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To: hamboy
Obama's willful negligence to change the topic of the upcoming debates AWAY from the economy and onto foreign policy.
2 posted on 09/16/2012 10:59:48 AM PDT by GeorgeWashingtonsGhost
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To: GeorgeWashingtonsGhost
Obama’s willful negligence to change the topic of the upcoming debates AWAY from the economy and onto foreign policy.

One of the things that has not been looked at is the very unusual way the whole Embassy was set up and staffed.

It is very likely that this was entirely intentional action on the part of Obama and Clinton because they have been playing fast and loose with in Libya for their own personal political and financial gain, and those of the people and interests on whose behalf they fought to remove Qaddafi gain control of his enormous wealth and control of the Libyan oil franchise.

The Libyan overthrow of Qaddafi was a very murky affair. It was really more of hostile take over the Qaddafi's i Oil empire than a true revolution and Obama and Clinton were right in the middle of engineering the takeover.

Qaddafi had oil funded investments in Europe alone that were on the order about a Trillion Dollars. Who knows how much more assets he had stashed around the rest of the world or which have not been disclosed because they are so well hidden behind shell companies and cut outs.

Qaddafi was as corrupt as they come and he and his family used oil contracts and payoffs to influential people and political leaders to buy influence and protection. Libyan oil contracts were non transparent, corrupt and often operated in the grey area of quasi legality to outright criminal conduct.

We have no accounting of where Quddafi's fortune has went, and who now controls the flow of Libyan oil money, who is getting the funds and where are they going.

Libya currently is in the chaotic aftermath of a US led and funded overthrow of a powerful long time Dictator in a very strategic country where the US has an enormous interest in shaping the post revolution direction of the country in a positive, stable and peaceful direction

Under normal circumstances a new American diplomatic Embassy and Diplomatic Mission should look totally different that what it looked like. The Embassy itself should be in a very secure location with a strong guard staff to protect it from attacks. The Embassy should be big enough to house a large Us delegation and that delegation should consist of very experienced Diplomats, high level military personnel and a very large CIA and military intelligence to help the locals get the security situation under control.

In other words, it should look and function a lot like our Embassy in Iraq does.

In reality, the American Diplomatic Mission that we were relying on to shape the post Qaddafi Libya it could not be more different, and the contrast is both perplexing and frightening

Instead, the Obama- Clinton vision of how to set up America's Post Qaddafi diplomatic presence is really quite amazing in how inadequate it is to address American interests in a country where we just sponsored the overthrow of a sitting Dictator in one of the more strategic nations in the world

We now see that our entire Diplomatic mission to the New Libya was comprised one man who was an Obama crony and who functioned as Obama’s personal and private envoy to the Libyan opposition during the conflict and his personal staff.

The “Embassy “ compound was private residence with little or no security and no American Military Guards.

This set up is so really, really inappropriate and inadequate from both a staffing and facility standpoint that it is more than negligent and cannot be explained by naive incompetence alone.

It is more likely that the our leadership did not want to have a staff of seasoned professionals from all of our branches of government because they wanted to operate outside the normal boundaries of diplomatic duties and could not do so with a normal American diplomatic delegation that would supervise and monitor what when on to accountability for what was happening in the country on behalf of the American people.

Instead, it is obvious that the President preferred to have a single envoy who was trusted Obama operative working as a one man band ,in secret on behalf of Obama and Clinton personally to forward whatever agenda they are pushing without and scrutiny or accountability to the American people.

Furthermore, it's debatable whether Chris Stevens had the proper qualifications and experience to represent the America as ambassador in such a critical time and place in Libya , although he did have good on the ground contacts on the ground from his work with the opposition during the fighting. It is beyond debate that Stevens was not qualified to single handedly set up and operate our entire post war Libyan diplomatic mission in that country or that what passed for an American Embassy in Libya was in any appropriate or adequate to do the necessary job to represent American interests in a post Qaddafi Libya.

Perhaps that is why Clinton looked so shaken by the loss of the Embassy and all of it's secret documents that tell the story of just what Obama and Clinton have been up to and whose interests they have been pushing in the New Libya. It certainly does not look like the Obama/Clinton has a lot to do with shaping a post Qaddafi Libya in direction that is positive for either the Libyan people or America, and the priority on their agenda is not working to ensure a responsible Libyan government evolves to form a peaceful and stable new Libya.

It really might not be a bad idea to investigate just what the heck Obama and Clinton have been doing in Libya under the radar screen in the last few months, because what they are doing may just have gotten our Ambassador killed and may precipitate major problems in the region

13 posted on 09/16/2012 12:43:06 PM PDT by rdcbn
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