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To: MindBender26

Nice RNC talking points She is in for the money and should be a cheerleader. I have had it with this crap. Why would she support anyone less conservative then her and if she was in it for money why do some speeches for free and not do season 2 of Alaska?

21 posted on 06/19/2011 7:38:20 PM PDT by Brimack34 (Sarah their is no substitute)
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To: Brimack34
There are intriguing possibilities. Let's not dismiss the musings so quickly.

One thing I am absolutely sure of, Sarah Palin loves this Nation and its people. Though her detractors don't want to admit it, what she did in resigning a governorship was more principled than any politician has done in my lifetime: she resigned from a job she was doing well until both political parties' establishment goons decided to try and assassinate her with lawsuits which hurt Alaska more than Sarah. I have Alaskan friends who will tell you exactly that, because they were first hand witnesses to the bullshyte.

How does that enter into the calculations of what Sarah is trying to do now? ... No, she is not trying to become a millionaire exploiting the woes of her nation, and anyone offering that crap should be shunned immediately as not worthy of rational discussion. What is Sarah Palin up to, given the current crop of rinos, and weak candidates for national election? Let's look at the possibilities. She is not the feckless pubby also ran type person willing to let the bastard establishment herd We The People.

If Sarah can gain the Republican nomination, it would mean that democrats crossing over to vote int the pubby primaries either voted for her or could not change the tidal wave out-pouring for Sarah by casting their votes for the beatable Romney or Bachmann. ... I better pause to fix myself a drink at this point before continuing, because I can already sense the slams coming my way.

There is one thing absolutely sure that America needs at this late hour in our destruction: we need pubbies to control the House and have a veto proof majority in the Senate, if we are to save the Republic regardless of whether barry the bastard is re-elected. ow can that happen? ... Conservative voter turnout, accompanied by activated moderate voters who see the nation in death throes under the democrats.

The questions then becomes, in my mind at least:

1) How does one increase turnout of enough voters who are not dead-head democrat welfare dependents voting for more handouts?

2) If Sarah runs in the pubby primaries and loses, how many conservative minded voters will bother to go to the polls in November?

3) If Sarah runs as a third party candidate and splits the pubby voting groups, but picks up moderate and disgruntle democrat votes, what effect will that have on the down ticket positions to be voted upon?

4) If Sarah stays out of the presidential squabble, and works to get conservatives elected, how much real influence can she have on trunout nationally, so that the democrap stranglehold is broken?

Answers, to me anyway are:
1) There is no insurance of informed voters coming to the polls because too many are already dumbed down to a disastrous level. But we the paying attention people have got to try to save our Republic;
2) How many disgruntled pubby Palin fans will vote anyway is a toss up, but I think if Sarah runs for the pubby nomination and does not get it, she will not slink away and lick her wounds because she loves this country too much to walk away from the dual at hand;
3) HERE is the real issue! The only way to save this Republic from the future hope for commie state and change to a federal oligarchy is for people to get off their lazy asses and vote the bastards out! If people have enough interest to go to the polls and vote for even a failed third party candidate, that puts these before detached slugs in a voting booth to cast down ballot votes!
4) Sarah PAlin can only cover so much ground and visit only so many districts and states up for grabs. She will have far more influence bringing people to the polls as a pubby nominee or third party candidate.

Anyway, that's my scenario and I'm stickin' to it ... for now. [BTW, Rick Perry, shut up and sit down; America is not going to elect another Texan this soon after the globalist experience with your friend George.]

49 posted on 06/19/2011 8:19:01 PM PDT by MHGinTN (Some, believing they can't be deceived, it's nigh impossible to convince them when they're deceived.)
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