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Commandment #1
Christian Order ^ | November 2019 | The Editor

Posted on 05/11/2020 4:13:45 PM PDT by ebb tide

Commandment #1

Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God, and shalt serve him only, and thou shalt swear by his name. You shall not go after the strange gods of all the nations, that are round about you: Because the Lord thy God is a jealous God in the midst of thee: lest at any time the wrath of the Lord thy God be kindled against thee, and take thee away from the face of the earth.

- Deuteronomy 6:13-15


As clouds go, the October SINod in Rome was jet black; a new low amid ever new depths of doctrinal and moral perfidy. Even so, since every cloud has one, let's consider its silver lining. For although as bad as everyone predicted, it also trumpeted good news — of sorts.

Yes, Scamazon did serve to underline that the Church in her human aspect is sinking like a stone: or, to use a more precise simile, collapsing into her own footprint like the controlled demolition of World Trade Centre 7: an 'inside job'. She is doing so at an exponential rate, however, which is cause for hope.


Because Francis is hurtling us onwards and downwards to absolute rock bottom, from whence there is only onwards and upwards.

We pray of course to be spared a ground zero scenario. Yet saintly prophecies about the decline and fall of the Church stress this total collapse/purification — with all the torture, humiliation and disgrace involved — followed by miraculous restoration/resurgence — the resurrection of Christ's Mystical Body amid the ruins.

Barring the consecration of Russia and consequent Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, this will happen. Like Judas ushering in Calvary, Francis is just the passing baleful instrument of a dreadful denouement, now approaching like a freight train.  

On the one hand this is terrifying to behold.

On the other, there is hope (if only a sliver) that the daily torments we endure might abate sooner rather than later, at least temporarily and enough for us to catch our breath: since this apocalyptic papacy is racing at breakneck speed to the end of its shelf-life.

Whose "mama"?

The satanic acceleration reached unprecedented velocity with the publication of their Instrumentum Laboris: the Amazon working document steeped in the occult (see CO, Aug-Sept).  Putting the pagan pedal to the floor, they then kicked off Scamazon proceedings by mocking the First Commandment.  

As an acquiescent pontiff and his curia looked on, members of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network, and the Order of Franciscan Friars Minor (read: Amazonian natives and some white groupies) gathered in the Vatican gardens to pay homage to Mother Earth; variously holding hands and prancing about, then kneeling and bowing in a circle around images of two naked pregnant women (supposedly Mary).

Afterwards and typically, Vatican functionaries compounded the sins of idolatry and blasphemy with lies. In a 16 October despatch from Rome, LifeSite's Dorothy Cummings McLean related that during the daily press conference her colleague asked (twice) "what exactly the wooden pregnant lady represented":  

When the Vatican communications team responded, they said it represented “life” and “an indigenous woman who brings life” and “just a female figure” and “nobody said it was the Virgin Mary” ― which last was very shocking, for various defenders of the wooden image have indeed said it was and apparently the woman who presented a copy to Pope Francis called it “Our Lady of the Amazon.”

During the SINod, this wooden figure became known as "Pachamama."

Presumably, "Pacha" means "devil"?

If it doesn't, it should. Because she surely ain't our "mama"!

Far from the pure and immaculate Mother of God — "our life, our sweetness and our hope" — she's a fertility goddess of benighted natives betrayed by this pope: who views their idolatry as part of a rich and diverse pageant "willed by God," and sees no reason to evangelise and convert them. Just as he abandons doctrinally-challenged white Europeans; like the Anglican female 'reverend' in clerical garb who gained her ten minutes of fame in Rome by dancing around the devil's "mama."

The orgy of "diversity" and "tolerance" sparked Pachamama spin-offs.

The sacrosanct confines of one church was defiled by an Amazonian Spirituality exhibit featuring Pachamama idols and a complementary poster of a native woman breast-feeding a weasel.

Did you see the photos? No? Lucky you! The rest of us must live with the bestial image forever. Including Dorothy Cummings McLean who saw it up close and personal. Floored and flabbergasted, she wrote:

I have been trying to get my mind around how any Christian... could not be offended by the image of a woman ignoring her own child while looking down fondly on a rodent she is breastfeeding. Whatever the intent of the photographer or the poster’s compositor, it looks like a diabolical mockery of the Madonna and Child. It also dehumanises the woman in the photograph and, by extension, indigenous women and, indeed, all women.

Jorge's whispering serpents

Precisely. Dehumanisation and condescension follow disregard for the First Commandment as night follows day. Contacted by Mrs Cummings McLean, indigenous Brazilian Rexcrisanto Delson had this to say to Francis and his patronising crew: 

[T]he Church needs to focus on elevating the intellect of the indigenous instead of lowering Herself to their pagan beliefs and practices. My pagan ancestors were rooted in the natural law and rich in spiritualism, which made them fertile soil for the seed of our Catholic Faith to grow and flourish. Once they were properly catechised, it was clear to them that head hunting, and their worship of false gods were wrong. After learning about the priesthood and the significance of a priest as persona Christi, they grasped the Truth about celibacy.

My grandfather was a mambunong (pagan shaman), but his daughter (my mother) converted him to the Catholic faith, and he was baptised shortly before his death. She truly feared for his soul. This is what is absent from the Amazon Synod — a real concern for the souls of the indigenous. Countless of Igorots, when presented and taught the Truth, had enough intelligence to follow it and became baptised Christians because man is ordered towards the good. The indigenous people of the Amazon also have the intellect and are fertile soil for the Truth. They are not stupid. They just need to be taught the Truth.

Alas, after six years of fierce denunciations of "proselytism," we know that such appeals fall on deaf papal ears. The Catholic missionary spirit predicated on "extra Ecclesiam nulla salus" not only offends Francis, it disgusts him, as revealed once again during a 15 September address to Jesuits in Mozambique.

There, he professed feeling "bitter" after meeting a woman who had introduced him to two young converts to Catholicism. One had been Hindu, the other Anglican. Rather than share her joy over this manifestation of divine grace and mercy — which led a pagan and a Protestant to the fullness of Catholic Truth for which Christ suffered and died — he said he rebuked the woman for her "triumphant way"; perversely assuming that the two converts had been coerced into the Faith!

As on so many other occasions, his response — unwarranted, mean-spirited and brutal — was surely a reflex reaction to the serpents forever whispering in his ear; distorting all that is good and true.

He confessed as much during the same hour-long meeting with the Jesuits, making the disturbing admission of continuing to sin: "The pope is tempted, he is very besieged: only the prayer of his people can free him."

But since he is nothing if not a monumental hypocrite happily subject to these alien spirits, he then proceeded to rail against Catholic tradition and those who hold to it. Per usual, he thundered about "fundamentalism" and "moral fixation on the sixth commandment," mocking "young priests all stiff in black cassocks" whose "rigid clericalism," he assured his gay brethren, "concealed moral problems and imbalances."

Joyful slaying of false gods

Apart from his deep-seated psychological problems (for which, we recall, he once sought treatment from a Jewish psychiatrist), what these papal rants continually demonstrate is the quantum papal shift since 2013: from the middling Modernist ground so dangerously occupied by his post-conciliar predecessors, to the far end of the Modernist spectrum. For, despite their many ecumenical idolatries and blasphemies at Assisi and elsewhere that paved the way for Scamazon, even John Paul II and Benedict XVI would have shared the woman's delight and welcomed these souls aboard the Ark of Salvation.

As would another Jesuit named Francis, who, long ago, spent himself "proselytising" for Christ in pagan lands. Today, he would probably grab his Jesuit brother by the scruff of his papal neck, march him out of Casa Santa Marta, and run him out of Rome. But then St. Francis Xavier had a polar opposite (Catholic) understanding of the Faith. In a letter to his Jesuit superiors of 27 January 1545, reflecting Mr Delson above, he wrote to his Jesuit superiors in Rome about his work in India:

When all are baptised I order all the temples of their false gods to be destroyed and all the idols to be broken in pieces. I can give you no idea of the joy I feel in seeing this done, witnessing the destruction of the idols by the very people who but lately adored them. In all the towns and villages I leave the Christian doctrine in writing in the language of the country, and I prescribe at the same time the manner in which it is to be taught in the morning and evening schools. When I have done all this in one place, I pass to another, and so on successively to the rest. In this way I go all round the country, bringing the natives into the fold of Jesus Christ, and the joy that I feel in this is far too great to be expressed in a letter, or even by word of mouth....

So there it is. While the slaying of "false gods" and consequent conversions filled Saint Francis with "joy," they make Pope Francis feel "bitter."

Peace and joy are fruits of the Holy Spirit. Anger and resentment are the work of Evil Spirits: which "tempt" and "besiege" this pope as they "wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls."

Therefore, while righteously resisting Francis, we must lay siege to heaven like the devoted souls of the Church Militant cited on our inside-front cover, who gathered in Rome to ask St. Michael the Archangel for his special protection.

As they truly prayed, these wicked spirits who animate the enemies of God and of the Church have "penetrated to the heart of the citadel, and they worship idols even in the sanctuary, 'where the seat of Blessed Peter and the Chair of Truth which brings light to the nations has been established'.” (Exorcism of Pope Leo XIII).

Anchored in constant prayer, we will hold to the instruction and example of the mighty Francis Xavier and all our courageous saints and martyrs before and since — who did not tolerate "strange gods" and idols but denounced and destroyed them. Since the one true God commands this as priority #1, the salvation of souls, not least our own, depends on it.

TOPICS: Apologetics; Catholic; Worship
KEYWORDS: apostasy; francischism; pachamama; paganism

1 posted on 05/11/2020 4:13:45 PM PDT by ebb tide
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To: Al Hitan; Coleus; DuncanWaring; Fedora; irishjuggler; Jaded; JoeFromSidney; kalee; markomalley; ...


2 posted on 05/11/2020 4:15:14 PM PDT by ebb tide (We have a rogue curia in Rome.)
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To: ebb tide
...consequent Triumph of the Immaculate Heart...

Might want to re-read that passage along with Exodus 20:4-5.

3 posted on 05/11/2020 4:33:43 PM PDT by ealgeone
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To: ebb tide
Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God, and shalt serve him only, and thou shalt swear by his name.

What kind of a translation is that !


4 posted on 05/11/2020 4:38:52 PM PDT by ml/nj
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To: ebb tide

Commie Pope Dude worships pachamama.

5 posted on 05/11/2020 4:42:10 PM PDT by Uncle Miltie (BOYCOTT CHINA! - spread the word .... (China is the Sick Man of Asia with a very small penis))
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To: ml/nj

Douay-Rheims Bible

6 posted on 05/11/2020 4:51:18 PM PDT by ebb tide (We have a rogue curia in Rome.)
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To: ml/nj

“What kind of a translation is that !”

I was thinking the same thing.

7 posted on 05/11/2020 5:37:23 PM PDT by SaxxonWoods ("As government expands, liberty contracts." -Ronald Reagan)
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