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  • Big Tech Strikes Again: Twitter Suspends Account With Viral Tweet of Rachel Maddow Crying on Air

    03/23/2019 10:25:42 AM PDT · by MNDude · 25 replies
    Twitter has suddenly suspended an account that had posted a video of themselves laughing at Rachel Maddow crying on air over the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s investigation. The user, Karli Bonne’, had nearly 15,000 followers when her account was removed.
  • Thousands in Germany protest planned EU internet reforms

    03/23/2019 3:07:05 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 11 replies
    Associated Press ^ | March 23, 2019
    Tens of thousands of people have marched in cities across Germany to protest planned European Union copyright reforms that they fear will lead to online censorship. […] The most controversial section would require companies such as YouTube and Facebook to take responsibility for copyrighted material that’s uploaded to their platforms. Proponents say the new rules will help ensure authors, artists and journalists are paid. Opponents claim they could restrict freedom of speech, hamper online creativity and force websites to install filters. …
  • [Catholic Caucus] Franciscan University Attempts to Silence Faculty

    03/22/2019 8:57:19 AM PDT · by ebb tide · 10 replies
    Church Militant ^ | March 21, 2019 | Christine Niles
    [Catholic Caucus] Franciscan University Attempts to Silence Faculty New rules threaten 'disciplinary action' if professors speak to media STEUBENVILLE, Ohio ( - Franciscan University of Steubenville, suffering from a recent spate of bad press, is trying to rein in faculty by threatening disciplinary action if they give comments to media. In new guidelines on academic freedom sent this week to all faculty, the administration warns, "Anonymous communication of facts or opinions about the University to media outlets or other external organizations is unprofessional and unethical, and may be grounds for disciplinary action." Anonymous communication ... may be grounds for disciplinary action.Tweet The document fails...
  • Jeanine Pirro's Fox News Show Won't Air for Second Week

    03/21/2019 12:39:14 PM PDT · by libstripper · 60 replies
    Hollywood Reporter vis MSN ^ | Mar. 21, 2019 | Jeremy Barr
    Judge Jeanine Pirro's Saturday night Fox News show will not appear as scheduled for a second straight week, according to the network's online programming calendar. Instead of Justice w/ Judge Jeanine, Fox News will air Scandalous: The Trial of William Kennedy Smith at 9 p.m. on the East Coast, the same show that aired on Saturday, March 16.
  • The Final Level of Censorship is Here: The Banning of URLs

    03/20/2019 1:48:35 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 93 replies ^ | March 20, 2019 | Staff
    After Blocking Zero Hedge And Others, NZ Telcos Demand Big-Tech Censorship Surge To “Protect Consumers” ========================================================== In the wake of last week’s terror attacks at two New Zealand mosques which left 50 dead, several websites which either reported on the incident, hosted footage of the attacks, or have simply allowed people to engage in uncensored discussion such as Dissenter or Zero Hedge, have been partially or completely blocked in both New Zealand and Australia for the sake of “protecting consumers,” according to the CEOs of three New Zealand telcos. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting – which was broadcast...
  • UK police investigate Catholic mom of five for ‘misgendering’ trans in tweet

    03/20/2019 10:19:49 AM PDT · by ebb tide · 15 replies
    LifeSite News ^ | March 20, 2019 | Dorothy Cummings McLean
    UK police investigate Catholic mom of five for ‘misgendering’ trans in tweet GUILDFORD, England, March 20, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A UK Catholic mother of five is being investigated by police following a complaint that she deliberately referred to a biological male who believes he’s female as a “he” on social media last year. The mother says she’ll “happily” go to jail for the right to say that “people cannot change sex.” Caroline Farrow, 44, is a well-known Catholic apologist and commentator on social issues in the United Kingdom. She appeared on television talk show “Good Morning Britain” last September to debate...
  • ISPs in AU and NZ start censoring the internet without legal precedent

    03/19/2019 9:09:05 AM PDT · by MNDude · 17 replies
    Several websites including Voat, ZeroHedge,, LiveLeak, and others have been blocked in Australia and New Zealand in direct contravention to civil liberties that citizens are supposed to have. The biggest of these internet providers, Telstra, has published a blog post defending their censorship action – even acknowledging that free speech has been sacrificed by company decision:
  • Nunes sues Twitter, some users, seeks over $250M alleging anti-conservative 'shadow bans,' smears

    03/18/2019 3:38:17 PM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 97 replies
    Fox ^ | March 18, 2019 | Gregg Re
    California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes filed a major lawsuit seeking $250 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages against Twitter and a handful of its users on Monday, accusing the social media site of "shadow-banning conservatives" including himself to influence the 2018 elections, systematically censoring opposing viewpoints and totally "ignoring" lawful complaints of repeated abusive behavior. In a complaint filed in Virginia state court on Monday, obtained by Fox News, Nunes said Twitter was guilty of "knowingly hosting and monetizing content that is clearly abusive, hateful and defamatory – providing both a voice and financial incentive to the...
  • Facebook blocks Trump’s social media chief: 'Why are you silencing me?'

    03/18/2019 6:27:21 PM PDT · by Revel · 73 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 3/18/19 | Paul Bedard
    Facebook abruptly censored the account of President Trump’s chief social media guru, blocking him for simply responding to a question from a reader. Dan Scavino Jr. said on Facebook that his page was blocked without notice. “AMAZING. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME from replying to comments followers have left me - on my own Facebook Page!!?? People have the right to know. Why are you silencing me??? Please LMK! Thanks,” he wrote today. Scavino is responsible for several of the president's and White House's social media accounts. He has been with the president for years. His accounts have a tremendous...
  • Brenton Tarrant, Acceleration & Collapse

    03/18/2019 7:07:56 PM PDT · by OddLane · 8 replies
    Youtube ^ | 3/16/19 | Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
    An analysis of the reaction to the NZ mosque shooter and his motivation by the mainstream media.
  • Robert Spencer: So Long, Everybody; If I'm shut out of all platforms in next few days, you know why.

    03/18/2019 11:42:20 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 45 replies
    Frontpage Mag ^ | 03/18/2019 | Robert Spencer
    My friends, it could be time for me to be saying goodbye. Leftist and Islamic groups have been trying for years to silence all criticism of jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women and others, and in the New Zealand massacre they see the best chance in a long time to move in for the kill. I (along with other foes of jihad terror) could be banned from everything and rendered a non-person, a la Alex Jones, any day now. This is no exaggeration. Meeting in Istanbul, the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) has called on non-Muslim countries...
  • Christchurch Shootings: Sajid Javid Warns Tech Giants Over Footage [New Zealand]

    03/18/2019 11:20:08 AM PDT · by Star Traveler · 46 replies
    Tech News Boss ^ | Saturday, March 16, 2019 | The Administrator
    Social media companies have been told to “clean up their platforms” or be prepared to face the “force of the law” by Home Secretary Sajid Javid. Writing in the Daily Express, Mr Javid said: “Tech companies must do more to stop his messages being broadcast.” Despite the original video being taken down, it was quickly replicated and shared widely on other platforms, including YouTube and Twitter. Mr Javid urged people to stop viewing and sharing the “sick material” online, adding: “It is wrong and it is illegal.
  • Conventional Wisdom on the Christchurch Attacks

    03/18/2019 10:48:44 AM PDT · by OddLane · 1 replies
    Youtube ^ | 3/18/19 | Gerard Perry
    I give my thoughts on the recent Christchurch attacks, and the government and media's response, i.e. more censorship, less guns.
  • Teenager accused of sharing video of Christchurch terror attack denied bail

    03/18/2019 9:43:43 AM PDT · by Star Traveler · 40 replies
    9News (Australia) ^ | Monday, March 18, 2019 | AAP
    An 18-year-old New Zealander accused of sharing a livestream of a mass shooting across two mosques that left 50 dead has been denied bail. Police have said the man - who cannot yet be named - was not involved in the attack in Christchurch allegedly carried out by Australian white supremacist Brenton Tarrant, 28, on Friday. Appearing in the Christchurch District Court today, the accused was granted interim name suppression but was declined bail by Judge Stephen O'Driscoll.
  • Howard Kurtz addresses Judge Jeanine's absence from Fox News Channel

    03/17/2019 1:37:58 PM PDT · by libstripper · 78 replies
    Fox News ^ | Mar. 17, 2019 | Christopher Carbone
    During "Media Buzz," Howard Kurtz addressed the fact that "Justice with Judge Jeanine" did not air Saturday night, one week after the network condemned her comments about Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.
  • YouTube Demonetized My Entire Channel — and You Won’t Believe Why

    03/15/2019 12:43:36 PM PDT · by OddLane · 36 replies
    The Stream ^ | 3/13/19 | Dr. Michael Brown
    I was getting ready for my radio show on Monday when I spotted an announcement on the AskDrBrown YouTube channel. The entire channel — now, almost 1,600 videos — has been demonetized. By now, I’ve been used to the constantly changing standards of YouTube, not to mention the non-existent customer service. I’m talking about YouTube approving a video one day that speaks out against abortion while telling me the next day that a generic video where I answer caller questions about the Bible is not suitable for most advertisers. As I’ve written before, if it wasn’t so ridiculous, it would...
  • Leftist Exec Hates Her Son Watching Shapiro Videos, Says She'd Like Shapiro Banned From YouTube.

    On Monday, tech website Recode published an interview conducted by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki with Recode's co-founder Kara Swisher, who bemoaned that her 13-year-old son had started watching Ben Shapiro videos, claimed watching the videos was a "gateway drug" to eventually watching Neo-Nazi videos, and said she would remove Shapiro's video’s from YouTube if she could. That prompted Shapiro to fire back on Twitter, "It seems rather illiberal of you to ask YouTube to ban my videos."
  • The Ugly Truth About Islam and Social Media Censorship

    03/13/2019 8:47:33 AM PDT · by OddLane · 2 replies
    Youtube ^ | 3/13/19 | Gerar Perry
    I give my thoughts on the drive by social media companies to make Islam a religion beyond criticism.

    03/08/2019 6:26:17 PM PST · by Steve Schulin · 54 replies
    Congressional Record ^ | March 7, 2019 | Sen. Schumer, et al
    [pp. S1742-3] By Mr. SCHUMER (for himself, Mr. Carper, Mr. Reed, Mr. Van Hollen, Mr. Whitehouse, Mr. Markey, Mr. Schatz, Ms. Smith, Mr. Blumenthal, Mrs. Shaheen, Mr. Booker, Ms. Stabenow, Ms. Klobuchar, Ms. Hassan, Mr. Merkley, and Mrs. Feinstein): S. 729. A bill to prohibit the use of funds to Federal agencies to establish a panel, task force, advisory committee, or other effort to challenge the scientific consensus on climate change, and for other purposes; read the first time. Mr. SCHUMER. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the text of the bill be printed in the Record. There being...
  • Burning Books: Amazon Moves to Make Anti-Jihad Author a “Non-person”

    03/08/2019 6:59:04 AM PST · by budj · 4 replies
    The New American ^ | 07 March 2019 | Selwyn Duke
    Tommy Robinson is, one could say speaking loosely, being turned into a non-person. Oh, he still lives and breathes and walks and talks; though when he talks now, fewer hear him. He surely can still mount a soapbox and opine on a street corner — until the hate-speech cops haul him away. Mind you, it wouldn’t be the first time he was hauled away.