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Accuracy in Media ^ | 4/19/09 | Cliff Kincaid

Posted on 11/16/2010 8:00:11 PM PST by STD

Dear FReepers,

Here are the connections, the perps and their nefarious plan. It's time all red blooded American citizen screams 'bloody murder' the Barbarians are inside the gates folks. Spread the truth, speak out, write letters and post copies of this e-mail to everyone you know. Start looking for Soros, Obama, Frank, Geithner and Dodd. Do your duty FReepers, so help us God.

God Bless You All,

Mike Curtiss ( STanD )


Source: Cliff Kincaid from Accuracy in Media

The former President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the Chinese-speaking Tim Geithner is an associate of Henry Kissinger who can be counted on to convince the Chinese Communists to continue to buy U.S. debt and finance Obama's massive expansion of federal government power.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

KEYWORDS: geithner; kissinger; obama; soros; spookydude
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To: bronxville

Thanks very much for the post, bronxville. Connecting the collectivists.

Education BUMP!

21 posted on 11/17/2010 6:16:59 AM PST by PGalt
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To: FromLori

Thanks for the post/links, Lori. The first link...”acivilsociety” a must read.

Education BUMP!

22 posted on 11/17/2010 6:25:09 AM PST by PGalt
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To: Nachum


23 posted on 11/17/2010 7:50:55 AM PST by dalebert
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To: PGalt
And the importance of this info... is what exactly?

Why don't you post the list of firefighters in my district? And don't forget the list of past members as well. I am sure they too conspire to enslave the world .

24 posted on 11/17/2010 9:03:02 AM PST by TopQuark
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To: All
"The endgame of QE2 may be to motivate China to join a system of global governance and global currency against its wishes and better judgment."

More commie nonsense fromLouri. She is yet to reveal ant knowledge of finance or economics but spewing nonsense while using fancy words makes her happy. Just say any of the words "Fed," "Goldman," or "CEO" -- and step back.

Actually, "the endgame of QE2" is what it is: to combat deflation (that this concern is paramount was confirmed by yesterday PPI data, showing fastest price drop in 4 years). For any country, deflating its currency to motivate another to do something is like committing suicide just to motivate your mother to let you stay up late next time. But fromLouri does not have a clue.

For fromLouri and all the other conspiracy theorists on this tread, spewing nonsense makes them feel like generals without learning a word about the war.

25 posted on 11/17/2010 9:11:37 AM PST by TopQuark
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To: txhurl
"STD (as far as I can tell) is helping to spread the the Soros infection news and plans."

You are telling me, TXHurl, something about STD's motivation: he wants "to spread the [awareness about] the Soros infection..." I never questioned his intentions.

No offense intended, but your reasoning, however unintentionally, is just like that of liberals: for them, intentions are all that matters; as long as they are good, nothing else matters.

Well, for most of our history, we Americans have subscribed to the notion that the ends do not justify the means. In addition to what you pursue, how you do that has also to be well-founded, just and moral. And that's exactly the problem with STD and the rest of conspiracy theorist. What they say not only lacks any foundation in fact or logic but also defames people.

Think about that for a minute. I would hope that, as an American, you would defend even a rapist against and a false accusation of rape. It's one of the Commandments: not to serve as a false witness. It does not say against whom -- that does not matter --- we should not be a false witness even against scum). It's also against the law.

But, according to you, apparently, defamation is OK if it is against someone that you and I don't like. If you don't like Kissinger, then go ahead, pile up nonsense and falsehoods against him -- that'd be OK with you.

" If you are a fan of George, you should state that right now."

See, it does not even occur to you that I simply dislike falsehoods and defamation. In your world, apparently, people just take sides for or against someone; they don't simply try to do what's right. Sad indeed.

Unlike STD, you are at least open-minded enough to pose a question. Thank you. That is why I am writing back at some length. STD, in contrast, merely called me names in post #11 and bragged about insulting yesterday another poster who, according to STD, is now "sulking" somewhere. And you hope to learn anything from such person? He does not give a d--n about the truth. It's all about him. Like many other bitter people, he mistakenly thiks that he looks better when he belittles other people. Well, throwing durt around does not make you cleaner.

And throwing dirt is all STD and his ilk do. What have you learned from his post? Only one thing: three people were once in the same room. That's all. From here he draws a conclusion that there is a conspiracy. Well, remember the Thanksgiving two years ago, when your family, including distant cousins, were at your house for dinner? You must've been plotting to take over the Fed. And anyone questioning that statement must be a Soros supporter. That's, in essence, STD's and other conspiracy theorists' "logic."

At a more scientific level, if you care, the mistake they make is well known and has a name of spurious correlation. Consider the fact that 99.99% of people that ever got into auto accidents ate tomatoes at least once in the year preceding the accident. A person that knows nothing about cars or tomatoes may conclude that the two are related, that eating tomatoes may even cause accidents. You would of course smile at that: This is merely a coincidence, a spurious correlation," you'd say. To persuade you about a relationship between eating tomatoes and accidents one would have to show more than the fact that they happened in the same year.

The anti-Fed theorists do exactly the same: Paulson worked at Goldman before becoming Bush's aid, so there you go: he bails out Goldman because those are his old buddies. Never mind the facts --- that Goldman never asked for a bailout and actually fought against it. Nope, they must be in cahoots. Total nonsense, of course. [ Coupled with the unprovoked anger in people like STD, this belief in the utter nonsense suggest that such people have schizoid personalities. Whether or not this is the case is for their psychiatrists to decide.] Their rants have nothing to do with the truth. Ever.

Those rants have consequences however. Whatever STD's and fromLouri's intentions are, they are playing the hand of the socialists in this country. Marx wanted you to be angry at the "financiers," the "rich," the "capitalists" and especially the "banks." [Actually there was the most evil category to be hated -- the Jews: they are supposed to be all rich, all in finance and all crooks. That's the only thing that the anti-Goldman, anti-Fed anti-CEO crowd does not bring up. Yet. In any other respect, they repeat the same thing as the Nazis in the 1930s Germany]. That's exactly what STDs and fromLouris are actually doing, regardless of their motivations. They are singing the communist song --- naturally, without any knowledge of what they are actually singing about. Beets learning some finance and economics before speaking on the subject.

It's your informed choice, TCHurl. You can continue to cheer the scoundrels that violate Judeo-Christian values by defaming people, or you can stand up for the age-old American tradition of defending the innocently accused (yes, even bad people). You can continue to repeat nonsensical criticisms of the Fed, the banks, the CEOs, etc. or actually learn something about what they do (or at least suspend judgment). And, you can continue to sing the Marxist songs of STD, fromLouri and the rest of that supposedly conservative crowd, or at least refuse to participate. And, in the very least, you've got to choose whom not to listen to when you have insufficient knowledge of some subject matter.

26 posted on 11/17/2010 11:07:23 AM PST by TopQuark
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To: phockthis


27 posted on 11/17/2010 4:19:02 PM PST by STD (He walks like a he duck, he talks like a duck, yo' mama married two of the duckers, U a duck Boy!)
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To: TopQuark

TopQuark thanks for your input.

What do you think about this theory...

“The theory may also explain Bernanke’s decision to pay banks interest on their excess dollar reserves.”

from this current (Thursday-November 11, 2010) article...

28 posted on 11/17/2010 7:14:05 PM PST by PGalt
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To: PGalt
Thanks for the link, PGalt. It'll take me some time (which I don't have at the moment) to read the article. I'll read it and get back to you (if I have anything to say), OK?
29 posted on 11/17/2010 7:22:29 PM PST by TopQuark
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To: TopQuark

No hurry TQ. I just found it a very interesting, current and thought-provoking article and that sentence I quoted especially jumped out at me.

30 posted on 11/17/2010 7:27:43 PM PST by PGalt
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