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Processed Cheeses


American cheese = American cheese food = American pasteurized process cheese food   Notes:  These are often sold in individually wrapped sandwich slices.  Substitutes:   Cheddar cheese (much more flavorful) OR Swiss cheese (more flavorful)

Cheez Whiz  See pasteurized process cheese sauce.

Gourmandise   Pronunciation:  goor-mahn-DEEZ Notes:  This is a creamy, mild French cheese.

Laughing Cow  See Vache Qui Rit.

La Vache Qui Rit  See Vache Qui Rit

pasteurized process cheese  Shopping hints:   Look for this in deli counters and in holiday gift packs. This cheese is a blend of fresh and aged cheeses, and it's pasteurized to stop the ripening process. This improves shelf life but impairs flavor.  Nuts, fruits, and other seasoning are often added.   Substitutes: pasteurized process cheese food (moister, lower in fat) 


pasteurized process cheese food  Shopping hints:  Velveeta is a popular brand. This cheese is similar to pasteurized process cheese, but it contains more milk solids and water.  Substitutes: pasteurized process cheese (less moist, higher in fat) OR pasteurized process cheese spread (moister, lower in fat)

pasteurized process cheese sauce or spread  Shopping hints:  Cheez Whiz is a popular brand. This cheese is similar to pasteurized process cheese, but it's moister.  To make your own:  Melt in a double boiler 2 pounds Velveeta cheese + 1 C milk + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1/2 C margarine. Recipe from the Cookbooks On/Line recipe database.   Substitutes:  pasteurized process cheese food (less moist, higher in fat) OR vegetarian cheese substitute (To make your own, try the Melty Cheese recipe posted on, or the Mock Cheese Sauce recipe posted on


processed cheese = process cheese   These products combine cheese with gums and stabilizers that improve shelf life but compromise flavor and texture.


Vache Qui Rit = La Vache Qui Rit = Laughing Cow    Pronunciation:   VAHSH-kee-ree Notes:   This French cheese comes in wedges or squares.

Velveeta  See pasteurized process cheese food.


If lactose intolerant or allergic to milk, visit the No Milk Page.

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To: TenthAmendmentChampion - The No Milk Page
Lactose Maldigestion/Milk Allergy/Casein Intolerance

Go to No Milk Introduction

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Sites by Individuals

Educational Institutions/News

Media Reports

  • Breast Cancer and Dairy is a chat with author, scientist Jane Plant. She tells about her battle with breast cancer and how a dairy-free diet saved her life. [now in]

  • White Mischief is coming out of Australia. Discusses A1 milk and the disorders is could trigger, and A2 milk, which is supposed to prevent disease. [now in]

  • In Milk protein blamed for heart disease scientists believe a substance found in milk could be responsible for thousands of cases of heart disease world-wide.

  • In Researchers Determine That MS And Diabetes Are Closely Linked Diseases they point out the role cow milk protein plays as a risk factor in the development of both diseases for people who are genetically susceptible.


Dairy Industry

Commercial Sites


  • Amanda's Own Confections sell dairy-free chocolates. Also other allergen free.

  • Delicious Choices sells dairy-free cheesecakes in many varieties.

  • Don José Foods has a couple of non-dairy beverages. Available in stores on the west coast.

  • sells Parma!, a non-dairy parmesan seasoning. Made from raw organic walnuts, nutritional yeast, and sea salt.

  • English Bay has a Dairy-Free beverage product. Site has no location, but they appear to be in Canada.

  • First Foods sells First Glace ice cream, a non-dairy frozen dessert which tastes just like original dairy ice cream. Made from oats.

  • Galaxy Nutritional Foods has a Vegan Brand with several dairy alternatives. Other products are lactose-free, but not casein-free. These people bought out Soyco Foods and the Soymage product.

  • Goodbaker has vegan gourmet baking mixes.

  • has several Egg, Cheese, & Other Dairy Substitutes that they sell by mail order.

  • Lactolite is a lactose reduced milk, which is suitable for lactose intolerance sufferers, but still tastes like regular milk. The site contains some information on the product, though it is by no means the emphasis of the site.

  • Millmilk is a Swedish non dairy milk based on oats - for use both as a drink and in cooking. Comprehensive nutritional details and stockists.

  • Nature's Healthy Alternative has a line of spreadable cheese alternatives made from soy.

  • Neocate is an elemental infant formula for use in children with cow milk allergy or multiple food protein intolerance. Expensive.

  • The Chocolate Emporium has Parve Specialty Chocolates & Other Kosher Confections, most of which are dairy-free.

  • Riverland Products Company sells a non-dairy dip and cheesecake.

  • Road's End Organics has three macaroni and "cheese" products. All vegan.

  • SHS International, North American Office has information on several Neocate formulas, plus a product for adults.

  • With Soy Toy you can make your own fresh soymilk from dried beans.

  • Soya Fresh! is a multi-function milk maker. Also a raw hemp milk maker which makes milk from hemp, sunflower seeds, nuts, or a combination.

  • Tofutti has many substitutes that are 100% free of dairy. New is a cream cheese one.

  • Tufinit has a line of products made out of carob and other natural ingredients. Sold via the Internet only.

  • Turtle Mountain is an Oregon manufacturer of non-dairy frozen desserts. Distributed in the US and Canada.

  • Vance's Foods sells DariFree to the US market, and is their home page.

  • Vitamite100 has a line of lactose-free beverages that taste like milk. However, only the non-fat one is free of casein.

  • White Wave sells Silk Soy Milk and Silk Cultured Soy (e.g. Yogurt).


Food Science

Mailing Lists/Forums/Archives

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