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Mrs. Don-o to Bishop (Amazing Grace, How Tweet the Sound) Volume TWO
Mrs Don-o's Own Brain | September 17, 2018 | Mrs Don-o

Posted on 09/17/2018 6:58:49 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o

Here's another collection of my tweets to my Bishop, mostly about --- what shall we call it? --- The Situation.

These won't all be recyclable, but I hope some of them will. Feel free to use any of them. It's just tiny way, I suppose, to offer filial correction or support.

We must obey God, not men --- as our first Pope, St. Peter said. God bless Bishop Strickland. Abp Vigano had the courage to speak up clearly and pay up personally. Let the Pope answer Vigano's Testimony if he can. The silence -- Omerta --- is not going to work. Not any more.

Watch this: four minutes. …> CNN Jake Tapper digs into Cardinal Donald Wuerl's Past

Abp Vigano said he "lies shamelessly" and there's the proof. The USCCB should demand Wuerl's resignation.

I am astounded that Pope Francis still wants to run his Youth Synod in the midst of this catastrophe. God bless Bishops Strickland, Chaput and Burns who are calling for the Youth Synod to be replaced by a Synod to deal with the abuse crisis.

I support Archbishop Charles Chaput, Bishop Edward Burns & other bishops who have called for the Synod on Youth to be cancelled & replaced with an Extraordinary Synod of Bishops to deal with the abuse crisis in the Church. This crisis must be addressed!!! NO to business as usual

Pope Francis: "I will not say one word."

"You journalists go figure it out."

No, nobody on Team Francis is going to give you an interview.

And the archives are closed.

I was so disappointed when Pope Francis said he would "say not one word" about this. Then preached on the virtue of silence. St Catherine of Siena said: “We've had enough exhortations to be silent. Cry out with a thousand tongues - I see the world is rotten because of silence.”

I often wonder about Church self-sabotage. In many ways the Church was at the height of her vigor 1962-65 (Mass attendance, birthrate, converts, rate of growth, seminarians, vocations to religious life, new parishes) -all plunged when somebody decided we needed to be improved...

Running out the clock w/ silence & evasion of critical issues (the Dubia, the Vigano testimony) won't work for the Vatican in the future. Pray that all our Catholic leaders see the necessity of getting these doctrinal and moral infections into the open for Our Lord to heal them.

Act 1: "Transparency, parrhesia, don't be afraid, it's not a sin to question the Pope!"

Act 2: "Shut up, he explained."

Some questions can be answered only by PFrancis. What did Abp Viganò convey to him in June 2013 about then-Card McCarrick? Was he aware that McC had been put under restrictions by Pope Benedict? Did he remove those restrictions? We need answers. Hagan Lio, to coin a phrase.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the collusion. Amazing how pastoral PopeFrancis is, open & honest, "Speak up, don't be afraid" until it touches on credible allegations with reference to his own behavior. Then all of a sudden it's "Shut up, he explained."

Pope Francis all about transparency and parrhesia and "Hagan Lio" until the mess was at his own doorstep. Now he's back to the tactics of the Old Boys Club: Silence, stonewalling, and his passive-aggressive "Prove it, I dare you" while refusing journalists' access to archives.

I recall comm rails being removed, NOT at the request of the ppl and often over their protests, because ignorant priests thought it more dignified to stand there with your hand out like you were taking some bubble gum. This has resulted in an erosion of reverence everywhere.

YES! And you can start now, even without your bishop's by-your-leave. Get a few friends and just start the "Prayer to St. Michael" at the end of Mass. Others will join you, I guarantee it. We now we need it. Do it after daily Mass, and after every Sunday Mass. Do it now!

I want to kneel but my old knees won't let me. BUT I think I could do it w/ a Communion Rail. Could we have one at St. Mary's JC? It would help increase our kids sense of reverence, too. We too easily treat Jesus like Fast Food and not the King of the Universe & Eternal God.

St. Mary's Adoration Chapel (JCTN) beautiful & quiet. Almost always open, when closed you can get the combination for the lock at the ofc. Daily Mass is excellent. Receive the Lord, hear His Word and He will tell you to take up the full armor of God & fight for the Truth.

Dedicated, God-attentive silence is essential & God-inspired speech. Ask God for strength to speak up clearly & pay up personally. Not all silence is good. An inappropriate, corrupt silence is part of the problem, letting things slide & hoping somebody else will do something!

So proud of our great seminarians. Our society does not value virginity/purity at all, yet these are precious gifts to offer to Our Lord. Both a gift and a task. Let's ponder what we can all do to restore the honor of chastity in clergy & laity, in singleness and in marriage.

God bless our guys preparing to be priests & deacons. Our Diocese has a lot to be thankful for. Let's care for our Same-Sex Attracted people, too. Like all of us they need support has they live w/ courage and find their place in the Body of Christ. Hard for anybody to be chaste!

Time to love dear ones who struggle w/ same-sex-attraction. They don't belong in seminary, an all-male environment, bec the temptations are too great for the SSA man striving to be chaste, and for the others. We need Courage & enCourage chapters in every parish and HS/college.

Yes focus on Jesus, but He commands US to strive for truth. We've slighted moral diligence, evaded the hard work of justice. Not all are responsible for abuse, but most have been IRresponsible. Too much "don't ask, don't tell." Too much evasion at the top. Pope must answer now.

Some questions can be answered only by Pope Francis. What did Archbishop Viganò convey to him in June 2013 about then-Cardinal McCarrick? Was he aware that McC had been put under restrictions by Pope Benedict? Did he remove those restrictions? We need to demand answers, quickly.

Anger is fire: totally necessary, in carefully controlled uses like the burners in your stove. Disastrous in your floor, walls & ceiling! Pray daily to master the skilled, just use of holy anger. And the wise use even of hatred: "Hate evil; love what is good" Romans 12:9

"Anger is a praiseworthy thing and justifiable with a proper zeal. It becomes sinful when it is sought to wreak vengeance upon one who has not deserved it, or to a greater extent than it has been deserved." - New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia

"He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong" -St. John Chrysostom, Bishop and Father of the Church.

Questions raised by Viganò can't be un-asked. They can only be answered or ignored. To answer them will entail a painful process, quite possibly leading to a purge of the Catholic hierarchy. But to ignore them would require another cover-up. That could be fatal to this papacy.

Tyler TX: Bp Strickland said he finds Viganòs' testimony credible, and demanded an in-depth investigation. I hope you, and other bishops—prompted by Viganò’s example and the Catholic laity's fury—join in the call for full disclosure. Your homily was good. We appreciate that.

Pentin is top Vatican investigative reporter, Burke best Canonical Expert in Eng. language. Best not to be prejudiced against people whose talent, training and experience make them far more qualified than ourselves. OK, I accept challenge to get out of my own little bubble :o)

Can't *force* investigation or subpoena Pope perhaps, but since Pope Francis has repeatedly pledged transparency, truth, he be can be *asked* to cooperate . To respect him, take him at his word! investigate! Pope Emeritus Benedict, his peer, can request him to comply please.

Test of Vigano's Testimony -- 11 pages --- here

Cath News Agency @cnalive also good. I highly respect Phil Lawler, Jeff Mirus @CatholicWorldNews and CatholicCulture , RossDouthat@NYT, Karl Keating (w/ a new book The Francis Feud, very careful &even-handed) the Catholic Herald UK @CatholicHerald and Rod Dreher @roddreher

Only way to stop gossip is to pursue evidence-based judgment. I want to see if Vigano has documents, archives, other witnesses to support his accusation. "Justice and judgment are the foundation of His Throne. " Psalm 89:14

We need Holy Hours of Reparation to atone for sin and shame causing suffering to whole Body of Christ. These daily revelations defile the beautiful face of our beloved Church. And yes there must be judgment. It was the merciful Jesus who first brought up the idea of millstones.

Yes: credible, not necessarily proven. This is why indepen't investigation must start now. Frank Keating would be a good man to head it up. If we dither or delay, there's a State's Attorney somewhere who'll slap a RICO on the Catholic Ch. and none of us will like the results.

Investigation- both to indict the guilty & clear the good name of the innocent: needs careful weighing. Justice delayed is justice denied. Pls support Pentin's call for independent (not Vatican-appointed) PI's with law enforcement background. NCRegister has txt of Vigano report.

Thus says the Lord GOD: I swear I am coming against these shepherds. I will claim my sheep from them and put a stop to their shepherding my sheep so that they may no longer pasture themselves. I will save my sheep, that they may no longer be food for their mouths.


+P Paul VI was like Athanasius, "Contra Mundum." He stood practically alone before the whole world, not an ally in sight, to defend the SANCTITY of sex, married love always open to procreation. If you don't understand Sanctity, you don't know anything worth knowing about Sex.

FRANK Keating, Chmn of USCCB Nat Review Board, sd when he resigned in 2003: "To resist Grand Jury subpoenas, to suppress the names of offending clerics, to deny, to obfuscate, to explain away; that is the model of a criminal organization, not my church." He loves the Church.

Thank God for PA Atty General Josh Shapiro, and ask for the same in 49 more states. Painful. It's metastasized all over the body. Not one Bp called it intolerable or rooted out unchaste priests until the law caught up with them. We'll suffer here and hereafter unless we repent.

I deeply respect. Cardinal Burke's canonical expertise & integrity. But would such an investigation carried out by clerics be enough? The PA report shows that bishops, etc. have been mutually protective, deficient in just judgment. This needs lay experts, e.g. Frank Keating.

Gd'evening, all. I don't understand why twitterers get foul and abusive. Do they imagine this will attract readers to their point of view? Do they think they're more winsome when they're biting people? May the Lord bless them and keep them --- far away from me!

Firm No to gay guys in seminary, too many temptations for themselves and others. Firm No to "Gay Culture," it pushes unchaste relationships. God bless those who walk the path of purity, no compromise. A challenge for us all, gay-straight-single. #CatholicMeToo #The BishopsKnew

MLKing: "Law can't make you love me, but it can stop you from lynching me." Independent PI's, publicity, prosecution, etc. can't make mitered Harvey Weinsteins chaste and honest, but it CAN help root out them out, and protect our chaste priests and seminarians. #CatholicMeToo

Canon Lawyer Ed Peters: Homosexual acts between clerics are at the very root of the problem. The Bps as a whole (USCCB) have proved themselves incapable of self-policing. Essential: lay-run investigation, headed up by an incorruptible, no-nonsense man like Frank Keating.

+thanks for Bp Stika's recent call for an INDEPENDENT investigation of abuse/ cover-ups involving priests, bishops &cardinals. Painful but necessary. Let's renew commitment to EVERY aspect of the Church's sexual morality. All: gay & straight, married, single, clergy & laity!

Wrong to say Pope Francis "IS" the Papal Magisterium. The authentic Papal = teachings of 266 Popes going back to St. Peter. I am hardly qualified to judge a Pope! Who can admonish a pope? Another pope!

TOPICS: Activism; Catholic; Ministry/Outreach; Moral Issues
KEYWORDS: bishops; pushback; tweet; twitter
All that, and this:

Don't pay a penny into the Diocesan Pipeline (parish - diocese - Vatican) but put money into the specific ministries which are still Catholic and whose funds are not fungible: your school (if it's a good one), Respect Life, St. Vincent de Paul, Prolife Pregnancy Center, wherever real Catholicism is manifested. The local-est, lay-led, grass-rootsier the better.

If you don't who who, what or where to put your Catholic charitable dollar, here's the excellent Regina Magazine Safe Spaces for Catholic Money.

No Fear. No Flight.

It's time to fight.

I propose the first step of "fighting" is fasting. Some demons cannot be cast out except by prayer and fasting.
1 posted on 09/17/2018 6:58:49 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o
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To: Mrs. Don-o

I see what you did there......................

2 posted on 09/17/2018 6:59:39 AM PDT by Red Badger (July 2018 - the month the world learns the TRUTH......Q Anon.......Timelines change. Aug 16)
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To: Mrs. Don-o
What Went Wrong? Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, 2003 31 minute podcast
3 posted on 09/17/2018 7:15:09 AM PDT by CharlesOConnell (CharlesOConnell)
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To: Mrs. Don-o

Keep fighting Mrs. Don-o!
We’ll all need to be fighting on several fronts. Starving out the enabling revenue streams to these complicit bishops is job #1.

4 posted on 09/17/2018 7:36:14 AM PDT by Ouchthatonehurt
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To: Mrs. Don-o

God bless you!

5 posted on 09/17/2018 7:50:17 AM PDT by Shark24
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To: CharlesOConnell

Thanks. The excellent (Jesuit) Fr. Paul Mankowski SJ reminds me why “An honest man is the noblest work of God.” He saw it and said it before anybody else.

6 posted on 09/17/2018 9:27:11 AM PDT by Mrs. Don-o ("Justice and Judgment are the foundation of His throne." - Psalm 89:14)
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To: Mrs. Don-o

good stuff... ever get an answer

7 posted on 09/17/2018 3:31:31 PM PDT by Chode ( We’re America, Bitch!)
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To: Chode

Not from my bishop! - but from a few others who replied, so I know I’m not being shadow-banned!

8 posted on 09/17/2018 3:40:10 PM PDT by Mrs. Don-o (I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.)
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To: Mrs. Don-o


9 posted on 09/17/2018 10:21:25 PM PDT by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change without notice.)
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To: Shark24

Boy, you can’t make this stuff up! In case you haven’t seen:


10 posted on 09/19/2018 8:15:31 AM PDT by Shark24
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