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  • A Dystopian Novel That Foreshadowed Our Present Moment

    07/18/2020 5:16:52 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 30 replies
    National Review ^ | July 18, 2020 | Michael Washburn
    Men and women wearing masks shuffle wearily through the desolate ruins of a failed country. It’s not healthy or safe to be out, and public places are barren. Storefronts are boarded up. Encounters of any length with other human beings are few and far between, and often revolve around the transactional or coerced provision of food or sex....The government, or what’s left of it, is an aloof, hostile presence. Citizens have been conditioned to hate their heritage and culture, or what little remains; they’ve come to hate themselves. Believing in the value of what past generations have done, built, and...
  • Nightmare in New York: How Covid-19, BLM protests and a liberal mayor are turning the city into a no-go zone

    07/05/2020 12:45:32 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 32 replies
    The Daily Mail ^ | July 4,2020 | By CAROLINE GRAHAM FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY
    Nightmare in New York: How Covid-19, BLM protests and a liberal mayor are turning the city into a no-go zone as murders skyrocket, shops are looted and 500,000 middle-class residents flee.. Title Joel Kotkin, a leading expert on urban trends, and a native New Yorker who now lives in California, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘This is an unprecedented crisis the likes of which New York has never faced. When 9/11 happened, it was a major disruption but the country and the world rallied in support and there was a great sense of solidarity.’ Back then, Rudy Giuliani was mayor...
  • Empty Egg Carton: Why have western women stopped having babies? - (Paul Joseph Watson)

    01/29/2020 10:46:28 AM PST · by yesthatjallen · 95 replies
    Youtube ^ | Jan 28, 2020 | Paul Joseph Watson
    Empty Egg Carton: Why have western women stopped having babies? 22 min. video: Empty Egg Carton: Why have western women stopped having babies?
  • Policy analyst on falling birth rates: Rhetoric from the left contributing to 'change in norms'

    05/18/2019 7:38:44 AM PDT · by MinorityRepublican · 16 replies
    Fox News ^ | 5/17/2019
    In response to new statistics revealing the United States has hit its lowest birth rate in 32 years, Independent Women's Forum senior policy analyst Patrice Onwuka argued that rhetoric from the political left is contributing to women rethinking the decision to have children.
  • America just had its lowest number of births in 32 years, report finds

    05/15/2019 9:57:47 AM PDT · by GuavaCheesePuff · 52 replies
    CNN ^ | May 15, 2019 | Jacqueline Howard
    America's fertility rate and the number of births nationwide are continuing to decline. The number of births for the United States last year dropped to its lowest in about three decades, according to provisional data in a new report from the National Center for Health Statistics at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Even though the number of births we've seen in 2018 is the lowest that we've seen in 32 years, the total fertility rate is at a record low," said Brady Hamilton, a natality expert at the center and first author of the report.
  • After the Boomers Are Gone, the Bloodshed Begins

    05/08/2019 7:29:06 AM PDT · by Altura Ct. · 64 replies
    The Boomer Age is drawing to its close. When one speaks of this group, it tends to mostly focus on white Boomers (not that others are outside the group, but to such a great extent, it really does mean those of mostly European background, if for no other reason than they have been the largest demographic group). When that age does end, we will see an ever dwindling European demographic majority in many Western nations (Canada and the USA are almost certainly the first, soon followed by a variety of European nations). That significant point of majority will be fading,...
  • Western civilization on suicide watch

    04/21/2019 5:18:17 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 24 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 04/21/2019 | By Elliot Eisenberg
    In large part for demographic reasons, I am pessimistic about the future for America and the West. My mother died recently, just shy of 94 years old. She left seven grandchildren: two medical doctors, one doctor of physical therapy; and biomedical engineer; one specialist in digital photography; one management trainee and one student. I am older (70) than her husband, my father, was when he passed. I have one grandchild and am unlikely to have more. The night my eldest (now a cardiologist) was married, he called me aside at the reception say his wife did not want to have...
  • Notre Dame: An Omen

    04/16/2019 3:19:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 59 replies ^ | April 16, 2019 | Dennis Prager
    The symbolism of the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, the most renowned building in Western civilization, the iconic symbol of Western Christendom, is hard to miss. It is as if God Himself wanted to warn us in the most unmistakable way that Western Christianity is burning -- and with it, Western civilization. Every major Western (and one major non-Western) social and intellectual force has conspired to rid Europe of Christianity and the civilization it produced. Within the Western world, the French Enlightenment -- the intellectual basis of the French Revolution and the modern West -- sought to replace Christianity, and...

    03/19/2019 11:13:40 AM PDT · by TBP · 144 replies
    Newsweek ^ | 3/19/19 | EWAN PALMER
    Glenn Beck has suggested that it would be the “end of the country as we know it” if Donald Trump does not win at the 2020 election because of the rise of radicalism and socialism in the Democratic Party. Speaking to Fox News’s Sean Hannity, the conservative radio host and author said he had discussed the threat posed by the changing face of the party for the past year, which is now being highlighted by the election of Congresswomen such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, and the support of the Green New Deal. “I said what was coming and...
  • The Collapse of Western Civilization

    03/13/2019 3:29:59 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 19 replies
    Youtube ^ | 03/16/19 | Paul Joseph Watson
    Almost every factor that precedes the collapse of great civilizations has been met by the west.
  • Are America and the West collapsing? New study finds startling similarities to past civilizations

    02/25/2019 8:33:40 AM PST · by SleeperCatcher · 78 replies
    The National Sentinel ^ | 2/25/19 | Jon Dougherty
    Full headline: Are America and the West headed toward collapse? New study finds startling similarities to fall of past civilizationsPredictions of America’s doom and gloom ahead are nothing new, as it’s always easier for us to see the glass as half-empty rather than half-full. So it’s not surprising that a new study has made a similar ‘prediction.’ But unlike many past analyses, a new look at an old study by historian Arnold Toynbee in his 12-volume magnum opus “A Study of History” examined his findings and identified key elements within each past great civilization that explained why they collapsed. In...
  • Fertility rate for white women plummets BELOW the limit

    01/10/2019 8:48:28 AM PST · by MinorityRepublican · 53 replies
    The Daily Mail ^ | January 10, 2019 | Mary Kekatos
    Fertility rates for white women were down in every US state in 2017 - below the rate needed for the population to replace itself, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals.
  • Witchcraft moves to the mainstream in America as Christianity declines [tr]

    12/21/2018 6:29:13 AM PST · by C19fan · 36 replies
    UK Telegraph ^ | December 21, 2018 | Rachel Ray
    Witchcraft is thriving in the US, with an estimated 1.5 million Americans now identifying as witches - more than the total number of Presbyterians. As Christianity declines across the country, paganism has swung to the mainstream, with witchcraft paraphernalia for sale on every high street and practises normalised across popular culture. In the past two years, it has also become darkly politicised. Dakota Bracciale, a 29-year-old transgender/queer witch and co-owner of Catland Books and witch shop in Brooklyn, is pleased with the outcome of the ritual hex placed on US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in October. The curse, carried...
  • And Now the Boy Scouts

    12/18/2018 8:04:09 AM PST · by Kaslin · 52 replies ^ | December 18, 2018 | Cal Thomas
    The erosion of what many Americans once believed were the foundations of our country continues apace. They include, but are not limited to, overspending and debt (personal and national), never-ending wars, uncontrolled borders leading to massive immigration with no time for or expectation of assimilation and political divisions that grow wider by the day. It's now the Boy Scouts of America's turn to join the parade. The organization, which began in 1910 to, according to its website, "...train youth in responsible citizenship, character development and self-reliance" so they become honest men, worthy of admiration and respect, is now in danger...
  • Refugee Who Raped 16-Year-Old Girl Acquitted Due to 'Different Cultural Norms'

    11/27/2018 6:02:58 AM PST · by ZeroToHero · 65 replies
    NN ^ | 11/26/18 | Paul Whitehead
    A Bangladeshi refugee, who raped a 16-year-old high-school girl in France, has been acquitted by the court due to “different cultural norms,” according to reports. The refugee, who attended the same school as his victim in the French city of Saint-Lô, was also charged with sexually assaulting another young girl in 2015. The attorney contended that the defendant possessed “different cultural norms,” which led to a "misunderstanding" of how the girl dressed, her behavior and looks.
  • America, and humanity, is done. Prove me wrong.

    11/13/2018 8:57:54 AM PST · by GOP Congress · 87 replies
    For the love of God, please prove me wrong. The country is gone. For the first time since the pilgrims have reached the shores of North America, the culture that both preceded, as well as lasted over 200 years, has met its final requiem in the 2018 “elections.” The Fabian Socialists have finally taken over the United States, the last bastion of economic, religious, and cultural freedom in the world, the rule of law, and Constitutional Republicanism that guarantees the rights of individuals over the suppression of government. In short, we are entering the darkest days that America will ever...
  • Demographics: Why America desperately needs another baby boom

    10/29/2018 10:12:51 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 59 replies
    New York Post ^ | 10/29/2018 | Steven W. Mosher
    Although the great engine of American capitalism is now humming on all cylinders, Americans remain strangely reluctant to have children. That birthrates plummeted during the Great Recession, which ran from 2008 to 2016, is no surprise. Who would want to bring children into a jobless, stagnant economy? But the return of prosperity after the 2016 election should have produced a quick uptick in births. That, after all, was the consistent pattern we had seen in the past. Despite generous tax cuts and rising middle-class incomes, however, our birth rate remains mired at the lowest level ever recorded in American history....
  • With 100 Sharia courts and 423 new mosques London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries

    10/11/2018 8:55:15 PM PDT · by Mr. Mojo · 47 replies
    Voice of Europe ^ | 11 October 2018
    Mosques are popping up all over Britain, especially in its capital city of London. Sharia courts are in full function in London, handing out actual decisions to London’s ever growing Muslim population. “London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together,” Islamic preacher Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi told local media Churches still outnumber mosques in Britain, but there are many mosques that are becoming overcrowded. Five years ago the Daily Mail published photos of churches and mosques in London. The difference was astonishing. The St Mary’s Church had only 12 people attending mass. While nearby at the Brune Street...
  • Epitaph for a Dying Culture

    10/01/2018 5:59:50 PM PDT · by Politically Correct · 50 replies
    RUTHFULLY YOURS ^ | 1 Oct. 2018 | Victor Davis Hanson
    So, here we were to be left with a new legal and cultural standard in adjudicating future disagreements and disputes, an utterly anti-Western standard quite befitting for our new relativist age: The veracity of accusations will hinge on the particular identity, emotions, and ideology of the accuser; Evidence, or lack of it, will be tangential, given the supposed unimpeachable motives of the ideologically correct accuser; The burden of proof and evidence will rest with the accused to disprove the preordained assumption of guilt; Hearsay will be a valuable narrative and constitute legitimate evidence; Truth is not universal, but individualized. Ford’s...
  • Us white male Christians need to step back and give others room to lead: OPINION

    10/01/2018 3:30:28 PM PDT · by C19fan · 104 replies
    ABC News ^ | September 30, 2018 | Matthew Dowd
    n the great span of world history, nearly all change and progress has come from an under-served and out-of-power group pushing, prodding, and pounding on those who hold power to expand it to include a wider and more diverse population. Unfortunately, nearly every time, those in power don’t have the foresight or humility to expand the circles without this external threat. As a white male Christian in America, I am part of a dwindling subset that has held the levers of power politically and economically in nearly every field for the entire history of the United States. And though my...