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3 Dead in Execution-Style Killings in Newark (NJ)
1010wins ^ | Monday, 06 August 2007

Posted on 08/06/2007 8:17:08 AM PDT by Calpernia

NEWARK, N.J. -- Three of the young people had been ordered to line up against a wall on the weedy steps behind an elementary school and were shot to death from close range. A fourth was found alive by police slumped near a set of bleachers about 30 feet away, with gunshot and knife wounds to her head.

All were from Newark; and all would soon either start or resume their lives away from the violent city, at a college hundreds of miles away.

Ofemi Hightower been accepted Thursday to Delaware State University after two years of rejection letters. Terrance Aerial was a business major there and an ordained minister, while his sister Natasha was to depart for Dover after the weekend to return to summer classes and a job at a Subway sandwich shop.

Deshawn Harvey was also due back at the university this week for his job in the school's administration building.

Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow said authorities don't have any suspects nor a motive in the murders of Hightower, Harvey and Terrance Aerial. Natasha Aerial is listed in fair condition at Newark's University Hospital.

"They were good kids,'' Dow said, adding that none had criminal records and went to the lot behind Mount Vernon School Saturday night to hang out and listen to music.

The Aerials' mother, Renee Tucker, said the last time she saw her children was around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, when they told her they were going around the corner to get something to eat.

"They said they were going to come right back to the house,'' Tucker said.

Instead, sirens raced through her Vailsburg neighborhood just before midnight, because someone heard gunshots and screams behind the school and called police.

Carlos Holmes, a spokesman for the university, said Natasha Aerial and Harvey were to be juniors this year. He had little or no information on the other two, other than someone with a name spelled similarly to Hightower's had been rejected by the school several times in the last few years.

Prosecutor Dow also reported a fourth homicide in the city Sunday morning, also in the Vailsburg section. Detectives believe the shooting death of Quintez Waller on Smith Street was in retaliation for a shooting hours earlier up the block.

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1 posted on 08/06/2007 8:17:18 AM PDT by Calpernia
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To: Calpernia
Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow said authorities don't have any suspects nor a motive in the murders

Gee... what a surprise.

2 posted on 08/06/2007 8:29:02 AM PDT by johnny7 ("But that one on the far left... he had crazy eyes")
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To: Calpernia

7th day Adventist Christian youth groups at it again....

3 posted on 08/06/2007 8:31:47 AM PDT by Dick Vomer (liberals suck....... but it depends on what your definition of the word "suck" is.,)
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To: Dick Vomer

The Sopranos at it again?

4 posted on 08/06/2007 8:58:34 AM PDT by NCC-1701 (PUT AN END TO ORGANIZED CRIME. ABOLISH THE I.R.S.)
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To: Calpernia



5 posted on 08/06/2007 11:27:55 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( Today is a good day for working on some heavy praying. The world needs God to hear them.)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

The bloods are known for execution style killing. The ‘Bloodz Rule’ the Newark streets. So I wouldn’t be surprised.

6 posted on 08/06/2007 12:47:13 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

A month or so ago, I did a bunch of googles on muslim gangs in the U.S., and found a bunch of them, several towns.

7 posted on 08/06/2007 1:16:52 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( Today is a good day for working on some heavy praying. The world needs God to hear them.)
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Father and grandmother of Deshawn Harvey attend news conference with Mayor Cory Booker

Three friends were forced to kneel against a wall behind an elementary school and were shot to death at close range, and a fourth was found about 30 feet away with gunshot and knife wounds to her head, police said.

All were from Newark and planned to attend Delaware State University this fall. Several Newark residents are calling for Mayor Cory Booker to step down a day after three friends were shot to death execution-style behind an elementary school, and a fourth was found about 30 feet away with gunshot and knife wounds to her head.


In the wake of the killings, Mayor Cory A. Booker again found himself defending his administration's inability to make a dent in the city's alarming murder rate.

"This is just not acceptable. This breaks the heart of our city,'' he said at news conference Saturday. A spokeswoman for Booker didn't immediately return a call for comment on Monday.

A month ago, Booker and Police Director Garry McCarthy announced that crime in the city had fallen by 20 percent in the first six months of 2007 compared to a year ago. Yet despite decreases in the number of rapes, aggravated assaults and robberies, the murders have continued at an alarming rate.

Saturday night's killings, along with an unrelated shooting over the weekend that killed a Montclair man, brought Newark's murder total to 60 in 2007.

That is three fewer than in the same period in 2006. But that statistic obscures a more disturbing one: 17 people have been killed in the city in the eight weeks since June 12, a rate that would surpass 2006's total of 106 murders for the calendar year.


8 posted on 08/06/2007 2:12:08 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

Evil bastards. The cruelty in this world never ceases to amaze me.

9 posted on 08/06/2007 5:20:10 PM PDT by oldvike
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To: Calpernia

Evil bastards. The cruelty in this world never ceases to amaze me.

10 posted on 08/06/2007 5:20:13 PM PDT by oldvike
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To: oldvike
Four College Friends Shot in New Jersey-(executed)

11 posted on 08/06/2007 6:29:38 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

So they blame the mayor?

12 posted on 08/06/2007 6:42:00 PM PDT by ladyjane
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To: ladyjane

Well, why wasn’t he following the kids around with a shield?

/wiza gurl

13 posted on 08/06/2007 6:54:57 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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'The City is in Panic Mode'
In Newark, N.J., gun violence has become an all too common part of daily life, but these shootings were enough to chill even the most hardened residents: Four young friends shot execution-style in a schoolyard just days before they were tohead to college, three were killed.
14 posted on 08/06/2007 8:01:10 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

So sad. These kids sound like they were on a good path with their lives. My heart goes out to the surviving girl and to their families.

15 posted on 08/06/2007 8:14:35 PM PDT by Think free or die
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To: Calpernia

horrible. just horrible. the good die young, again.

how very very sad.

thoughts are with their families, who obviously did everything right to raise such stellar souls in such unforgiving surroundings. and with that surviving child, who will have to be so very brave ... now...and forever.

16 posted on 08/06/2007 8:51:10 PM PDT by newbeenew
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To: Calpernia; Joe Brower

This must be a mistake. NJ has very strict gun control laws. It couldn’t have happened there.

17 posted on 08/07/2007 6:50:47 AM PDT by Travis McGee (--- ---)
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>>>The bloods are known for execution style killing. The ‘Bloodz Rule’ the Newark streets.
Newark Executions: Bloods Gang Symbol Discovered
Sources Tell CBS 2 Gang Insignia Spray Painted Near Scene


As police continue to search for suspects in the murder that they initially labeled as random, sources tell CBS 2 HD that a gang tag with the word “PIRU” was found spray painted at the crime scene. PIRU is believed to be a sect of the notorious Bloods gang.

18 posted on 08/07/2007 9:33:19 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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Not from the scene in Newarks; but this is the insignia:

19 posted on 08/07/2007 9:37:48 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Looks like it was the Bloodz.

20 posted on 08/07/2007 9:38:22 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

Thanks for the update.

21 posted on 08/07/2007 11:39:27 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( Today is a good day for working on some heavy praying. The world needs God to hear them.)
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To: Calpernia

Those poor kids! This is a terrible tragedy.

Most likely they were set upon by the scum of the earth—Crips or Bloods.

Another instance of the crabs at the bottom of the barrel dragging down the crabs at the top of the barrel, who were about to escape to a better life.

Newark should be under martial law. It’s like the Wild West now.

22 posted on 08/07/2007 4:50:07 PM PDT by Palladin (Judge Munley is a nincompoop.)
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To: Palladin

The gang tag that was released today indicate bloods.

I agree, Newark, Camden, possibly New Brunswick, Jersey City, maybe a few others, should be under martial law.

I would like to see something done at the Federal level though. I don’t trust our state politicians.

23 posted on 08/07/2007 5:00:57 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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Police close to naming schoolyard slaying suspect

24 posted on 08/08/2007 9:08:59 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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Major Developments in Newark Slayings
Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another development in the execution-style slayings of three friends in Newark.

A prosecutor's spokesman says the man wanted in the slayings is arranging to surrender.

The word comes minutes after Mayor Cory Booker announced a warrant for Jose Carranza's arrest. The 31-year-old is accused of three counts or murder, four counts of robbery and one count of attempted murder.

Authorities say fingerprint and ballistics evidence led them to Carranza.

Police arrested a 15-year-old boy late last night. His name has not been released because of his age.

Authorities have said robbery appeared to be the motive for the killings. Booker says the crime was not racially motivated. Carranza is Latino and the victims are black.

Three of the victims were forced to kneel against a wall and were shot at close range. A fourth survived.

25 posted on 08/09/2007 9:38:53 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia
Booker says the crime was not racially motivated. Carranza is Latino and the victims are black.

I am not sure how Booker can claim that it was not or wasn't racially motivated.

26 posted on 08/09/2007 9:43:29 AM PDT by mware (By all that you hold dear..on this good earth... I bid you stand! Men of the West!)
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To: mware
Probably because it is speculated that it was a gang initiation.
27 posted on 08/09/2007 9:55:07 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia
For the 15 year old to be admitted into the gang he had to off those 4 kids???

Jesus wept.

28 posted on 08/09/2007 9:56:42 AM PDT by mware (By all that you hold dear..on this good earth... I bid you stand! Men of the West!)
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To: mware
Some of the pictures on the Bloodz sites look like the ones we see of the executions in terror Islam.

Click for More

 kids are being influence through music, for example rappers such as 50 cent, ja rule (fke mtha fckr), snoop dog (crip), dipset (blood),the game (blood) are all influencing kids because they have this gangster appeal that make children think that being gangster is being cool, that being in gangs is cool.

The Bloods concepts of war are:

Bloods have a view of themselves as gangster, and as such, many have taken gang names (AKAs)of organized crime embers; Capone, Nitti, Baby Face Nel, Gambion, Scar Face.

Bloods use the letters "OG" when writing. OG is short for "original gangster."

The weapon of choice for this gang are razors, which the Bloods have proven to be experts at using. In the streets of New York, Bloods carry razor blades in their pockets, and in the jails, they have mastered the technique of carrying razors in their anus or mouth

29 posted on 08/09/2007 10:34:42 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia
Interesting... those are pretty much the same rules I have if I see an intruder in my house.
30 posted on 08/09/2007 12:19:58 PM PDT by Sopater (A wise man's heart inclines him to the right, but a fool's heart to the left. ~ Ecclesiastes 10:2)
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To: Sopater

Me too. Dig and shut up.


31 posted on 08/09/2007 12:24:57 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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Two Under Arrests In Newark Schoolyard Slayings; More Suspects Sought
Friday, August 10, 2007 - Millennium Radio New Jersey

In a whirlwind series of events, city leaders and police officials announced on Thursday the arrests of two suspects in the slayings of three college students and the wounding of a fourth in a schoolyard in the Ivy Hill section of Newark. The news was stunning in a number of ways; one of the suspects is only 15 years old. While Newark Mayor Cory Booker was holding a news conference announcing the juvenile’s arrest, a second suspect was making arrangements to surrender to the mayor himself at police headquarters.

Escorted by his attorney, Jose Carranza, 28, turned himself in to authorities moments after it was announced a 15 year old boy had been picked up by police the night before as they searched for the older suspect. According to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, Carranza has addresses in Newark and Orange and is a legal U.S resident from Peru. He had three prior arrests and was awaiting trial on aggravated assault charges stemming from a separate crime.

When Carranza surrendered, “He said no words whatsoever,” Mayor Booker said at a second news conference convened after the most unusual encounter. “I had absolutely nothing to say to this individual.” When contacted by Carranza’s attorney, “I said simply, let’s find a spot,” Booker said. The surrender took place at Newark police headquarters.

Authorities said they had promising leads as they sought others believed to be involved in the crime.

According to court records obtained by The Star-Ledger of Newark, Carranza was indicted by grand juries in New Jersey twice
this year. In April, he was indicted on aggravated assault and weapons charges. In July, he was indicted on 31 counts which included aggravated sexual assault of a child under 13 years old and endangering the welfare of a child he had a duty to supervise.

The schoolyard shootings enraged city residents. The four victims, friends and college students between 18 and 20, were shot Saturday night not far from their homes. Terrance Aeriel, 18, Dashon Harvey, 20, and Iofemi Hightower, 20, were forced to kneel against a wall and were gunned down at close range. The fourth victim, Terrance’s sister Natasha Aeriel, 19, survived a bullet and stab wounds to her head. Mayor Booker said she continues to recover in a hospital and was able to help authorities identify the suspects.

32 posted on 08/10/2007 6:26:53 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

Re: During war, or peace, never allow you priorities to be misguided.

If one is in a gang, that itself is a misplaced priorty.


33 posted on 08/10/2007 9:16:40 AM PDT by Red in Blue PA (Truth : Liberals :: Kryptonite : Superman)
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A man accused in the execution-style killings of three college students and the wounding of another pleaded not guilty Friday in a crime that has outraged a city fed up with continued violence.
34 posted on 08/10/2007 9:38:02 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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Fourth Suspect Identified in Newark Killings

Authorities in Newark have issued an arrest warrant for 24-year old Rodolfo Godinez described as "a principal player'' in the murders of three college students. Tears, anger and a resolve to end the deadly violence that has scarred the city marked yesterday's funeral services.

NEWARK, NJ (1010 WINS)  -- Tears, anger and a resolve to end the deadly violence that has scarred New Jersey's largest city marked the funeral services Saturday for three college-age youths killed execution-style a week earlier.

Mayor Cory A. Booker was interrupted by applause several times at Metropolitan Baptist Church as he passionately urged the people of Newark to make a difference and help fight a murder rate that has spiked in recent years.

1010 WINS AUDIO: Kathleen Maloney Reports

``Enough is enough!'' Booker thundered as he pounded a podium next to a flower-draped coffin containing the body of 20-year-old Dashon Harvey, an aspiring fashion model and social work major at Delaware State University who was remembered by his classmates as good-hearted and always wearing a smile.

Later, at a service for 18-year-old Terrance Aeriel at overflowing New Hope Baptist Church, Booker said to shouts of encouragement from the overflow crowd, ``I will not break, I will not bow, I will not give in. This issue will not define us.''

1010 WINS VIDEO: Newark Mourns Three Lives Cut Short

It was a day of mourning in the city, with funerals for Harvey, Aeriel and 20-year-old Iofemi Hightower.

Terrance Aeriel's sister, Natasha Aeriel, was shot in the head during the attack but survived and has helped investigators identify a suspect in the case.

The three victims were ordered to kneel in front of a wall before each was shot in the back of the head. Robbery was the apparent motive, authorities have said.

The brutal killings sent shock waves through Newark, a city that has seen its murder rate increase 50 percent in the last decade to a total of 106 in 2006. Sixty murders had already been committed in the city through last weekend.

All four victims were Newark residents who were active in their school marching bands. Hightower and the Aeriels attended West Side High School, while Harvey graduated from University High.

Terrance Aeriel, known as T.J., was ordained as a minister at the age of 13 in 2002. He was remembered for his devotion to the church and his work with various youth organizations.

Of Harvey, who was the drum major at Malcolm X. Shabazz High School because University High didn't have a marching band, Rev. David Jefferson Sr. said at his funeral Saturday, ``If 'Shawny' were here today, he'd say, 'Celebrate!' He was a drum major, and he is just playing somewhere else now.''

At Ariel's funeral, which drew an overflow crowd, a friend remembered the ordained minister as someone who reached out to help others even as a youngster.

``As I grew up with him, he never changed,'' said friend Victoria Irving.

``He stayed the same. He always had God on his mind. That's what I loved about him. And he was a great help to me,'' Irving said.

At services for Hightower at tiny Grace Temple Baptist Church, her aunt, Gloria Hightower called her niece ``a beautiful person inside and out'' who had strived to elevate herself ``beyond what we all see around us.'' Hightower was working two jobs this summer and was in the process of enrolling at Delaware State.

Meanwhile, authorities continued to search for more suspects wanted in connection with the killings.

Booker on Thursday announced the arrest of 28-year-old Jose Carranza (above left) and a 15-year-old male, who was not identified because of his age, in connection with the triple murder. Another male teenager was arrested Friday night, and on Saturday authorities announced an arrest warrant for Rodolfo Godinez, 24, (right) described as ``a principal player'' in the case.

Scores of students from Delaware State University, where Harvey and the Aeriel siblings were students, attended the funerals, as did Gov. Jon S. Corzine, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, state Attorney General Anne Milgram and numerous Newark city officials.

``As a human being, not just your governor, I am here with a broken heart, a sad heart, a heavy heart,'' Corzine said at Harvey's funeral. ``These children deserved better. They represented the best, and they represented promise.''

35 posted on 08/12/2007 2:13:03 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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Here’s a couple new articles about the tragedy Terry is talking about. As Terry says, “WHERE is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on this??”

It just gets worse and worse. Looks like they’re MS-13 machete attack types. /base/news-12/1186893631111330.xml&coll=1

The 10 towers that make up the Ivy Hill Park apartments soar above western Newark like a city within a city. Home to 10,000 people, it is New Jersey’s largest privately owned apartment complex, an affordable haven for working-class families since the 1950s.

Residents call it a “little United Nations,” a place where kids from Central America play with kids from Sri Lanka, where Bangladeshis mix with Jamaicans, Ukrainians with Brazilians, whites with blacks.

It’s the kind of place, residents say, where serious trouble is still rare enough that it stands out.

José Lachira Carranza and his small band of friends stood out.

Residents say the group, which included at least three teenage boys, drank beer and smoked marijuana in the hallways of the 14-story towers and in the playground of the nearby Mount Vernon School.

In recent months, they turned to strong-arm robbery, ordering passers-by to hand over cash, residents said.

A week ago yesterday, that same group is alleged to have done far worse, shooting four college-bound friends in the back of their heads behind the Mount Vernon School. Three of the four died.

Carranza, 28, and two of the teens have already been charged in the killings.

Yesterday, as the victims were laid to rest and as authorities continued to hunt for others involved in the case, residents described how Ivy Hill Park became the tie between the disparate suspects, the place where they met and allegedly forged a bond through crime.

The residents portrayed Carranza and his cohorts as chronic troublemakers with apparent ties to MS-13, a Central American gang with a growing foothold in Ivy Hill Park. [snip]

“He just went berserk,” said Mr. Torres, who said on Friday that he was injured as he and two other men tried to restrain Mr. Carranza. (Family members and friends had given Mr. Carranza, an illegal immigrant from Peru, the nickname Shaka Zulu, after the African warrior, according to Mr. Torres and others.)

Mr. Carranza was arrested that night, Oct. 1, 2006, on charges of aggravated assault, and later freed on $150,000 bail. He was still awaiting trial in that case and on an unrelated charge of sexual abuse of a child when he was arrested again this week in connection with last Saturday’s brutal gun and machete attack on a group of students in a Newark playground, which left three dead and another hospitalized with a bullet wound to the face.[snip]

36 posted on 08/13/2007 4:55:39 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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Case of Slain Newark Students Raises Questions About the Justice System...Who is it Protecting?
Monday, August 13, 2007 - Millennium Radio

The case of Jose Carranza, the 28 year old Peruvian immigrant charged in the execution-style slayings of three college students in Newark on August 4, has exposed gaps in the legal system and has raised the question of whether every possible step was taken to protect the public from a dangerous man.

Carranza is an illegal immigrant, but his status wasn’t known until he was charged with the triple murders of Terrance Aeriel, 18, Dashon Harvey, 20, and Iofemi Hightower, 20. Carranza was arraigned Friday on murder, attempted murder, weapons and other charges and ordered held on $1 million bail. Officials at the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office had believed Carranza was in the United States legally. For reasons that remain unclear, his legal status wasn’t determined even though he had been arrested multiple times for serious crimes.

He was arrested in January and May stemming from allegations he repeatedly molested a girl. He was indicted in July on 31 counts in connection to the child rape case. However, federal immigration authorities in Newark say their office wasn’t contacted about Carranza.

In an interview about the case with Millennium Radio, New Brunswick immigration attorney John Allen said local authorities do have the means to determine in an individual is in the country legally.

“They have the resources at their disposal. It may come down to an issue of whether there is proper training at various police departments throughout the country,” Allen said. The federal government encourages, but does not require, local authorities to contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, when they arrest someone who they suspect to be in the country illegally. “Theoretically, the way the laws are written now they should be obligated to contact federal authorities if there is an issue there,”
Allen said.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office told Millennium Radio it’s policy is to report an illegal alien to ICE after a defendant has been tried, convicted, and sentenced. Otherwise, the defendant could be deported before proper justice is meted out. However, it appears more likely that the federal government would argue in favor of detainment, not deportation, for someone facing trial on serious charges.

“It’s very common day to day in the federal court system that violent criminals are detained without bail at our request,” Michael Drewniak, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, told the Star-Ledger. “If the judge agrees with us that they represent a danger to the community, those defendants are detained.”

In the case of Jose Carranza, had federal authorities known of his illegal status they could have argued at his bail hearings in the child rape case that he be detained pending prosecution. After both arrests Carranza posted bail. With the help of a bail bondsman, he posted $150,000 bail in January after the bail had been lowered by the judge from $200,000. After his May arrest, bail was set at $300,000, eventually lowered to $150,000, and then the judge allowed the earlier bond to cover that amount. Carranza was released after three weeks in jail.

On Saturday, August 4th, prosecutors allege he took part in the execution-style slayings of three of Newark’s brightest young success stories.

Some contend there are no guarantees the federal government will respond to local authorities when dealing with an illegal immigrant.

In an interview with the Star-Ledger, Mark Ali, head of the Essex County Prosecutor’s child abuse unit, said, “In 19 years, I have called immigration maybe a dozen times, and not once have they come to put a detainer or arrest someone.” He said the attitude of immigration officials is: “Call us when he is convicted.”

In a Millennium Radio story which aired earlier this summer, local mayors complained they get no help from federal authorities in controlling illegal immigration. One mayor, speaking anonymously because of the controversial nature of his comments, said if his police rounded up all illegal aliens within his municipality’s borders and bring them to a federal detention center, they would be told to take them back.

37 posted on 08/13/2007 5:23:59 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

Mike Cutler has an interesting take on this mess.

Hi Gang:

I just came across some more information about the execution-style senseless slaying of three college kids who had managed to “beat the odds” and point their lives in the right direction only to be cut down by aliens who had no right to be in our country. A fourth college student, the sister of one of the victims, as you know, is still hospitalized after having been shot in the face.

The article I have attached below appears in today’s edition of the Newark Star Ledger and provides information about the illegal alien who, according to news reports, was the individual who was the leader of this band of sociopathic scum that carried out the brutal attacks on these exemplary students. This individual, for whom warrants have been issued in conjunction with this triple homicide, is identified as an illegal alien from Nicaragua. He is reported to have a criminal history and was ordered deported from the United States in 1993. The article says that it is “unclear” as to whether or not he ever left the country! (How can there be any doubt about something as basic as this be “unclear?”) Speaking from experience, there is either an executed warrant of deportation in his immigration alien file or there isn’t. This is not rocket science, it is a simple matter of finding his immigration file and reviewing it!

Here is something else to consider: According to reports I have read, in September, 2001 there were an estimated 300,000 plus aliens in our country who had failed to show up for deportation hearings or had failed to turn themselves in following their being ordered deported from the United States. Today there are an estimated 600,000 plus such so-called “absconders” or fugitive aliens.

Why has the number of so-called absconders roughly doubled in 6 years? The answer is to be found in the utter lack of resources to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. All that we have gotten from our government is an illusion of an effort to enforce our nation’s immigration laws and illusions, just like blue smoke and mirrors is incapable of getting the job done. For years we heard about the so-called “catch and release” program along the border where the Border Patrol would arrest an illegal alien only to have to release him because of a lack of jail space. Today we read about ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) claiming to not have the resources to train all of the police departments under the provision of 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to enable them to properly identify illegal aliens and notify ICE. The problem is that ICE is more than just a little short-handed! I have made this point before and I think it is appropriate to make the same point again. On March 10, 2005 I testified at a hearing conducted by the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims on the subject of “Interior Immigration Enforcement Resources.” I was stunned to find out that while Congress had appropriate sufficient funds to hire an additional 800 new special agents for ICE, a number I thought was woefully inadequate, the President slashed that number to just 143 new special agents! He similarly cut the 2,000 additional Border Patrol agents that had been funded by Congress to just 210 new agents!

You can read the transcript of that hearing at:

This was not the only time that the administration failed to hire an adequate number of enforcement personnel, but represented “business as usual” for an administration that clearly had no desire to see to it that our borders were secured or our immigration laws enforced from within the interior of the United States as well. This situation, in fact, exists right now!

The administration is now claiming that they are going crack down on employers of illegal aliens when Social Security Numbers don’t match. This is a great idea, one, in fact that should have been done for the past 20 years, since the implementation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act which included the disastrous amnesty program for nearly 4 million illegal aliens. The problem is that the laws currently on the books would be essentially fine to deal with the immigration crisis, it is the lack of leadership, resources and political will to address the immigration disaster that his impacted so many aspects of our nation today. Everything from the economy, health care, education, the environment and quality of life to criminal justice and national security are getting absolutely hammered. Yet there are those like Senator Kennedy and Senator Specter along with all too many of the “usual suspects” who could apparently care less that American’s are paying one hell of a price so that corporations can have cheap compliant labor, immigration lawyers can have an abundance of clients and politicians can therefore reap the campaign contributions and promises of votes by the special interest groups.

The murders are indeed an outrage, but unfortunately, they are not that rare an occurrence. It has been estimated that 25% of the criminal population sitting in jails across the United States are illegal aliens. I have read that there are about 16,000 homicides committed each year in the United States. If the illegal aliens are responsible for 25% of the homicides since that is the percentage of inmates that they represent, then it can be said that each year more people in the United States are killed by illegal aliens then were slaughtered on September 11, 2001. Dead is dead! If the Border Patrol and ICE had been able to the job that We the People should expect them to do, then many of these criminal aliens would never have entered the United States and fugitive aliens would not be allowed to roam our nation’s streets. The game of “Hide and Seek” that the illegal aliens and the criminal aliens among them play is nearly one-sided. They hide (in plain sight) and ICE is often unable to seek because of an extreme lack of resources.

Additionally, as our jails fill up with criminals including illegal aliens who should not have been able to enter our country in the first place, there is increased pressure to release criminals back onto the streets to alleviate the overcrowding. How many more crimes are committed by criminal aliens and United States citizen criminals as well because of this constant pressure to try to alleviate this overcrowding?

Meanwhile these criminal aliens, in this case, were not content to simply carry out this outrageous crime, they also seemingly needed to corrupt teenage boys including a relative, to destroy their lives as well! Those young murderers must be treated as adults considering the heinous nature of the crime. Their lives are now, for all intents and purposes, over. As the investigation continues, how many more teenagers may be found to have been drawn into this murderous gang? How many additional crimes might these reprobates be responsible for? I would imagine that there are detectives now going through their case files to see if these bums may have had a hand in additional crimes currently under investigation.

An illusion of enforcement will not protect our nation or our people. The only thing is that the deaths of these exemplary students is no illusion. It is all too real for them and for their families and friends. Those who were close to these young students will find that their lives have been forever altered. The death of a loved one is not the flu but rather an amputation.

When politicians fail to live up to their oaths of office, there are often real-world consequences. We the People need to do a far better job of supervising our employees! When 80% of Americans state that they want our borders secured, then the politicians have been handed their orders. If they fail to deliver, they must be removed just as an employer would fire an insubordinate employee! That is precisely what the electoral process is all about!

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

-michael cutler-

38 posted on 08/13/2007 8:22:50 AM PDT by AuntB (" It takes more than walking across the border to be an American." Duncan Hunter)
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To: Liz; AuntB

Instead of Newark investing Homeland Security resources into curbing “absconders” or fugitive aliens. They spent Homeland Security resources on nifty new garbage trucks.

39 posted on 08/13/2007 8:27:01 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

It’s all about priorities, Cal. When one of their own gets killed by an alien, perhaps they’ll put their priorities where they belong.

40 posted on 08/13/2007 8:54:59 AM PDT by AuntB (" It takes more than walking across the border to be an American." Duncan Hunter)
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To: AuntB

Those kids didn’t sound like one of their own. They sounded like achievers.

41 posted on 08/13/2007 9:04:52 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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Local Arrests in Newark Slayings

42 posted on 08/19/2007 8:28:05 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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Not the Bloods, MS-13
America’s Most Dangerous Gang

43 posted on 08/19/2007 8:29:00 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia
SIXTH BUST IN NEWARK TRIPLE SLAY (killer illegals aided and betted by legal system)

44 posted on 08/20/2007 11:14:00 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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