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The Guild 9-11-2004 The Dark Day We Will Not Forget

Posted on 09/11/2004 3:55:36 AM PDT by BigWaveBetty

We remember. We always will.

To those who were injured and to those who perished, America will hunt down every last one of the terrorists.

To all who loved those who were injured and who perished, may God bless, comfort you and keep you strong.


The following are Remarks by Debra Burlingame as prepared for delivery at the 2004 Republican National Convention:

I'm Debra Burlingame.

My brother, "Chic Burlingame," was captain of American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon.

To those who knew him, Chic was a legend. U.S. Naval Academy, class of '71.

A fighter pilot. And navy reservist who volunteered for the Gulf War. His military experience trained him to be ready for battle.

But I'm certain he never expected to see action in the cockpit of his commercial jet. I know that he and every one of those pilots put up the fight of their lives that day.

Losing Chic on 9/11 was the most difficult thing my family's ever faced. But burden was lessened by the things that ordinary Americans did to help us.

I want you to know that we were aware of what you did. We saw the spontaneous memorials -- the cluster of candles on a front porch, the sign outside the Wal-Mart that said, "Pray for the Families." We saw the flags on the office buildings, on store fronts and kids' bikes.

We saw the websites. We read your letters. We received the pictures your children drew.

I'll also never forget the huge flag that was unfurled at the Pentagon, just a few yards away from where the plane went in. I especially remember it lit up against the dark sky in the wee hours of September 12th -- Chic's birthday.

My heart fell into a million pieces as it brought back the sweet memory of my brother as a nine-year-old Cub Scout, selling American flags door-to-door.

I am deeply honored and grateful for the privilege of standing before you so that I can thank you for these tender gestures and for the endless generosity which helped us carry on.

May God bless you.

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Prayers also for the brave men and women protecting our United States, here at home and around the world.
1 posted on 09/11/2004 3:55:36 AM PDT by BigWaveBetty
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To: Hillary's Lovely Legs; mountaineer; Timeout; ClancyJ; BlessedAmerican; daisyscarlett; Rheo; ...

Never forget.

2 posted on 09/11/2004 3:56:26 AM PDT by BigWaveBetty ( Psychiatrists describe Kerry's thought process as 'magical thinking.')
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To: BigWaveBetty

Here's a great tribute to our military:

It takes a minute or so to load; use that time to get some Kleenex...

3 posted on 09/11/2004 3:59:31 AM PDT by 7.62 x 51mm ( Veni Vidi Vino Visa "I came, I saw, I drank wine, I shopped")
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To: BigWaveBetty
May we always remember. Thank you to all our brothers and sisters that are helping to keep America safe, strong and free.
4 posted on 09/11/2004 4:00:07 AM PDT by codyjacksmom (A hugh series Stuned beeber user since 08/04.)
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To: 7.62 x 51mm

That one always gets the tears flowing. Thanks for bringing by the link.

5 posted on 09/11/2004 4:24:05 AM PDT by BigWaveBetty ( Psychiatrists describe Kerry's thought process as 'magical thinking.')
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To: BigWaveBetty

Good Morning. Thanks for the new thread.

We will never forget.

6 posted on 09/11/2004 4:34:25 AM PDT by Iowa Granny (Impersonating June Cleaver since 1967)
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To: Iowa Granny

Seymour is at it again. A friend should let Seymour in on the concept of retirement.

NEWS RELEASE from the United States Department of Defense

No. 889-04
Sep 10, 2004
Media Contact: (703)697-5131
Public/Industry Contact: (703)428-0711

Department of Defense Statement on Seymour Hersh Book

Based on media inquiries, it that appears Mr. Seymor Hersh's upcoming book
apparently contains many of the numerous unsubstantiated allegations and
inaccuracies which he has made in the past based upon unnamed sources.

Detainee operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere have been examined
extensively - both within the Department of Defense and by an independent panel
led by former Secretary of Defense Jim Schlesinger. The U.S. military itself --
not Mr. Hersh or any other reporter - first publicized the facts of the abuses at
Abu Ghraib in January 2004, four months before Mr. Hersh "broke" the story.

To date the Department has conducted 11 investigations, of which eight reports have
been completed and released, additionally:

+ Over 13,000 pages of reports have been compiled thus far.
+ Investigators have completed 950 interviews.
+ 43 Congressional briefings and hearings have been conducted (not to mention 39
additional briefings for Congressional staff).
Those responsible for criminal activities at Abu Ghraib or other detention
facilities are being held accountable.

+ 45 individuals have been referred for courts-martial
+ 12 for General Officer Letters of Reprimand
+ 23 Soldiers have been administratively separated
There are ongoing investigations, and there will be more information
disclosed. Thus far these investigations have determined that no responsible
official of the Department of Defense approved any program that could conceivably
have authorized or condoned the abuses seen at Abu Ghraib.

If any of Mr. Hersh's anonymous sources wish to come forward and offer
evidence to the contrary, the department welcomes them to do so. There are
several open investigations, and we would certainly investigate their allegations
without prejudice or hesitation.

7 posted on 09/11/2004 4:48:20 AM PDT by BigWaveBetty ( Psychiatrists describe Kerry's thought process as 'magical thinking.')
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To: BigWaveBetty; All
Good morning, all.

8 posted on 09/11/2004 4:49:13 AM PDT by mountaineer
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NEWS TRANSCRIPT from the United States Department of Defense

DoD News Briefing
Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
Friday, September 10, 2004

SEC. RUMSFELD: Good morning. Three years ago tomorrow by
happenstance, this group of members of the House of Representatives were having
breakfast up in the room right up there with me and the senior members of the
Department of Defense staff and were there when the first plane hit the tower of
the World Trade Center.

We gathered again this morning to talk about that day in which we all
remember so vividly and to talk also about the things that have taken place since,
the work that they and their respective assignments in the Congress and the
Department of Defense have worked on together and the progress that's been made and
some of the things that we can look forward to. And I am very grateful to each of
them for their support of the Department of Defense and the men and women in
uniform and simply wanted to say "thank you" to them.

Do one or more of you want to speak? Chris, you're the leader.

REP. COX: Thank you very much, Mr. Secretary. This is a beautiful
sunny day, just as was September 11, 2001. This breakfast that the secretary was
kind to put together this morning for us is, in many ways, a memorial, a
remembrance. This building which was attacked is an American memorial now. Many
of our fellow Americans died here that day. But it's also an inspiration because
the people who've continued to work in this building and the people of the armed
forces around the world who look here for their command have accomplished an
extraordinary amount to establish anew the freedom of the United States of America
and the civilized world.

We've made extraordinary gains in the last three years and the
Department of Defense is taking the lead in making sure that we are not only
hardening targets here at home, we're not only focused on what terrorists might do
to us on our own territory, but we are bringing the fight to the terrorists
overseas -- the first with Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and next in
Iraq and, indeed, around the world where terrorists have been striking.

Because of that, in no small part, America has been free of terrorist
attacks for the intervening period. We may not be fortunate enough that that will
continue indefinitely into America's future history, but we know now, as we did not
know on September 10th, precisely who we're dealing with and precisely what we need
to do in order to be ready for them.

I can't tell you how proud I am of Secretary Rumsfeld's leadership,
President Bush's leadership in this effort and the bipartisan support that has been
offered throughout as America redoubles its efforts to be safe from terrorists.

I'd like to introduce my colleagues to speak on this. And immediately
behind me is Mac Thornberry of Texas, who on both the Armed Services Committee and
the Homeland Security Committee has done a great deal of work on the very same
subjects I've been discussing. Mac Thornberry.

REP. THORNBERRY: The topic of our breakfast three years ago or the
primary topic was Transformation: How can we make sure that nation is prepared for
the kinds of threats that are coming that are difficult to expect? A lot has
happened over the last three years and we've talked about some of that. But the
importance of being prepared for the unexpected has never been stronger. And if we
just think about the events in the world of the past couple weeks, I think it
really brings that home for us. So I know all of us are committed to supporting
the work that goes on in this building behind us to make sure that we are as safe
and secure and also free as we can be.

John Mica is chairman of the subcommittee that deals with aviation, so
you can complain to him about the aircraft noise.

REP. MICA: Thanks, Mac, and thanks, Chris and Mr. Secretary. As you
heard, three years ago, the secretary brought some of us together who were
supportive of strong defense for this country and that's why we were here on the
morning of September 11th to figure out how we could change some of the policy of
downsizing the military of taking on a military that had been somewhat demoralized
under the last administration, to be quite frank. And little did we know that
within a few minutes of the end of our conversation and actually at the end of our
breakfast, that our world would change and that incident that we talked about would
be happening.

This morning, we started the breakfast. I asked that we start it with
a prayer. I lost friends here, Barbara Olson, who I'll always remember worked for
our Government Reform Committee and I remember her smiling face, as I last saw
her. She died on the plane that went into this building. Terry Lynch, who I
worked with in the United States Senate as a staffer was killed in the building and
all those who helped me on a hearing in the World Trade Center, including Neil
Levin, the head of the port authority were killed on that morning.

So we started off this morning with a prayer of remembrance of those
people who were lost and also giving thanks that we have a secretary of defense
who's been able to lead this nation through some of the most difficult times. And
I think he'll go down in history as one of the greatest secretaries of defense that
this nation has ever seen. So that's a little bit of why we were here then and
what we did today. Thank you, Mr. Secretary.

[Inaudible] Mark Kirk, let me introduce.

REP. KIRK: I'm Mark Kirk of Illinois. I represent the congressional
district that Don Rumsfeld represented when he was in the Congress and just want to
say that on September 11th, we were all gathered here today and we remember when
the post-it note was brought in to tell the secretary that a twin-engine aircraft
had hit the World Trade Center. It was obviously a tragedy, but not obviously an
attack at that time. We continued our breakfast and as we broke up, we heard about
the second attack and most of us had left the building by the time the building was
struck. We think about all that has happened now.

And I just said to the secretary during breakfast, with all that we've
done, thank you for having a nice, calm breakfast this time in which nothing
happened. And we think about all the changes, how the terrorists bases have been
destroyed and that two-thirds of al Qaeda have been killed or captured. That false
sense of security we had disappeared on September 11th, but now I think we are more
secure. We are far more aware of the danger, but we have been doing so much to
limit that danger to the American people.

UNKNOWN: Roger Wicker from.

REP. WICKER: Well, thank you very much. My name is Roger Wicker and I
represent the 1st Congressional District of Mississippi. I, too, remember. I have
my own memories of exactly when we found out about the attacks on the Trade
Center. And then I distinctly remember thinking to myself later on in the day that
I, having heard about the terrorist attack, was actually driving from one target to
another target, because I drove my own car back to the United States Capitol
building after hearing about the New York terrorist attack.

We were profoundly fortunate on that day to have at the helm President
George W. Bush and also Secretary Don Rumsfeld. And our thanks and the thanks of
the American people go to them. I think it was Representative Granger who
mentioned today in our meeting that we are, indeed, much safer today than we were
three years ago. We're not completely safe and there's no way to make us
completely safe. But we're also more than three years smarter than we were three
years ago, when this attack took place. We are determined, as representatives of
the people, to be ever vigilant and we appreciate again the leadership of the
secretary and we appreciate his hospitality today.

Robin Hayes is a representative from North Carolina and we'll present
him next.

REP. HAYES: Thank you, Roger. I'm Robin Hayes from the 8th District
of North Carolina and I remember well that morning when I asked the secretary who
has done a fabulous job throughout, "Mr. Secretary, what's it going to take to
focus the attention, the American people on the fact that national security is the
number-one issue?" And his answer was, "Unfortunately, some sort of major
incident." Well, we know what that was.

My question today, as a follow-up with Mr. Secretary, still national
security is the issue that faces the American people. It's not other issues that
are being talked about regularly which are important. But because of the people in
this building, the men and women in uniform, the lives that were lost for which we
are ever grateful and our freedom in this country, we are far safer. Leadership of
President Bush, steadfast leadership of our military, Secretary Rumsfeld, makes us
safer, but the war goes on and we, the American people, need to focus on winning
that war on terror. We're doing it. And our support for the men and women in
uniform is crucial, appreciated and a vital part of our national security. Thank
you all. My good friend Coach Kay, as I call her. Kay Granger from the
Dallas-Forth Worth area.

REP. GRANGER: Thank you very much. Mac Thornberry said this day
reminds us so much of the day three years ago, because it was a bright, shiny day.
And we gathered in a fairly unusual way because so often we are faced with what is
right in front of us. And don't take the time or have the time to look into the
future and say let's make sure we're planning correctly. Secretary Rumsfeld has
been able to do that and continues to do that in saying, I've got to take care of
today, I've got to also plan for the coming years and that vision is so important.
So we came together and talked about the future of defense and transformation and
what would keep us - our superiority in this world - preparing for anything, having
no idea literally in a matter of minutes, that our world would change so
significantly and, of course, it did.

And so today we came back to that -- that conversation -- picked it up
again and said, what are doing differently, what are we doing better. And everyone
here is very proud that we have learned so much and that we continue to work to
make it safer -- this world safer and this country safer. And I believe people, I
believe in people, first of all, and I believe that it's important that people be
told the truth and they be told very clearly. And I think people today understand
that we're fighting a war over there, so we won't fight it right here and that we
have to continue to be diligent in saying in every way what steps are we taking to
make it safer for us and for our children and grandchildren and the leaders in this
terrible war, this long-term war, as the president's explained the war on terror.
Thank you.

REP. SHIMKUS: I'm John Shimkus. I'm from Southern Illinois, a West
Point graduate and still a reservist. Two things that I'll point out is, one, I
tell folks in my district -- and this is really a tribute to the leadership here --
is that we now have the next greatest generation. If you look at the young men and
women who are voluntarily signing up to defend this country in very dangerous
places around the world, it really does make you proud. And if nothing can instill
pride in our nation like that, then nothing will. I have a nephew who is now in
Germany and he's scheduled to rotate to Iraq. He's just part of this groundswell
of young men and women who say this country's important enough to sign on the
dotted line.

The other thing is I hope that we are cautious and not rush to quick
judgment on intel reform so that our combatant commanders can still get quick and
timely information. And we had a little debate and discussion about that. It's
important that we move to reforms, but we've got to make sure that we don't harm
the ability of our commanders in the field to get real quick, timely intelligence.
And now I get really the distinct honor, an army guy, to always talk the talk - to
talk and say something good about a Navy guy, but I'm going to be followed by our
top gun Duke Cunningham.

REP. CUNNINGHAM: Thank you. When you're hot, you're hot. When you're
not, you're last. We all witnessed the president in the convention lay out where
we had been, where we are today and what the future is. We are safer today. If
you take a look at the Patriot Act, you take a look at homeland security, airline
security, how many airlines have you seen fly over here in the last 15 minutes?
All they have to do is turn port -- that's left for my army friend - and they turn
right in here. The job is on the ground in taking care with air marshals and so
on. My real concern is the future.

I think -- and I'll steal a comment from my friend Chris Cox - we have
a whole bunch of surgeons operating that have never been to medical school. And if
we rush into electing and selecting a national intelligence director and take away
the ability of the secretary as a war fighter to do his job, it puts this nation in
great risk. And for those reasons, I think we need to move slowly in a politically
charged atmosphere. We need to do this thing right. We need to worry about 9/11,
not 11/2. Thank you.

9 posted on 09/11/2004 4:51:06 AM PDT by BigWaveBetty ( Psychiatrists describe Kerry's thought process as 'magical thinking.')
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To: BigWaveBetty

Ditto the tears.

10 posted on 09/11/2004 6:16:29 AM PDT by 7.62 x 51mm ( Veni Vidi Vino Visa "I came, I saw, I drank wine, I shopped")
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To: 7.62 x 51mm; BigWaveBetty
Add my tears as well.

We Will Never Forget.

11 posted on 09/11/2004 6:23:00 AM PDT by pubmom (Suffering from DITS (Democrat induced tourette's syndrome)since 1992.)
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To: pubmom
Barbara Olson, Flight 77 Pentagon

Patriot - We were so lucky to have you among us.

12 posted on 09/11/2004 7:10:10 AM PDT by Endeavor
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Democrat lesbian sockpuppet Liz Smith writes:

IF YOU sent former President Bill Clinton flowers during his hospital stint, you should know that he is desperately allergic to them in the best of times and especially now. [What? You mean he didn't like that ragweed bouquet I sent?] If you want to please Bill and help his recovery, [and who wouldn't?] send a check to the heart association, or to AmFAR, or to the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark. Incidentally, Sen. Hillary Clinton is telling pals they are doing real fine when friends volunteer to assist his recovery or handle the phones and correspondence or whatever. The Clintons will have professional nursing help [Blubba called the escort, ahem - nursing - service himself!] along with them when he comes home from the hospital.

The Kitty Kelley chronicles continue:

... Kelley's source about the First Lady's alleged pot smoking is a Texas public relations man named Robert Nash who says, "She not only smoked dope, but she sold dope." [I'm sure] Kelley also claims that the First Couple went to pot parties on the British Virgin Islands with Laura Bush's college roommate Jane Clark and her pal, Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax. [Sandy Koufax?] To back up the much-rumored story of the younger George Bush getting an abortion for a girlfriend, Kelley cites Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt. [Another impeccable source!] link

13 posted on 09/11/2004 9:41:13 AM PDT by mountaineer
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To: BigWaveBetty
Our two younger kids ( both teenagers) and I were discussing 9/11 earlier this week. They remember it vividly because we had just begun homeschooling so they were home that morning. I was told about the first plane by a friend with whom I do our Parish Prayer list. When going through the intentions for that week, she mentioned the pilot of the plane that had hit the WTC. After I hung up with her, I mentioned it to the kids, and we went downstairs to watch it on tv. We actually saw the second plane as it banked and rolled into the building. We were flabbergasted then, not realizing how much more we'd be experiencing with the fall of the towers. As I watched the first one topple slightly sideways and pancake downwards, I was saying outloud, "NO this can't be happening"!!

We watched until almost noon, then decided that we had to do SOMETHING so we took them with us to the Red Cross so that Sir SuziQ and I could give blood. We got there just before the human wave hit the place. We walked right in; no lines, and were out of there in 45 mins. As we walked out the door, the line was out the building and around the front of it about a half a block.

My kids will never forget it, and I'm glad!

14 posted on 09/11/2004 11:15:35 AM PDT by SuziQ (Bush in 2004-Because we MUST!!!)
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To: SuziQ
The photo of the firefighters raising the flag at Ground Zero will always be the penultimate one for 9/11.

But any time I think about it, this one comes to mind, too and it always makes me cry. Those poor dogs tried so hard, to little avail, to do what they were trained to do----find people!

15 posted on 09/11/2004 12:38:29 PM PDT by Timeout (My name is Timeout....and I'm a blogaholic)
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To: Timeout

I remember the pictures of the search dogs and the little booties they wore to protect their feet from the still hot surfaces. I especially like the picture of the President with his hands cupped under the muzzle of that black lab. The dog has such a sweet expression on it's face as it's looking at the President, as though it understands that this is a kind and caring man. Dogs are GREAT judges of character!

16 posted on 09/11/2004 1:02:12 PM PDT by SuziQ (Bush in 2004-Because we MUST!!!)
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To: BigWaveBetty

From the last great thread - ack:

To: Iowa Granny; All
Classic is timeless.

Man, it is SOOOO good to be back home.

226 posted on 09/11/2004 1:36:30 PM CDT by lodwick (It's not about right v. left - it's about good v. evil. Believe nothing, until government denies it.)
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To: They'reGone2000; pubmom
Taking pics from holes is seldom a good thing...poor eff'n.

We want The Tree.

227 posted on 09/11/2004 1:38:52 PM CDT by lodwick (It's not about right v. left - it's about good v. evil. Believe nothing, until government denies it.)
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To: BigWaveBetty
Off to get some almonds, and other necessities.

Thanks for the health tip o'the day.

228 posted on 09/11/2004 1:45:33 PM CDT by lodwick (It's not about right v. left - it's about good v. evil. Believe nothing, until government denies it.)
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To: everyone
Loddy's cooking tip of the day:

Never use the microwave to dissolve crystallized honey in a plastic dispenser: always use a pan with warm water for this operation.

What an eff'n mess.

229 posted on 09/11/2004 2:31:43 PM CDT by lodwick (It's not about right v. left - it's about good v. evil. Believe nothing, until government denies it.)
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To: Timeout
I think you should replace Karl Rove...just excellent stratergy there. ;-)

230 posted on 09/11/2004 3:02:54 PM CDT by lodwick (It's not about right v. left - it's about good v. evil. Believe nothing, until government denies it.)
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To: BigWaveBetty
Kristen manages to make her dad look almost normal in that pic - but he recovers nicely in the next one.

231 posted on 09/11/2004 3:08:59 PM CDT by lodwick (It's not about right v. left - it's about good v. evil. Believe nothing, until government denies it.)

17 posted on 09/11/2004 1:13:59 PM PDT by lodwick (It's not about right v. left - it's about good v. evil. Believe nothing, until government denies it.)
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To: BigWaveBetty

Never forget. September 11, 2001 was a dark and horrible day for America.

18 posted on 09/11/2004 1:26:16 PM PDT by Ptarmigan (Proud rabbit hater and killer)
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To: BigWaveBetty


And you want to vote for Kerry because...

19 posted on 09/11/2004 3:31:20 PM PDT by Fintan ( I supposed to read the article???)
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To: SuziQ
Me, too

Happy puppy!

20 posted on 09/11/2004 4:10:56 PM PDT by Timeout (My name is Timeout....and I'm a blogaholic)
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