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Anatomy of a moonbat meltdown: The Alito Confirmation (long, but EXTREMELY satisfying!)
1/30/06 | From the fevered minds of despondent libs

Posted on 01/30/2006 6:17:45 PM PST by dukeman

The left-wing moonbats have been pounding their keyboards and telephone buttons since around January 27th in a fevered attempt to block the Alito confirmation. They’re pulling out all the stops, and their hair, in the effort. Their emotional roller coaster ride include fear, hatred, conspiracy paranoia, and fatalism. What do you do when your world is closing in around you and you’re gasping for air? Here are the DU moonbats in their own words:

Onlooker (1000+ posts) Thu Jan-26-06 08:33 PM>br> Original message

Seems to me we desperately need something new about Alito

For those Senators who have announced that they would not support a filibuster and those who are truly undecided, someone, somewhere needs to find something new about Alito that's unpleasant, unflattering, or even scandalous. It's the only way to give the cowardly senators cover. I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows Alito's sister, who is supposedly an even more right-wing lawyer that her brother. Who knows, maybe she's so scary that it would make Alito seem even worse.

Is there any kind of research those of us who live near big universities or who use computers could do? If anyone has any ideas on how to try to find something new, please post it.

rzemanfl Thu Jan-26-06 08:39 PM
Response to Original message

3. Read somewhere he lied about his grandfather. Don't

remember where. Big help, right? Sorry, but I have to stealth surf at the salt mine.

seabeyond Thu Jan-26-06 08:41 PM
Response to Original message

4. we had people ready to walk from party without filibuster, and now we dont have enough on the man????

if we dont have enough on the man, why were so many emailing and calling senators to filibuster?

yankeedem Thu Jan-26-06 08:45 PM>br> Response to Original message

10. Only dead girl/live boy would stop him now

Thanks "moderate" Dems!


rucky Fri Jan-27-06 01:33 AM
Original message

Does anyone else get the feeling this is all a big act?

This Senator won't filibuster, that one's not making any decisions yet. Sources say so-and-so isn't on board the filibuster. A good friend told me in a mass email that an intern in Senator Fuzzlenut's office said to call Senator Bigglesworth. Then at the 11th hour, Senator Blankety-Blank launches a final push for a filibuster.

I'd like to think this is all a big "poker game," you know, not letting the opposition (or the constituents) know what they're up to. But come on, the GOP already stated what they'd do with the "nuc-e-lar option." They're prepared, and a surprise filibuster won't shake them.

My gut is leading me to believe that this "are-we or aren't we?" drama is being set up to the keep the party base from up-and revolting when next week comes and the fili doesn't run. Would it be a stretch to guess that the Dems (and Repubs) in the Senate have been talking to each other about this, and have pretty much known what they'd be doing even before the Alito hearing started? If our 44 haven't at least been planning amongst themselves, we have a serious unity problem that will not lead us through the next 3 years of hell. If they are unified, then why the big show?

Meanwhile we're working hard to stop this conformation, and a few key Senators are leading a push in what's sort of a good cop/bad cop act, so in the end, when we lose another battle, they can all throw up our arms and say "we tried, but we just didn't have enough votes." Then we can take our frustrations out on the 2 or 3 "DINOS" whose seats are safe anyway. We've seen this pattern before on key votes in both houses. Another line they like to use is, "the public support of the constituents was just not there." That's a nice and unverifiable way to shift blame.

I still hope the filibuster happens, it just seems like there's something ingenuous about the mixed messages we're getting from our Senators. It tells me this deal - like most other deals - was already settled in the back-room.

Can you blame me for being so cynical about this?

rwenos Fri Jan-27-06 01:36 AM
Response to Original message

1. Sure It's An Act

The Semate Dem's are looking rather feeble. No one can articulate a message. No one can do anything but carp.

Where are all the giants?

FreedomAngel82 Fri Jan-27-06 01:44 AM
Response to Original message

6. I've been wondering too

Why else is Frist trying to hurry up and get this through the Senate? I think more is going on behind the scenes than we think. Remember what happened when Reid closed the Senate. It came out of nowhere because Frist would have stopped them. So maybe they have a plan in case and are seeing what we're wanting them to do. I hope we don't get this fool on the court. He can't be there.

chimpymustgo Fri Jan-27-06 02:30 AM
Response to Reply #9

11. This is why I'm awake at frigging 2:30 am EST. This has been in my gut all day long. The back and forth. The in and out. Who's zooming who.

I'll keep calling, and fighting. But if this comes down ugly on Monday, it's over for me.

SoCalDemGrrl Fri Jan-27-06 02:35 AM
Response to Original message

13. Maybe the Dems are playing a great poker hand....

with the sons of bitches Repubs, it's wise not to tip your hand too early.... hope we will all be suprised on Monday....... Frist may wish he never called for a cloture vote..


in_cog_ni_to Fri Jan-27-06 07:39 AM
Response to Original message

22. I just watched The National Press Club, The Democrat's State of the Union luncheon from yesterday, Thursday and Dick Durbin said that you have to be able to count. HIS job is to count the Senators who would support a filibuster and he didn't count enough to support it. He said it was still a possibility, but HIGHLY UNLIKELY. They have discussed this for weeks in their Dem caucus and just didn't have the support for it. As usual, the Democrats wanted to tell US, the base, to F*** OFF.

SO, in light of Durbin's statement yesterday, I'd have to say we're being PLAYED like a fiddle. I'm willing to wait to see how this plays out, but I suspect I know already what will happen.

On the other hand, this may be a poker play by the Dems and they aren't showing their hand? I just don't know anymore. It's possible they want to blindside the repukes. They may actually have the the support, but don't want the repukes to know? Durbin is a pretty straight forward guy. If he says there's not support, I tend to believe him. Then again, his remarks could be part of the plan. I don't know what to believe.


Leftchick Wed Jan-25-06 07:19 PM
Original message

I am Ready to Leave the USA. Any Suggestions of Where to Live?

I would love to go to Canada but it seems we may be too old by the time we are able to leave in about two years. I am also considering Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico but any civilized non-fascist country will do. Please, any suggestions, help and/or links are greatly appreciated.

I am hoping for no "stay and fight" or "coward" responses. I have two young boys who deserve to have a real future. That is not going to happen in this country.


mopaul Tue Jan-24-06 05:38 PM
Original message

Why aren't more Americans Extremely Alarmed?

Are we the only ones on the edge of panic? Why are so few people interested in voting or what's happeining to their country? Why do most folks not even realize the danger we are all in?

Please join me in my lonely panic.


cali Thu Jan-26-06 03:16 PM
Original message

Check In Here If You're Still Sane

and find the attacks on Senator Byrd and Nelson beyond the pale, if you're not surprised by Lieberman voting against Alito, because you know enough about him to realize that he's actually fairly liberal on most domestic issues including choice. Check in if you understand that Roe is still protected by a slim majority on the court.

Yes, I wanted the dems to filibuster. I thought it was a risky enterprise that probably wouldn't work, and could be damaging, but I thought it was worth it for the opportunity to bring the dangers Alito presents, to the public. I'm deeply disturbed by the thought of Alito on the court. I'm also disturbed by the venom being spewed by some around these parts. It's really ugly. And it's ignorant. For those of you posting some of this invective, try being less reactionary and more reflective. And a little less passionate intensity might help too.

"The worst are filled with passionate intensity, while the best lack all conviction."

I know exactly what Yeats meant.

sparosnare Thu Jan-26-06 03:22 PM
Response to Original message

2. Emotions are running high right now.

I understand that you're venting, but it's probably not a good idea to write a post like this. Besides, Kerry may still filibuster. Don't throw in the towel just yet.

Neecy Thu Jan-26-06 03:23 PM
Response to Original message

3. I think valid criticism is fine...

Byrd's vote outraged me, given his lip service to the Constitution, but I *do* think that the klan remarks are beyond the pale.

If you think today is bad, wait until the vote itself. I don't think we've really seen anger yet.


Dr.Phool Fri Jan-27-06 06:13 PM
Original message

Sorry Senator Byrd. You sure picked the wrong day. Up yours!!

I've been out all day collecting signature cards for my friend and congressional candidate, John Russell. I'm tired, and just wanted to get the mail, have a cocktail and relax, because we'll be back getting cards tomorrow and Sunday too.

I noticed I had a letter from you in the mail. What could this be?

A goddamned fundraising letter for your campaign! The day after you announced that you were going to support Alito!!! Had I received this letter earlier in the week, I would have sent you a check. But I would have stopped payment on it yesterday. What I will do however is use your post-paid envelope, and send my reply to you. UP YOURS!

I've always enjoyed your eloquent speeches on the Senate floor. But now they ring hollow. Just maybe, you've finally become too addled with age or dementia to think clearly. Maybe it's time to hang it up. With the deaths of all the coal miners in your state this week, you're going to vote to approve a fascist to the SCOTUS, who believes they have no recourse for their deaths.

And take me off your mailing list for the future. You'll save a lot of postage.

On Par Fri Jan-27-06 06:22 PM
Response to Original message

8. Disappointed - Absolutely. Shocked - No.

Why not? Byrd comes from a state of Bible thumpers and gun toters. They've voted Republican in the past two Nat'l elections and he needs to curry favor. So, no, I'm not shocked, I just realize he's catering to his base where they believe that everything can be solved by either more Jesus or more guns.


DoYouEverWonder Sat Jan-14-06 08:48 AM
Original message

If Samual Alito is confirmed for the Supreme Court

it will be the final nail in the coffin of our democracy. The USA will soon be turned into a military state.

This is what is coming when BushCo solidifies their control of all three branches of government. This is why the stakes are so high.


benburch Thu Jan-26-06 10:35 AM
Original message

When do we abandon the political process?

Serious question here;

At what point do we rebel against the removal of the Democratic elements of our government?

At what point does sending faxes and hoisting signs become futile?

At what point do we become a nation of Refuseniks, and begin the destruction of the Republican Dictatorship by;

• Quitting,

• Striking,

• Calling out sick,

• Slowing down,

• Misfiling,

• Freecycling,

• Boycotting,

• Refusing to spend money.

• Refusing to watch television,

• And generally being individual obstructions to the smooth running of the fascist state?

Folks, we have to HURT them.

Our opposition is the monied class.

We are the working class.

They cannot exist without our cooperation.



bertha katzenengel Fri Jan-27-06 05:17 PM
Original message

this has been a miserable f***ing day

i woke with the headache from the bowels of hell

i barfed up my lunch in three parts and have just now begun to settle down - thank f*** all

my boss is an absolutely miser-f***ing-able communicator

nothing give me joy, there is nothing to look forward to, i just don't f***king care about s*** right now

no replies necessary, this was a just a venting rant

we'll see if it does me any good by the time i get home


edit: and another thing: DU GD/GD-Alito are almost as f***ed up as my day was. someone get in there with some raid & lysol. i've been skipping the front page as fast as possible because i don't even want to see the angry, judgemental thread titles


LiberalAndProud Mon Jan-30-06 10:38 AM
Original message

I need a hug.

Lobbying a solid Dem here today to beg for one more phone call to Hagel & Nelson. The response, "It won't make any difference."

My reply, "It won't if you do nothing for sure."

Did he pick up the phone? No! Do you have to be a defeatist to be a Democrat?

: end rant :

debbierlus Mon Jan-30-06 10:48 AM
Response to Reply #7

8. Keep calling - We can keep calling!

Don't let one defeatist get you down!

They are a dime a dozen.


Armstead Mon Jan-30-06 12:47 PM
Original message

BREAKING-- "Gang of 14 to fight against filibuster

According to CNN, the so-called "Gang of 14" will meet to block a filibuster this afternoon.

So if there are any halfway sane Democrats on that group, they need to be contacted fast.


benburch Mon Jan-30-06 01:19 PM
Original message

We are going to win this one if we keep up the pressure! We have turned the tide, and the GOP is losing.

The meeting of the "Gang of 14" is simply the meeting they agreed upon if a filibuster became an issue, and will decide whether the gang will stick together and allow the filibuster without the nuclear option or not. This does not decide cloture, but rather is about the nuclear option. (Which the GOP does not now have the balls to pull off anyway.)

We will defeat Alito!

Keep calling!

Keep FAXing!


debbierlus Mon Jan-30-06 01:04 PM
Original message







Quote of the day:

"Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown." H. Ross Perot


RGBolen Mon Jan-30-06 01:03 PM
Original message

OK, last ditch and very controversial

I have thought about this idea for years, mainly back when we had a GOP controlled Senate and a Democratic House. The constitution originally gave the Senate the power to "advise and consent" and confirm judicial nominees as well as confirm cabinet appointments. But the 13th amendment to the document gives all citizens "equal protection" under the law.

To have "equal protection" the "advise and consent" and power to confirm should be as close to equal as can be. This is not the case, California has around 36 million people and has 2 elected official to "advise and consent" and has two votes toward confirming or not confirming whereas Wyoming with around 500,000 people also has two elected officials for the same. If there is to be equal protection then the interpretation of the laws have to reflect the consent of the people through their elected representatives as equally as can be done.


A true last ditch effort to stop Alito and change the way things are done would be for someone today to file a lawsuit in California claiming that their right to equal protection under the law is being violated by the current process and ask the judge to grant an injunction prevented the US Senate from voting on Alito and other federal judges confirmations and set a date for a hearing on the violation of civil rights.

This is of course a huge legal and constitutional proposal and a few paragraphs does not lay out the entire argument. I only wanted to post the general idea and arguments without having to write a complete legal document.


samhsarah Mon Jan-30-06 12:42 PM
Original message

IMPORTANT: Any Italian-Americans out there?

I SWEAR to you this is true, no matter how freaking ridiculous it may seem...

I just spoke to a very active Democrat in NJ (no names) who just got off a conference call with Lautenberg. Apparently, Menendez feels he needs to support Alito because that's what the Italian-Americans in NJ want. I am one of those Italian-Americans, (from NJ, but my husband is stationed in FL, so I am registered to vote in FL) and if this wasn't as serious as it is, I would almost be tempted to laugh. Please contact these 2 Senators. This is insane.

YOY Mon Jan-30-06 01:04 PM
Response to Original message

5. Alito gives hard working Italian Americans a bad name

almost as much as every mob-flick I've ever seen...but far less entertaining.

Alito and anyone else who thinks him a proper Italian American can kiss my liberal-off-white-dago ass.

samhsarah Mon Jan-30-06 01:07 PM
Response to Reply #5

6. My Nonno came here from Italy through Ellis Island....

If he was still alive, he would call Alito out for what he is...a fascist pig.


Wordie Mon Jan-30-06 12:35 PM
Original message



(Great approach I found at a blog, Vichy Democrats)

Today, we need to focus on those key Senators. In addition to calling their offices, we're also going to target their re-election campaign HQs. (A great idea thought up by ...Bob Fertik!) Finally, we're going to hammer away at a simple, but politically powerful, message.

Our theme today is: Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way. In political terms, that's:


Now they like abstinence!


DeepModem Mom Mon Jan-30-06 12:34 PM
Original message

Dear Lord on High, please don't let DU slow down today. Please cast your spirit on the DU server and keep it running quickly and smoothly, so we can work against the forces of darkness here on Earth, and help guide thy servants, the Democratic, Independent, and moderate Republican Senators, to see the path of light and stand with courage to filibuster the nomination of Samuel Alito.

mcscajun Mon Jan-30-06 01:03 PM
Response to Original message

9. There's a prayer even this atheist can get behind.



DemInDistress Mon Jan-30-06 12:11 PM
Original message

are my replies being blocked or just doesn't anyone like me?

Maybe I'm paranoid,maybe I don't come across well but at least someone please tell me, can you hear me?

Thanks all...

No replies were made.


kentuck Mon Jan-30-06 10:46 AM
Original message

The champagne is on ice !

They are ready to pop the corks! Senator Kennedy mentioned this in his remarks. This is a great political victory for the right-wingers. I cannot believe there is even one Democrat going along with their parade and celebration.


Amaryllis Mon Jan-30-06 01:52 PM
Original message

DON'T lie about your residency! They all have caller ID and know if

you are calling from out out of state. My senator's office told me that a year or so ago. If they get a bunch of calls from people lying about their zip code, it lessens our chances of having an impact.

seabeyond Mon Jan-30-06 01:53 PM
Response to Original message

2. too late. too many already promote this, want this, they want to embrace this part of repug action...... to win

i personally cannot do it nor do i like it, but i will imagine you will have a strong majority here that dont stand with you on this

just a guess

Vash the Stampede Mon Jan-30-06 01:56 PM
Response to Reply #2

4. That would be the dumbest thing imaginable.

And yet I don't doubt for a minute that you're right.


CottonBear Mon Jan-30-06 01:41 PM
Original message

Senator Saxby "Sack of S***" Chambliss of Georgia is bloviating now.

As a Georgian, let me express my extreme disgust with this sorry excuse for a human being.

I apologize on behalf of all Georgia Democrats and progressives for our state (with the help of Diebold and Democratic Secretary of State Cathy Cox of Georgia) having elevated this chickenhawk piece of s*** to the United States Senate.

edit: Chambliss is the coward who smeared Max Cleland by comparing him to Hussein and Bin Laden.


fooj Mon Jan-30-06 01:39 PM
Original message

I think we should phone these Repub Senators and ask them

exactly WHAT PART OF THE US CONSTITUTION and THE RULE OF LAW are they having trouble understanding? I think that we should let them know that their vote will be their legacy.



debbierlus Mon Jan-30-06 02:28 PM
Original message

Courage people - this is getting very nerve racking!

Positive thoughts and energy

I can't take this much longer!


debbierlus Mon Jan-30-06 02:26 PM
Original message





in_cog_ni_to Mon Jan-30-06 02:27 PM
Response to Original message

2. Sounds like he's going to vote NO!!!!

Please G-d!!!!

Wheezy Mon Jan-30-06 02:28 PM
Response to Original message

5. gulp.

fingers crossed.

Maggie_May Mon Jan-30-06 02:33 PM
Response to Original message

21. He's going to vote NO!!!

he heard us shout!

samhsarah Mon Jan-30-06 02:33 PM
Response to Original message

22. He sounds pretty heated about "right to choose" being "settled law"

Go Frankie!!!! Now for that filibuster.....


Nimrod2005 Mon Jan-30-06 02:31 PM
Original message

Senator Lincoln Chafee of RI? is the only GOP who wants to got to heaven

when he dies? he is voting with the good guys?


QuettaKid Mon Jan-30-06 02:25 PM
Original message

WHO DO I NEED TO CALL NOW AT 2:30 E.S.T. ? ! ? !

Who should we be focusing our efforts on at this late hour?


BigBearJohn Sun Jan-29-06 07:07 PM
Original message

Mr. Kerry

goes to Washington [Photoshop of Kerry’s head on actor Jimmy Stewart’s body as he filibusters in the U.S. Senate]


helderheid Mon Jan-30-06 02:56 PM
Original message

I've got chills, DU!

I have never felt so hopeful - I think this is going to happen!!


kineta Mon Jan-30-06 02:58 PM
Response to Original message

3. and i pledge $50 to each of my Wa State senators immediately

if they filibuster. (and no $ ever if they don't)

drm604 Mon Jan-30-06 03:02 PM
Response to Reply #3

8. Be careful.

I think that's called bribery.

tatertop Mon Jan-30-06 03:00 PM
Response to Original message

7. Heart be still!


Hissyspit Mon Jan-30-06 02:54 PM
Original message

Extremist right-wingers, this is just the beginning.

Right-wingers, wingnuts, freepers, caught off guard by the groundswell of grass-roots and rank-and-file support for action against the Alito nomination, support for filibuster?

This is just the beginning. Americans are pissed. A lot of them.

No matter WHAT happens with the nomination - whether there is a filibuster, whatever happens with the cloture vote, if Alito gets on the court or not, if he gets rejected and we get another bad nominee - no matter what happens: People are ANGRY. Americans are figuring out that they need to start fighting back and they are getting organized, using the Internet since the "mainstream" corporate media is, for the most part, failing them.


burythehatchet Mon Jan-30-06 03:10 PM
Original message

I am SICK of the word ALITO

Just hearing the name is making my stomach turn...especially when it spews from a Repubelican senator's mouth.

I hurl in disgust. FILIBUSTER!


LiberalAndProud Mon Jan-30-06 03:21 PM
Original message

I am a middle-aged lady in the Middle of Nebraska START THE REVOLUTION!

BE VISIBLE. We are HERE! We will not be ignored.

The giant is beginning to WAKE UP. AMERICA IS WAKING UP!!!



debbierlus Mon Jan-30-06 03:53 PM
Original message


Ever hear that Johnny Cash song ....

Five more minutes to go....

I can hear the buzzards....I can see the sky..........



NYC Liberal Mon Jan-30-06 04:47 PM THIS IS IT!!! QUORUM CALL IS OVER!!

NYC Liberal


DainBramaged Mon Jan-30-06 04:48 PM
Response to Original message

1. Did Lanreau and Rockefeller vote YES?

benevolent dictator Mon Jan-30-06 04:49 PM
Response to Reply #1

3. WTF?!


SteppingRazor Mon Jan-30-06 04:55 PM
Original message

We're done. (GOD DAMN MOTHERF***ING S*** GOD DAMN!!) We've lost Rockefeller, Bill Nelson, and half a dozen others, and picked up no Republicans.

We've lost.

yankeedem Mon Jan-30-06 04:57 PM
Response to Original message

3. The Joementum is over

Joe Libermann voted for cloture. SOB.

Pharaoh Mon Jan-30-06 05:00 PM
Response to Original message



NYC Liberal Mon Jan-30-06 04:57 PM
Original message


Not that we expected different!!!

Justitia Mon Jan-30-06 04:57 PM
Response to Original message

2. F***ING ***HOLE! To think he was our VP Candidate! He should rot!

The Backlash Cometh Mon Jan-30-06 04:58 PM
Response to Reply #2

4. I'm beginning to believe that was a set up too.


MsUSA Mon Jan-30-06 05:04 PM
Original message

Guess, I'm gonna take a little break from here.....

whew, just tired, just sick of it all. I don't want to even count how many times I've lived through these votes to just be disappointed.

kath Mon Jan-30-06 05:06 PM
Response to Original message

1. I need a break too.

Also considering changing my reg. to Independent - may do this tomorrow to send a message.

thecrow Mon Jan-30-06 05:12 PM
Response to Original message

4. Maybe we sshould extablish an "Independant Underground"

Oh. God. Not.Alito....

This is so sad

Gabi Hayes Mon Jan-30-06 05:19 PM
Response to Reply #5

I am very happy I got my passport renewed last year

I'm going to be making some serious inquiries about possible new homes, as well as re-learning my high school FRENCH! I have a friend who's got a place in S. France, and I'm definitely going to check it out this summer

I can't even express my disgust for those cowards in the Senate


LeftNYC Mon Jan-30-06 05:18 PM
Original message

This CSPAN feed is making me sick

watching these yokels clowning around with each other. Probably planning on dinner and cigars and cognac. Assholes. The DLC can kiss my ass. Lieberman, Salazar kiss my ass. We will continue to remind you what you've done. The phone calls and emails will not stop. Remember what happened when the Unitary Executive fascist leader of America steps up to declare that abortions are illegal and ten year olds are allowed to be strip searched wherever and whenever. Remember this when our the nazi party starts making laws allowing them to tap your phones. Remember who it was that tried to fight, you traitorous bastards...

LSparkle Mon Jan-30-06 05:21 PM
Response to Original message

3. Prepare to kiss the ring of King AssHat George ...

This Scalito slimeball is a f***ing ROYALIST ... Why doesn't he move to a MONARCHY/DICTATORSHIP?

CottonBear Mon Jan-30-06 05:21 PM
Response to Original message

4. What is happeneing? I can't tell on the computer screen.

Has the vote been tallied or posted? I'm at work and keep having to take calls and speak with my boss.

LeftNYC Mon Jan-30-06 05:23 PM
Response to Reply #4

10. Whats happening is

Lieberman- "Hey Frist, where you going for dinner. Me and Nelson of Florida want to come along"

Frist - "Bring Nelson of Nebraska too and I'll bring Saxy. We'll get a couple of strippers, some coke, and booze"

Liberman chortling "Frist, have you been listening to my calls. Snarf Snarf-How do you know I love strippers"

Frist - "Isnt it great when we work in a bipartisan way to f*** the American people?"


Pharaoh Mon Jan-30-06 05:08 PM
Original message


Time to start drinking heavily,

It's Nazi time in America!

LSparkle Mon Jan-30-06 05:11 PM
Response to Original message

3. I'm with you there ... I'm leaving the "reality-based community" in favor


DearAbby Mon Jan-30-06 05:14 PM
Response to Original message

7. I am numb...welcome to the Fascists states of America

What has happened to our country?

Nutmegger Mon Jan-30-06 05:23 PM
Response to Original message

11. I can't believe this is happening...


Skidmore (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:14 PM
Original message

I just got queasy.

It occurred to me that Little Boots will be smirking, jerking, and giggling tomorrow night at the SOTU.

Talismom (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:15 PM
Response to Original message

1. I'm not watching. I'm banging a frying pan with a big metal spoon!


Prisoner_Number_Six (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:04 PM
Original message

Are they deliberately slapping us "radicals" down with this vote?

Sending us a message to toe the line? Telling us to siddown and shaddap? Informing us our calls, faxes and letters have been, are, and always will be meaningless to them?

Talismom (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:04 PM
Response to Original message

1. Me too. It's 2000 and 2004 all over again, and this time there's not question that it was members of our own party that sold out.

ContraBass Black (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:05 PM
Response to Original message

5. F*** it. I'm going to bed.

When I get up, I'm going to light a candle and say a prayer for my civil rights.

Then, I'm going to go from moderate compromiser to hard-line leftist.

After that, I'm going take my country back.


Dave Sund (931 posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:22 PM
Original message

It Feels Like 11/2 Again.

I've got that sick feeling that came when Ohio was called for Bush and we all knew it was over. I'm growing increasingly upset with Democrats who don't seem to care that they are screwing this country in the name of so called bipartisanship. I'm a Nebraska Democrat, so I understand why people like Nelson have to compromise sometimes -- they're in a difficult position. But at the same time -- if you're not going to stand with us on this, when will you stand with us?

I've had it with them. Nelson has my vote in 2006, because he's still a hell of a lot better than Pete Ricketts, the corporate pig who tries to play himself off as a simple Nebraskan with "values." But that's as far as my support goes. I'm certainly not going to feel too good if Nelson wins and the Democrats don't make gains -- but I'd feel a hell of a lot worse if he lost and they didn't.

Greeby (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:23 PM
Response to Original message

1. And to complete the sense of deja vu Malloy's show will probably start with The End by The Doors


MrsGrumpy (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:15 PM
Original message

I just hugged my daughter close to my heart, went into the bathroom

and cried my eyes out. Good night Democracy.

(1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:20 PM
Response to Original message

2. goodbye to legal abortion. get out the knitting needles.

bush still has to go (1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:57 PM
Response to Reply #2

16. Buy up those metal coat hangers

They're going to be in short supply REAL soon


They're all bought and paid for, and we remain on the outside, tapping on the window. Too bad nobody is going to open up the door.

I'm numb.

KEYWORDS: 109th; alito; alitohearing; alitovote; du; moonbats
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Yet again, Lucy pulls the football away just before Charley Brown swings his leg to kick it!

Drink it in and enjoy it, FR!

1 posted on 01/30/2006 6:17:50 PM PST by dukeman
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To: dukeman

Schadenfreude Wood!!!

2 posted on 01/30/2006 6:20:20 PM PST by Anti-Bubba182
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To: dukeman
• Freecycling


3 posted on 01/30/2006 6:21:21 PM PST by zarf (It's time for a college football playoff system.)
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To: dukeman

They just cannot be this stupid can they?!

Yes, as a matter of fact, they are!!!

I'm enjoying this a great deal - keep the moonbats coming!

4 posted on 01/30/2006 6:22:17 PM PST by GOPRaleigh (Liberals - who needs 'em.)
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To: dukeman

Bad language!

5 posted on 01/30/2006 6:23:01 PM PST by ConservativeGreek
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To: dukeman
BUMP for later reading (too long, will read later), but this seems to be the making of: "Anatomy of a Slander 101", soon be taught at a University near you ........
6 posted on 01/30/2006 6:24:45 PM PST by Mr_Moonlight
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To: dukeman

Uh oh. There goes our democracy ;-)

7 posted on 01/30/2006 6:26:12 PM PST by mhx
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To: dukeman

I just hugged my daughter close to my heart, went into the bathroom

and cried my eyes out. Good night Democracy.

(1000+ posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:20 PM
Response to Original message

2. goodbye to legal abortion. get out the knitting needles.

GOOD GRIEF (Cicero's comment)

8 posted on 01/30/2006 6:26:15 PM PST by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: dukeman
it's gonna get even better tomorrow... :-)

because then Karl Rove will press the magic button and do this to all liberals in his path:

Die liberal!

9 posted on 01/30/2006 6:26:25 PM PST by Palpatine (Every single liberal is now an enemy of the republic!)
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To: dukeman

I've been slipping unnoticed into the Lefty blogs today wishing "Merry Fitzmas"

Man, does that p!ss them off!

: )

10 posted on 01/30/2006 6:26:54 PM PST by IncPen (Torture should be safe, legal, and rare.)
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To: dukeman
at the 11th hour, Senator Blankety-Blank launches a final push for a filibuster.

11 posted on 01/30/2006 6:29:29 PM PST by Izzy Dunne (Hello, I'm a TAGLINE virus. Please help me spread by copying me into YOUR tag line.)
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To: dukeman
Leftchick Wed Jan-25-06 07:19 PM

Original message

I am Ready to Leave the USA. Any Suggestions of Where to Live?

North Korea. And don't let the door hit your dumb ass on the way out.

12 posted on 01/30/2006 6:30:10 PM PST by Argus
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To: dukeman

It looks authentic except for the lack of foul language.The writing is much higher quality than I am used to on DU.

13 posted on 01/30/2006 6:31:05 PM PST by arthurus (Better to fight them OVER THERE than over here.)
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To: Cicero
I wish Alito's wife would move to Mass and run against the Hyannis Port Orca. I would LOVE to see that!!!
14 posted on 01/30/2006 6:31:32 PM PST by Perdogg ("Facts are stupid things." - President Ronald Wilson Reagan)
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To: dukeman
Our opposition is the monied class. We are the working class.

Tenured college professors and government bureaucrats do not count as "the working class".

15 posted on 01/30/2006 6:32:23 PM PST by Argus
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To: dukeman
Dear Lord on High, please don't let DU slow down today. Please cast your spirit on the DU server and keep it running quickly and smoothly


16 posted on 01/30/2006 6:32:47 PM PST by Izzy Dunne (Hello, I'm a TAGLINE virus. Please help me spread by copying me into YOUR tag line.)
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To: GOPRaleigh

Nightjock (924 posts) Mon Jan-30-06 05:51 PM
Original message

My wife just called me from work about Alito

She asked in a weak, almost scared voice, "Will they really take away a womans right to choose?"

I replied, "I don't know. Maybe...Probably...eventually."

Her voice was rising an octave. After 14 years of marraige I instantly know that means she is getting pissed off.

"Why didn't they (the Dems) fight? Why... do... we... give them F***ING MONEY EVERY YEAR IF WE CAN'T COUNT ON THEM TO STAND UP TO THIS?!"

I paused for a moment and said sheepishly, " I don't know. But if they overturn Roe vs Wade the republicans will have hell to pay."

"Right now," she said, "I don't give A S***! WE ARE NOT SENDING THEM A F***ING, SINGLE PENNY ANYMORE!"

Wow, I thought. The "F" word TWICE inside 10 seconds. She rarely uses that word. I knew that only a two word answer would slightly calm her down.

"Yes dear."

My friends at DU. Almost every one of you are more politic savvy than I. She is on the train home right now from Manhatten and I sure would like to give her a better answer....

Will they REALLY go against 70% of the population and overturn Roe v Wade?

17 posted on 01/30/2006 6:33:11 PM PST by dukeman
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To: dukeman

Long, but well worth the reading! I cannot believe people actually think like this. It is fun to see them implode, though.

18 posted on 01/30/2006 6:33:22 PM PST by Theresawithanh (Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else.)
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To: dukeman
This is just the beginning. Americans are pissed. A lot of them.

Yes, this DU poster is correct. Too bad for him most of them are Republicans. The push-back has begun. Keep it coming, conservatives.

19 posted on 01/30/2006 6:33:26 PM PST by Albion Wilde (America will not run, and we will not forget our responsibilities. George W. Bush)
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To: dukeman
All caps and boldface in the original? Right?

Where are the "smiley face" icons...???

20 posted on 01/30/2006 6:33:29 PM PST by okie01 (The Mainstream Media: IGNORANCE ON PARADE)
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