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  • 1,193 Quarantined for Covid. Is This a Successful School Reopening?

    08/13/2020 12:25:09 PM PDT · 8 of 51
    lowbuck to Vermont Lt
    You hit the nail on the head. . . so what if they have the flu. . . are they sick. . . are they going to the doctor or hospital or maybe looking at death. No they just have the flu.

    My God, how many times did my son come home from the Hort with a message that they had a case of (take your pick): scarlet fever, chicken pox, black death, lice. (OK kidding about the black death). That and for most of his youthful years he dragged in the diesease de jour to share with us.

    We started out with a 15 day window to “bend the curve” and now we are at masks for all.

    And in a month or two we have the normal flu season so what do all the Crying Karen's do then?

    Sorry, rant off/

  • 75 Years Later, It’s Clear Truman Was Right To Drop The Atomic Bomb

    08/06/2020 11:47:37 AM PDT · 30 of 48
    lowbuck to JudgemAll
    “It basically allowed us to avoid dividing Japan with the Soviets like it happened in Germany”

    A major and often overlooked reason to force an end to the war. That and the fact that the Japs were willing to all die and take us with them sealed the deal.

    I have read extensively about WWII all my life. The enemies in Europe were seen and (generally) treated as reasonable combatants.

    In the Pacific the Japs were viewed like cockroaches who could only be subdued by killing the lot. There was no reasoning with them and the mentality that they would die to serve their emperor was totally alien. Starting Leyte Gulf and suicide fliers which terrified our Navy I think the die was cast to end the war no matter how. Just my 2¢

  • Why early retirement IS all it’s cracked up to be: Debunking the 5 Myths of early retirement

    07/20/2020 10:39:17 AM PDT · 40 of 89
    lowbuck to ronniesgal

    The best thing is if he starts to dislike this job, he quits!

    This hits the mark!! I took early retirement and have been busier than ever as a volunteer in my community (church, school, Boy Scouts, baseball and so). Everything I do is because I said I would not because I have to! Give me grief and there is another group begging me to come and help them. . . Big mental mindset difference.

  • Education board in California's Orange County votes to reopen schools without requiring masks(Oh no !!! Panic time for public school teachers)

    07/14/2020 10:22:21 AM PDT · 28 of 29
    lowbuck to Gen.Blather

    You should deal with the “Karen’s” over here in Germany. Mainly, white, liberal, American mom’s who seem to have lost their minds!!

    I keep trying to discuss this issue of CRAZY-19 but to no avail. As Mr. Spock would say “Captain, it does not compute”!

    No one is sick, the hospitals are empty and bodies are not piled up awaiting burial. Yet, they like drones in the hive want to wear masks, social distance and are terrified of going back to normal.

    Someone help me please. . . what the hell am I missing??

    Oh, and I will be 67 in a few months and should be afraid but I have been calling BS on this since March.

  • Georgia Is Doing Fine, Thank You

    07/07/2020 1:22:12 AM PDT · 1 of 12
    A straightforward three minute read by a doctor who discusses the facts and not what the BS politicians and media would have us believe.
  • The Declaration Of Independence: Creating The Best, The Freest Country On Earth

    07/05/2020 2:02:37 AM PDT · 1 of 4
    Read the entire article it only takes five minutes and will renew you.
  • At Mt. Rushmore, Trump Scoops the Democrats

    07/05/2020 1:17:22 AM PDT · 1 of 13
    A good summation of the Presidents comments and correctly, in my opinion, frames the ground being staked out for the November election. Enjoy
  • How Donald Trump’s campaign team is like Hillary Clinton’s: Michael Goodwin

    06/14/2020 8:58:35 AM PDT · 10 of 22
    lowbuck to gibsonguy
    First, I urge President Trump to run like he is 15 (honest) points down in the state votes.

    Why the state votes. . . that is where the election is decided because of the genius of the Electoral Collage.

    With that said, I must take issue with the reasoning in this article. I live here in EU land and the expats about me are all rather poorly informed by the echo chamber that goes with modern culture. Only a few of us are sane and by that I mean we are able to have reasoned discourse and even if we are diametrically opposed in opinion we still show respect and remain friends. Not so the vast majority of low-information voters.

    They are convinced that Trump is gone. Why. . . because he has the popular vote. The popular vote and $3.50 might get you a cheap coffee at Starbucks but it won't win the presidency. They don't understand this because they have never been taught basic US history and civics. Sad but I look forward to November when again I will enjoy watching election porn as the snowflakes and tofu crowd cry their hears out and shout ‘It's not fair’.

    Still all of us need to rally the troops and get out the vote. Like I said at the start. . . Act as though Mr. Trump was down 15 points in your state and get to work.

    Keep the faith.

  • DiGenova: Don't worry about Durham not charging Obama 'Shaming is far more important than indicting them'

    05/22/2020 9:06:19 AM PDT · 72 of 81
    lowbuck to Kharis13
    Agree 100% . . . Obama is a legend in his own mind. Nothing like realizing that history has judged you as a miserable failure.

    I too hope that the underlings in DOJ/FBI and the many henchmen for Obama go down. Even is they beat the wrap they will taste bankrupcy fighting to stay out of Hotel Graybar.

  • Nearly 50 Percent of California Coronavirus Deaths in Nursing Homes

    05/10/2020 3:50:09 AM PDT · 29 of 29
    lowbuck to haircutter
    Northern Italy was hit hard in the beginning and part of the reason for all the panic. Germany, went into cower and shake mode but had nowhere near the same rates of death. Why?

    Italy has a bit over 8 ICU beds per 100K. By the time folks were very sick they got put into the ICU but the jig was already up for most of them. Their old and sick relatives tend to live with and be a part of the family. And apparently this part of Italy has a lot of folks from the part of China affected and they were traveling back and forth.

    Germany, I believe a bit over 33 ICU beds per 100K. When people came to the doctor with symptoms they were given medicine and SENT HOME. Only the very bad cases went to the hospital where most would die. The old folks get to live along and if they get really bad Germans ship them off to the old folks home. The main infection vectors seemed to be two smaller towns in the south and west where Germans had been visiting the ski resort in Italy which was identified as being a hot spot.

    Add to this that Germans, in general, are reserved. Show much less affection than do, for example, Italians tend to have a very small group of close friends (count on one hand) and this also is a possible reason transmission was not so rapid.

    One of the odd things is that much of former East Germany had very few cases of this flu. Maybe some day a reason will be found but it is an oddity.

    I fear that like elsewhere the initial panic was overdone and led to the lock downs. The people see that it is not needed and are coming out. I doubt the politicians will every tell us the truth and it was all a mistake and overreaction. I doubt it.

  • Can The Boeing 747 Fly On One Engine?

    05/10/2020 3:32:08 AM PDT · 68 of 87
    lowbuck to llevrok

    That covered by ETOPS

    Engines Turn or Passengers Swim!

  • Horowitz: Simple arithmetic demonstrates that the epidemic, outside nursing homes, is essentially over

    05/09/2020 11:49:35 AM PDT · 31 of 31
    lowbuck to krug
    From the start I have said that none of this makes sense unless the government know s something that they can't or won't tell us.

    By now the latter would have leaked out so I am left with “it does not make sense”.

    Report after report show that the actual dynamics are similar to a bad flu season. The same groups that are at risk from the flu are at risk from COVID-19. The very old, very sick or with complications (cancer, heart or lung disease, very high blood pressure). The virus does not kill them it only makes it so the other illnesses can finish them off.

    The gutless politicians and experts will never say “sorry we got it wrong. . . go back to a normal life and keep Oma at home until this passes”. No, it is going to be the people who just return to a normal life and the pols/experts follow.

    The damage that has been done by social isolation will take years to correct.

    Meanwhile the left and MSM will play this out in the hopes that finally they can pin something on Orange Man Bad. I can only hope that in a just world they would all rot in Hell.

  • Germany Resumes Church Services – But No Singing Allowed as Coronavirus Restrictions Loosen

    05/07/2020 12:10:24 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    lowbuck to shalom aleichem
    Simply the insane fear of spreading the virus.

    Our Catholic Church is planning our first Mass on May 10th. The directions on how we are to conduct ourselves is very detailed. Just as you might expect in Germany.

    Bottom line, social distancing, no singing, no touching, cannot give out Missels and on and on.

    As one of the leaders of our church I suggested we dispense with in-church Mass, just install a drive by window for communion and on the way you go.

    Thankfully, the “Berger's” are acting like many in American and saying enough is enough. The politicians are gutless and will never admit they screwed up and paniced. No they are waiting for the masses to just return to normal life so they can shrug their shoulders and hope everyone forgets what crap has been force on them. If I seem mad it is because I am. Sorry

  • Is evidence rising that Britain's lockdown could be a deadly mistake? Exactly how many REAL Covid-19 deaths were there?

    05/06/2020 10:21:55 AM PDT · 14 of 15
    lowbuck to House Atreides
    I agree that between the MSM, political enemies and the panic of the masses President Trump had to go with the flow. Once in lock down I think he has done an excellent job of (1) providing positive leadership, (2) getting assets to the states/cities in need and (3) defining this as a states (as in states rights) run operation.

    The MSM/political enemies were waiting for him to be the decision makers so if some stubbed their toe or died of anything they would hang it on President Trump. Instead they have to focus on 50 governors.

    And guess what. . . the Republican led states are moving back to normal and while the MSM can take pot shots at these governors the citizens could care less. They want their freedom.

    Meanwhile in blue states (CA, NY, MI, WI) the governors to be praised by the MSM for staying with the lock down are being exposed as tin bit dictators. The people are revolting and in a just world they will remember come November.

    Folks, good times are coming back. We can go back to our normal lives but for many this is the first Civics lessons they have had in their lives. I think they are learning a lot about how government should and should not work. Just my 2¢.

  • 'Climate' Hoax Is Another Coronavirus Casualty

    05/02/2020 6:58:48 AM PDT · 1 of 16
    What many of us have said for years. The scientist cannot predict the weather next week much less in 100 years. Now along comes the Bat Flu and the models that say we are all going to die are all full of sh*t.
  • Trump Managing To Put Democrats In Political Corner

    04/28/2020 9:11:28 AM PDT · 16 of 37
    lowbuck to billorites
    Thanks for posting. Conrad Black is always a good read.

    I tend to agree with his analysis. The MSM/Dems (I repeat myself) would crucify President Trump is anyone breaks a fingernail because he had the courage to end the lock down.

    Instead he has correctly placed this responsibility where it belongs under our form of government. And guess what. . . FL, TX, GA their heading back to normal. NY/CA let them explain to their citizens why they are still third-world when life goes on elsewhere.

    Sure the press will beat the drum but once again all most Americans care about is getting back to normal.

    By November this will all be but a bad dream.

  • The Coronavirus Guessing Game

    04/28/2020 4:08:19 AM PDT · 5 of 9
    lowbuck to Kaslin
    To me the money quote “As I see it, there are really only a couple of options: either politicians got in way over their heads, panicked, and committed to a shutdown so they’re sticking with it to save face, or there’s more to this story than they are telling us.”

    Since this craziness began I have been saying that what I am seeing with my eyes and finding from various sources does not support the extreme measures taken.”

    I mooted that it only makes sense if there is something afoot that the government was not telling us but in my wildest “tinfoil hat” imagination I could not envision anything.

    I think the pols know they over reacted but dare not take a stand to reopen as the MSM will put the blame on them if a single (doesn't matter how old or health compromised) dies.

  • WATCH: E.R. Doctors Urge A Reopening: Lockdown Creating Public Health Crisis, Doctors ‘Pressured’ To Add COVID To Death Reports, Quarantining Healthy ‘Never Seen’ Before

    04/26/2020 10:30:04 AM PDT · 30 of 41
    lowbuck to American Infidel
    I also watched the full video earlier today. I was impressed that they did something (in plain English) that the MSM has yet to do. . . show me the results of testing against actual deaths. They did not quibble about deaths being charged to COVID-19 (although they did comment on this) and allowing for inflation in deaths the instance of death due to this virus is in-line with seasonal flu.

    They also got into aspects of locking people up and denying them social intercourse, work, study and such. Child abuse, abuse of alcohol, depression and suicide are real and should be factored into this equation, but, are being ignored by the mass media.

    I did not realize that the medical services were “standing down” services to focus on the “what if crush” of flu patients. That is criminal. I give them BIG CREDIT for being on the deck plates and dealing with reality.

    I fear politicians around the world are fearful of making a call to go back to normaliy as the MSM and Karen's of the world will crucify them if but a single person falls sick.

    Citizens are starting to rise up, some mayors and governors are also trusting in what they see instead of the experts. Hope is still there and it is time this madness ends.

  • Trump instructs U.S. Navy to destroy Iranian gunboats ‘if they harass our ships at sea’

    04/22/2020 11:31:51 AM PDT · 27 of 29
    lowbuck to texas booster

    Of course we have the International Rules of the Road governs how we conduct ourselves at sea.

    But that predisposes that you are dealing with rational mariners. If the rug merchants want to play with fire they may be disappointed when they get burned.

    As someone else posted. . . sink a few and notice how they all go home.

    As someone who spent months on Gonzo Station back in 1979 I fall into the camp of kill them all and let God sort it out.

  • Munich's Oktoberfest celebrations canceled amid coronavirus pandemic: 'The risk is just too high'

    04/21/2020 10:44:20 AM PDT · 27 of 27
    lowbuck to Dilbert San Diego
    If you can imagine TDS type of worldview then imagine this transferred to a fear of COVID-19. Absolute insanity with no logic to be found anywhere in how to deal with this flu.

    Everything is awful, we are all going to die. It will be years and years before we can go out again. I hear this all day from so many and go in at night and watch a YouTube of WWII in the ETO and wondered what the hell happened to these people and their ability to work through a little challenge.

    Thank God I have a small circle of friends who are normal and we all just are amazed by the stupidity of the masses.