Since Jun 15, 2001

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There's BAD news on the Grumpster front! Grumpster is "troubled" to report that he is no longer a member of the "unemployed beautiful people" and has actually resorted to taking a job. While this needed boost in income has seriously cut into the time Grumpster normally spends on FR; it is more than compensated for, by the fact the job is far below his station in life.

The Grumpster is seriously considering moving back to Southern California from the tropically devoid Southern Illinois. Asked why he said: "The Mexican Food is better! Here in Illinois they use mayonaise instead of avacado! YUK!" Grumpster is thinking about using the Bolivian Flag as his location identifier (instead of the Illinois flag)because it's the only one of the two landlocked countries in South America he can actually spell without assistance (The other being Perrierguay).

Grumpster-Dumpster is also the President and CEO of the Grumpster-Dumpster Society of America, which, under his leadership, is experiencing a fantastic growth rate (every fly or mosquito entering into Grumpster's palatial estate "Garbage Gardens" recieves a life-time membership.
IMPORTANT UPDATE... The Grumpster-Dumpster Society is NOW INTERNATIONAL! Grumpster having received comments from Freeper's worldwide! (Unfortunately due to the rather vulgar nature of the comments...grumpster is unable to provide documentation.)

Grumpster-Dumpster has been posting under various names since 1998; he just keeps forgetting the "password" and has to re-register every once in a while.

Grumpster-Dumpster has no use for phonies… Just the other day he was telling President Bush and Mel Gibson how much he hates a "name-dropper."

The "Spelling & Grammar" police are particularly irksome to the "Grumpster" …(Why let a little cogent thought get in the way of "Style?")

Grumpster has great empathy for the "Band-width" police… he believes electrons are our most precious resource and they should not be used to "brighten another persons day," no matter the justification.

As you would guess, Grumpster is single (divorced) but he isn't the least bitter about his experiences with the "Blob" to who he was once married... (and really hopes she eventually makes it back into that size 73 dress... assuming of course her plan to offset one diet cola with a quart of "triple-fudge" ice cream pays off)

The grumpster is a gourmet; having recently completed the recent bestseller: "1001 Ways to Serve Cotto Salami and Influence People."

Grumpster has traveled the world (and parts of New Jersey), visiting every continent who's name has an "a" in it with the exception of Africa, The Arctic, or the Anti-Arctic.

Grumpster is currently involved in many worthwhile community activities…Notably , - "The Campaign to Wear Checked Shirts with Corduroy Trousers" (CWCSCT - pronounced: CWCSCT)

Grumpster spends most of his free-time writing the definitive "Farewell to Free Republic Manifesto!"