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AMERICA - The Right Way!! (Day 1747) [Remember the Trade Center!!]
Various News Sources and FReepers | November 2, 2005 | All of Us

Posted on 11/02/2005 4:51:46 AM PST by Chairman_December_19th_Society

We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail!

Good morning!!

Do not let the victims of the attacks on New York and Washington, nor the brave members of our Nation's military who have given their lives to protect our freedom, die in vain!!

Quick start--network hosed here so I'm doing wireless.

For AMERICA - The Right Way, I remain yours in the Cause, the Chairman.

TOPICS: AMERICA - The Right Way!!
KEYWORDS: atrw; letsroll
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To: lysie

Man, Rush is on a roll today!

81 posted on 11/02/2005 10:54:53 AM PST by LBKQ
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Good afternoon. I have decided to chill for the afternoon and accomplish very little. LOL

I'm hiding in the bedroom with the cats and dogs..headphones on and listening to Rush while FReeping. Guilt free I am..guilt free.

82 posted on 11/02/2005 10:57:35 AM PST by lysie
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Yes, he is. I heard some of those quote re: WMD.. and dems this morning while listening to Glenn Beck.

Rush said those quotes were in his Limbaugh letter 2003.

Oh, I'm also watching Dynasty and will watch Dallas the next hour.

If I had bon bons I'd pop those babies in my mouth, too.

I'm despicable. LOL

83 posted on 11/02/2005 11:03:28 AM PST by lysie
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To: lysie


You, my dear sweet lady, deserve this break!

84 posted on 11/02/2005 11:08:18 AM PST by LBKQ
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To: lysie
Pop away, sweetie ... and enjoy every decadent moment ... :-)

85 posted on 11/02/2005 11:09:08 AM PST by kayak (Have you prayed for your President and our military today?)
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To: MozartLover

That article's so very, very telling of the truth behind the Democrat plantation.

At its core, Leftism exemplifies bigotry -- after all, they want everyone to be the same.

86 posted on 11/02/2005 11:12:38 AM PST by TBarnett34 (Hillary Clinton IS the Great Satan.)
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To: kayak; LBKQ

I have to tell you why I said that. G ...knowing perfectly well that I don't pop bon bons while a joke.. will accuse me of doing that. Trust me it's a joke 'cause if it wasn't he'd get the look. ;-)

87 posted on 11/02/2005 11:14:08 AM PST by lysie
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To: lysie


88 posted on 11/02/2005 11:17:38 AM PST by LBKQ
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To: lysie

Be lazy. It's good for you.:)

My hubby's Dad passed away a year ago today. We went to Mass this morning with his Mom and took her out for breakfast.

Yesterday I injured my wrist slightly while moving some equipment for my theater group. Today while teaching a lesson I noticed I was having trouble writing, and with lifting my water bottle, among other things. The student I was teaching at the time happens to work in the medical field. She advised me to take Ibuprofen, put ice on it for 20 minutes every few hours, wear a wrist support until it is better, and call a doctor if is it NOT better in a few days. So I went & bought a support and now I am off to ice. bbl

p.s. I would consult with my own personal medic, but he is off at the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Museum in Oshkosh with his sweetie.:)

p.s. I am discovering it now also hurts to type.:(

89 posted on 11/02/2005 11:41:38 AM PST by MozartLover ( My son, my soldier, my hero. Protect him, Lord, wherever he goes, and keep him strong.)
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To: MozartLover
Ouch! I hope you have just strained the muscles, and that the treatment will help get you better quickly!

Well, I have had enough. Boxer, Dodd, X-42 at the Parks funerally, etc.

No news is good news today. I am off to see the grandkids for a couple of hours. Back this evening!

90 posted on 11/02/2005 11:51:35 AM PST by Miss Marple (Lord, please look after Mozart Lover's son and keep him strong.)
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To: MozartLover

Oh dear. What a day you are havening. ((Mozie))

91 posted on 11/02/2005 12:06:36 PM PST by lysie
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To: MozartLover
For you.

92 posted on 11/02/2005 12:22:26 PM PST by lysie
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To: Common Tator; Iowa Granny

CT & IG:

I'll have you know, that these posts of yours regarding "Rule 21" and other such delaying tactics are very disturbing to me.

(I also recommend CTs post in a different thread that approaches this in a somewhat different way:
and I'll also mention my own post#66 that thread ...)

I was pretty fat, dumb, and happy in my very simple knowledge that the Senate Demodogs had some pretty impressive parliamentary options to slow or shut down the Senate. Now that you've gone done and educated me more specifically about that weaponry, I'm more disturbed, and yea - even depressed, about this situation than I've ever been in the past.

Thanks, FRiends ...

Really - thanks - - - even though my sleep quotent is likely to suffer.

I wrote many times last week I hope we don't regret what we did to Miers - for exactly this type of reason. Too many conservatives really overestimate their strength in this country, and especially with the Senate.

I'm so glad about Alito's nomination, but anyone who is giddy about the situation now, and who is taking odds that he will be easily confirmed, instead of being really fearful don't have the least concept of what is going on. I don't care if they are some of the most level-headed posters on FR, or what national radio show or column they have - this is a very tenuous situation.

We'll have a better idea after the Gang of 14 meets and word trickles out as to whether they will allow a filibuster or not, but this situation is very close, and even without a filibuster, it is very early to predict how the voting is going to go.

I'm on pins and needles now, and NOT looking forward to the fight the way so many other conservatives are.

93 posted on 11/02/2005 1:00:58 PM PST by AFPhys ((.Praying for President Bush, our troops, their families, and all my American neighbors..))
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To: Neets; kassie
Missed you two today.

Woo hoo...Now watching Knots Landing. This is a record for "evening soap watching" during the day.

94 posted on 11/02/2005 1:02:42 PM PST by lysie
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To: AFPhys
I think the first phrase I heard about the Senate when I was a boy described it as the most exclusive club in the world.

Both parties had conservatives. Both parties had liberals and eveyone tried to get along.

The realignment of parties has put all liberals in the Democratic Party and mostly conservatives in the Republican party. Some liberal Republicans have not departed as yet.. But they will soon enough.

The senate has gone from an exculsive club to a place where all must carry a club for self defense. That is a massive change.

What I did last spring was download the Senate rules and read them. My object was to think of as many ways for Democrats to block court nominees and the Presidents agenda as I could. One of the first ways that occured to me was hijacking the Senate with Rule 21. I feared it could be used to effect a new brand of filibuster.

I tried to think of a way to stop or prevent it. I as not as good at that part of the game. I tend to be a lot better at offense than defense.

What struck me about the rules is they are very much like the rules of an exclusive Gentlemens club where all gentlemen are of the PROPER CLASS... They appear to me to assume that all members will behave like gentlemen..

Ried ain't no gentleman. The days of gentlemen and gentelwoman senators are gone.

Perhaps I am wrong. When Ried pulled the stunt yesterday my first thought was Ried was doing a dress rehearsal of occured to me last spring. But perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps yesterday was just a stunt as Frist said.

I hope I am wrong. I often am.

95 posted on 11/02/2005 1:41:39 PM PST by Common Tator
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To: gulfcoast6

Whatcha doin'?

96 posted on 11/02/2005 1:50:34 PM PST by lysie
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To: lysie

I am back briefly. I need to make a quick run to deliver a birthday gift for my red headed granddaughter who will be 5 tomorrow.


97 posted on 11/02/2005 2:08:51 PM PST by Iowa Granny (I am not the sharpest pin in the cushion but I can draw blood.)
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To: lysie

lysie, FEEL GUILTY and SMILE all the while. Popping bon bons would be a nice touch. You DESERVE every minute of your free time.

98 posted on 11/02/2005 2:34:34 PM PST by tillacum
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To: TBarnett34

The leftists want everyone to be the same, except themselves, they're special, 'cause they know what's right for the rest of us.

99 posted on 11/02/2005 2:36:13 PM PST by tillacum
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To: tillacum

This is a shocking article. Black Democrats in Maryland say it's fair that they've attacked Black Deputy Governor Steele in his bid for the US Senate because he's conservative.

The attacks have included throwing oreo cookies at him and calling him an Uncle Tom.

100 posted on 11/02/2005 3:00:36 PM PST by Peach (The Dems enabled Able Danger. 3,000 Americans died.)
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