissident's scholastic record and academic future.

Arrangements for alternative education of expelled resistors may need to be in place and anticipated.

Sabbotage of a resistor's anticipated Military career can be expected from Oppressors in power, and threats thereof in order to control him or her will be used. Perhaps consultation and coordination with the appropriate Recruiting Officer might be indicated.

Persecution can be expected to continue into the Legal arena. Now we all know where most Lawyers and Judges get their marching orders from and who most of them support, don't we?

Any attempt, no matter how justified, to resist intimidation and repression will, in all probability, be rewarded with both criminal and civil prosecution to the full extent of a law that often seems to overlook the attrocity of school bullies and thugs.

One of the potential support systems the adult Community could develop in advance would be a legal consultation and defense structure. As we also know, abuse of the American Judicial system is one of the most popular tactics of socilaist intimidation and repression of dissent.

I cannot prove, but strongly suspect, that one of the reasons why there always seems to be a few "bullies" or criminal "gangs" allowed relatively free reign of the campus and immunity from any real consequeces for their intimidation and abuses, may be that the "administration" has entered into a malicious, covert alliance with them.

One of the classical tactics used by totalitarians such as the Stalinist Communists (correct me if I'm wrong... and you can prove it) and which we see currently in practice in Europe and regularly attempted in our own Country, is the use of the criminal element in conjunction with a disarmed and disempowered population in order to effectively control and exploit said population.

Much as Saddamn Hussaien uses his gestapo to ensure compliance, the political power elite (in this case, and on a smaller scale, the school administration) these thugs, goons, and gangs recieve political protection and legal leniency for their profitable criminal enterprises in return for assisting the same elite in controlling - by intimidation or force - the subject population.

I think that what we are seeing may be a microcosim of this established political tactic.

If it is allowed to flourish and prosper in America among our succeeding generations, then what do suppose we might expect America to become after it's population is divided into it's political elite and powerful, their compliant enforcer class, and subject population of intimidated, subjugated, and powerless SLAVES?

Sheeple start out as little lambs, don't we know?

Fellow FReepers; we need to take our Country back;

Young Americans; if you love your Country - YOU have to take your Schools back!

Now I'm going to copy paste, and save this, as I will be rather surprised if it is still up 45 seconds after I post it. But I got it off of my chest, and that helps a little.
9 posted on 04/03/2003 10:48:23 AM PST by Uncle Jaque ("You boys think that War is all glory; I am here to tell you; War is all HELL!" WTS)
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To: ClearCase_guy
Actually, I think I've read that Gandhi eventually accepted that his methods wouldn't work against sheer evil like Hitler.
10 posted on 04/03/2003 10:51:05 AM PST by twigs
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Students should be informed of the danger, that Iraq may become a socialist state, if the U.N. gets involved:

See: A Socialist Future Guaranteed for Iraq [U.N.'s Iraqi Oil-for-Food Programme]
11 posted on 04/03/2003 1:38:44 PM PST by elenchus
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