Since Jul 21, 2019

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I have been lurking on Free Republic off and on since its inception. I started lurking more regularly in early 2016 as President Trump was gaining steam in the primaries. I was finally inspired to get an account in July 2019 when I saw a post by a recent WalkAway Democrat who joined that month as well.

I’ve been conservative, or at least libertarian, since childhood--there was just something about Carter that made my little child brain feel uneasy.

I do not get a chance to reply much to comments posted in the Forum because 90% of the time that I am looking at FR I am on my phone and on a break at work. It would probably take me an hour to type 50 words on my phone. Invariably, my most insightful thoughts come then and not the 10% of time I am in my easy chair an on my laptop, which is usually a good part of the time on weekends, especially in the winter when I try to avoid colds and flu and now coronavirus. Addendum: I've had more time to post lately since the office put everyone on walk-at-home.