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  • 'Progressive' = the New Nazi-Democratic Socialists, National Socialists and the ties that bind.

    03/21/2019 6:00:40 AM PDT · by SJackson · 11 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | March 21, 2019 | Joseph Hippolito
    Before Donald Trump was elected President, and certainly since, self-described "progressives" or "democratic socialists" in the Democratic Party have denigrated anybody who opposes their agenda as Nazis. But are they engaging in psychological projection? Consider the following recent events. Comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Jim Clyburn and Rep. Rashida Tlaib display contempt for Jews -- in Rep. Clyburn's case, for victims of the Holocaust. Heavily Democratic legislatures in New York, Illinois and Virginia perpetuate the wanton destruction of human life by passing laws allowing abortion to the moment of birth. In Virginia, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam said a woman can choose whether a...
  • Were the Nazis Socialists?

    03/21/2019 8:22:28 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 72 replies
    Snopes ^ | David Emery
    The full name of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party, the political movement that brought him to power and supplied the infrastructure of the fascist dictatorship over which he would preside, was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. According to historians, the complicated moniker reveals more about the image the party wanted to project and the constituency it aimed to build than it did about the Nazis’ true political goals, which were building a state based on racial superiority and brute-force governance.Given that Nazism is traditionally held to be an extreme right-wing ideology, the party’s conspicuous use of...
  • David Duke and Ilhan Omar Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

    03/08/2019 6:24:35 AM PST · by BadLands59 · 26 replies
    Jewish Press ^ | 3/8/2019 | David Israel
    It finally happened on Thursday night, and if you own a Twitter account you could watch it first-hand: the KKK and the Muslim Brotherhood met each other like a snake head discovering its tail, united in their hate of Jews. Ah, the Jerusalem Mufti must be dancing in his grave. At 8:02 PM, Thursday, Grand Wizard David Duke tweeted: “By Defiance to Z.O.G. Ilhan Omar is NOW the most important Member of the US Congress! America First!” In case you don’t enjoy following neo-Nazi popular conspiracy theory, Z.O.G. is short for Zionist Occupation Government, the unified field theory of Jew...
  • Mass. Woman Charged with Assault After Attacking MAGA Hat-Wearing Man in Bar

    02/24/2019 8:33:43 AM PST · by rktman · 47 replies ^ | 2/22/2019 | D. Heine
    A Massachusetts woman has been charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct after attacking a man wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat in a bar last week, NECN News reported. Police in Falmouth, Mass., were called to the Casa Vallarta bar at about 8 p.m. Friday after Rosiane Santos, 41, allegedly went on a drunken rampage, verbally assaulting and attacking a man who says he was minding his own business. Bryton Turner said it was due to the MAGA hat he was wearing. Turner recorded the incident with his phone saying, "Ignorant people like this. I'm just...
  • Hate groups at all time high in the Carolinas (SPLC)

    02/21/2019 10:01:54 PM PST · by Perseverando · 35 replies
    WCNC ^ | February 21, 2019 | WCNC
    Hate groups at all time high in the Carolinas The new "hate map" created by the Southern Poverty Law Center tracks various organizations like the KKK and Neo-Nazis all currently operating in our area.
  • Jewish groups protest after US reporter's error on Polish WWII history

    02/18/2019 5:44:14 AM PST · by Cronos · 69 replies
    The ^ | 14 Feb 2019 | TNP
    Jewish advocacy groups have protested after an American reporter erroneously referred to an uprising against a “Polish and Nazi regime” during World War II.A monument honouring the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising fighters in the Polish capital. Photo: Szczebrzeszynski [Public domain], from Wikimedia CommonsWhile reporting from the Polish capital on Wednesday, Andrea Mitchell, a foreign affairs correspondent for the MSNBC television network, suggested that a World War II-era uprising by Jews in the Warsaw ghetto was staged against “the Polish and Nazi regime.”The American Jewish Committee's Warsaw-based Central Europe office has responded in a tweet that “it is beyond the pale...
  • Ocasio-Cortez And The Nazi Connection

    02/16/2019 5:13:28 AM PST · by dontreadthis · 35 replies ^ | December 10, 2018 | Mark Angelides
    The Democrats’ latest heroine might not be quite the early Christmas present they had hoped for as scandal after scandal engulfs the newly elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). People are often judged according to those with whom they associate, and in the case of AOC’s Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, the congresswoman-elect may well find herself destined for trouble. Ask yourself a question: If President Donald Trump hired a person who openly shows support for a Nazi collaborator, how long would that staff member last? And perhaps more importantly, how tarnished would the president’s brand be? This is the situation AOC...
  • Spartacus: If We Could Save The World From Nazis, We Can Save It With The Green New Deal

    02/08/2019 12:51:06 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 33 replies
    Hotair ^ | 02/08/2019 | Allahpundit
    I admire his effort to sell the infeasibility of this batsh*t proposal as a *virtue*.Don’t lament the fact that it would require the end of commercial air travel. Be proud. Your grandfathers liberated Europe from Hitler!Now we’re going to liberate the world from cow farts.This is the thing about Booker: He tries. Sometimes, even often, he embarrasses himself. But the effort is always there.The flaw in his analogy is that while it’s true that enormous problems usually require bold solutions, it is of course not true that any bold proposal will work to solve an enormous problem. Trying to...
  • Germany responsible for the Holocaust, not Nazis: Polish Prime Minister

    01/30/2019 3:55:31 PM PST · by CondoleezzaProtege · 91 replies
    The Local Germany ^ | 28 Jan 2019 | AFP
    Hitler's Germany was responsible for the Holocaust, not the Nazis, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Sunday, as Poland marked 74 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. "Hitler's Germany fed on fascist ideology... But all the evil came from this (German) state and we cannot forget that, because otherwise we relativise evil..." "The Polish state acts as the guardian of the truth, which must not be relativised in any way." "I want to make a promise here to (preserve) the complete truth about that era," he added, in a speech in the southern city of Oswiecim to...
  • Niels Bohr’s Flight From the Nazis Was a Science Drama

    12/20/2018 6:55:25 AM PST · by C19fan · 10 replies
    War is Boring ^ | December 20, 2018 | Christopher Miskimon
    Danish physicist Niels Bohr was a scientific genius who also displayed a coincidental penchant for espionage and intrigue. He employed these skills, along with a bit of science, to foil the Nazi at several turns. His small crusade began in 1933 after the Nazis came to power in Germany. Over the next few years several scientists fled Germany with Bohr’s help. Many escapees went on to work on the Manhattan Project, including Edward Teller, James Franck and Otto Frisch. Some of them stayed with Bohr in Denmark, working at the Bohr Institute until moving elsewhere.
  • Measuring Left-Wing Authoritarianism in America

    12/19/2018 10:18:06 AM PST · by rktman · 13 replies ^ | 12/18/2018 | Joshua Rabotnick
    In January of 2017, when the political controversy over Donald Trump’s perplexing win over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 national election was at its peak, my professor began his political psychology course by asking the lecture hall the following: “How many of you wish Hillary had won the election?” The question was voluntary, yet nearly every hand in the room shot up. “Okay, and how many of you supported Trump winning the election?” The room was quiet as not a single hand was raised, followed by a few chuckles. “Next, how many of you feel that liberals are safe walking...
  • New Senator Decries FSU Loss

    11/27/2018 10:29:15 AM PST · by Ubetterubet129 · 13 replies
    Randy Hall Rants ^ | 11/27/18 | Randy Hall
    TALLAHASSEE, FL (API) – The University of Florida’s 41-14 trouncing of Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium on Saturday saddened many Seminole football fans, but at least one was angry at the way the Gators defeated FSU. “The Gators acted like Nazis,” said Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). “I was appalled at the way they beat those poor Seminoles, who like the Jews in Germany in 1939 were only trying to escape with their lives. “When we’re finally sworn in at Congress I can assure you that we will open an investigation into this horrible Third Reich-like massacre and I wouldn’t...
  • Polish nun who sheltered Jewish children in WWII dies at age 110

    11/25/2018 7:46:10 PM PST · by Mrs. Don-o · 17 replies
    Israel Hayom ^ | November 23, 2018 | Israel Hayon staff
    Sister Cecylia Roszak was among group of nuns who set up convent hiding Jews who escaped the Vilna Ghetto from the Nazis • Named Righteous Among the Nations in 1984, Sister Cecylia was "like a mother" to those children, says fellow nun at Krakow convent. News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff Polish nun Sister Cecylia Roszak, who has been honored for sheltering Jewish children during the Holocaust, died last week at the age of 110 and was laid to rest on Thursday in Krakow. Born March 25, 1908, Sister Cecylia joined a Krakow convent at age 21. She was in...
  • Breaking: First Gun Confiscation Killing Reported in Maryland

    11/09/2018 11:37:13 PM PST · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 31 replies ^ | By Max McGuire/ 11/06/2018
    This is absolutely tragic. Police officers in Anne Arundel County, Maryland arrived at a man’s home to confiscate his guns under the state’s Red Flag law. When he answered the door holding a gun, a fight ensued and they shot him dead. For months, we have been warning you about the so-called “red flag” bills that are being passed in states around the country. These laws allow family members, friends, and even complete strangers to turn gun owners into police to have their firearms confiscated. It is then up to the gun owner to prove that he or she deserves...
  • Macron stokes anger with plan to honour Nazi collaborator Pétain

    11/07/2018 3:50:13 PM PST · by ameribbean expat · 22 replies
    "He was a great soldier, it's a fact," Macron said, though he stressed that Petain had made "disastrous choices" during World War II. His comments drew fierce criticism from rival politicians as well as Jewish leaders, reopening a painful chapter in France's history which continues to divide the nation decades on. Francis Kalifat of the CRIF association of French Jewish groups said he was "shocked" by Macron's comments praising a leader who helped deport thousands of Jews to their deaths. "The only thing we will remember about Petain is that he was convicted, in the name of the French people,...
  • The Anti-Semitic Media Fights Anti-Semitism

    10/30/2018 7:15:16 PM PDT · by Louis Foxwell · 16 replies
    FrontPage ^ | October 31, 2018 | Greenfield
    The Anti-Semitic Media Fights Anti-Semitism Jew-haters exploit a massacre of Jews. October 31, 2018 Daniel Greenfield Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism. The fake news media has made it official. Criticizing George Soros, an anti-Semite and alleged Nazi collaborator, is anti-Semitic. The Washington Post alone ran two dishonest screeds, “Conspiracy Theories about Soros Aren't Just False, They're Anti-Semitic” and “A Conspiracy Theory about George Soros and a Migrant Caravan Inspired Horror.” The former comes from Talia Lavin, a former New Yorker fact...
  • Website alternative to Twitter cooperating with probe into synagogue shooting suspect

    10/27/2018 3:39:21 PM PDT · by familyop · 46 replies
    Fox News ^ | October 27, 2018 | Paulina Dedaj
    The social media platform where alleged shooter Robert Bowers reportedly voiced anti-Semitic remarks before a lethal shooting spree in a Pittsburgh synagogue, said it is working with the FBI and Department of Justice “without a subpoena.” released a statement saying it was “alerted” to a profile that matched his said in a tweet that it was working with the FBI and the Department of Justice by sending “the data” regarding the Bowers account without a subpoena.
  • Pope Compares Conservatives to HITLER: ‘You Can't Live Sowing Hate'

    10/25/2018 7:52:37 AM PDT · by JonnyFive · 87 replies
    NN ^ | 10/24/18 | Jacky Murphy
    Pope Francis associated populists and conservatives concerned with protecting borders to Hitler, before warning that the 'sowing of hate' led to the Second World War. During a book launch in Rome, the Pontiff told the crowd that Nazi Germany expanded power via populism.
  • PHOTO: Caravan Protesters Paint Swastika on American Flag, Burn It in the Street

    10/22/2018 11:30:10 PM PDT · by JonnyFive · 21 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 10/22/18 | Justin Caruso
    A photo from the Associated Press shows protesters burning an American flag with a swastika painted on it in support of the migrant caravan heading through Central America for the United States. “Two people burn a United States flag during a protest in favor of the caravan of migrants that is currently stuck on the Guatemala-Mexico border, in front of the American embassy, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Friday, Oct. 19, 2018,” the AP Images description reads in part.
  • German Far-Right Politician Resigns after being Photographed on 'Hitler Pilgrimage' of Nazi sites

    10/21/2018 4:56:29 PM PDT · by CondoleezzaProtege · 10 replies
    RT ^ | 20 Oct 2018
    An Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician got himself in hot water over photos of his “pilgrimage” to Hitler-related sites. The politician was reportedly pictured with a candle in front of Hitler’s birthplace in the Austrian town of Brannau am Inn. He was also pictured near the Berchtesgaden Alpine retreat of the Fuhrer, as well as posing near swastikas and SS rune-bearing banners. While the scandalous pictures have not been released, the AfD acknowledged their existence. “The person concerned was clearly reminded by the state board that such incidents are unacceptable and incompatible with AfD membership,” Torben Braga, a party spokesman,...