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  • Wreckage of US Revolutionary Warship Bonhomme Richard Found

    12/11/2018 5:39:53 PM PST · by Zirondelle76 · 43 replies
    Yorkshire Post ^ | December 11, 2018 | David Behrens
    He is as familiar to American maritime students as Admiral Lord Nelson is to ours – not least for having uttered the immortal words, “Surrender? I have not yet begun to fight” as his ship sank off the Yorkshire coast. But while John Paul Jones went down in history as the father of the US Navy, the final secret of the stricken Bonhomme Richard is only now beginning to emerge from its watery grave.
  • Alexander Hamilton's Prophetic Words in 1795

    11/12/2018 6:22:16 PM PST · by Captain Peter Blood · 19 replies
    Biography of Alexander Hamilton by Ron Cernow | 11-12-2018 | Captain Peter Blood
    Of late I have been reading Ron Cernow's excellent biography of Alexander Hamilton. I have just finished the period in Hamilton's life of his service as the first Secretary of the Treasury and he leaving to go back to private life. He is visiting his friend George Washington Parke Curtis, President Washington's grandson, when he sees a small copy of the U.S. Constitution. He then says this about the Constitution: "So long as we are a young and virtuous people, this instrument will bind us together in mutual interests, mutual welfare, and mutual happiness. But when we become old and...
  • King George III speaks to Parliament of American rebellion, 1775

    10/27/2018 3:20:46 AM PDT · by gattaca · 16 replies
    History Channel ^ | October 27, 2018 | History Channel
    On this day in 1775, King George III speaks before both houses of the British Parliament to discuss growing concern about the rebellion in America, which he viewed as a traitorous action against himself and Great Britain. He began his speech by reading a “Proclamation of Rebellion” and urged Parliament to move quickly to end the revolt and bring order to the colonies. The king spoke of his belief that “many of these unhappy people may still retain their loyalty, and may be too wise not to see the fatal consequence of this usurpation, and wish to resist it, yet...
  • Row over whether America, Australia, or Britain gets the wreck of James Cook's ship [tr]

    09/20/2018 9:14:04 AM PDT · by C19fan · 32 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | September 20, 2018 | Khaleda Rahman
    As American scientists prepare to announce the location of the remains of Endeavour, a battle is expected over whether Britain, the United States or Australia gets the wreck of James Cook's famed ship. A team of marine archaeologists from Australia and the US said they believe they may have found the resting place of the ship – used by the British explorer on a voyage of discovery to Australia in 1768 - 25 years after beginning their search. They are expected to announce on Friday 'one or two' sites in Newport Harbour in Rhode Island, where the Endeavour was scuttled...
  • On this date in 1781

    09/05/2018 5:40:02 AM PDT · by Bull Snipe · 10 replies
    A French fleet of 24 ships under the command of Rear Admiral Francois Paul, (aka Comte de Grasse) defeats the British fleet of 19 ships commanded by Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Graves off the entrance to Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. The French damaged 6 British ships and inflicted 336 casualties. They suffered 2 damaged ships and 220 casualties. Admiral Graves returned his fleet to New York and the Comte De Grasse fleet blocked the entrance to Chesapeake Bay. Wile not a big battle in Naval History, the action had a huge strategic importance for the American Revolution. With the British fleet...
  • This Day in History: Benedict Arnold wounded at the Battle of Quebec

    12/31/2017 8:20:17 PM PST · by iowamark · 11 replies ^ | 12/31/17
    On this day in 1775, the Battle of Quebec is fought. American General Richard Montgomery is killed. Benedict Arnold is wounded. Daniel Morgan and more than 400 others are captured. I guess you could say that it didn’t go too well. Readers of this page may recall that Benedict Arnold undertook a daring mission during the fall of 1775. Remember, Arnold was a hero and a Patriot for many years before he turned traitor! He was dying to undertake the mission, however dangerous it might be. With George Washington’s blessing, Arnold led a force of about 1,000 men through the...
  • Rare US Declaration of Independence found in Sussex

    07/04/2018 10:52:29 AM PDT · by TaxPayer2000 · 25 replies
    inews ^ | July 3, 2018 | Anna Khoo
    One of only two ceremonial parchment copies of the American Declaration of Independence has been found in Sussex. The rare artefact was discovered neatly folded away in the West Sussex Records Office in Chicester, where it had been stored for more than 50 years before it was tracked down by Harvard University academics. After rigorous testing, the parchment has been certified as authentic – just in time for the 242nd anniversary of its signing on 4 July 1776. ‘Terrific news’ “This is such terrific news about the Sussex Declaration,” Louise Goldsmith, leader of West Sussex County Council, said. “We have...
  • George Washington: Inspiration in the Face of Danger

    07/04/2018 10:56:46 AM PDT · by jfd1776 · 5 replies
    Illinois Review ^ | July 4, 2018 A.D. | John F. Di Leo
    At the end of March, 1776, following the year-long Siege of Boston, General George Washington and the Continental Army drove the British out of Boston, following their stunning victory in the Battle of Dorchester Heights, one of the true masterstrokes of the War of Independence. But the British just went to Halifax to regroup, and to gather reinforcements for a real assault, to follow that summer. In June, the expected redeployment of British troops began, as his forces headed south, bound for New York, to meet with other reinforcements he had called for. General Washington knew what was coming. In...
  • Signers Of The Declaration Of Independence

    07/01/2018 3:45:12 PM PDT · by zeestephen · 16 replies
    A chart of basic biographical data for every signer of the Declaration of Independence. I am actually familiar with just 14 of the 56 names, which is kind of depressing and embarrassing. Almost one half were lawyers. Only one was unmarried. Eleven had at least 10 children. Fourteen lived to be at least 80 years old. Eight were foreign born - from England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
  • Mapping the Battle of Bunker Hill

    06/18/2018 1:52:33 PM PDT · by Sopater · 25 replies
    Boston 1775 ^ | Sunday, June 17, 2018
    With the sestercentennial of June 1768 passing by, I have few days to devote to the Battle of Bunker Hill. But here’s Charles E. Frye’s map of that battle, completed in 2011 and available through Wikipedia. It’s unusual in positioning American army units on the Charlestown peninsula. Frye is an army-trained cartographer. In this interview, Frye talked about how he came to make that map: My wife suggested I help my oldest son with his 5th grade history project and that we could research to find out where [our ancestor] Isaac [Frye] was on the battlefield. Reading about the battle...
  • The Polish Patriot Who Helped Americans Beat the British

    05/28/2018 9:44:42 AM PDT · by Texas Fossil · 51 replies
    Smithsonian ^ | March 8, 2017 | Erick Trickey
    Two months after Ben Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence, a surprise visitor walked into his Philadelphia shop. The young man’s curly brown hair cascaded down toward his shoulders, and his English was so broken he switched to French. Thaddeus Kosciuszko, a 30-year-old Pole just off the boat from Europe via the Caribbean, introduced himself and offered to enlist as an officer in the new American nation’s army. Franklin, curious, quizzed Kosciuszko about his education: a military academy in Warsaw, studies in Paris in civil engineering, including fort building. Franklin asked him for letters of recommendation. Kosciuszko had none....
  • Amendments Offered in Congress by James Madison June 8, 1789

    05/14/2018 9:43:12 PM PDT · by TBP · 9 replies
    Constitution Society ^ | June 8, 1789 | James Madison
    First. That there be prefixed to the Constitution a declaration, that all power is originally vested in, and consequently derived from, the people. That Government is instituted and ought to be exercised for the benefit of the people; which consists in the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the right of acquiring and using property, and generally of pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety. That the people have an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to reform or change their Government, whenever it be found adverse or inadequate to the purposes of its institution. Secondly. That in article 1st, section 2,...
  • Henry Livingston's Revolutionary War Diary to the Hudson River Painters and Period Music

    04/28/2018 3:13:52 PM PDT · by mairdie · 15 replies Major Henry Livingston, Jr. (1744-1828), my 5th great grandfather, went with his cousin's husband, Major General Richard Montgomery, on the 1775 invasion of Canada. These were short term enlistments, so he became major of the 3rd NY in August and returned home in late December. The diary is shown along with the Hudson River School's images of the terrain. The music was transcribed from Henry Livingston's handwritten music manuscript, one of the largest such books of the period.
  • Who's buried in John Paul Jones' crypt at the Naval Academy? This isn't a trick question.

    04/18/2006 6:06:09 AM PDT · by robowombat · 58 replies · 1,578+ views
    Home Town Annapolis ^ | April 16, 2006 | EARL KELLY
    Historian wants DNA test for academy's John Paul Jones By EARL KELLY, Staff Writer Who's buried in John Paul Jones' crypt at the Naval Academy? This isn't a trick question. Some say the grand state funeral at the Naval Academy on April 24, 1906, for the father of the United States Navy may have been held over the wrong body. According to Washington College history professor Adam Goodheart, who wrote about Jones in the April issue of Smithsonian magazine, Jones' body may have been dumped in a landfill, used to fertilize vegetables or simply lost forever. He said modern-day science...
  • 20 Thomas Jefferson Quotes for His 275th Birthday

    04/13/2018 1:06:46 PM PDT · by rey · 35 replies
    FEE ^ | 13 April 2018
    Post your favorite quote and why it is your favorite. April 13 is Thomas Jefferson’s 275th Birthday. Since I share his birthday, I have long been a fan. But that is mainly because the drafter of the Declaration of Independence was the most prolific of our founders, especially on the topics of liberty and the rights that America was created to preserve and protect. It is worth celebrating his bicenterquasiquigenary (according to the only website I found providing a latin name) by remembering his profound words.
  • This Day in History: George Washington & the first presidential veto

    04/05/2018 11:11:32 AM PDT · by iowamark · 4 replies
    On this day in 1792, George Washington issues his first presidential veto. The subject of vetoes had long been a touchy topic in the American colonies, so his action was a bigger deal than you might imagine. Before the American Revolution, vetoes could be used against the colonial assemblies in one of two ways: The Royal Governor in a state could issue a veto or the King himself could issue a veto. Unfortunately, the Royal Governors often abused their power, and the colonists became quite upset about the issue. At times, they felt that they were being controlled. Things became...
  • Do you know which former U.S. president was born on July 4?

    07/04/2005 10:28:09 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 19 replies · 3,447+ views
    Dayton Daily News ^ | Nicholas Hrkman
    •President Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth, Vt., on July 4, 1872. He is the only president born on July 4; however, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe all died on the Fourth of July. •One lucky Philadelphian purchased a $4 picture at a flea market. Behind the picture was an original 1776 printing of the Declaration of Independence. It was sold to TV producer Norman Lear for $8.1 million. •After the war, King George III rationalized that Washington would become a dictator and make the Americans yearn for royal rule. When he was told that Washington planned to...
  • John Hancock: What prevents 'iron grasp of tyranny'?

    03/05/2018 6:56:20 AM PST · by rktman · 13 replies ^ | 3/4/2018 | Bill Federer
    The French and Indian War ended in 1763 with the French losing Canada and all their land east of the Mississippi River. King George III decided to leave troops in the American colonies in case of future French incursions or native uprisings. British troops were to be paid with taxes collected from the colonies: the Sugar Tax of 1764 the Stamp Tax of 1765 the Townshend Acts of 1767, taxing glass, paint and paper As the Colonies had no representative in Parliament, the cry arose, “No taxation without representation.” The king imposed Writs of Assistance in 1765 allowing British authorities...
  • How George Washington died — horribly

    02/22/2018 5:54:31 PM PST · by bitt · 143 replies
    Churchmouse Campanologist ^ | 2/19/2018 | Churchmouse Campanologist
    ...."Last year, my reader sunnydaysall, from BrainHavenNet, posted Dr Christopher’s Herbal Legacy Newsletter from July 7, 2017, ‘The Untimely Death of America’. It is well worth reading, especially for those interested in natural remedies. One would have thought that George Washington would have had the finest medical care available. It seems he did in principle, but, judging from his final days, not in practice. A summary and excerpts follow, emphases mine."...
  • Washington snipped here? College says it found prez's hair

    02/18/2018 11:32:07 AM PST · by bgill · 6 replies
    abcaustin ^ | Feb. 18, 2018 | Mary Esch
    Tucked in the pages of a grimy, leather-bound almanac in the archives at New York's Union College was a tiny envelope with the hand-scrawled words "Washington's hair." A librarian who had been cataloging old books gingerly opened the yellowed envelope to find a lock of silvery hair tied with a thread. "It was one of those mind-blowing moments that happen every once in a while in a librarian's life," said John Myers, a catalog and metadata librarian at the college. "I thought, that doesn't mean George Washington, does it?" It apparently does.