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  • Bones of Civil War dead found on a battlefield tell their horror stories

    12/05/2018 1:57:40 PM PST · 30 of 30
    rlmorel to robowombat

    I agree with much of what you say, but the calculus of a nuclear war is very different than a calculus of a conventional war, or even a political system in which you murder tens of millions of your own people, and enslave even more.

    I disagree that was their mindset. In a conventional war, or a political action where you are going to kill others, you likely hold out the mindset you will not be a casualty, it will be everyone else BUT you.

    But there is no escaping that except for a select few (and even then) in a nuclear exchange, nearly everyone is going to be a casualty.

    That said, I do agree that if Stalin had been healthier and held power another ten years, there might well have been another world war, or at least a large one.

  • Bones of Civil War dead found on a battlefield tell their horror stories

    12/05/2018 1:21:24 PM PST · 29 of 30
    robowombat to rlmorel
    It appears to me the US is now in a ‘cold war’ phase similar to the period 1849 to 1860, It does not mean a general conflict is inevitable anymore than the Cold War of 1947 to 1989 meant a war was inevitable. The interaction of personalities and events drives the action. In the case of the late US-Soviet duel we are fortunate that Stalin wasn't ten years younger. Then, I believe, there would have been another real world war beginning in 1953-56 Stalin knew the US would soon have an overwhelming advantage in nuclear weapons so starting a war to control western Europe and the Middle East would seem a good idea while the conventional forces of the USSR really did massively outnumber the US and the still weak NATO. Soviet military people told their US counterparts that the USSR had endured the equivalent of a nuclear war in 1941-45, US retaliatory strength could not. circa early 1950’s even begin to inflict the destruction the war with Hitler produced. So the Soviet military establishment was not much impressed with a nuclear war. Now thermonuclear would be something else altogether.
  • Bones of Civil War dead found on a battlefield tell their horror stories

    12/05/2018 10:30:19 AM PST · 28 of 30
    SkyDancer to robowombat

    Visited Andersonville, GA and the cemetery there.

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/29/2018 12:13:37 AM PST · 18 of 18
    tech_rjmarce1 to CIBvet

    “Soon hope 2 figger out how 2 run a slightly larger moniter/pad off my unlimited data Note8 (maybe hardwired) so that my maps app will b larger 4 my old eyes.”

    Take a lok at this video. Depending on how new your TV is, that may be a lot easier than you think.

    How to Connect Your Galaxy Note 8 To Your TV - YouTube Tech Guy

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 11:20:48 PM PST · 17 of 18
    EasySt to CIBvet

    Hmm... I’m guessing from your other comments that you are not allowed, with your plan, to use your Galaxy as a “Hot Spot”?

    This is exactly what made me finally give up my old unlimited AT&T data plan.

    Being unable to make your own local, internet connected Wifi is terribly limited. You may be able to mirror your screen from your tablet to a smart TV for Youtube and stuff, but protected content, like NetFlix, etc, will not mirror, nor will a smart TV’s apps work without a data connection.

    So now I have to pay for my Gigbytes, but all our toys get to play and share.

    But, on a budget? Then you can get much better at getting (and locally extending) locally available WiFi when possible. Make it more possible with a directional Antenna. These, for example, are interesting...

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 9:37:07 PM PST · 16 of 18
    Berlin_Freeper to CIBvet

    I’m a Lover not a Fighter.
    You are very welcome!

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 9:22:31 PM PST · 15 of 18
    CIBvet to EasySt

    Ur so right about Sprinters. When u get ready, buzz me up, i kno a little 2 point u in the right direction.

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 9:12:55 PM PST · 14 of 18
    CIBvet to mabarker1
    I do stumble on OAN occasionally.... they're good.

    As a '67-'68 Combat Vet (25th LRRP) when people stop & take the time 2 extend a "Thank you 4 your service", I've finally found the response I truly feel good with: I stop ... look them straight in the eyes and reply: " YOU, were worth it"!!
    Invariably, we share a moment of respect & love 4 this Blessed gift of Citizenship we share in our country. Often a profound moment 4 both of us.

    And So to U sir... YOU, were worth it !!

    And thx again 4 the input.

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 8:31:30 PM PST · 13 of 18
    CIBvet to tech_rjmarce1
    THX A BUNCH... Lotsa good info 2 cogitate.

    Been plugged in2 Tune-in, & worked well 4 me til I found Fox live stream on YouTube. I could tell they were wrkn hard 2 find the right way 2 charge.

    Tryin Berlin Freepers link & seems 2 wrk pretty well so far.

    Soon hope 2 figger out how 2 run a slightly larger moniter/pad off my unlimited data Note8 (maybe hardwired) so that my maps app will b larger 4 my old eyes. Just tryin not 2 jeopardize my Grandfathered Unlimited plan in the process, or incur more mo.$$. OK ... so I'm a cheapskate !!

    May hit U / Y'all up 4 some techy-info down the road. THX again.

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 7:48:18 PM PST · 12 of 18
    CIBvet to Berlin_Freeper
    THX a bunch. Tried 2 get this site up b4, but never managed. Ur hot link did the trick.

    U military type over there? Think I'da luved that assignment in '68, but not enough 2 run the risk of bein sent bck over 4 another round of 1542 (25th ID)
    Thx again 4 pluggin me in2 live Fox... & in FULL SCREEN!!

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 7:25:10 PM PST · 11 of 18
    CIBvet to ClockDoc

    THx ... 4 ur info.

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 4:25:42 AM PST · 10 of 18
    ClockDoc to CIBvet
    This is what we use on our Fire TV Box (Gen 2) via their Silk browser.
  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 3:43:13 AM PST · 9 of 18
    southland to EasySt


  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/28/2018 12:08:40 AM PST · 8 of 18
    BTerclinger to CIBvet

    Re using the FoxNews app on Apple TV:

    If it’s similar to ROKU, in order to get more than recorded segments,
    you are going to need someone’s cable TV account log-in info (sometimes relatives will share)

    Admittedly those recorded segments are usually on the same day (and go back a week), but its not the same as watching live.

    As for Fox on youtube, are you subscribed here?

    I also recommend OANN

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/27/2018 11:48:25 PM PST · 7 of 18
    EasySt to tech_rjmarce1

    Good point about the free streaming of Direct TV with AT&T’s plan.

    I mentioned using 4K gear above, but managing the resolution you choose to stream, in order to manage data limits and bandwidth consumption is straight forward.

    With a 4K TV with several HDMI and USB ports, you can manage hi rez video and photography, mirror a phone/tablet and connect a laptop or PC or camera, a USB stick or SD card adapter with your pictures and videos, all to the same TV monitor. (Needs to be a decent laptop or PC to do 4K, though.)

    Amazon’s Fire Stick and Roku are other smart TV devices to consider besides the Apple TV.

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/27/2018 11:25:20 PM PST · 6 of 18
    mabarker1 to EasySt
    Thank You for that Bundle-o-Tech😁
  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/27/2018 11:21:04 PM PST · 5 of 18
    mabarker1 to CIBvet

    Not FNC but My Brother likes Them and He’s Damned Picky.

    I get All My Info here. If it’s Local stuff I hear about it from My Wife so I don’t have to listen to the snewzcaster lips flapping.

    Enjoy and Thank You for Your Service.

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/27/2018 11:19:04 PM PST · 4 of 18
    EasySt to CIBvet

    If I was to do the Nomad thing, a Sprinter would likely be my choice as well. Covered in Solar panels and sporting a serious cellular booster system.

    I’d have to go with a small (32-43”)4K monitor and Disc player in the rig. They’ve come way down in price. Since I went Apple and Mac when they beat everyone so badly on the integration side of things, I’d have to put a 4K Apple TV smart TV device on it. (I notice it has the FOX app, and all the others, Vudu, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)

    It also has a good IP Camera App available, so you could keep an eye on the situation around your vehicle with a PTZ camera when you’re away from it. (Given connectivity...) People are even putting Ring(tm) Doorbells on their rigs now.

    You can do similar things in the Android world. Look for a smart TV that will let you share your Galaxy Note’s screen with it and has a FOX News app available on it’s app store. One of the smaller Samsung 4k smart TVs would likely make a useful companion for your Galaxy Note.

    If you need tiny, there are also wifi pocket 720P laser projector Android based smart TVs that can do the job and give you access to some of the news and entertainment apps.

    As for streaming Fox content, that is more a product of what they want out there, and the trend they are currently on is sad.

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/27/2018 11:05:06 PM PST · 3 of 18
    tech_rjmarce1 to CIBvet
    I cut the cord back in 2007, so it's definitely possible to do without TV and be completely in-tune with the world without it.

    I work on very high end Audio equipment that integrates a lot of different music talk streaming services, so aside from online news outlets, there are a tone of good sources through streaming conservative radio, and podcasts on a variety of subjects.

    But you asked specifically about access to Fox News, and you also want to keep bandwidth low so you aren't burning data.

    If you got an XMSirius Radio subscription for app/computer streaming, it's $5 for the first six months, $15/month after that. That will get you Fox News, Fox Business, and a bunch of the other crappy MSM outlets.

    Your next option, if you don't have it, is the iHeartRadio app. that will get you access to tons of AM stations to listen to live conservative talk from AM stations across the US. You can subscribe with them as well if you want a music streaming service as well, sort of like Apple Music, Spotify, or several others. I just use it to listen to AM radio stations, though, for free.

    Another Free option is the TuneIn radio app. This is another way to listen to radio stations in the US and around the world. Basically, it's all the radio stations that are not owned by iHeart Media found in the preceding paragraph recommendation.

    Another option, and maybe this is no longer true, but i believe that AT&T has deals with DirectTV where you can stream DTV channels to your phone with their app.

    Just a couple of options. Sorry if that seems a bit scattered, but if your content listening, XM might be the way to go for Fox News access. It also frees up your eyes to do other things.

  • Nomadic DAV needs some techy info

    11/27/2018 10:40:58 PM PST · 2 of 18
    Berlin_Freeper to CIBvet