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The real face of liberalism is now exposed.
1 posted on 10/16/2003 8:53:37 AM PDT by TBP
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“There are two ways you can have lower prescription drug prices,” Kerry said. “One is to hire Rush Limbaugh’s maid. The other is to elect me President.”

That is funny. I don't fault the Francophile Kerry for it. I can only guess the author, Mr. Phales, fails to recognize humor for the thick-skinned, a la Don Rickles.

Fellow radio personality Don Imus, a former cocaine addict and alcoholic, warm-heartedly called Limbaugh “a fat, pill-popping loser and an undisciplined slob.”

Well, let's see. According to the New York Post, Imus said all of this:

"Rush is a fat, pill-popping loser and an undisciplined slob who was turning his maid into a drug pusher, and she's the one who's gonna go to prison, and - as soon as he gets caught - he starts whining," Imus ranted yesterday on his WFAN wake-up show.

"He's going to rehab because he can't get any more pills and he's gonna go to prison," Imus said.

"Suck it up, fatso, and stop taking 100 pills a day or whatever . . . and employ some discipline in your life," Imus said, while offering Limbaugh some recovery advice.

"The rehab I went to was Hazleton, and there's a Hazleton in West Palm Beach, probably a couple of blocks from where Rush lives," Imus said. "Hazleton is hard core. You don't want to go to one of those chi-chi deals, these country clubs, these co-ed deals - you might as well check into the Four Seasons," Imus advised.

"You need to go hard core."

When an e-mailer suggested that Imus lay off the top-rated talker because of his own past experience with addiction, Imus said he's simply giving what he got.

"Everybody made fun of me - and still does," he said. "When I went to rehab, [Howard] Stern was hilarious."
Given the lack of anything specific Rush ever said about him, add "bitter little man" to my short list of thoughts on Imus.

The ever-so-tolerant left-wing comedian Al Franken, who previously wrote a book attacking Limbaugh, called him “a dishonest demagogue.”

Of course he did. But, let's see what that same NYP article says, shall we?

Meantime, Al Franken, the outspoken political humorist who wrote "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot," told CNN he has no sympathy for the "hypocritical" conservative superstar.

"He called my friend Jerry Garcia 'just a dead doper' when he died," Franken claimed.

"He's a dishonest demagogue."

Hmm... Franken's remark looks positively relevant -- perhaps even justified -- in comparison to the Imus rant.

CNN anchor Aaron Brown boasted of “the permanent smirk that seems to be attached to my face” due to Limbaugh’s problems.

I never liked Aaron Brown, and I used to feel bad about that because I thought my dislike was based only on the fact that he sounds like Richard Dreyfus. Now, it's obvious Aaron Brown isn't just a nasally, puffed up reporter. He's a flaming liberal, just as I suspected.

And it is not just liberal commentators and political leaders who are throwing parties over Limbaugh’s situation. Their followers are being even more cruel. At the liberal website Democratic Underground, one poster wrote, "I pray your rehab is excrutiatingly painful... and unsuccessful.".” Another wrote, “He doesn't deserve sympathy from any of us.” Yet another wrote that Limbaugh’s problems “make me very happy.” Others have written similarly tolerant messages.

With all due disrespect to the DU crowd, I hate to think of anyone cherry-picking posts from FR and using them to paint a picture of compassionate conservativism.

Thanks for posting the article.

2 posted on 10/16/2003 10:37:53 AM PDT by newgeezer (fundamentalist, regarding the Constitution AND the Holy Bible, i.e. WORDS MEAN THINGS)
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How many days until rush's return? Should be 14.
7 posted on 10/19/2003 8:58:57 PM PDT by longtermmemmory (Vote!)
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Baloney, all the Rush listeners were suckers. Rush (or any other talk show hosts) are just hucksters. Most are ex DJ's who happened upon a new schtick. None of them mean what they say, but at least some of them actually have learned guests on from time to time to impart actual facts, and not some egomanical chatter.

Face it, Rush had a good show once, then he started believing all his press, he became a 'limosene conservative' and lost touch with the real world. Then he became a drug addict. But so many people who would just as soon kick a poor junkie on the street are falling all over themselves to suddenly pray for and support Rush.

Bollocks, Rush set himself up on a hundred foot pedestal built of sand,he believed he was above it all and continued to be the jackass. But too many listeners bought his schtick, like the 'tards that think professional wrestling is real. I hope he gets better, but I hope that the listeners get much better.

8 posted on 10/19/2003 9:15:20 PM PDT by Central Scrutiniser (kh' nyohm treuv kaa th'nam samruhp rowk joh riak)
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